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Madam Secretary Recap 31: The Race
It's the Satellite Sisters Recap with Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan.  Get out your highschool history books! Brinksmanship is back! This was an ambitious episode—presidential election, creating lasting piece between Iran and Isreal, Brinkmanship, Visits to Federal Prison, Charity Runs, way too many trips to the hospital for POTUS and the disc earrings are back.  Breaking it down Random Thoughts style: If you’re going to have a heart attack, have it at the White House.   If this was a Disney Channel Show, EMT Stevie would decide to go to med school instead of law school.  National security advisor Helen looks like our cousin Patty. President Dalton appears to be the one person in the Oval Office completely without ego.  I like Bess a lot. She’s smart. But she is not a constitutional scholar or even a lawyer, so having her weigh in on the election lawsuit seemed sort of lame.  Guys coming out of a manhole is never a good sign.  Okay, the McCord brothers are stubborn. We get it.  Prison is cold. Who knew? I wish we lived in a world where one great photo op could win a presidential election.   Nobody wants to see Russell cry.  Our election drama is over—but not on MSEC. Just how many down coats did Bess have on in that last scene at the charity race?  BOB: Disc earrings Blue Coat Daisy’s textures Black Turtleneck    See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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You're The Best, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Solid Gol...
Our series of You're the Best Encore Interviews continues with Julia Louis-Dreyfus who gets our vote as the funniest women ever on TV. What a pleasure to talk to our comedic heroine from Seinfeld and today's Veep. We talked to her when her sitcom The New Adventures of Old Christine was debuting on CBS, a hilarious show about a couple trying to execute a "good divorce." Since then, she's gone on to star in Veep and win a slew more Emmys. Well-deserved, Madam President. JLD opens up about what it's like to really be a working mom on TV and her most embarrassing mothering moment. It's a winner! You're the Best Encore interviews will post every Thursday her at and on iTunes and other podcast sites. We thrilled to re-visit these interviews from our radio show and share them with new Satellite Sister listeners. Help us celebrate our new book, You're the Best: A Celebration on Friendship, by sharing these shows with your Satellite Sisters. To Listen to our You're the Best Encore Interview with Nora Ephron, please click here.  To Order You're the Best: A Celebration of Friendship, click here or looks for it at your local bookstore.  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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You're the best, Commander Eileen Collins. Soli...
To end 2016, we want to share with you some of our favorite interviews with favorite Solid Gold Satellite Sisters. This week, we bring you Commander Eileen Collins.  When the space shuttle Columbia blasted off on July 23, 1999, pilot Eileen Collins became NASA's first female shuttle commander. Synopsis In 1990, Eileen Collins was only the second woman to graduate as a test pilot and be selected as a NASA astronaut. She became the first woman to pilot a space shuttle mission during the Discovery's rendezvous with the Mir space station in 1995. By 1999, she had logged 419 hours in space and was given command of the space shuttle Columbia, another first for a woman. Early Life and Education Like Amelia Earhart, Valentina Tereshkova (a Soviet cosmonaut and the first woman in space, in 1963), and Sally Ride (the first American woman in space, in 1983), Collins has become a pioneer in the world of aviation, as the first woman to command a space shuttle mission. From the time she was very young, Eileen Marie Collins wanted to be a pilot. She earned an associate's degree in science from Corning Community College in New York and a B.A. in mathematics and economics from Syracuse University in 1978. After college, Collins enrolled in the pilot training course at Oklahoma's Vance Air Force Base; her class was one of the first at the base to include women. She completed the course in 1979 and then stayed on at Vance for three years as an instructor. In 1983, Collins was transferred to Travis Air Force Base in California, where she flew C-141 cargo planes as part of various military and humanitarian missions all over the world. She received an M.S. degree in operations research from Stanford University in 1986 and an M.A. in space systems management from Webster University in 1989. That same year, she was accepted at the competitive Air Force Test Pilot School at Edwards Air Force Base, also in California. In 1990, she became only the second woman to graduate as a test pilot and was selected to be an astronaut by NASA. First Female Astronaut In February 1995, after several years of training with NASA, Collins became the first female astronaut to pilot a space shuttle mission, she served as second-in-command of the shuttle Discovery during its unprecedented rendezvous with the Russian space station Mir. In 1996, she took time off to give birth to a daughter, with her husband Pat Youngs, a former Air Force pilot who works for Delta Airlines. A year later, in May 1997, Collins piloted her second mission, on the shuttle Atlantis, during its delivery of 7,000 pounds of equipment to Mir. Collins had logged 419 hours in space by the time she was chosen by NASA to become its first female shuttle commander. The shuttle Columbia, under Collins' command, made history on July 23, 1999, when it blasted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on its way to the deployment of a $1.5 billion telescope into earth's orbit. In 2005, Collins retired from the Air Force and in 2006 from NASA. Since her retirement, Collins has received numerous awards and honors, including induction into the National Women's Hall of Fame and inclusion on the Encyclopedia Britannica's list of 300 Women Who Changed the World. See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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Madam Secretary Recap: Season 3, Ep 9 Snap Back
The Satellite Sisters recap of the CBS drama Madam Secretary. This week:  Ripped from the headlines: Nuclear Weapons in Iran! Russian interference!  Fake News! White Privilege getting into Harvard! But all we could really focus on was: CONFIRMATION OF BLACK UNDERGARMENTS!!!! At the White House: Iran deal falls apart and unless Bess can put  it back together.  At The Racketball Court: That’s right, real men do play racketball. At least they do on TV. Henry shows off his racketball skills while trying to persuade and old friend to vote for Dalton At the McCord house: Stevie wants to go to Harvard Law School and she’s pulling strings to get a letter of recommendation from Chief of staff Russell.  And Russell is jusy DYING to give it to her.  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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Russian Hacking, Lian's New Dog, Optimism for 2017
On today's show, Julie, Liz and Lian tackle russian hacking, Lian's new dog Silky Steffi Von Graf and Liz's science news on the power of optimism in our lives. Plus Julie poss the ethical question: Is a Santa in uniform ever off duty? And Liz has an etiquette question: If you get sick after dinner at a friend's party, do you inform the hosts? On the current headlines about Russian hacking, Julie wants to remind you that she has been talking about this on Satellite Sisters for years, starting when she lived in Moscow from 2001 to 2006.  Lian introduces us to the new 3 year old German Shepherd she got from a local organization, Burbank German Shepherd Rescue.  She's not quite at top health so Lian has a little dog nursing to do before she makes her neighborhood debut.  Lian also has some timely Santa stats from Nat Geo and says a fond farewell to Self Magazine.  Liz talks about the Nurses study results on how optimism enhances our lives. We invite you to post your own optimistic goals for 2017 on the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group.  Meet our new sponsor Storyworth. Get $20 off your subscription by going to our special URL here: See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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Hacking, traffic court and the tale of the lost...
This is a New To You show from December 7, 2014 featuring Julie, Liz and Sheila, the chronological Top 3 sisters. On today's Satellite Sisters, they tackle some headline news including hacking, traffic court and the take of the lost mail key. The surprising Sony Pictures hacking and the implications for very average people in the entertainment business, not just Seth Rogan and James Franco who we now now are wildly overpaid. Who knew hacking would become a major factor in our lives? From there, Sheila shares her day in court. Traffic Court. No spoilers here but Sheila does admit "I'm no Erin Brockovitch." And it all started near the urban sweatlodge. Who would have predicted it?  From there, Sheila climbs the ladder to a few Federal offenses she may be currently be committing. Losing your mail key may seem like a misdemeanor, but it's not when you get called out in public at the post office.  Julie's excited about the Royal Visit to NYC and Washington, DC . Will and Kate roll into town this week. Let's hope they get to have a little fun!  Plus what's the color of the year for 2015? Julie's got it and it sounds delicious. Marsala. She's also got a new product scoop. Would you wear moisturing tights? We'll explain. And Sheila's life is changed by a pair of slippers. Not just any slippers. SAS slippers. And she believes she might be the youngest person in the world wearing them.  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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News from North Korea, Amazon and the Nobel Pri...
Lian Dolan, Julie Dolan and Liz Dolan of the Satellite Sisters on the weekly podcast featuring News, Talk & Laughs. This week on the show, Julie fills us in on what's happening in North Korea after attending a policy summit at the Bush Library. Where are the concerns for the future? Julie has the latest thinking. More information here: #ExposeNK Plus: Liz Rides and Electric Bike Lian reports on the Nobel Prize for Literature Julie on the Cottage Cheese Comeback American Airlines has new uniforms and they itch Amazon tests new stores with no checkout lines Picks & Pans:  31Things for college kids to do over the break: See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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Sheila blowing in the wind with Julie and Monica
On today's New To You podcast from December 2011, Julie is running the Technical Operation Center while Liz is in Argentina for work and Lian is away with her in-laws. Sheila and Monica join the show.  Sheila had a Santa Ana wind situation that somehow threw her into the path of Peter in Lane 1 at Masters Swimming. This prompts Sheila to make two confessions: "I have always wanted a bodyguard" and "I don't mind looking vulnerable.  I just don't want to look crazy."  Monica has a great holiday party at work and is grateful for her co-workers. Julie is getting on the holiday spirit by taking her granddaughter Alice and daughter-in-law Vera to a Dallas performance of The Nutcracker.  In a story in the Wall Street Journal today about unusual Nutcrackers, Julie wants to warn us about Salt Lake, with their sports-themed version and Chicago, who has dogs in the cast!  Monica has a new scientific study about how to eat less.  We are skeptical. She also had a great experience with a rental car that she wants to share.  Ford Flex.  Who knew??  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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Poldark Recap Season Two Finale
Season finale!! The Satellite Sisters are here to recap the Big Show, featuring many many windswept scenes, furious riding, angry mobs, trembling lips, a birthing and a coupling.   Will Demelza forgive Ross? Will Elizabeth do something besides stare out the window? Will Dwight join the Navy or continue to dissect himan body parts in Cornwall? Will Caroline exchange that red coat for a blue one?  Will George the Weasal gift his henchman a few sessions at a tanning salon?  And finally, when will we see Aunt Agatha standing over that bubbling cauldron, reciting, Double, Double Toil and Trouble?     Storylines one at a time:   Dwight & Caroline: he joins the Navy and she’s all ‘Hey, Sailor..”   George & Elizabeth: George builds a wall, tosses out the poor and belives in boarding school. Elizabeth preggers   Ross & Demelza: She’s not all that impressed by the tin, the new man, Elizabeth’s set-up. Ross plays matchmaker, town leaders and then sweeps in and gets to be a hero. See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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Madam Secretary Recap: Breakout Capacity
Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters recap the CBS drama Madam Secretary. This week, it's Season 3, Episode 8 called Breakout Capacity. Julie tells us that has something to do with the production of nuclear weapons, but Lian thinks it's really more about show tunes at Piano bar.       Election day Ohio Electoral college- NOOOOOOO! Nooo!!!!   Three storylines:    Diplomatic Crises on Election Day: the nuclear deal that the admin negotiated with Russia and Iran is in jeopardy   The staff on Election Day—apparently, it’s the one day in DC when everyone goes crazy, drinkins a lot, sings showtunes and sleeps with fremenies. It made me think that these people need to get out more often because they all made some socially awkward choices.    Home Front: Jason goes Oppo and Henry has to school him on keeping your mouth shit until you actually know something. Hahahahahaha. See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
22 min
Secret Santa, Health Tips, The Crown
On today's Satellite Sisters, Lian tells us about her Secret Santa shopping, Liz has health tips on vitamins and supplements and we both talk about The Crown. Plus Cyber Monday recap, new travel trends and crafting, a warning about a supposed beauty trend and The Crown on Netflix. First up, Julie is off today at a policy forum on the subject of North Korea.  For reelz! Check it out. Liz does some Cyber Monday shopping at Julie's favorite purveyor of holiday treats: Harry & David. Plus she shares a story in the L A Times about holiday scams to watch out for: online rackets and work from home offers you should avoid. Lian's got a hot travel trend.  Check out this story on Travel and CRAFTING! And a cultural trend: Breaking opera news! Read all about it. Plus a beauty trend that Lian is not too sure would look good on any of us. Check out Ombre Lips from Real Simple.  Jane Brody is the longtime well-respected personal health columnist at the New York Times.  Last week she ran this story on Which Supplements, If Any, May Be Worth Your Money.  Liz and Lian each share their approach in this area.  If you have not watched The Crown on Netflix, Liz and Lian recommend it for its very insightful storytelling about the pressures on a young Queen Elizabeth when she first was crowned.      See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
56 min
Pie-Free Living, Holiday Shopping Deals, Air Ma...
