Locked On Ducks - Daily Podcast On Th...

Welcome to the "Locked On Anaheim Ducks Podcast," your daily stop for Orange County's favorite hockey team, the Anaheim Ducks. Hosted by Jason "J.D." Hernandez, we are seeing a new age of Ducks hockey with Greg Cronin as the new coach, and a slew of talented prospects ready to take the hockey world by storm. Follow along with special guests, a weekly look into the Ducks' AHL affiliate, the San Diego Gulls, and much more while enjoying some beautiful SoCal weather... and excellent food. Locked On Ducks is part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

New Coaches In the Ducks Organization, and Why ...
The Anaheim Ducks organization made two new coaching hires in their system. First, the San Diego Gulls formally introduced Roy Sommer as their new head coach. This is the 3rd coach in 3 years for the Gulls. Could he make an impact on one of the best prospect pools in the league? Also, Craig Johnson is plucked from the Ontario Reign to become the newest assistant coach for the Ducks. JD Hernandez explains how this hire could further bolster an improving power play. Also, JD rants about free agency and why keeping players with one franchise is important.
29 min
Anaheim Ducks Qualifying Offers Cause a Stir...
The Anaheim Ducks made 4 qualifying offers, and not one of those went to Sonny Milano. Why did the Ducks not offer him a QO, and does that mean his time in Anaheim is done? Also, who is getting an offer, and is that the right move?
26 min
Anaheim Ducks Draft Day #2 Breakdown (feat. Joh...
John Broadbent (Defend the Nest) joins the program with JD Hernandez to break down all the Ducks picks from day 2 of the 2022 NHL Draft. Which picks can make an impact in San Diego now? This super-sized episode goes through EVERY pick, as well as some Gulls coaching news.
55 min
Anaheim Ducks Round 1 Draft Breakdown, and a Wi...
The Ducks had TWO picks in the first round of the 2022 NHL Draft. JD Hernandez breaks down both the Pavel Mintyukov and Nathan Gaucher picks and how they might fit in with the Ducks in the future. Also, what the heck was going on during the draft in general? Shane Wright falling, and general draft craziness!
32 min
The Anaheim Ducks 2022-23 Schedule Is Released,...
The entire NHL schedule was released on Wednesday, and JD Hernandez breaks down some key dates to watch out for, including when a couple former Ducks will be back in town, and when the Ducks SHOULD retire Ryan Getzlaf's #15 to the rafters. Also, who is most likely to land at #10 for the Ducks?
29 min
Should the Ducks Go After the Best Scorers In t...
There are some offensive threats in the 2022 NHL Draft. If the Ducks wanted to stock up on pure goal scorers, who should they go after, and who could potentially fall into their lap with either first round pick? JD Hernandez looks at three more names that could land in Anaheim with those picks.
28 min
Mason McTavish Concludes His Junior Hockey Seas...
The Memorial Cup Championship took place in Saint John, New Brunswick, and Mason McTavish nearly led the Hamilton Bulldogs to the ultimate prize in junior hockey. The Ducks prospects finished his season in a big way; JD Hernandez explains why he's ready to contribute to the NHL in a big way now. Also, the LA Kings made a splashy trade... maybe the Ducks could take a page from their crosstown rivals and start making some moves?
27 min
Free Agency Time Begins Soon... and Big Decisio...
Now that the NHL season is OFFICIALLY over, it's time to look at the off-season! Some big dates are coming up very soon, and it's time to look at the Summer plans for the Ducks. Who should Anaheim bring back this off-season? Which minor league guys are important for the Ducks to bring back? Also, JD Hernandez once again explains why the Ducks shouldn't spend ALL of their money this summer.
26 min
Cogliano and Manson Win Their First Cup, Is Cor...
The 2022 NHL season has come to an end, and the Colorado Avalanche dethroned the two-time defending champion, Tampa Bay Lightning. How close was this series actually? Also, Josh Manson and Andrew Cogliano finally got to raise the Stanley Cup. This victory was especially sweet for Cogliano who waited 15 years to win it all. Finally, Corey Perry makes dubious history with another Stanley Cup Final loss.
29 min
Three More Draft-Eligible Names That Could Land...
The NHL entry draft is now less than two weeks away. The Anaheim Ducks have two 1st round selections in the draft. On the heels of yesterday's Locked On NHL Mock Draft, JD Hernandez looks at three names... that were not called in the mock draft that the Ducks could go after with either pick, if they are available. Surprisingly, one of those names not called was Marco Kasper. Would it be wise for the Ducks to take a chance on him if he's available?
25 min
Locked On NHL Mock Draft 1.0 (feat. The NHL hos...
With the NHL Draft just two weeks away, the Locked On NHL hosts have put together their first version of the mock draft. The #1 is no surprise at all, but who did the other hosts pick after that? JD Hernandez comes in with the #10 pick, and a name that fans may have heard a bit about recently. Also, who has the BEST name in this year's draft?
28 min
The NHL Awards, Zegras Makes the All-Rookie Team!
