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Women's Humor, Health and Happiness. Award-winning pep talk for modern women. Hosted by Lian Dolan, Liz Dolan and Julie Dolan, real sisters with very different lives, Satellite Sisters informs listeners daily lives with entertaining conversation, smart advice and positive support. With laughter and friendship, Satellite Sisters tackles life transitions and decisions, current events + trends, family/friends + pets, health + wellness, culture + entertainment, TV and film, work + careers.

Society & Culture
Health & Fitness
Buffalo Grief, Lian's COVID, Julie's Inca Trail...
Lian's experiences COVID while Julie and Liz are both off on active vacations.
60 min
Best Beach Bag Book Special 2022 feat. Crime Wr...
Our annual list of recommended fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, thrillers, romance, family stories.
49 min
Special Travel Episode: Great Destinations, New...
Lauren Bates of WILD TERRAINS on travel and community in Iceland, France, Argentina
58 min
Coastal Grandmother, Shopping For Cars, Teens ...
Julie's car shopping, Lian's latest bestseller, NYT report on Teens in Crisis and what is Coastal Grandmother anyway?
63 min
Viola Davis Appreciation Day, Big Baby Billiona...
Lian loves Viola Davis, Liz has had enough Elon Musk, Julie survives Mexican jungle
60 min
Good News Round-Up, Lost + Found in Paris Book ...
Yes to more women on the Supreme Court + Bennifer + Very Robust Antibody Scores!
56 min
We Love Paris! Author Patricia Wells Plus Cele...
Journalist, author and cooking school teacher Patricia Wells plus inside details on Lian Dolan's new book Lost + Found in Paris
66 min
Rico Gagliano Gets Unsolicited Advice on Parent...
Rico Gagliano joins the sisters to talk about his book Brunch Is Hell and his impending fatherhood. Unsolicited advice is offered!
51 min
Special ~ Lost and Found in Paris Audiobook Hig...
Lian Dolan previews the audio version of her new art history treasure hunt
24 min
SPECIAL: Lian's Unexpected Colon Cancer Diagnos...
Today's episode is a replay Lian's story of being diagnosed with colon cancer after a routine colonoscopy and how that early screening may have prevented a much more serious outcome.
61 min
Crypto, International Women of Courage, Oysters...
Understanding Crypto, Honoring Courageous Women Around the World, How To Get A Raise, How To Shuck An Oyster
55 min
International Women's Day, U.S. Food + Travel T...
Love to the women of Ukraine, Surprising US food towns, women's history sites, Julie's life in Moscow, RIP Mama Capra, Mother and Maker of Marinara!
57 min
Putin's Russia, Ukrainian Culture, Dogs at the ...
Julie's lessons living in Moscow, Russia, Ukrainian History + Culture plus recommendations on books, movies, TV
52 min
Russian Skating Scandal, 2022 Wedding Boom, Sur...
Russian Doping at the Olympics, Lian's advice for wedding couples and guests, Watching Inventing Anna
58 min
Olympic Highlights, Jeff Zucker Firing, Queen C...
Big Air from Eileen Gu, Workplace Advice, Oscar Noms
56 min
The Gilded Age, Salute to an NFL Broadcasting P...
Salute to an NFL Broadcasting Pioneer/Satellite Sister + author of new book about the Gilded Age.
56 min
Reframing Aging, Joining Pickleball Nation, Wat...
Satellite Sisters are radically reframing aging, joining pickleball nation, watching Ozark and getting ready for the Beijing Olympics. Do YOU have a burner phone?
59 min
Travel Destinations, Surprising Fashion Trends,...
Travel Tips, Cheese News, Fashion Trends plus TV, Book, Film recommendations
60 min
New 2022 Themes, Theranos Verdict, Alternatives...
Big announcement about the show plus themes for the year, Theranos verdict, TV and movie tips.
63 min
Tiny Tiny Test Episode
Lian, Liz and Julie run a tiny technical test of their new platform before annual debut next week.
11 min
Satellite Sisters 2021 Finale: Look What We Did!
Season Finale 2021: The Satellite Sisters salute listeners who shared their ups and downs of 2021 and share a few of their own.
61 min
Flaming Cocktails, International News, Tiger's ...
Candle heists and hairdresser insights to international news, Tiger Wood's recovery plus a flaming cocktail coming in the Satellite Sisters Holiday Wrap Party.
55 min
Cookbook Author Claire Tansey Plus A Tale of Tw...
Cookbook author and teacher Claire Tansey on destressing holidays plus Lian's tale of two turkeys, Julie's rattlesnake facts and Liz's Broadway plans.
66 min
Thanksgiving Entertainment Tips Plus Satellite ...
Thanksgiving tips plus niece Meghan Dolan Saporita visits to tell her aunts about big family decisions made during the pandemic and the local work she is doing with Not In Our Town.