Julie announces that this is her first day of pie-free living in quite a while. Julie & Liz award Satellite Sister of the Week to longtime listener and facebook friend Leslie Maxfield for sharing her excitement about the launch of Mars-bound Curiosity with us.  Leslie was at the Kennedy Space Center for the big event. In other news, Julie bonds with an air marshal, Liz has an issue with Harry & David, and the Satellite Sisters export both Diane Keaton's haircut and Chico's to Kyrgyzstan. Plus, we remember our mother Edna Dolan's strategy of resting non-working appliances.  We also want to remind you of some Satellite Sisters sponsors who have special offers for listeners to you might fund useful during your holiday gift shopping: Harry's: Use and the promo code sisters at checkout Glossier:  Use and the promo code sisters at checkout Away Luggage:  Go to and use promo code sisters at checkout Eloquii fashions: Go to and use promo code sisters at checkout Primary kids clothing: Use Thanks, Satellite Sisters. And thanks for supporting the sponsors who support us.  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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Poldark recap: The Aftermath of Infidelity
Poldark   We open with  Ross’s Black eye and  Demelza singing a Tori Amos song   The whole episode is the aftermath of Ross & Elizabeth’s night of passion In a nutshell: Ross is unrepentant and manages to land on feet Demelza tries out several personalities and ends up with Scrappy but Sad Demelza Elizabeth stares out the window and then marries a loser See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
16 min
Madam Secretary Recap: Tectonic Shifts
Tectonic Shift but could have been called Complicated relationships   US and Venuzuela Bess and Will Nadine and the wife of the man she had an affair with       Binders full of blouses   Solid blouses on Bess—the blue, the white Great blue earrings But special commendations to the many many cargo looks of Will, aka Eric Stoltz, Aka my boyfriend. The cargo pants, the cargo bags, the brown corduroy blazer that is so 1983!  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
23 min
True Crime, Holiday Deals, Thanksgiving Dishes
On today's Satellite Sisters, we welcome back Broadcaster, Journalist and Solid Gold Satellite Mister Ian Punnett to talk about his new true crime book A Black Night For The Bluegrass Belle.  This fascinating story of the murder of Verna Garr Taylor takes us back to Ian's family roots. More info on the book from amazon here. You can order directly from Acclaim Press here and join the Facebook Group for Ian's book here. Here's the People Magazine story about A Black Night for the Bluegrass Belle.  Also today, Lian reviews her final Thanksgiving prep list and has already had a #thanksgivingfail.  Why did she attempt to bake?  It's just not in the Dolan DNA.Liz will be at Lian's home on Thanksgiving Day and has been assigned to forage for greens in Lian's vegetable garden. Julie has already celebrated Thanksgiving in Dallas.  Liz has a successful dig-out in her second bedroom/Satellite Sisters technical operations center. In addition to donating 4 big boxes of books to the Santa Monica Public Library, she took 55 pounds worth of documents to be shredded at Staples last Friday.  It was time. Plus breaking sports news.  We loved the Golden Goggles Award for USA Swimming hosted by Rowdy Gaines last night in NYC, including Female Race of the Year to Simone Manuel and Male Race of the Year to Michael Phelps.  As it happens, Liz and Lian were at the Aquatic Center in Rio for BOTH of these races.  Special medal for them for that!  Thanks USA Swimming for a great #Rio2016 Olympics. Lian attended the funeral of a friend's father last night.  He was a prominent member of the large Korean community in Southern California and Lian's has picked up a few cultural tips from their funeral traditions that she may appropriate herself.  In the  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
68 min
Thanksgiving Prep, Krazy Kat, Vertigo from Lian...
Today's New To You show is from the Sunday before Thanksgiving 2011.  Lian, Monica, Sheila and Liz discuss Thanksgiving plans and food assignments, a vertigo attack, a cat attack and a couple of surprising movies worth seeing.  Lian will be hosting Thanksgiving in Pasadena.  Liz will be bringing shrimp and these Spicy Green Beans with Parmesan from Giada de Laurentis on Food Network.  Monica will be making stuffed mushrooms.  Sheila's going to buy a pie.  Monica has a Christmas gift epiphany while thinking about the fact that our mother seems to want to give all of us a toaster ovens this year.  What's up with that?  Sheila's epiphany is that she really loathes doing report cards - tough for a third grade teacher.  Can she do an oral report? Lian manages to fight off an attack of a cartoon cat.  Her neighbor Mrs. Lester called on her for help with a crazy cat in her kitchen. Lian barely survives the encounter. Movie reviews on Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Martha Marcy May Marlene. Liz has a Mick Jagger and L'Wren Scott sighting at the theatre.   Click to listen to this show below.  Thank you for subscribing to Satellite Sisters at iTunes. Stitcher and wherever you listen to your favorite shows.  Our complete Satellite Sisters audio archive is here.  Order your copy of Satellite Sisters" "You're the Best: A Celebration of Friendship" here. See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
48 min
Madam Secretary Recap: The Statement
  The Satellite Sisters Talk TV with the Madam Secretary Recap of Season 3, Epsiode 6 called The Statement. Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters with the latest episode of the ABC drama. Starts with a terrorist attack, the we get everything from religious stereotyping to college essays to bar fights to sample sales at Brooks Brothers and then wraps up with a Bess Gotcha Moment and feel good news coverage.    Seriously, more happened in this show before the credits than I can recall.    Phew! This episode had it all- tight, well-written, funny- and emotional    Three storylines:   Terrorist attack and our complicated relationship with Saudi Arabia Russian Spy Dmitri back and withering away on Phoenix.  Allison needs to write a college essay   Binders Full of Blouses:   Yes to Henry's Blue Blazer andNadine Black Trenchcoat No to Madam Secretary Black Tie See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
20 min
Poldark Recap Season 2, Episode 7
Poldark   NOT THE FEEL GOOD EPISODE OF THE YEAR   A few observations:   Men Suck- except Dwight Enys who is a decent soul As women, we are our own worse enemies We need to work on our uppercuts. Fetch me the Brandywine is our new personal rallying cry.   Let’s start with the good stuff so we can work up a head of steam over Ross:   Good Stuff! Verity is having a baby!  Caroline returns Dwight’s letters. Please don’t ever write to again.  But we know, that is the oldest trick in the book. So Caroline will be back!  Aunt Agatha has an outstanding show!  The mail! Again, Cornwall seems to have the fastest mail in world Demelza’s right hook. Not a fan of violence but sock it to me, baby.    Bad Stuff   Almost 80% of the show was bad to worse to terrible   The mine collapse killing several men, including new dad Tinners show up. OMG! Elizabeth’s mother literally blows a gasket! Child birth at home- I needed a slug of that Brandywine to watch the scene Elizabeth—just Elizabeth. The whole show we were screaming at the TV every time she was in a scene. All the handwringing over “doing the right thing” Oh please, girl.  And Ross. Just Ross.    See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
20 min
Post-Election Strategy, Thanksgiving Tips, Bono...
Lian Dolan, Julie Dolan and Lian Dolan on today's Satellite Sisters discuss Lian's 4 Part Post-Election Strategy for the next 4 years. She is looking at getting involved Locally, Nationally, Globally and Personally.  Also on the show:  Julie celebrated Thanksgiving last weekend, so she has an update on how to make it through a peaceful, grateful day. Julie also has 9 Tips for Thanksgiving.  Liz reports on Bono winning Glamour Woman of the Year. Good timing! On our New To You Satellite Sisters show this week, we covered Bono's words in 2008.  Link to Sunday’s New To You Satellite Sisters that include Bono, Maria Shriver, Warren Buffett: Glamour Women of the Year: Video of Bono’s Speech at Glamour WOTY Awards: Liz wants you to take a look at the new show on National Geographic and the cool new graphics, her last big project.  Cool MARS website with Nat Geo videos: Link to Nat Geo Channel Facebook page to LIKE for more cool videos:     Want to put a little more orchestral music in your life? If you are a movie lover, check out this series of live movie music scoring..  Link to Harry Potter In Concert info from CineConcerts:     Plus we reset the rules on Satellite Sisters Civility in Social Media See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
59 min
Inspiration from Warren Buffett, Bono, Condi Ri...
Inspiration! Today's podcast is a New To You show from October 24, 2008.  Lian, Monica, Sheila and Liz all attend Maria Shriver's California Women's Conference to hear Warren Buffett, Billie Jean King, Christiane Amanpour, Secretary of State Condi Rice, Jennifer Lopez and others talk about the empowerment of women and how we contribute to American greatness.  Plus we enjoy watching Buffett school Chris Matthews about pandering to women. Now that's Hardball.  This conference is an annual event that the Satellite Sisters attended often.  In 2008, we were grateful to be the guests of DOVE and participate in their special session for teen girls.   Also today,  Monica provides an installment of Jim & Edna's Excellent Adventure.  Yes, the road trip is over and Monica has finally delivered our parents to their temporary apartment in Santa Monica.  Let the Southern California experiment begin.   Sheila reviews the film Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist, starring Michael Cera and Kat Dennings. Don't forget to order your copies of our book "You're the Best: A Celebration of Friendship" before the big holiday rush.  You can order from amazon online here or from Vroman's here.  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
52 min
Poldark Recap Season 2 Episode 6
More of a Random thoughts this week:   Most of this episode was shot in the dark—or maybe I was sitting in the dark waiting for the election to be over, but here’s what I remember:   My heart is broken for Dwight the Good Doctor and Caroline, Cheeky Heiress. Doomed from the start—but I fell for it.    I think Ross and the boys there on Poldark are using some new hair products, because some great man hair this week. A lot of messy holds.   Aunt Agatha cracking wise about Ross. Bright spot.    Nobody does windswept like Demelza   Could Elizabeth be any more pathetic? Why on earth would the French Revoltution be an issue for Trenwith? Pull yourself together there, Buttercup.  And seriously. Maybe Ross isn’t calling on you because he has a wife, child and failing mine!!   It’s been almost two seasons, will  they ever find and copper? And why does Ross seem to have one stupid idea after another—as in,  I’m going to catcha  ride with these smugglers and then drink myself silly why you hold down the fort, the town, the family, okay, honey?    And who the heck was that hairy , hairy man? Oh, wife killer and mining savant Mark Daniel. I stopped caring about half way through that scene.    Big winner of the episode: Dwight Enys. I mean, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man. Sticking with his people, hunting down the snitch and then beating him down in a great man-fight, then building that bonfire on the bluff to save Ross.    Big Loser: Redcoats   See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
16 min
Madam Secretary Recap 305 The French Revolution
Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters recap the latest episode of the CBS drama Madam Secretary with Tea Leoni and Tim Daly.  The French Revolution   FRENCH STATE DINNER!!!!!  Formidable!!! Lafayette ! Cognac! Freedom Fries!! Banned Cheese!! Empty Crepe!!! Corisca!    Viva la France—our favorite frenemies   Storylines:   I see London, I see France,  I see NATOs underpants   Wait, there’s a SPY CODE????   Stalkers, meet Donors. Donors, meet Stalkers.    Plus—an outstanding Binders full of Blouses today And The Bath Scene—still blushing See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
23 min
Election Day Strategies, Zulu Time, The Crown, ...
Liz Dolan, Julie Dolan and Lian Dolan of the Satellite Sisters talk about how best to watch the election results, what snacks to eat and who to get through the next 24 hours.  Abolish Time Zones from the New York Times: Color of the Year from Benjamin Moore: Netflix Documentary on Amanda Knox:§ion=us_entertainment Australian Police find koala in carry-on bag: See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
52 min
In The Election Day Wayback Machine
It is Sunday November 6, 2016.  Our New To You Satellite Sisters podcast today is from Tuesday November 4, 2008.  Election Day!  All the Satellite Sisters review our voting and TV watching plans but the real goal of this show was to take your mind off both the election and that fact that the world economy was in complete terrifying fretful.  Remember that?  It colors all of our conversations whether they are about Martha Stewart and the fairness of her stint in the federal pen or Sheila's Tips to Clip from Woman's World, the official publication of the Cozy Couch. Thank you for subscribing to Satellite Sisters at iTunes, Stitcher or wherever you listen to podcasts, and thanks also for rating and reviewing our show.  Coming up later this week on Tuesday, we will have a new Satellite Sisters show plus our TV recaps of both Madam Secretary on CBS and Poldark on PBS. All of our previous shows are archived at  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
49 min
Madam Secretary 304: The Dissent Memo TV Re-Cap
Madam Secretary is Back in Action! And she’s doing it from the State Department right there in DC. The only foreign country she went to was Cleveland- in this episode. Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters re-cap the CBS drama Madam Secretary Season 3, Episode 4 called The Dissent Memo   Props to Julie for calling out The Power Jumper ! The fashion look returns and MSEC rocks one for most of the show.    And we all give thanks that President Dalton stayed out on the campaign trail so that Bess could do her job – without any blah, blah blah in the blue blazers    Three story lines:   Africa, Antiquities, and Awful British People   The Bombing in Angola and a vaguely democratic dictator suppressing the vote and imprisoning his opponent to ensure victory. A chance to focus on Africa and the double standard fo press coverage. Turning point when Bess gets a Memo of Dissent--  which as far as I can tell is basically a mean anonymous note in your locker… But Bess has a Classic LIGHT BULB MOMENT!!    Black Dog Station- Henry and Jose are back on the trail of linking stolen black market antiquities and terrorists—specifically the group HS. Love this storyline. When henry said the word “reliquary’ I swooned. I also loved the fact that they got on this inside of this vast black-market world in like one commercial break. Now working with a French agent who is impersonating a Bad Archaeologist.    On the Home Front, the stalking storyline takes a back seat to young love—Jareth is Lord Jareth and he’s coming to stay in a Twin Bed with Stevie. Lian doesn't support this romance. Julie is suspicious about Stevie Energy Level. See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
22 min
Poldark Re-Cap Season 2, Episode 5
Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters Talk TV. Our commentary on the PBS drama Poldark. This week, Season 2, Episode 5. This week at SSHQ, Julie and Lian wear our Team Demelza t-shirts while recording this podcast.    But first…   Who is putting silk stocking on their Christmas list? Does that count for one or two nights of Hannukah?    In this episode: Demelza fights for her family, her man, mucks out a barn, stands on the right side of smuggling, marches into a creditors office like a boss and makes Christmas dinner. As Mrs Drunk says, Do you need a lits of all the things she does to keep us safe and warm and fedded?   Meanwhile, Elizabeth bears herself nobly and rides that damn horse around town.  We think the choice is obvious to us—but apparently not to Ross.   This episode set up the post Francis life for Elizabeth—and it’s apparently one of heavy sighs and sexy mourning dresses with a little bit of sad blanket weaving mixed in.  The bright spot? Caroline and Dr. Ennis! Yes!    See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
17 min
Rigged Elections, Newscations, Halloween Triump...