It's NHL Awards season, and Trevor Zegras is up for the Calder Trophy. Did the right player win the award? At least Zegras brought home some hardware by making the All-Rookie team, so that's a plus. Also, JD Hernandez looks at the other major awards won that evening, and Kenan Thompson has the last laugh!
22 min
Former Duck On Former Duck Crime, and A Look at...
Four former Ducks are battling --literally-- for the right to hoist the Stanley Cup. Which players have made a difference so far in this series? Also, Corey Perry makes more NHL history with his goal on Monday night. Pat Maroon might also have provided the goal that could be a turning point in this series. Finally, JD Hernandez takes a look at Jonathan Lekkerimaki as a possible target in this year's NHL Draft.
28 min
Possible Off-Season Trade Targets For the Ducks
The Anaheim Ducks might look to the off-season trade market to replenish their now-depleted lineup for the next year. Who are some possible trade targets out there? The Ducks could look to take on a 1-year deal to help the rebuild along. Finally, which long-term contracts could the Ducks be willing to take a look at, and which team should they target?
25 min
Mason McTavish Raises a Cup! An OHL Cup, That I...
Juniors hockey is winding down, and Mason McTavish is a star in the OHL Final series! JD Hernandez goes over his masterful game 7 performance, and where he has made improvements in the last two months... and how he nearly got a hat trick. Plus, how good can McTavish be for the Ducks? Finally, a quick look at Mason's road to completing his likely final junior season with the ultimate prize.
23 min
Gibby Doesn't Want Out of Anaheim, Which Former...
The latest John Gibson rumors indicate that he doesn't want to leave the Anaheim Ducks. What do the Ducks need to do to keep him happy? Also, it's time for the Stanley Cup Final! JD Hernandez talks about the FOUR former Ducks in the battle between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Colorado Avalanche. Which former Ducks would you rather see lift the Cup?
28 min
John Gibson Rumors Swirling Around...
Conflicting reports revolving around John Gibson has everyone buzzing. JD Hernandez goes over what reports came out, and what Gibby's agent had to say about the rumors. Also, should the Ducks want to keep him around, and would John Gibson want to go through another rebuilding season? Finally, hockey Twitter went wild with some drama involving Connor McDavid.
28 min
A Frustrated John Gibson, and Frustrated Fans
Is John Gibson ready to move on from the Anaheim Ducks? Are the Ducks ready to move on from him? JD Hernandez talks about the latest Gibby rumors and where he could land. Also, a scary incident took place in New York involving some fans. Finally, JD looks back on some Calder Cup memories and the connections with the Ducks and Stanley Cup FInal.
24 min
Memories of Stockton, and Juniors Finals Updates!
JD Hernandez catches everyone up on the AHL conference finals from both sides, and waxes poetic about Stockton losing their hockey team for good. He looks back on some of the memories, and gives thanks. Also, a look at the WHL and OHL Finals, including Mason McTavish continuing to dominate for the Hamilton Bulldogs. Finally, there is one name the Ducks SHOULD aggressively look at during the off-season...
29 min
Building a Foundation For the Future?
Are the Anaheim Ducks ready to make the playoffs now, or are they willing to wait a year? JD Hernandez looks at what the Ducks should do with their defense, and follows with some of the rumors that the Ducks might look to a different direction in goal. Finally, what to do about the budding young stars?
23 min
Letting the Truth Out
What does the recent firing of the Anaheim Angels' manager have to do with the Ducks? Also, the Bruins axed their head coach... a coach that the Ducks COULD have gone after this summer. Finally, JD Hernandez lets off some steam...
31 min
Another Playoffs Check-In, and Goalies Flopping...
It's another playoff check-in, but this time with reinforcements! Sarah Avampato (Locked On LA Kings) joins the program to talk about playoffs and how the Western Conference Finals have gone completely in favor of the Avalanche. Can they ride this momentum to a Cup? Also, JD and Sarah have differing views on the East Finals. Who thinks the Lightning still have a chance in this series? Also, the Rangers goalie wins an award for flopping thanks to a former Duck. Finally, a quick look at the AHL and OHL playoffs!
37 min
Catching Up With Some Old Friends
Which former Ducks are still making an impact in this year's Stanley Cup Playoffs? JD Hernandez goes over the four players left in the playoffs, including Josh Manson who has looked fantastic as of late, and Corey Perry... who is tied for the team lead in playoff goals?? Finally, which former Duck would you rather see hoist Lord Stanley's trophy?
25 min
Which Ducks Prospects Are Playing Into June?
It's all about the prospects as JD Hernandez delves into the OHL and WHL Finals. Mason McTavish continues to guide the Hamilton Bulldogs in an unprecedented playoff streak. JD also looks at the unfortunate final outing for Gage Alexander, and some possible prospects the Ducks should be looking to pick up this summer.
26 min
A Depth Signing For the Ducks/Gulls, Looking Fo...
Pavol Regenda signs an ELC with the Anaheim Ducks. How does this depth move ultimately help the franchise, and what it likely means for the Gulls. Also, which pending RFAs should the Ducks ultimately re-sign? Finally, with Bryan Rust out of the free agent picture, who should the Ducks aggressively go after now?
27 min