53 min
Gen Z in the Workplace! Taylor Swift! Tuesday T...
Gen Z takes over! Fiona Dolan sits in and we talk Workplace Issues, Tuesday Trends & Taylor Swift. Plus, TV and Book Recs
58 min
Dogs! Hippos! Condors! Foxes! First EVER All An...
First EVER Satellite Sisters ALL ANIMAL AND PET EPISODE featuring an interview with best-selling author Jenna Blum, whose new book Woodrow On The Bench is about the last days of her black lab.
47 min
College Admissions for Boys, Clock Change/Gadge...
College admissions for boys, gadgets that need changing at home, a helpful health check list from a listener and what to make a picky eater for her birthday
48 min
Checking out the Vortex, Rejecting the Metavers...
Lian visits the Sedona vortex, Liz is pretty sure the doesn't want to be part of Zuckberg's Metaverse and Julie brings us back to Satellite Sisters basics: connection and civility.
50 min
Author Laura Galloway on her memoir Dalvi: Six ...
Laura Galloway about her fascinating memoir Dalvi: Six Years In The Arctic Tundra plus Tuesday Trends and Great Writing About Good Food
54 min
Lian's First Trip in Forever, Peanut Butter San...
Julie is always on BREAKING SPY NEWS plus Lian is headed out for her first trip in two years and Liz salutes Shalane Flanagan- six marathons in six weeks - wow!
54 min
Lian Parties with Hall & Oates, Julie Learns Ho...
Hall & Oates at the Hollywood Bowl, #StayNoisy shout-outs to the athletes of the National Women's Soccer League + Facebook Whistleblower, How To Homecoming and the launch of Tucci-tober.
59 min
Satellite Sisters We Heart NY Special feat. She...
Special guests Sheila Dolan and Fiona Dolan join Lian, Julie and Liz Dolan on this special salute to NYC. Plus, we all share our favorite NYC moments over the years as well as those submitted by listeners.
79 min
Wine Tasting with Jon Bon Jovi, Visiting San Mi...
Lian is wine-tasting with Jon Bon Jovi and Gelson's, Julie took a long weekend in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and Liz reflects on the medical and psychological value of getting a second opinion.
65 min
It's Jennifer Aniston Week at Satellite Sisters...
Julie, Liz and Lian Dolan declare this week Jennifer Aniston Week at Satellite Sisters plus report on critters (hawks + beavers save the day!), a AAA triple snafu, TikTok and Facebook concerns and the Elizabeth Holmes Theranos fraud trial finally begins.
56 min
Satellite Sisters Season Premiere with New Fall...
Lian, Julie and Liz Dolan return for the first show of the new Satellite Sisters season. What did everyone do in August? And what are the mantras to get us through 2021?
58 min
Favorite Episode of 2021: Whip The Pony! Hot Fl...
Our #1 episode of 2021! Sports psychology, snack food fraud, bad Bill Gates behavior and congrats to newest Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees Carole King and the Go-Go's.
65 min
Finding the Fun! Favorite Moments of this Satel...
Funniest Highlights of 2021. Caftan Dreams! Marriage Tips! Julie’s Mod Squad and our after-party from the 20th anniversary show.
39 min
Satellite Sisters Welcome Friends + Fiction Aut...
This is the Satellite Sisters Friends & Fiction Special for Summer 2021. On today’s show, fascinating interviews with authors Mary Alice Monroe, Kristin Harmel and Kristy Woodson Harvey.
64 min
LIVE Satellite Sisters 20th Anniversary Special...
Our LIVE 20th Anniversary Special features all five Dolan sisters - Julie, Liz, Sheila, Monica and Lian - in a one-time-only Zoom party with Sixth & I in Washington DC.
72 min
Favorite Olympic Moments, Warning for Googling ...
Our favorite Olympics moments so far, some thank-you's to listeners who are in Japan, some warnings about hiking with Google and an interview with Naomi Hirahara, author of Clark & Division.
70 min
Summer Olympics Special feat. Olympian Kat Holm...
Our Satellite Sisters Summer Olympics Special: What we are looking forward to, what we will miss and a special interview with Kat Holmes, member of USA Fencing who is going for the gold
61 min
The Death of Email, Vacation Animal Sightings, ...
Gen Z wants to kill email? Magpies are more deadly than bears? Citrus oils don't belong on your face? Giant goldfish are taking over Minnesota lakes?
64 min
Satellite Sisters Best Beach Bag Books 2021 Spe...
The big reveal of the Satellite Sisters Best Beach Bag Books List for 2021 plus an interview best-selling author Christina Baker Kline about her latest book The Exiles.
51 min
Summer Cooking Spectacular: Claire Tansey's Ing...
Summer cooking episode includes announcement of Cooking With Liz Summer of Snacks starting July 1 andClaire Tansey's recipes, grilling tips, cocktail advice plus menopause in the workplace and Gen Z lingo.