Liz Dolan, Julie Dolan and Lian Dolan on the Satellite Sisters podcast for 11.01.16 with news, talk and laughs. This week on the show, we share our Newscation Strategies, toeherwise known as how to save our saintly until this election is over. If the negativity and nonsense of the 2016 Election has gotten you down, caused election anxiety or triggered stress eating, step away the Twitter. Liz reporters on her ups and downs of trying to stay away from election coverage..Lian suggests two things: vote early and cooks one of Ina Garten's delicious recipes from her new barefoot Contessa Book, Cooking For Jeffery.    Plus, Julie covers the death of the King of Thailand and what a really rigged election looks like . Liz brings us 7 Words we're Probably Mispronouncing Quiz from the book 7 Words Your Are Saying Wrong: People Magazine’s list of Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Ina Garten’s Husband Jeffrey: Most Boring Tweet I Have Ever Read: Julie has 1- Tips Fashion Tips for NOT Looking Old this Winter Liz asks is she should get the new Mac Book Pro Lian asks Liz some business questions about email, nicknames and the most important quality in a new hire Book Club Planning and a Satellite Sisters Mailbag See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
65 min
#Witchyleaks: Satellite Sisters Halloween Cost...
#Witchyleaks.  On today's Satellite Sisters podcast, we have an all-time fave New To You show.  It's the finals of the Halloween Witch Costume Contest from October 2008.  Guest judge listener Kathy from Iowa critiques each costume and is joined by Dancing With The Stars judge Bruno Tonioli and Project Runway's Tim Gunn. Julie is a Classic Witch.  Lian is a Yoga Witch.  Sheila is the Irish Hag with a Swag. Monica is Drugtown Witch.  Liz is Baby Witch.   The sisters beg and pitch and work as hard as they can to get Kathy's vote.  She's a tough judge but we all respect the final results and did not demand a recount.  At the end of the show, Sheila also gives us her Entertaining Sheila review of Synecdoche, New York, a film by Charlie Kaufmann.  For more Entertaining Sheila film reviews,  go to our website and search the audio archive.  There are some good ones in there.  For information on our book "You're the Best: A Celebration of Friendship", go here. To subscribe to Satellite Sisters on iTunes, go here.  To subscribe at Stitcher, go here. See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
28 min
Madam Secretary Re-cap 303 : South China Seas
Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters recap the latest episode of the CBs drama Madam Secretary. Season 3, Episode 3:  South China Sea   Alternate titles:  Battle of the lapel pins The President Leaves the Oval Office Catfishin’ Panda Diplomacy China Blinks What the heck is going on with our fridge?   Storylines:   Activists captured in South China Sea and China vows to make an example of them. It’s LOST! Oh, no it’s not China also pretends to own everything in the South China Sea. And if you like me were wondering what happens in the South China Seas, the Wonk Team comes up with some facts and figures.        Panda Talk—did it seem like someone in the writers room just discovered the Panda cam and decided to write a whole episode about it? Fine with that—but lots of Panda talk.      Crazy Henry and the Spooky Fridge Henry and Bess make the bed. And fight about former student who made threats. And putting on pillow shams.. at one point, Henry starts mansplaining mental illness and stalking. To Bess. Who was in the CIA. Henry runs with his theory that a former student is the one threatening an terrorizing the family. The FBI not that helpful—or so it seems. Until they are and Henry almost blows the whole deal.      See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
21 min
Poldark Re-cap Season 2, Episode 4
Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters re-cap the PBS drama Poldark. This week: season 2, Episode 4. This episode had two personalities—loving and fun and forboding and tragic   Loving and fun:  Sassy talk between Demelza and Ross! Caroline returns in that red coat and Dr. Ennis goes for it! Even sad sack Francis gets a little action from Elizabeth   Foreboding and Tragic: Mining, fighting, smuggling and snitching.   Elizabeth decides to unload on Ross in some very inappropriate dinner party conversation. And for goodness sakes, Frances, why didn’t you learn to swim!!!   But first, I have a few questions:   Since when is Francis a magistrate? Is Captain Gilbert & Sullivan away on a ship?  Didn’t those red coats learn anything in the revolutionary war? Like buy some green coats? After that eye gauging beatdown convince George the Weasal to give up fighting for fencing?  Did it seem strange that Ross & Francis were holding hands during a dance?     Story lines:    Mining, fighting, smuggling and snitching. Blah, blah, blah.    Love is in the air: Caroline and Dr Ennis               Aunt Agatha and Verity              Aunt Agatha could be 60 or 160. She has a cough and sends for Verity, rather than a doctor because    Elizabeth the Vixen—now we hate her   See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
20 min
Election Anxiety, Texas State Fair, Taylor Swif...
Today on the podcast, Liz Dolan, Julie Dolan and Lian Dolan connect to discuss Election Anxiety. Does Liz need an intervention? Or will the Anti-Election Meditations she's working on do the trick? What kind of person watches ALL the Sunday news shows on Sunday? It's Liz and she just can't stay away from election coverage even though she knows it's causing symptoms like stress eating and lack of sleep. Julie suggests a newscation-- or better yet try reading a book.    For the Washington Post feature about 10% Happier’s meditations to calm election stress, go here:   To listen to the election mediations, go here:   Also on the show:   Taylor Swift and the Texas State Fair Most Embarrassing Mothering Moment Lian Defends the Rights of Plastics Bags Julie has tips on how to keep your voice young     Book Recommendations:      Liz goes to see Maria Semple, author of Where'd you go, Bernadette, talk about her new book, Today Will be Different  with fell writer Gigi Levangie. . Liz loved her talk and shares insights here.    For more on Maria Semple and her new book Today Will Be Different, go here:   For more on Gigi Levangie and her books, go here: Julie previews the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group Book Pick A Man Called Ove.      Thanks to our sponsor Quip. Modern Oral Care Delivered to your Door. Use our special URL and PROMO CODE for a Free $5 refill: Promo Code: Sisters   Also, thanks for donating to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Money goes to your local hospitals to help kids and families in your area. To donate:   http://www,      See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
65 min
Eldercare, Home Staging and Lab Rats Review Tof...
On today's New To You show from October 2008, Sheila, Liz and Monica cover everything from an initial report on Edna's + Jim's relocation from Oregon to California and our plans to arrange for eldercare to how to stage a home for selling. Sheila also covers some initial developments in the realm of electronic medical records (remember, this was 8 years ago!) and breaking Nobel Prize for Chemistry news.  The Lab Rats review mini tofu ice cream sandwiches. And finally, breathe, reach and snack!  Sheila is on the Cozy Couch with pumpkin pie science from Woman's World Magazine.  Details here for:  Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2008 Steps for Successful Home Staging Eldercare Resources Tofutti Cuties!       See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
44 min
Madam Secretary Re-Cap Season 3, Episode 2
  Welcome to the Satellite Sisters Re-Cap of Madam Secretary with writer Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan, Former Expat and International News Round-up Host.    Wow! This episode had it al!  Madam  Secretary is action getting it done, on the ground and in the air. Henry wearing blue jeans and going all Indiana Jones trying to save antiquities! And the Sassy McCord kids eating breakfast and inciting security concerns. Deposed Despots eating figs on camera  in a silk bathrobe like Hugh Hefner  meets Isis.    And a cliffhanger…   Three storylines here:   The US is trying to get the madman who runs Algeria out of power and install a moderate professor. Bess is working with a tough talking ambassador who has persobally brokered the deal, then reneged on his promise to see it through because of the presidential race, then convinced again and promptly drops dead.    Religion Prof Henry is concerned about the destruction of priceless antiquities throughout the middle east, including statues in a monestary in Algeria. So while Bess is trying to hold the government together, Henry is backdooring UNESCO to send in a team a archaeologists to removes the statues. The plan falls apart—but it looks like Henry will be back in action with Black Dog Station. Get Henry a bullwhip!   Someone is watching the McCord kids. And Bess and Henry decide NOT to tell their mature, intelligent kids and that comes back to bite them. Jason is the lone hold-out, refusing to give the FBI is phone log in and I say, Go Jason!     See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
23 min
Poldark Recap Season 2, Ep 3
  Lian Dolan, writer, and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters re-cap the PBS drama Poldark. This week, Season 2, Episode 3.     Ross Poldark is BACK! Man of the people! Miner to the Stars! Husband to Demelza! After several episodes of Prisoner Ross and Gloomy Jerkface Ross, the Ross we love is back!    He makes jokes! He charms his investors! He wears a surprisingly revealing linen shirt! Plus, he patches things up with Francis, brokers peace within the Poldark family and dives into the ocean to save Delmelza   But everyone gets in the action in this action packed episode:   Dr. Ennis Makes  Fishbone Removal surprisingly Sexy and Lady Caroline is so grateful she buys Oranges! Demelza is the BOSS and catches fish to feed the family! Like many sad men before him, Francis takes up metal detecting as a hobby Elizabeth uses her charms to keep George the Weasal from calling his loans by offering up herself as a spy And Verity is back! Trying to win over her stepchildren and get back on the inside with Francis   And FINALLY, a baby is born…. See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
20 min
FLOTUS, Clowns, Brooklyn Celebrity Sighting & B...
Liz Dolan, Julie Dolan and Lian Dolan on today's podcast with news, talk, laughs and one celebrity sighting. Julie kicks off the show with an ill-fated visit to our parents grave. An A for Effort... but a "Oh, Dear" for execution. Hear what happened when Julie had the PERFECT gesture for our parents' gravesite and how it all went wrong. But Liz declares, "We don't want to be as judgmental as our mother would be." A conversation only sisters could have.    Plus: The First Ladies Desk-- a big thank you to Michelle Obama for breaking the mold and doing it with style and grace. From the New York Times, read  To The First Lady , With Love here.    Liz follows up with some Broadway babies. Video of Andrea and Jessica belting out Tomorrow at last night’s gala:   Also, Liz is Late to the Party on Clowns and Harry Potter.  Clown Sighting Prompts Arrest   Harry Potter audiobook by Jim Dale at Audible:  Use our audible URL   Lian Adds Getting Invited to State Dinner to her Bucket List. One look at this menu and you'll understand why...   Last Obama State Dinner by Mario Batali:  Menu   Would you go to Mars? Us neither. But that doesn't mean that the thought of it isn't exciting and magnificent. This month's National Geographic Magazine is dedicated to the quest for Mars. For more information on the Ron Howard TV Series, Click below:    Nat Geo special website for the MARS miniseries:   See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
69 min
Cozy Couch, Weird Animal Stories, Road Trip
Today's show is a New To You Satellite Sisters episode from October 15, 2008.  We start with Installment 1 of Edna and Jim's Excellent Adventure.  Monica's about to leave on a road trip with our parents to move them from Oregon to California.  It was the beginning of a series of transitions we made with our parents.  For those of you who have been through this experience, you know how difficult and unpredictable it can be.  We enlisted a Geriatric Care Manager and did a great deal of research about caring for the elderly.   In other news, Lian makes the argument that Beverly Hills Chihauha should really be named Beverly Hills German Shepherd.  Go Delgado! Monica has a list of the 8 most dangerous pets for kids.  Lian has strong feelings about turtles and has tales of Galapagos and Yangtze turtles that need preservation around the planet.  Sheila has a list of the worst healthy foods and attempts a crazy calories quiz for Yum Brands.  Later, she's on the Cozy Couch: Perfumes that make women look slimmer!  Smart new ways to remove water stains! Autumn candle therapy.  Here we are with just a few weeks left before the 2016 election, so we could also use some candle therapy.    Thank you for your donations to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. We'll have another story for you on Tuesday's new show.  Also, to use the special offer from Glossier that we launched on Tuesday's show, go to and use the promo code sisters.  Shop and enjoy.  Julie enjoyed the Boy Brow. See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
55 min
Locker Room Talk, World's Worst Boss: Donald T...
It's Lian Dolan, Liz Dolan and Julie Dolan on the Satellite Sisters podcast. On the show this week, we are suffering in Post-Debate Aftermath Liz asks what Satellite Sisters Locker Room Talk would sound like. Julie suggests a "newscation." And Lian wants to know who would go work for Donald Trump. Seriously, how are we supposed to find the next generation of talented women to head to Washington if the potential boss makes you hug him every time you get off the bus. Julie fears for the End of the Republic, but Lian shares some positive stories about women around the world. Happy Birthday, Eleanor Roosevelt ! Who is celebrating Ada Lovelace Day? And it's the International Day of the Girl!    Plus, Writing Letters of Recommendations. Be wary of words! You can read the study here: Fortune story on Gender Bias in letters of recommendation Liz and Monica go to the Bend Film Festival and sLiz shares her picks and pans:    Bend Film Festival Prison Dogs Film Facebook Page   Crowdsource Lab rats! The Sisterhood takes over the Facebook Page and they are reviewing Pumpkin Spice Products!  Satellite Sisters Facebook Group Reviews of Pumpkin Spice Products See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
67 min
Poldark Re-cap: Season 2, Episode 2
Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters re-cap Poldark on PBS Masterpiece. On this week's episode, Ross Poldark is less than heroic with his brooding ways, selling off his chickens, drinking too much and nearly making out with Elizabeth. Plus, Demelza tries to help a sick cow, Dr. Ennis tries to help a fake putrid throat, and Mr. Drink fakes his own death. It's a hodgepodge in Cornwall this week.      See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
19 min
Madam Secretary Re-Cap: Season 3, Episode 1
Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters re-cap the CBS drama Madam Secretary, Season 3, Episode 1. "Sea Change"  Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord is back as is the whole White House crew and the McCord family. Guess what? There's a presidential election join on-- NOOOOOOO! but don't worry, it's a much better race than our actual presidential election. In the Madam Secretary world, the candidates talk about actual issues like global warming's effects on National Security as opposed to Rosie O'Donnell. Will Bess take the VP job? Will Henry take up his position on Black Dog Station? Will Bess cut her hair and go back to Breck Girl Dream Hair? We discuss it all on the re-cap show. Starring Tea Leoni and Tim Daly.  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
22 min
SS100416: Female Friendships, Condolences. Body...
