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Welcome to the "Locked On Anaheim Ducks Podcast," your daily stop for Orange County's favorite hockey team, the Anaheim Ducks. Hosted by Jason "J.D." Hernandez, we are seeing a new age of Ducks hockey with Greg Cronin as the new coach, and a slew of talented prospects ready to take the hockey world by storm. Follow along with special guests, a weekly look into the Ducks' AHL affiliate, the San Diego Gulls, and much more while enjoying some beautiful SoCal weather... and excellent food. Locked On Ducks is part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Predictions, Milestones, and Sweaters
Jason Hernandez makes some predictions for the upcoming NHL season, some bold... some not-as-bold. Also, milestones and 90s hockey sweaters are brought up on this edition of "Locked on Ducks"
21 min
A Look Inside the Rosters... Finally
On today's podcast, the Anaheim Ducks finally released their Opening Day roster. The entire roster is broken down with a look at prospective lines. Also, an inspiring story to close out the show.
23 min
First Look Down the Farm with the Gulls
A brief look into the San Diego Gulls, some of their players, and their tilt at the Pond Monday night.
17 min
Season Premiere: A Look Ahead
It's the official premiere episode of "Locked on Ducks" as we provide daily content for the Anaheim Ducks. Host Jason Hernandez previews the upcoming season, and looks at the roster... for now...
21 min
Welcome to the Podcast! (A Preview of Locked On...
This is a preview of the upcoming "Locked On Ducks" podcast covering the NHL's Anaheim Ducks. Hosted by Jason "JD" Hernandez, daily episodes will begin on September 30th.
6 min