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Women's Humor, Health and Happiness. Award-winning pep talk for modern women. Hosted by Lian Dolan, Liz Dolan and Julie Dolan, real sisters with very different lives, Satellite Sisters informs listeners daily lives with entertaining conversation, smart advice and positive support. With laughter and friendship, Satellite Sisters tackles life transitions and decisions, current events + trends, family/friends + pets, health + wellness, culture + entertainment, TV and film, work + careers.

Society & Culture
Health & Fitness
Viola Davis Appreciation Day, Big Baby Billiona...
Lian loves Viola Davis, Liz has had enough Elon Musk, Julie survives Mexican jungle
60 min
Good News Round-Up, Lost + Found in Paris Book ...
Yes to more women on the Supreme Court + Bennifer + Very Robust Antibody Scores!
56 min
We Love Paris! Author Patricia Wells Plus Cele...
Journalist, author and cooking school teacher Patricia Wells plus inside details on Lian Dolan's new book Lost + Found in Paris
66 min
Rico Gagliano Gets Unsolicited Advice on Parent...
Rico Gagliano joins the sisters to talk about his book Brunch Is Hell and his impending fatherhood. Unsolicited advice is offered!
51 min
Special ~ Lost and Found in Paris Audiobook Hig...
Lian Dolan previews the audio version of her new art history treasure hunt
24 min
SPECIAL: Lian's Unexpected Colon Cancer Diagnos...
Today's episode is a replay Lian's story of being diagnosed with colon cancer after a routine colonoscopy and how that early screening may have prevented a much more serious outcome.
61 min
Crypto, International Women of Courage, Oysters...
Understanding Crypto, Honoring Courageous Women Around the World, How To Get A Raise, How To Shuck An Oyster
55 min
International Women's Day, U.S. Food + Travel T...
Love to the women of Ukraine, Surprising US food towns, women's history sites, Julie's life in Moscow, RIP Mama Capra, Mother and Maker of Marinara!
57 min
Putin's Russia, Ukrainian Culture, Dogs at the ...
Julie's lessons living in Moscow, Russia, Ukrainian History + Culture plus recommendations on books, movies, TV
52 min
Russian Skating Scandal, 2022 Wedding Boom, Sur...
Russian Doping at the Olympics, Lian's advice for wedding couples and guests, Watching Inventing Anna
58 min
Olympic Highlights, Jeff Zucker Firing, Queen C...
Big Air from Eileen Gu, Workplace Advice, Oscar Noms
56 min
The Gilded Age, Salute to an NFL Broadcasting P...
Salute to an NFL Broadcasting Pioneer/Satellite Sister + author of new book about the Gilded Age.
56 min
Reframing Aging, Joining Pickleball Nation, Wat...
Satellite Sisters are radically reframing aging, joining pickleball nation, watching Ozark and getting ready for the Beijing Olympics. Do YOU have a burner phone?
59 min
Travel Destinations, Surprising Fashion Trends,...
Travel Tips, Cheese News, Fashion Trends plus TV, Book, Film recommendations
60 min
New 2022 Themes, Theranos Verdict, Alternatives...
Big announcement about the show plus themes for the year, Theranos verdict, TV and movie tips.
63 min
Tiny Tiny Test Episode
Lian, Liz and Julie run a tiny technical test of their new platform before annual debut next week.
11 min
Satellite Sisters 2021 Finale: Look What We Did!
Season Finale 2021: The Satellite Sisters salute listeners who shared their ups and downs of 2021 and share a few of their own.
61 min
Flaming Cocktails, International News, Tiger's ...
Candle heists and hairdresser insights to international news, Tiger Wood's recovery plus a flaming cocktail coming in the Satellite Sisters Holiday Wrap Party.
55 min
Cookbook Author Claire Tansey Plus A Tale of Tw...
Cookbook author and teacher Claire Tansey on destressing holidays plus Lian's tale of two turkeys, Julie's rattlesnake facts and Liz's Broadway plans.
66 min
Thanksgiving Entertainment Tips Plus Satellite ...
Thanksgiving tips plus niece Meghan Dolan Saporita visits to tell her aunts about big family decisions made during the pandemic and the local work she is doing with Not In Our Town.
53 min
Gen Z in the Workplace! Taylor Swift! Tuesday T...
Gen Z takes over! Fiona Dolan sits in and we talk Workplace Issues, Tuesday Trends & Taylor Swift. Plus, TV and Book Recs
58 min
Dogs! Hippos! Condors! Foxes! First EVER All An...
First EVER Satellite Sisters ALL ANIMAL AND PET EPISODE featuring an interview with best-selling author Jenna Blum, whose new book Woodrow On The Bench is about the last days of her black lab.
47 min
College Admissions for Boys, Clock Change/Gadge...
College admissions for boys, gadgets that need changing at home, a helpful health check list from a listener and what to make a picky eater for her birthday
48 min
Checking out the Vortex, Rejecting the Metavers...
Lian visits the Sedona vortex, Liz is pretty sure the doesn't want to be part of Zuckberg's Metaverse and Julie brings us back to Satellite Sisters basics: connection and civility.
50 min
Author Laura Galloway on her memoir Dalvi: Six ...
Laura Galloway about her fascinating memoir Dalvi: Six Years In The Arctic Tundra plus Tuesday Trends and Great Writing About Good Food
54 min