Toady on the Satellite Sisters Podcast, we want pay tribute to a great friend of the show and one of Julie's trie Satellite Sisters for over 40 years. We mourn the death of Linda Kory Ducruet and remember what a bright light she was to all the sisters. Plus, how to really send condolences to someone who has lost a loved one and why they are so meaningful. Plus, a shout out to Alana Stewart and her care of Farah Fawcett in her last days.   Plus:   Empty nest Update: this just in... It's weird.  Work reunions: More fun than they sound. Liz relives the good times at Nike with former colleagues New Body Language Tools for women: Projecting Leadership through eye contact, steeple-ing and slow talking.  Earthquake Prep for the Southern California Sisters: Swarming quakes and what they mean Facebook roundup: sisters weekend, Queen of Katwe, Poldark & More   and a welcome to our new sponsor: Smile Direct Club Visit our special URL for a special offer to and check out SmileDirectClub See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
62 min
Poldark Re-Cap Season 2, Episode 1
Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters are back with their re-cap of the PBS series Poldark. The Satellite Sisters love the action in 18th century Cornwall especially the scathing and the cola mining. On this week's Poldark, it's the trial of the 18th century and we're invited. All our favorite Poldark tropes are back: staring at the sea; riding furiously along the coast; gratuitous shiftlessness! Yes!  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
20 min
SS092716 Presidential Debate, College Drop-Off ...
Liz Dolan, Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan are back for the start of Satellite Sisters Season 16. Today on the podcast, they discuss The Presidential Debate. Liz has a few observations on Donald Trumps "manterruptions" and she recommends a course on How To Handle Criticism. Also, fro the record, we prepare more for the Satellite Sisters podcast than one candidate appeared to prepare for the Presidential job interview.   Plus: Julie got hacked or did she? Paging Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. We have a few questions for her. Lian Drops off her son at college and is pretty proud that she was not a blubbering idiot. Plus, a few things she's learned about the Empty Nest. International News Round-up: Fast Lanes for Fast Walkers; Man in Airport Lounge for Weeks; Duchess of Cambridge killing it in Canada Do rollercoasters help you pass kidney stones? One study says yes!  Liz gives a big cheer for the new movie The Queen of Katwe by director Mira Nair. Plus, the silent treatment in not for waiters.       See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
56 min
Sticky Situations, Lab Rats and Cozy Couch
On today's show, Lian celebrates Kyle Chandler's birthday and Sheila asks for Customer Service advice.  Plus the Lab Rats test macaroni and cheese, Julie joins us with a sticky situation of the week and Sheila is on the Cozy Coach. Phew. This is a New To You show from Sept. 22, 2008.  Sheila has a customer service issue with her HP Ink Cartridges.  Why do they run out so fast?  She turns to Lian first.  She calls Lian "the Executive Producer of her life".  Lian suggests she call the experts so Sheila tries gets on the line with HP.  Not surprisingly, this does not go well.   Lian has insights into math from this story in the New York Times entitled Gut Instinct's Surprising Role In Math. This results in to Pop Quiz for the sisters.  This does not go well either. New Satellite Sisters Sticky Situations: Julie's challenge is dog-related. Her Zorro was not well-behaved at a dog park.  Julie sees it as Zorro "playing with the Pomeranian" but apparently the pomeranian and her owner did not feel the same.  What do Lian and Lian suggest? Another Sticky Situation regarding hugging and hand washing in the workplace prompts Sheila to explain her approach to Germ Attacks. Namaste.  And Sheila's back with Cozy Couch. Woman's World has a story on what to do if your hormones are broken.  Hmmmm.  Plus Tips To Clip:  Happiness Boosters! Smart News Uses for Tater Tots and Cotton Balls!   See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
56 min
Brad and Angie Divorce, Hamilton, Tuesday Trends
On today's Satellite Sisters, we handle the breaking news of the Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt divorce.  Liz has a history with Brad Pitt. She has actually slept with Brad Pitt. It's true. Details on today's podcast.  Is this a #liznessnotbizness sign from the universe that Brad is in Liz's future?  She also asks Julie for a little dream interpretation.  Liz had a dream involving LLCoolJ and auto bodies.  What does it all mean?  If you have thoughts, please post on the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group.  While on a few days vacation in NYC last week, Liz did a Hamilton/Spamilton double. She saw both the Broadway superhit and a spoof of the Broadway superhit on the very same day.  Yup.  She's a hard core #Hamilfan.  Both were fantastic!  We recommend! Julie has several trends for Tuesday Trends today. First about CEO of Lyft says they are going to all self-driving cars within five years.  Second trend is about how people no longer want to sit at restaurants. Julie's third trend is a new sport called Forest Bathing. Whaaaa?  Next, how do you feel about electronic implants instead of house keys or car keys?  Whose bright idea was that?  Liz awards the Satellite Sisters of Week to the Brownlee brothers Jonny and Alistair. They are both international triathletes and Olympic medalists but their performance at a race in Cozumel was the best.  When brother Alistair lost his mojo and became confused near the finish, Jonny literally picked him up and pushed him over the finish line. That's heart.  Love these sibling stories. As long as we are talking about brotherhood, we heartily recommend the new Beatles documentary 8 Days A Week:  The Touring Years.  Liz saw it at a packed Monday afternoon matinee.  The documentary includes interviews with Paul and Ringo plus Elvis Costello, Whoopi Goldberg and Malcolm Gladwell. In the theatre, you get a bonus 30 minute digitally remastered film of their famous Shea Stadium concert. If you want to watch at home instead, you'll find it on Hulu. For the start of the TV season, Julie recommends a process for how to decide what to watch.  Liz repeats her recommendation that PITCH debuting on Thursday night on FOX is definitely worth checking out.  Finally, we announce the launch of our new Satellite Sisters season next week. It's season 16, people.  Can you believe it?? Starting next Tuesday, Liz, Julie and Lian will be on every Tuesday.  Lian and Julie will also do their TV recaps for Poldark starting with Sunday Sept 25 Secretary and Madam Secretary starting October 2, 2016. Monica and Sheila both of have other professional and personal commitments so they will not be on any of the news shows but you can continue to hear them on our New To You shows that will continue to be released on the weekends. Our complete audio archive can always be found at    See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
51 min
Lab Rats Test Body Washes and so much more
On today's Satellite Sisters, we bring you Julie, Liz, Sheila and Monica from September 15, 2008.  New to you! Monica has a souvlaki situation.  What should she do at the new Pita Pit? This prompts a discussion of bad restaurant names. Liz recalls Cookies and Couscous on Sheila's old block in Greenwich Village.  Monica loves Cabbages and Condoms from when Julie lived in Bangkok, Thailand.  She is also excited about a new restaurant she read about called Permanent Brunch. What's not to love.  Julie wants to tackle the issue of hugging in the workplace.  Yes?  No?  What say you, Satellite Sisters?  How do you know when to hug and when a warm handshake will do?  Don't even get us started on kissing! Liz brings Sheila a new magazine about the single life called Singular.   The Lab Rats Sheila and Monica bring you their report on body washes.  They've already tackled scrubs, soaps and sugars.  They do it for you, people. You can listen to all the Satellite Shows at iTunes, Stitcher and our website Listen.  Laugh.  Share.     See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
66 min
Satellite Sisters 091316: Ryan Lochte; Bridget ...
Tuesday podcast with Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan. Breaking news from the set of Dancing with the Stars. Why is Gov. Rick Perry doing the rumba? Why would anyone bother to protest Ryan Lochte ? And why bother with this season when Laurie Hernandez is gunning for the Mirror Ball?   Plus:   The Bitter Business Bureau The Story of BioTech Wunderkind Elizabeth Holmes and her fall from grace. Read the story here in Vanity Fair:    Why Do We love Tomato Juice on Airplanes. Yup, it's the altitude and something else. Health News: Busy Brains, Hungry Tummy North Korea: While other people are monitoring Ryan Lochte, Julie has her eyes on North Korea's Nukes I Don't Want To See Bridget Jones Have A Baby. Ever. Even Colin Firth's Lian defends BJ, forever single.  The Bathrobe arrived! It's a hit!    See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
45 min
Gretchen Carlson, Empty Nest, Fall Fashion Trends
On today's Satellite Sisters podcast. Julie, Liz and Lian tackle: Two awards for Gretchen Carlson on her $20 million settlement from Fox News.  Gretchen, you are our #staynoisy sister of the week.  Also, Best Use of An I-Phone for secretly taping the illegal and vile things Roger Ailes said to you.   How Not To Get A Meeting With the President of the United States:  Speaking of vile things, Julie has a review of the vile things so-called diplomats have said to each other lately. President Duterte of Philippines, welcome to the list. Philae Lander, We Hardly Knew Ye:  Well, the finally found a photo of where that Philae lander ended up on the comment.  In a dark ditch after bouncing twice.  It makes us :( Speaking of space, get out your lightsabers! Lian saw John Williams conduct the score from Stars Wars with the LA Phil at the Hollywood Bowl this weekend. Loved it. Next up for Lian Dolan this month is a college drop-off for her freshman son.  The shopping starts now. There's a bathrobe debate happening, among other things. On the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group, listener Kathleen posted asking for advice for her son starting his senior year in high school.  Lian recommends the parenting website Grown and Flown and thanks all the members of the Satellite Sisterhood who posted their own suggestions.  Julie recommends Maria Shriver's website for some empty nest insights as well as thoughts on Mother Theresa and unconditional love from the book A Gift of Love by Tony Cointreau. From the Wall Street Journal, Liz brings us a sad story of older women getting exploited by scammers in online dating services.  Victims lost more than $120 million to "romance scams" in the first six months of 2016. What?  As if online dating wasn't bad enough.  Media Round-Up:  Julie saw "The Light between Two Oceans" which she describes as a slow satisfying cinematic sobfest. Lian recommends Delia Ephron's book Siracusa and Mike Virbiglia's movie Don't Think Twice. She cannot, however, get on board with the much beloved Gilmore Girls.  We guess she's just too late to that party.  Lian makes a shopping breakthrough.  She was stalked by a Steve Madden bag online and managed to actually buy it here! She's also got the scoop on fall fashion trends from Real Simple Magazine, most of which the Satellite Sisters will not be wearing.  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
65 min
Sheila on the Cozy Couch: Eat This and Feel Happy
On today's Satellite Sisters, Lian, Sheila, Monica and Julie get together for an end of summer recap, including Sheila's Summer of Love. This is a New To You show from September 10, 2008.  Sheila tells us about her date with Brad Garrett (see audition tape here) and her story at The Moth.  Plus, this episode ends with a very special Cozy Couch.  Sheila has a story from Woman's World called Eat This + Feel Happy.  Plus Smart New Ways To Use Baby Oil! Can't beat that, can you? In between, Monica has a awesome Believe It Or Not game for the sisters, Lian is happy Beverly Hills 90210 is back plus has a news story from GMA about  Munchausen-At-Work Syndrome. She suggests that you just imagine Steve Carrell in The Office to get the picture. Julie also has a point of view on something called The Amethyst Initiative, a move by college presidents to lower the drinking age on campus. For the complete Satellite Sisters audio archive, go to  Also subscribe to Satellite Sisters at iTunes or Stitcher and leave us a review when you can. Thanks, sisters! See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
52 min
Emmy Voting, Patty Hearst and Hammocking
On today's Satellite Sisters, Liz and Julie tackle: The sad news about Gene Wilder.  Here's the announcement his family sent out that explains why he did not tell the world he had Alzheimers and here's where you can watch James Corden's lovely story about meeting Wilder backstage on Broadway. The equally sad news, but in a different way, about Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner. Huma, your Satellite Sisters are rooting for you. Emmy voting!  Liz is an Emmy voter and discovered a whole new category of content this year as she was completing her voting.  Have you checked out the overlooked Emmy category of Outstanding Short Form Variety Series? Liz recommends you check out: Epic Rap Battles of History on YouTube, Gay of Thrones from, Honest Trailers on YouTube, Making A Scene with James franco from AOL and Park Bench with Steve Buscemi on AOL.   Julie's Picks and Pans:  Julie recommends one movie Hell or High Water and one book American Heiress.  Having seen the trailer, she's not so keen on that new Meryl Streep movie. We love you, Meryl, but we are not going to see Florence Foster Jenkins. Sorry, sister.  Liz brings us a trend: Hammocking.  It's all the rage.  Want to know how to sleep in a tree?  Liz explains how.   And of course we end with dogs.  What are they thinking?  And why can't they just tell us?  Here's the latest science on dogs.  Thanks for listening to Satellite Sisters.  Subscribe at iTunes or Stitcher to always get our new shows.  You can also use our searchable audio archive at      See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
55 min
New To You: The Mystery of Julie, The Slobbery ...
ONE OF OUR MOST REQUESTED SATELLITE SISTERS PODCASTS EVER: A NEW TO YOU SHOW FROM AUGUST 8, 2008.  We've never solved this mystery of Julie, the stranger and Zorro's slobbery tennis ball.  Lian, Monica and Sheila can't believe Julie was so trusting with a odd request.  What started as a "sticky situation" became a potentially dark tale for intrigue and germs. Listen and tell us what you think was actually happening.  Post your theories on our Satellite Sisters Facebook Group.  Monica has questions about online reading.  Does it have the same effect as reading a book or magazine?  Julie recommends a new play based on Little House on the Prairie that's on stage in Minnesota.  Lian has some new TV habits.  Her household has become a Nick At Night household.  Science with Sheila! Sheila has a list of the 10 things not to worry about on vacation from science writer John Tierney of Thew New York Times. Killer hot dogs, shark attacks, unmarked wormholes.  Plus big entertainment news from Sheila:  She's been cast in a reality show.  She's Dating Brad Garrett?  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
54 min
Julie Fights Off A Bee
On today's Satellite Sisters, Julie shares a cautionary tale of organic cherry tomatoes, benign salad-making and an unexpected attack by a killer bee.  Plus FISH FRAUD.  What is this world coming to??? Liz is feeling the post-Olympic blues.  Katie? Allyson?? Simone???  What are YOU doing today?   Special thanks to NBC for deleting Ryan Lochte from every single video highlight reel.  Quick work!  Julie thinks Ryan should get advice form Tyra Banks so that she will be teaching Project You about branding yourself at Stanford Business School.  Liz thinks he might get more useful perspective from from Tonya Harding. It's college drop-off season so we have many comments and some advice from the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group about how to survive this potentially wrenching transition.  More advice to offer, post it there!  Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @SatSisters. Subscribe to our show on iTunes and Stitcher. While you are there, rate us and review us.  Thanks, sisters! See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
52 min
Satellite Sisters Home From Rio
On today's show, Liz and Lian are home from Rio with a complete Olympic report.  But first, you aren't going to believe Julie's adventure (or misadventure?) with Barbra Streisand in Brooklyn.  Urban Nana hits the Barclay Center.  Lian shares the Satellite Sisters Keys to Success in Rio.  Sports cliches are not just for athletes, people! We've got focus.  We overcame adversity.  We ran our race. We don't have a medal to show for it, but we got awesome stamps in our passports and didn't run into a single mosquito. Read Lian's complete post-Rio Random thoughts here. On the podcast, we talk about our big nights with Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, Jenny Simpson, Maya DiRado, Michelle Carter, Lily King, Brazil soccer, Simone Manuel. We were at the Aquatics Center, the Estadio Olympic, Maracana and USA House.  Lian's husband even had his own moment with Ryan Lochte. Much like Ryan, Liz has an apology she would like to make to a community she may have offended.  Lian awards her own gold medals. We also have a few lingering questions for our friends in Brazil.  But most of all, we want to say thank you to the Olympians, the families and coaches of Olympians and our hosts in Brazil who gave is beautiful, memorable sporting competitions on one of the world's most beautiful cities.    See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
70 min
SS080916: Satellite Sisters go to Rio Olympics
Today on Satellite Sisters, Liz Dolan and Lian Dolan fill you (and Julie) in our our trip to Rio for the 2016 Olympic Games. We leave in the morning with our flags, close-toed shoes, DSEET and enthusiasm for all things Olympic and all things Brazilian. We are set to be part of the Rio Games and make our mark on Copacabana Beach with Team USA and Ryan Seacrest.    Before the Olympics, Lian goes to the dentist for her usual pre-travle root canal. hear what happens next.    Olympic Schedule: Olympic Packing: our strategies for 8 days and one carry-on Where will be: in the Barra Zone! near the Olympic Golf Course What we're seeing: Swimming, Track & Field, Beach Volleyball, Women's Soccer-- we're in! What else should we take in?  Opening Ceremonies: We loved it!  Women in Rio-- Killing it! we love watching women from all over the world do their thang! Plus, a defense of Dan Hicks, a top announcer who is getting hammered.  Plus, Bamboo Keyhole, Booing Athletes and Eating Sushi.    Follow us on Twitter: @satsisters     See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
56 min
Satellite Sisters Pre-Olympic Pre-Special Special
Here's a special New To You show from August 12, 2012:  Our complete London Olympics recap including our Rio 2016 goals! This show is Monica, Julie and Liz. Don't forget to go to and read all of Lian's Random Thoughts essays on previous Olympics.  Just go to the site and search on Random Thoughts or Olympics to get the whole archive. Here are our notes from the 2012 show: Monica has a complete rundown of her favorite Olympic moments and people.  We know those sprint relays are always amazing but who knew platform diving could be so emotional?  What are we going to do now that the Games are over?  Get ready for Rio 2016.  Julie recommends that EVERYONE watch USA Swimming's cover of Call Me Maybe if you are feeling a little post-Olympic letdown.  And Liz exhorts the whole Satellite Sisterhood to take up trampoline.  Let's all make the team for Brazil 2016! #Rio2016 Random Thoughts from Lian Dolan   See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
28 min
Satellite Sisters Plea for Election Civility
On today's Satellite Sisters, Liz Dolan and Julie Dolan make a plea for civility online in all things election-related. Comments bring out the worst in people, so we are asking you to think twice before lashing out. Far be it from us to ask you not to express yourself, but start by asking yourself this one question:  Has your mind ever been changed by what someone posted in your Facebook feed?  No? Exactly. So express yourselves freely but no need to be uncivil. Okay, people??  Julie also speaks out on behalf of the potential First Ladies one more time. It won't be the last.  We are very excited about the upcoming Olympic Games!  Lian and Liz will be attending #Rio2016 starting next week but first we have some comments on the Opening Ceremonies outfits for the USA, the best Olympic sibling story ever and Nastia Liukins beauty tips for the Games.  Can we avoid wedgie picks?  Will our fingernails be expressive enough? And what's our lucky charm?   Why should we care about doping at the Olympics? Read this fascinating story about Olympic swimmer Shirley Babashoff who was cheated out of Olympic gold medals by East German women at the Montreal Games in 1976. Julie and Liz discuss how it changed her life forever.  Yesterday was Equestrian Day at Nana Camp in Steamboat Springs, CO.  Julie had a slight saddle situation.  It sound like a cartoon but she survived it.  On cultural front, we tackle the new Jason Bourne movie and how it compares to the earlier versions, the new production of CATS on Broadway and Harry Potter hits the West End in London. Listen to our show this Tuesday August 9 because Lian Dolan will be back for our complete Olympic kick-off show.  This is the day before Liz and Lian leave for #Rio2016 so we'll lay out the complete plan.  It's a good time to subscribe.  Lian and Liz will be covering the Olympics via social media so make sure you join the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group and follow us @satsisters on Twitter and Instagram.  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
52 min
Who is Afraid of Vladimir Putin? Not Julie Dola...
On today's Satellite Sisters, Julie and Liz take on the Russian intelligence apparatus.  Vladimir Putin has been a specialty of Julie's for many years since she lived on Moscow, so we had a perspective on two major stories involving him: 1) the DNC hack and 2) doping at the Olympics.  The Russians have been using the code names Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear so Liz believes it's imperative that Julie choose an appropriate bear-related code name for herself.  She has many suggestions in the bear family across television and literature.  Julie also gives fleeting thought to the fact that her grandchildren hold both US and Russian passports so maybe she could train them to step in and fill in for a few banned Russian athletes?? Or maybe not. Julie also has breaking science news about a new category of women called Super Flashers.  It sounds fun, but we are here to tell you that it is not. Sorry, sisters.  More bad news about menopause.  Liz introduces our special guest longtime friend, executive producer and sixth sister Corny Koehl.  Corny helped create Satellite Sisters at ABC Radio, then moved on to Harpo Radio to produce both Gayle King and Oprah Winfrey herself.  Now she's on a gap year of her own which happens to coincide with Liz's gap year.  You can follow Corny's life journey with her dog Bitsy on Twitter. @CornyKoehl See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
57 min
Satellite Sisters Interview Approval Junkie Fai...
On today's Satellite Sisters podcast, Faith Salie is our special guest.  Faith's new book is Approval Junkie: Adventures In Caring Too Much. You know Faith from her commentaries on CBS Sunday Morning and as a panelist on NPR's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me.   In our discussion of Approval Junkie, Liz raises three red flags with Faith.  1) Marrying her "wasband", 2) seeking fame as a sitcom star, and 3) coming out against pets on CBS Sunday Morning.  On this third item, we respect her POV and desire to speak her pet truth on this but for God's sake Faith, NEVER read the Comments!  She knows that now.  We re sorry she learned the hard way.  Whether its about the new Ghostbusters or female candidates like Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina, the comments section is where it gets ugly.  Also on today's show, we discuss the fall of Roger Ailes at Fox News after the accusation of sexual harassment brought forward by Gretchen Carlson.  Julie raised this issue on last week's podcast.  It takes a lot for a woman to step forward and accuse a man in power of abusing that power.  Kudos to you, Gretchen.  You know what we have to say on this: #staynoisy.  Here's the New York Times story on the culture inside Fox News that allowed sexual harassment to continue.  Liz has a lot of explaining to do about the pink booties she bought for Ferris.  He's an old guy now and has trouble standing.  He needed some gripping socks but did they have to be pink??  Julie starts Nana Camp in Colorado this week.  Its all about outdoor activities but with plenty of time set aside for naps.  For all.   See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
57 min
Satellite Sisters First Ladies Desk Weighs In O...
On today's Satellite Sister podcast, Julie Dolan weighs in from the First Ladies Desk.  What the heck is going on with Melania Trump's speech last night?  We don't know and we don't like it.  Did she write it?  Did someone else? Who in their right mind would think they could get away with ripping off Michele Obama's speech?  Oh, brother.  Or as our mother would say "Isabel, feel my heart." Luckily, Liz has good news about America and has a letter to prove it. We are all going to be fine, people.  On the other hand, Julie went to a lecture by two Brookings Institute experts on Radical Islam.  How do we work this into a Tuesday show?  By adding an excellent palate cleanser about Pippa Middleton, of course!   Julie has also breaking Olympic news about the Russian delegation.  Will they be banned for doping in Sochi?  Will the IOC act? Once again, we don't know but we don't like it.  There is some good news from Rio all about Super Thursday later this week. Yesterday in our Facebook Group, Liz asked an urgent question of the Satellite Sisterhood. How should she spend Monday?  Restorative Yoga or a midday show of Ghostbusters?  Well, we have the answer. Ghostbusters! Liz shares her top three reasons to go see this movie.  It's a hoot and a much needed alternative to what's going on in the real world.   Plus, for the first time ever on Satellite Sisters, Liz does a live taste test of kombucha. She maligned the beverage last week without ever really tasting it, so in the interests of journalism, she sips her first Humm kombucha, mango passion fruit flavor.   See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
48 min
Satellite Sisters direct Jessica Lange? Plus Ol...
On today's Satellite Sisters New To You show, we bring you a show from July 2012 about the London Olympics.  Liz and Lian are super excited about going to the Rio games, so we want to get you in the mood, too. Liz's tells the tale of her directorial debut. It turns out that telling an Oscar winner what to do was actually the easy part. Liz and Jessica Lange. Can you believe it?  No, noether can she.  Lian's Random Thoughts on the first two days of the Olympics. She's not sure she shares Danny Boyle's vision for Opening Ceremony and still wants the answer to one big question:  Where was Adele??? On the sporting front, she's enjoying it all so much, she's not sure if she'll get ANY work done this week. Sheila's worried about John McEnroe after seeing his interview of Ryan Lochte. However, she's worrried.  One question:  Anorexia??  She has some advice for his hairdresser.  Plus her own athletic career is threatened by a new injury that requires shopping for some "50 Shades of Grey bondage products", whatever that means. And everyone discusses the story in today's New York Times about whether algebra is really necessary. Our vote?  No.          See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
52 min
Satellite Sisters Outlander Recap and Big Olymp...
On today's Satellite Sisters, Julie, Lian and Liz come to you from Steamboat Springs. CO, Pasadena CA and Bend, OR.  It's a jammed packed Tuesday show but we start with Julie's thoughts about being a resident of Dallas in light of the awful violence there last week.  Julie recommends this front page editorial for the Dallas Morning News and reflects on the great leadership shown by Police Chief David O. Brown.  Julie also fills us in on her project this week.  She is with her husband and sisters-in-law emptying her in-laws home in rural Colorado.  They both passed away last year after 50 years in this home.   In other news, Lian is totally down with the new Pokemon Go craze. She explains it to her older sisters.  Here's a starter guide for the rest of you. We are also super-excited about the Olympic Trials and have logged lots of hours watching the Track + Field, Swmming, and Gymnastics Trials.  Rio!  Bring it on!   Liz and Lian are so on board that they announce today that they are both GOING to Rio for the Games.  Woo hoo!  Despite all the negative advance press, they are rising above the mosquitoes and heading south next month. Lian has become the world's leading expert on Zika and Deet.  It's all about the socks, she figures.  She also got a funny pitch about a new product she is curious about: Nudy Patooty tops.  Whaa??  Liz runs down some tickets that they've already secured and plans for how to get their hands on the rest.  Beach volleyball on Copacabana at midnight.  We are IN!!! Julie and Lian close season 2 of Outlander with a full-on recap and some looking-forward to next season.  The finale was the episode they've been waiting for all year.   Finally, a Satellite Sisters Shout-Out to 3 Solid Gold Satellite Sisters who are having a big week: Serena Williams, boffo at Wimbledon this weekend, Theresa May, new Prime Minister of the UK, and Malala Yousefzai on her 19th birthday. Solid work, sisters! Follow us on @Twitter at @SatSisters,join our Facebook Group, LIKE our Facebook Page and leave a review for us on iTunes.  Thanks!         See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
53 min
Satellite Sisters Cowboy Crushes and Craigslist...
On today's Satellite Sisters, we bring you a New To You show from July 31, 2011.  On this show, Liz, Julie and Monica tackle the world.  Liz is in Santa Monica but just back from Istanbul.  Julie is in Steamboat Springs. CO.  Monica is in Bend, Oregon.   We start with Liz telling us about her quick fun trip to the fascinating Istanbul, Turkey.  It's mainly a work trip but she still has time for a speed tour of this beautiful city that bridges Europe and Asia.  Julie agrees that it's a unique and gorgeous place but assures Liz that she didn't miss anything by not taking a Turkish bath.  She tried it and did not like it.  Apparently those turkish towels are painful.  Liz also takes our parents Edna and Jim along with sister Sheila to a fun night at the Hollywood Bowl. Michael Feinstein, a gorgeous LA night and a gourmet picnic.  Delightful. Julie is on her own in Steamboat this week and is using her time to develop a crush on the local rodeo cowboys and log some serious hours marathoning 'Say Yes To The Dress". She finds TLC a good tonic to the negative news of the day. Monica is hosting our nephews in Bend, including a sleepover with some Jackass viewing that Lian might not approve.  She also wants to test a a Craigslist ad she saw.  This guy will come over and wash your dishes while you watch TV.  Really?  Does that include pots and pans?? See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
44 min
Satellite Sisters #staynoisy and #Liznessnotbiz...
On today's Satellite Sisters,  Julie and Liz start with Liz's list of three classic Central Oregon activities she participated in this week.  She's starting her new post-corporate life and has a little recreational time on her hands.  From Humm Kombucha to Sunriver Toyhouse Toys and how to send a pin, she's been learning new things. Plus Liz asks "What's that weird smell?" Julie speaks up for Gretchen Carlson from Fox News and urges her to #staynoisy.  Her sexual harassment suit against Roger Ailes has made headlines this week.  Julie also has three Tuesday trends:  redneck boot sandals, best friend tattoos and adaptive clothes.   Liz asks the hivemind of the Satellite Sisterhood to help her with something.  She does not want to use the R-word - retirement.  What's a better term for her current life state?  Julie is a full time Urban Nana, plus does many other things.  Liz needs a job title for her life post-Labor Day.  Suggestions?  Post them in the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group or tweet them with her new life hashtag:  #Liznessnotbizness   Finally a big announcement:  Lian will be on next week's show so that she and Julie can do a major Outlander season wrap-up. It's too late for Liz to jump in.  All the pressure is on Lian and Julie now.  Outlander recap, people!  Mark your calendars.  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
63 min
Satellite Sisters Recommend Post-Brexit Plans f...
On today's Satellite Sisters podcast, Julie and Liz take on the Brexit vote.  They each have recommendations for where formerly-Great Britain could go from here.  Liz is thinking it's all in on royalty.  Julie's pitching the idea of England as 51st State.  Both very solid ideas. Thoughts? Also on today's show, Julie meets a Brooklyn child named Sojourner.  Where did that name come from?  Julie is also part of planning a baby shower with a friend.  They watched a lot of Diaper Cake videos this weekend.  What's a diaper cake?  Liz wants to know too. Liz's last day of work is this Thursday.  Wow.  She met with her financial planner this week and was not psyched to face the words Asset Exhausted.  Whaaaaaaa? She's got some revolutionary suggestions for personal finance professionals.   Liz also wants to know what Julie, former business school admissions expert, would do with an application from Maria Sharapova.  Astute business woman?  For sure.  Cheater? Also yes.  How do we rule on that? For more Satellite Sisters podcasts, check out iTunes, Stitcher and our website  And thanks for any ratings and reviews you post on iTunes.  It means a lot.  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
48 min
Satellite Sisters: Corporate Shenanigans and Sh...
Today's Satellite Sisters show has an intro from Liz about what's coming up later this week, then we share a New To You show from May 20, 2012.  It's the Southern California Satellite Sisters:  Sheila, Lian and Liz. Sheila is prepping for a friend's major birthday party and manages to hit multiple salons in a single day, plus pick up some sushi and snooze in a massage chair along the way.  She's also not too sure she wants to try a new exercise from Dr. Oz that Lian is recommending:  The Walrus. Lian gets the word early in the morning that TODAY is the day her husband wants to start painting the kitchen, which means she has to decide on that paint color STAT.  She also tries to find new homes for her prized collection of cooking magazines, including her favorite - the now defunct Gourmet. Liz has a scene from the Theatre of the Absurd.  She takes Mom and Dad on a bizarre shopping trip that includes adult diaper pins, Uncle Sam lawn ornaments and emergency flashers.  It's impossible to explain.  You just have to listen. Plus some breaking 2012 news: Facebook goes public, Mark Zuckerberg gets married and JPMorgan loses a few billion bucks. Listen, laugh and share.  And if you have time, we'd love it if you rate and write a review of Satellite Sisters at iTunes.  Thanks. See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
52 min
SS062116: Liz's Big Announcement, Plus Outlande...
Today on Satellite Sisters, Liz shows up to fill us in on her upcoming plans. She needs our help, Satellite Sisterhood, to stay the course and do the work. We cover Liz's upcoming summer plans and we talk about your fantasy summer off plans. Liz gives us the scoop.    Plus:  Mourning the Orlando victims in support of the LGBT community The NBA Finals game 7-- the best game ever? Or the worst? If you are Lian's husband, the worst.  Summer Fun fro Lian:  Off to The Late Late Show with James Corden  Off to Palm Dessert for a Girls Weekend Madam Secretary Fashion Breakthrough for Lian And our Outlander commentary     See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
63 min
Satellite Sisters Father's Day Remembrance
Happy Father's Day, Satellite Misters. Fathers, uncles, coaches, mentors - we hope you are all enjoying a wonderful celebration today.  Today's show is a special one from Father's Day 2012.  This was the last Father's Day we spent with our father and it was the end of a difficult week.  Our father's Alzheimer's had accelerated to the point where we decided as a family that he needed to live in a 24/7 care facility.  This was the week when we made that move.  It was an all-hands-on-deck situation in our family with brothers, sisters and family supporters all helping.  Liz starts off with a crazy cops-and-robbers story that had just occurred in the neighborhood.  Nice to have just a little bit of humor in an otherwise very sad and trying week.   See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
32 min
SS061416: Orlando, Tony Awards, Apple Apps News...
Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan on the Tuesday Show. Please excuse the audio distortion-- something we could not fix.    The Orlando Shooting-  horning the victims while moving former on the investigation   Plus: Gifted & talented Carpool Tips The Tony Awards- Why you won't see Hamilton on the big screen anytime soon Siri meets Uber - Apple allows apps to interact with Siri. Lian is not so sure about the voice command.  Tuesday Trends Outlander               See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
55 min
Satellite Sisters Julie and Liz celebrate celeb...
On today's Satellite Sisters, Liz and Julie mark a sad day.  The terrible massacre in Orlando has us thinking about the importance of celebrating family and friendships.  We announce the winner's of this months #satsistersytb celebrations photo contest.  Thank you for all the beautiful photos you have posted on our Facebook Group page and on Instagram with the #satsistersytb. Liz also announces that she has an announcement to make.  That announcement will come later this month.  In the meantime, she wants to know: What would YOU do if you had the entire summer off? Post your answers on the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group or on the blog at  Most of all, take a moment this weekend to call/hug/love your Satellite Sister or Mister.  It's what really matters.  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
61 min
SS060716: Grit, Black Holes, Beauty Tips & Outl...
On the Tuesday Show with Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan, we cover everything from Grit to Black Holes to Ben & Jerry's. Julie explains why GRIT is more important than your SAT scores. According to social scientist Angeles Duckworth, passion and perseverance can be more important than intellectual skills in achieving success. Julie is all in on Grit but Lian is suspicious that this is just another gimmick that can be exploited by the college admissions race. Read more about Grit here in Slate   Plus: Copa American menu from Lian Julie Goes to Vermont and busts Ben & Jerry's but enjoys Shelbourne Farms.  How about a SWIMMING Vacation? CNN has a list of Great Swimming Cities   Outlander See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
53 min
Satellite Sister Sheila Dolan Explains The Gift...
On today's New To You Satellite Sisters show from June 12, 2011, Sheila Dolan is happy to reach the end of the school year. Her grand finale lesson on South America took the form of a Top Chef South America cook-off for her third graders. Plus, Sheila breaks down how she lives on the gift card economy.  She's got the range from Peets and Starbucks to Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel. As a local, Julie has jumped on the Dallas Mavericks bandwagon for this year's NBA Finals. She's fine being a Julie-Come-Lately. Sheila supports that. Lian commiserates with Sarah Palin over the release of her private emails. What would happen if the Satellite Sisters emails got released to the public?  Liz may have to file a Freedom of Information Act to find out what the other four sisters have been writing behind her back.  Liz goes to see Bridesmaids and recommends it to Lian who is looking for a way to be creatively inspired to start work on her next book. And Liz also questions the installation of "ass-cams" in a jean story in LA.  Who wants to really see their butt?  Apparently Sheila does.  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
40 min
SS060116: Graduation Celebration, Mommy Brain &...
Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan on the Satellite Sisters Tuesday Podcast. Today we cover two potentially controversial topics on Satellite Sisters: Mommy Brain and Mommy Bloggers. Is Mommy Brain a real thing? Is that spacey, about to lose it feeling a real thing-- or just an excuse? New research yields surprising results that will make you re-think tossing out that excuse when you've lost your car keys-- again. Plus, a big Mommy Blogger calls it quits, saying that her blog was interfering with the "joys of parenting." And she signs off with a post that's making news.    Plus: Copa America tailgating menus  Adele shuts down a guy videotaping her concert Millennials in the News: More young people are living at home than at any time wince World War 2. We discuss the reasons why. It's not what you think. Plus, when Millennials do finally move out of the house, they don't want your 'brown Furniture," Mom & Dad.  How about an Unexpected Theme for Summer Vacation? Postal Lovers,start your engines. Read the entire USA Today article here Julie tells us all about Super Pants! Plus, Leave Jane Austen Alone     See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
48 min
Satellite Sisters New To You Episode: Liz, Shei...
Today's Satellite Sisters is a summer classic:  Sheila, Liz and Monica from July 17, 2011. Sheila unwittingly invents the Shop Local movement.  Monica talks about Portland's very own Carmageddon after Liz and Sheila describe the blissful quiet during the Los Angeles closure of the 405 freeway.  Our advice:  Stay home, people! Plus, Sheila reviews the latest products and services from her fave Duane Reade. Monica tells a small white lie to stay out late on a school night and she reviews the Friday Night Lights finale. Sniff.  All the years later, we still mourn.  Liz declares 2011 to be The Year of Steve Coogin.  Now that it's 2016, I guess we know how that turned out but we are still Team Coogin.  Love you, Steve.  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
46 min
SS052416: Graduation Planning, Tuesday Trends, ...
Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan on the Tuesdays Satellite Sisters podcast. We're going deep on shallow topics like handwriting analysis. Do us a favor , write your name down and play along. Lian will analyze your handwriting based on an article from Real Simple Magazine with handwriting expert Sheila Lowe, the president of the American Handwriting  Analysis Foundation. Loopy D's? Slanted right? Signature give-aways? we talk about them all.    Plus: Graduation Planning: Food and logistics Moms in the news: Chewbacca Mom and Golf Cart Mom Voter Registration: A surge in California registration, including my two sons. Should their vote REALLY count as much as mine? Hmm... Stories from The Onion? Or a Legit News source? Julie explains Tuesday Trends: Alcoholic Soft Drinks Caffeinated Sneakers  Outlander Commentary: Sister Sassenach is back   See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
45 min
Satellite Sisters Launch Pro-Ghostbusters Campaign
On today's Satellite Sisters podcast. Liz, Julie and Lian tackle: Julie saw a movie so bad that she and her husband had to come home and watch a good movie to wipe the bad one out of their memories. What was bad and what was good? One was Nice Guys.  One was Spy. You guess.  On a related movie note, Liz does not understand what the internet's problem is with the new Ghostbusters.  Come on, people! The Satellite Sisters are excited about the combination of Melissa McCarthy, Kristin Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones and Paul Feig? And yet, there's a giant negative internet backlash from those who feel like this effort is "vandalizing a pop culture franchise to promote a feminist agenda." Are you kidding us? It's a comedy about ghostbusting.  Relax and enjoy.  Or don't enjoy.  Whatever.  You don't have to watch it but we intend to.  Circle your calendars for July 15.  Lian has some tips about the role luck plays in your career. Here's the complete story from The New York Times. She also has some gap year advice for Malia Obama based on this story from Sunset Magazine. Follow the National Parks journey at #59in59 Julie is on top of the sleep revolution being led by Arianna Huffington. Pajamas, everyone?  Yes! Lian's son is graduation from high school this week.  She is alternating between tearing up and outright sobbing.  Congratulation to all graduates but most of all to all the parents of graduates.  Don't forget to enter your photos in our Celebrations contest.  Post your graduation, wedding and college reunion photos on our Facebook Group or your Instagram. Just hashtag your entry #satsistersytb" and we'll do a drawing at the end of the month.      See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
58 min
SS051716: Wedding Tips. TV/Book/Theater Recs & ...
Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of the Satellite Sisters on the Tuesday Podcast. On today's show, we talk about the TSA nightmare scenarios at airports nationwide and the #IHatetheWait social media campaign to put the pressure on the TSA to step up efforts before the summer travel season.      Plus:  Wedding Magic  Julie shares an inspiring wedding story.  Lian Goes big on Arts & Culture over that last 4 days: We Heart James Corden Lian and Liz goe to a panel discussion with James Corden and his Executive Producers discussing the Late late show with James Corden. behind the scenes secrets and information plus his creative goals for the show.  Books, Books, Books -- Lian speaks at the Literary Guild of Orange County and wraps her You're the Best Tour with 8 great authors and 400 book-loving fans Beyonce plays at the Rose Bowl. Lian listens as she heads to bed.  An Amazing Night at the Theater- Playwright Suzan-Lori Parks delivers with Father Comes Home from the Wars at the Center Theater Group.  Russian Doping Scandal-- State sponsored and still low budget Tips from Health Magazine on re-gaining your concentration. A new study on why dads stick around with Boys , but not so much with Girls Satellite Sisters Confession: We have acted as our own publicist, too See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
49 min
SSInterview: Beth Thomas Cohen
Is your so-called put-together life killing you? Fashion publicist, working mom and straight talker Beth Thomas Cohen has advice for women who want to drop the act and get real. Lian Dolan of the Satellite Sisters interviews Beth as part of our occasional interview series.  Drop the Act, It’s Exhausting! is one woman’s call to all women to embrace the imperfections in their lives and to air their “improper” thoughts about relationships, love, sex, parenting, careers, self-esteem, and self-image. By no longer being ashamed or apologetic about how they "really feel,” women will become more aware of who they are and more accepting of themselves and one another. With wit, candor, and refreshingly blunt observations, Beth Thomas Cohen proves herself the prime example of how freeing, fun, and unifying it can be to drop the act and live a not so put-together life.   Find the book here:   See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
23 min
SS051016: Mothers Day, Joanna & Chip's Magnolia...
It's the Tuesday Podcast with Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan and our Madam Secretary Re-Cap of the Season Finale. A totally satisfying show that included a near wedding, Furry Puffer Coats, Commencement Speeches, political maneuvers, romance blossoming & a spy exchange. Plus, Henry McCord is back in the kitchen and Tim Daly is cooking up waffles and fire pits. Well done, Barbara Hall and the whole Madam Secretary writing staff for creating a great viewing experience with just enough twists to keep up wondering all summer.    Plus:  Julie Dolan Goes To Waco and takes in the Chip & Joanna Gaines Empire including Magnolia, their new store in Waco. Plus, Julie takes in other oddities and a Rueben sandwich.  Lian Dolan Makes the case for returning the Parthenon Marbles to Greece. The Satellite Sisters join an international coalition that include Amal Clooney demanding the retune of the masterpieces to Greece. No one really cares that we are joint the coalition, but that doesn't stop us!  Julie Has some Grandmother News, including Lesley Stahl's new book, Becoming Grandma TidBits: Prince harry Killing It!  A new trick to remember your Passwords and keep them safe How to really Grill a Steak_ Forget warming up the meat. Salt and Pat Dry Instead Outlander Commentary: Blah, Blah, Blah, Jack, Duel!! Plus, we re-cap the Season Finale  of Madam Secretary "Varitus"     See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
63 min
Satellite Sisters Interview with Nike's Phil Kn...
Today's Satellite Sisters Podcast is a conversation with Nike Co-Founder and Creator Phil Knight about his new memoir Shoe Dog, the story of Nike's early days. Both Liz Dolan and Lian Dolan worked at Nike and our conversation today will focus on what made the corporate culture at Nike unique and special and took the business from the trunk of Phil's car to a 30 billion dollar business.  Liz Dolan who started as the Nike PR Director in 1988 and went on to become the head of Global marketing, shares the one-page Nike Principles that she received in her first day of work in 1988.    Phil Knight shares why running, the pioneering spirit of Oregon and a sense of humor were all critical to Nike's success and creating the culture that made Nike so special.    The book is Shoe Dog, a must-read for business people, entrepreneurs and sneaker fans. Find Shoe Dog here at Amazon. See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
37 min
Madam Secretary Re-Cap 222: Render Safe
  Julie Dolan and Lian Dolan of the Satellite Sisters re-cap the CBS Drama Madam Secretary. This is season 2, Episode 21 called Render Safety Hot foreign minister takes over as PM   US & Russia are going to take care of the nukes—while Murphy's Station tries to take down dinesh   Alison needs to go to Hamilton and Elizabeth forgot to sign the permission slip.    Then Russia backs new PM, backs out of Render Safe plan, and Elizabeth almost takes off her trench coat—   “Copy That” – I love you. Copy that. Going to start using this on my own personal Murphys station   Murphy’s station survives tagerted drone strikes and goes on the lam. They have to kill 1 hour on street of Islamabad-  which is good because this ia a one hour show.    Henry is hungry so they break into a snack shop—oh wait, Henry is going to do surgery   I might accidentally impose sanctions on Canada…   I’m a powerful people pleaser…   China is on board with Render Safe.  Trench coat off..   Cat nap—trench coat on again   Because a depot full of nukes is gone…   And HS has them and promptly post a You Tube video   Meanwhile the office staff is rendering an official statement with a lot of snappy west wing dialogue and black and grey color palette Jay digs up the old guy out of the basement and the tow of them seems to be figuring out where the bombs are. It’s Jay tirn this weeke to give the moving speech. But the old guy doesn’t care—because he has actual theory not just rhetoric. Follow the science…   Tautology— same thing said twice in different words     But I know what we’re all thinking—Blake does Hamilton!!   Murphy’s station goes Private Practice! Doc Henry on the case. Henry gazes into the eyes of Pakistani prisoner and it’s all good..   Meanwhile Jay & the Old Guy- decide that Moldova is the key   Trench Coat Off as Bess throws down with Russian minister   Trench Coat on! Back in the office office  Daisy boyfriends who seems to do everything that involves a computer for the US Govt    Jose asks henry to give him last rites—which is not actually called last rites any more   Doctor arrives Science taken out Seal team in on Murphy’s station   Tries to bribe quakers school president—that was hilarious. Ride in air force oen!!   The Petrov kids are alive and well!!   Preview of Season Finale: Bess gets fired!?????   See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
20 min
SS050316: College Reunions, Gap Years, Fitness ...
Lian Dolan and Julia Dolan on the Tuesday Podcast. We cover news, fitness, college admissions and PIZZA. That's right, we are going deep on shallow topics- like Pizza. Julie has a theory on why Brooklyn is, in fact, the center of the universe and it has to do with a Pizza box made out of ... PIZZA! this sounds both intriguing and cargo-licious. It also sounds fairly unsanitary to eat a box that has traveled through the borough of Brooklyn. Lian is suspicious, but Julie's makes the case for Brooklyn.    Plus.. Julie's fabulous weekend at the Hotel Bel Air Lian's fabulous weekend at her college reunion Malia Obama takes a Gap Year and puts the concept front and center fro American Parents   and another:®ion=bottom-well&WT.nav=bottom-well   Frayng at the Edges : the Alzheimer's Journey through one patient's experience.   Empathy-- It can be learned.  Brooklyn: Pizza and Pigeons put it at the center pot the universe  GMA Results for Wearable Fitness Trackers vs. Phone Trackers The Biggest Losers can't keep the weight off. Here's why. Sister Sassanach: the Outlander Commentary   See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
56 min
Satellite Sisters New To You May 1: Sheila, Mo...
NEW TO YOU!  Today's show is a Satellite Sisters Classic from May 5, 2008.  Sheila, Monica and Liz tackle the world - everything from whether to tell your colleagues what you make to Sheila's bunions.  Plus Monica's Believe It Or Not with a special theme:  Products The Lab Rats Will Never Test: Sexy Time Patch?  Seaweed Shirt? Galloping Hell Chili Sauce?  Did she make these up or not?     See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
59 min
Madam Secretary Re-Cap Season 2, Ep 21: Connect...
It's Season 2 , Ep 21 of Madam Secretary- Connections Lost. This week on the show, bess & henry go to marriage counseling, build an Empire of Two and then Henry tears it all down with one bad decision. This week, we break down the episode one piece of clothing at a time:    The President wears Larry King's Suspenders The Secretary of State wears a Headband!  Nadine wears a Deep V Neck Suit Daisy wears Purple for Prince MSec in the Black Shirt with a white collar Henry wears a black t-shirt and goes Rogue.        See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
21 min
SS042616: Kelly Ripa, Tom Brady, the Royal Part...
  Lian Dolan and Juli Dolan on the Tuesday Show. We're going deep on shallow topics like Martha Stewart's new has tag. Martha wants us to age gracefully with gardening and meditation. And she wants us to make sure we give her full credit when we craft, socialize and detox. Read Martha Stewart's 11 Tips for Aging Gracefully  and the go crazy with the hashtag #livingthemarthalife     Plus:   Julie is steamed up about Tom Brady And concerned about Johnny Football The New York Times profiled the royal party pallner and the article is filled with pomp, circumstance and good old fashioned snobbery. Long live the Queen-- and her party planner. To read the New York Times article here.  By Courtney Rubin   Cousin Hannah Kirshner has three 15-minute meals that you can make any night of the weeks. If you have eggs. Or Chickens.      Julie has Books for books, TV and more Our Outlander commentary. What's the French word for D-U-L-L?  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
37 min
Satellite Sisters Salute To Prince
Starting off with a favorite tune from lovesexy,  Liz's fave Prince album.  On today's special Satellite Sisters, Julie, Lian and Monica talk about their longtime love affair with The Purple One.  Then we will share with you a replay of our show from February 5, 2007, the day after Prince's epic Super Bowl Halftime Show.  On the New To You episode, you'll also hear a return of Sheila Dolan's Smoothie Mondays! Listen. Love.  Share.  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
110 min
Madam Secretary Recap Season 2, Ep 19
This episode called Ghost Detainees starts off like any typical Madam Secretary...with breakfast.  The McCord family, dressed in tasteful blues, greens and greys is eating toast in their charming Goergetown kitchen. Liveley banter abounds about Mom’s big speech at the UN, mocking mom’s love for her horse Buttercup, and of course, the eternal relevance of Hello Kitty—   But by the end of the show, Henry had ratted out his OWN WIFE to Amnesty International  Can you say, 'Passive Aggressive Henry?"      In terms of storyline, we go back to Russia with Madam Secretary working on a  coalition to stop the terrorists El-Shahib and Henry working to get answers from the terrorists Dinesh’s wife HJHJHJHJHJ.    But then the stories intertwine and more deals with the devil are made—or in this case, the Ghost of  of Dmitri Petrov appears in the form of Dmitri’s sick sister who is back in Russia and arrested. Remember, young Dmitri that Henry recruited and then abandoned in Moscow? Well, Henry feels really bad, it’s making him unhappy and crazy and,  frankly, kinda unsexy as he snaps at his wife over his work failing.      In the middle of the show, we had some excellent DC-speaks with phrases tossed about like:   The Shark Technique The Human Cost     But ultimately, Henry is OUT OF LINE. As if it's not bad enough that Buttercup needs to be put down—Henry busts his own wife to Amnesty International. Whaaa?    Other points to discuss:    Daisy’s work out gear    Bathrobes at the ready at the weekend house See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
14 min
SS041916: Outrageous Outlander! Plus, Pulitzers...
Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan host the Satellite Sisters Tuesday Podcast. This week on the show, we start out Season2 Outlander Commentary-- not quite a re-cap, but more than a passing comment. I see London, I see France, I see everyone's everything in France! Yikes! Who knew that the French were doing it ALL before Sex & The City. Julie and Lian certainly didn't. Our thoughts on this week's episode that featured Questionable Fashion, Foot Fetishes & Personal Grooming Atrocities. Where are the Kilts?    Plus:   The Pulitzers were awarded yesterday and Julie gives a shout out to the women of the AP for their reporting on Slavery & The Fish Trade in Thailand.  For a complete list of winners and links to the winning pieces, please click here:   Making New Friends when You're Older: The wall Street  Journal has some tips on making new friends when you and a grown up. And why you don't make new friends.  What Are the Skills Every 18 Year Old needs-- From Julie Lythcott-Haims, former admissions officer at Stanford. Lian Conquers her Hot Yoga Hang-up!   See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
54 min
Lab Rats Sheila and Monica test Dark Chocolate,...
Today's show is from our new series Satellite Sisters New To You. The Bitter Business Bureau discussion of hedge funds and the Lab Rats on Dark Chocolate bookend the show, with a full helping of news, talks and laughs in between.   Liz shares her celebrity sightings including John Mayer at the gym and Arnold + Maria in the park.  Lian on her spring break tour of Hoover Dam, Death Valley and several other places our parents never would have taken us when we were kids.   Monica explores the concept of finding your Googleganger - people out there who share your name.  What exactly are they up to?  Do you have anything in common?  Liz and Monica both have Googlegangers.  Lian does not. Apparently,she is the only Lian Dolan in the world.   This edition of Satellite Sisters New To You was originally recorded on April 18, 2008.  Even we are shocked about how relevant most of the discussions are.  Except maybe for the Arnold and Maria situation.  Don't forget about our Satellite Sisters Celebrations Contest happening on Facebook and Instagram.  Post your favorite photos of your personal celebrations with Satellite Sisters and Mists, hashtag those photos #satsistersytb, and we'll do a drawing once a month in April, May and June.  To order our book 'You"re the Best: A Celebration of Friendship" go to amazon or a bookstore near year.   See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
83 min
SS041216: Urban Nana, Royalty Report, Health My...
Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan of Satellite Sisters on the Tuesday Podcast. Today on the show, we ask the question: Outlander- to Re-cap or Not to Re-cap? Julie was so traumatized by the season finale of Outlander Season 1. But the Satellite Sisterhood wants her to carry on with this sexy, time-travelling adventure show. Julie will let us know if she's in- or not, for Season 2 of Outlander, also know as the season Jamie trades in kilts for leggings.    Plus:   Urban Nana is back in Brooklyn. hear about her Subway Fail. Plus, what else she's doing in the big city with her grand-daughter.  Satellite Sister Celebrations: The La Times Festival of Books, the Women's Retreat in Orange County and the Satellite Sisters Meet-up in DC. For a cnahce to win one of our books, You're the Best: A Celebration of Friendship . Post a photo on Instagram or Facebook of your Springtime Satellite Sisters Celebrations and use the hashtag: #satsistersytb and tag @satsisters   The Most Googled Heath Questions from O Magazine: your questions and answers from Dr. Oz. Tuesday Trends: Jullie brings us the trends as she sees them  Outlander: To Re-cap or Not Madam Secretary:We re-cap the CBS drama  Desperate Remedies.  Or the one with the sawed-off suit jacket.  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
61 min
SS040816: International Women of Courage, Melis...
Today, it's the Tuesday Show on Friday. Today it's Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan on show. Lian fills us in on the details of the International Women of Courage celebrated hosted by the American Women for International Understanding. The event was April 7th in Los Angeles and honored 14 women from around the globe who have show tremendous leadership in the areas of human rights, the law, healthcare and other women's global issues. The world is big, but the theme was clear: Sisterhood. Building bridges of through a global sisterhood.  Plus, today on the show: Julie dedicates the show to a new member of the Satellite Sisterhood. Molly, we are thinking of you and your family.  The Panama Papers: No surprise that Putin's BFF is on the list. Who knew cellist scold make 2 billion?  Julie wants you NOT to watch Steven Soderbergh's new show But DO go see The Boss. Because the NYT said so.  This weekend Outlander returns! But will Julie make the journey with the time-travlling Scots this season?            See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
36 min
Satellite Sister Lian Dolan Finally Goes To Was...
You are not going to believe this one.  Satellite Sister Lian Dolan went to Washington and got locked down in the Capitol Building.   On today's show, Lian tells Julie and Liz all about her long-awaited, momentous trip to Washington with her son Colin.  The reason for her visit was the ceremony to honor the International Women of Courage at the State Department.  Lian was invited to the event as part of her work for NGO American Women for International Understanding.   Much advance planning took place.  Who knew that spring break/cherry blossom season is a very popular time in town?  Not Lian!   Planes. Hotels. Reservations for tours of the Capitol and the White House.  She got it all locked in.  But then who would have guessed that Lian and Colin would be in the Capitol Building during the incident with the shooter on Tuesday.  They got hustled into a lockdown, held by the Capitol Police and finally released, along with thousands of others.  One problem:  their phones has be taken by the police and they had just one flimsy claim check to get them back.  That took days.  But meanwhile, she and Colin had an amazing day at Foggy Bottom.  The personal stories of the Women of Courage were very moving. Secretary of State John Kerry and Vice President Joe Biden spoke.  Check of the photo. After Lian's report, Julie has a neighbor issue that she needs some advice on.  Is this request appropriate or too much? Liz has an update on her Aqua Zumba experiment.  She's also got a review of her night at the theatre with Sheila.  They went to see Women Laughing Alone With Salad at the Kirk Douglas. Described as a "gender-bending comedy vinaigrette, inviting everyone to savor this complex recipe of desire and shame." Sheila laughed so loudly that the women next to her asked her to be quiet!! Coming up this week, don't miss our Satellite Sisters Meet-Up at Slipstream in Washington DC on Friday night 6 - 8 pm or Lian and Liz's book signing at the LA Times Festival of Books Sunday April 10 at 11 am.  You will find us at booth #103 Prospect Park Books.   See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
64 min
Satellite Sisters Liz and Julie on fitness, fun...
On today's Satellite Sisters, Liz Dolan and Julie Dolan tackle a wide range of subjects from the serious to the silly. First, the awful news from Brussels this week.  Liz was in London when the news broke across the world.  The victims represent many ages, cultures, regions and ethnicities.  Here are some profiles from today's New York Times.  Julie uses the latest presidential candidate twitter wars about their wives to speak up for the importance of her regular First Ladies Desk features.  As she has always said, leave the ladies alone. On a lighter note, Julie is just back from a fabulous wedding in New Orleans and she has advice for everyone:  HAVE A WEDDING IN NEW ORLEANS!  She breaks all the reasons why NOLA is more entertaining than, well, than almost anywhere else in the world.  If you know anyone who is about to get married, spread the word people. Liz wants to talk about three new fitness movements.  First a story from the Wall Street Journal entitled The Gym Class Where You Do Nothing. This class is called Antigravity Cocooning.  We are not too sure that climbing in and out of those hanging cocoons sounds too safe..  Next up, the first 420 Games in Santa Monica.  We can't even explain. Finally, Liz's new deep water aqua aerobics class.  It's all good except for the soundtrack.  But next week's she's going to try Aqua Zumba! Of course, we have to discuss Boaty McBoatface. How can we not?  Plus, Liz reviews Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and is off to see the new play Women Laughing Alone With Salad.   See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
52 min
Madam Secretary Re-Cap: Season 2, Ep. 17
Lian Dolan and Julei Dolan of the satellite Sister re-cap this week's episode of the CBS Drama Madam Secretary. Season 2, Episode 17 Higher Learning   and we ask the questions, What's Worse? tracking the world's most wanted terrorist or going on a college tour with your mother, the Secretary of State!  Road trip for the McCord women-- and Blake!  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
21 min
SS032216: Breaking News, Power Dressing, Bridal...
  Todays show is dedicated to long-time listener Laurie and her family. Laurie lost her college-aged son this weekend. We are thinking of Laurie and her family at this difficult time, coping with the loss of a young man who was obviously a bright star in their lives and in the lives of others. Laurie wrote that her son died after taking the part drug Molly at a concert.  For more information about the dangers of Molly or MDMA, please visit this website.  We dedicate this show to Laurie and her family.      Also on the show: #StayNoisy  The Idiot who runs the tournament at Indian Wells resigns after disparaging remarks about women. Best Response ever: Serena Williams' facial expressions!  In Defense of Bridal Showers: Julie says stop your whining about the length, the cost and the cupcakes and get on the Bridal Shower bandwagon Power Dressing: the author os the 70's classic, Dress for Success, is back with new rules for Power Dressing. And they include Culottes!  Niceties for the Modern Age: From Real Simple, a list of ways to be kinder and more generous in every day actions.  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
59 min
"You're the Best" Mellody Hobson: Satellite Sis...
On today's Satellite Sisters, we bring you a favorite interview we did about personal finance with Mellody Hobson of Ariel Capital and Good Morning America.  It's tax time, people, so we figured you could use the financial inspiration.   Mellody helps us think about all the issues about friendships and money.  Her first piece of advice is "Get straight with who you are." You have made life choices and career choices along the way.  Those choices have implications.  Accept them.     Next piece of advice is "Stop trying to keep up with the Jones'". If you can't afford it, you have to say so. A friend wants a fabulous destination wedding in Italy and there's no way you have the money to go?  You have to fess up early. You'll stay friends as long as you don't flake out late.  Picking a restaurant for dinner? Be sure it's something everyone can afford. Don't get into the habit of always treating if you are the one with more resources.  Your friends do not want to be your charity case.  A caller has a questions about money secrets.  Should you loan friends money without telling your spouse?  Even with the best of intentions, Mellody says everything needs to be on the up and up.  No subterfuge. No surprises.  And finally, how about loaning money to friends or family? Mellody says yes, as long as it's above board and documented.  After all, if you can't count on your friends to help once in a blue moon, who can you count on?  But never loan more than you can afford to lose.  For more "You're the Best" Encore Interviews from the Satellite Sisters, go to iTunes or  You can listen to Bill Clinton, Peggy Fleming, J J Abrams, and Nora Ephron among other solid gold Satellite Sisters conversations.  To order copies of "You're the Best", try amazon, vromans or bookstores near you.   See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
19 min
SS031716: St. Paddy's Day Special! Plus, March ...
Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan on the mid-week Satellite Sisters podcast. It's a St. Paddy's Day Special. No green beer and bow ties, but Julie comes with lots of ideas for saving St. Patrick's day from Debauchery and making it a great holiday again. Think craft cocktails and tacos, people. Plus, our own March Madness Cinderella pick: Holy Cross!    Also on the show: The news from North Korea: A 21 Year old college senior gets 15 years of hard labor for criminal mischief Body Language Mistakes NOT to make: No Eye-rolling & Watch Checking, please Don't Tell me to Smile: Why Women DON"T want to hear it  House work = Work Out! Not really. the depressing numbers about mopping the floor Dorms for Adults: you've graduated from college but you haven;t graduated from communal living International Women of Courage Awards: Lian gets ready for her trip to DC See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
49 min
Satellite Sisters "You're the Best" Interview w...
To celebrate the publication of our Satellite Sisters book "You're the Best", we are releasing a series of our favorite Satellite Sisters interviews over the years. Today we bring you novelist and Academy Award nominee Nick Hornby.  Hornby's been nominated for adapting the screenplays for An Education (2009) and this year's acclaimed Brooklyn from the novel by Colm Toibin (2015). He also adapted Cheryl Strayed's novel Wild for Reese Witherspoon.  His new novel at the time Lian and Sheila interviewed him was A Long Way Down.  Lian discusses Nick's autistic son Danny and how that impacts his feelings about fatherhood.  They also talk about the movies made from his books including High Fidelity About A Boy and Fever Pitch. Sheila jumps and asks Nick if he has any single friends in Los Angeles that she could date.  Sadly, he says his pals are undateable.  See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
16 min
MSEC216: Tracking Terrorists & Dating British Guys
We're gonna read you in... on this week's Madam Secretary episode on CBS. Madam Secretrary is on the trail of the world's most wanted terrorist and now Henry is in on all the action. The clock is ticking on US efforts to interrogate a Libyan refugees who claims to have inside knowledge.    Plus, we get a panoply of Washington catch-phrases:  Tip of the Spear! Code Names! Hunter-Killer Teams! This is the US not the UN. Joint Navel Exercise I’m going to read you in!    And we don’t just get Can Do phrase. We get TIMELY AND TOPICAL ISSUES!   Refugees seeking asylum! Post traumatic Stress disorder! Junior Senators seeking glory Son of an immigrant bashing immigrants First Day of work jitters Dinner with the ‘rents     See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
21 min
SS030816: Downton Abbey Finale & Erin Andrews Case
Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan on the Satellite Sisters Tuesday podcast. Today on the show, we re-cap the feel-good finale of Downton Abbey. That's right, our last Downton Gabby, Satellite Sisterhood. We cover upstairs, we cover downstairs, we cover that blow dryer! We say goodbye to the Crawley family and their loyal household servants with a super-sized re-cap.    Plus:   Sports Round-up Erin Andrews judgement Maria Sharapova's drug revelation Peyton Mannning   Tuesday Trends: Millennials are Ruining Hotels Tiny Houses Productivity Secrets   Downton Abbey Re-cap.    See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
64 min
SS030616: Nobel Laureates, First Ladies, Mourni...
It's the varsity on the show today with Liz Dolan, Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan. Today, we cover everything from First Ladies to Nobel Laureates to Downton Abbey.   Up first...   Julie on Nancy Reagan and her legacy/  Liz Dolan on her appearance at the Muse Coneference in bend Oregon. Bringing women & girls together. Plus, meeting Nobel Laureate Shirin Ebadi. Her Op-Ed from today's New York Times:   Lian on the Austin Meet-up, Food Music and Fin in Austin, TX and how not to curry favor with airline personnel.  Liz Announces DC Meet-up We mourn Downton Abbey     See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
59 min
SS030116: North Korea, Business Travel, Deaths ...
Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan on the Tuesday Podcast. This week on the show, News, Talk, Laughs! It's a Super Tuesday at satellite Sisters as Julie attempts to vote in Texas and Lian attempts to get to Austin, Texas for the Satellite Sisters meet-up on Thursday. Plus, we cover:   North Korea: Still Not Funny Lian talks Parenthood Julie has issues with Disney movies and dying parents DVR Alert: Tine into The Family on Thursday on ABC to see Joan Allen and Andrew Mccarthy on this new drama   Noisy Neighbors: what would Dr. Forni do? We go back to the Civility Solution to answer a dilemma about noisy neighbors Travel: Meet Lian in Austin Texas on Thursday, March 3 from 5 to 7 at Bangers! Look for the poodle! Beat the Business Hotel Gloom: From the New York Times  l See for privacy information. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
47 min