68 min
The Guncle author Steven Rowley, Sweeney Sister...
Interview with the author of The Guncle Steven Rowley plus Sweeney Sisters @Insta Contest, Freak Accident Report, Chip Quiz, Olympic Track & Field Trials Women To Watch
60 min
Naomi Osaka, UFO's Yes or No, Post-Pandemic Tip...
The Satellite Sisters discuss Naomi Osaka's withdrawal from the French Open, whether or not UFO's exist, how our tipping might change in post-pandemic times and opportunities to sign up for Lian Dolan's Sweeney Sisters Online Book Club.
52 min
Caftan Dreams, Cave Syndrome, Post-Covid Roundt...
Liz's #littlevictories, Lian's caftan dreams and Julie's post-covid roundtable plus entertainment recommendations
60 min
Whip The Pony! Flamin' Hot Fables! The Go-Go's ...
A flamin' hot story gets the sisters talking about Cheetos and other snacks, plus Bill Gates, wedding trends and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees The Go-Go's and Carole King.
64 min
The Mom Project, Triumphant Family Celebrations...
Interview with Chandra Sanders about The Mom Project, plus entertainment tips, outdoor recreation apps, the return of Hooper and some triumphant family celebrations.
54 min
Interview with author Mary Kay Andrews, Mother'...
Mother's Day Shout-Outs, Burning Our Sweatpants and an interview with Author May Kay Andrews.
47 min
Lian's Volunteer Career, MOD Squad saves Julie'...
Many dog tales including a Liz announcement, Lian describes how she'a a volunteer world wide television event producer and Julie's day is saved by a MOD Squad.
53 min
Busted in the Grocery Line, Entertaining Animal...
Julie gets busted in the grocery line, Liz has another of her #littlevictories, Lian gets the scoop on The Snyder Cut and a conversation with author Annabelle Gurwitch.
53 min
TWO PAWS UP: Behind The Screens at the Satellit...
The sisters review their big virtual Satellite Sisters Celebration. Plus recommendations for books, podcasts and documentaries.
48 min
It's The Sweeney Sisters Paperback Pub Date! Pl...
Celebrate The Sweeney Sisters Paperback Pub Date plus our LIVE Virtual Show this Sunday.
59 min
Re-Entry Anxiety, College Admissions, Enter To...
Author Andrew Morton on his new book Elizabeth and Margaret about the Windsor Sisters, plus Pandemic Provoked Projects and ReEntry Anxiety.
66 min
Special Travel Episode: Author Hannah Kirshner ...
Special Travel Episode: Hannah Kirshner, author of Water, Wood and Wild Things, joins from Japan, plus Travel Fantasies, Advice, Television and Cookbooks.
67 min
Oprah/Meghan/Harry Interview, Marlo Thomas on h...
The sisters discuss the Oprah/Meghan/Harry interview plus Marlo Thomas talks about her new podcast Double Date with husband Phil Donahue.
67 min
Best-Selling Author Patti Callahan, Allen v Far...
Author Patti Callahan kicks off Women's History Month telling us about Surviving Savannah and Wild Swan. Plus Lian and Liz discuss Allen v Farrow, Stanley Tucci's new series, Lady Gaga's dogs and entertainment recommendations.
71 min
Lucky Episode #888, Live Event Tickets on Sale,...
Live Event Ticket Sales Announced, Lucky Episode #888, Julie's Texas Report, Walk Like A Penguin
55 min
Our vote for GOAT, Changes in Pandemic Friendsh...
We discuss Tom Brady vs Serena Williams as GOAT, plus changing friendships during the pandemic, Putin's Palace, lying in job interviews and why reading is so healthy during these hard times.
67 min
Novelist Nancy Johnson on The Kindest Lie, Liz'...
Liz is back with a recovery report, writer Nancy Johnson joins us to talk about her acclaimed novel The Kindest Lie and all the sisters have news and entertainment tips.
56 min
Year of the Work Pivot, Pandemic Food Trends, T...
Partying with Larry King, Cooking with Claire Tansey, Poetry with Amanda Gorman
63 min
Update on Liz from Liz! Plus, Pandemic Design T...
On this podcast, Liz returns with a health update, Julie gets the Covid Vaccine and Lian buys too much sour cream.
56 min
Personal News, Marriage Tips, Pompeii Discoveri...
New Satellite Sisters podcast with news from Liz, the plight of working mothers during the pandemic, the discovery of an ancient snack shop in Pompeii and marriage tips from non-experts.
51 min
New Year! New Mottos! New Ins & Outs! New Pande...
First Podcast of 2021! Bringing new trends, new hobbies, new sports and same old sisterhood to the show. Here we go!
59 min
Hallmark Holiday Finale! And Satellite Sisters'...
Hallmark Channel CEO and EVP Programming join to talk about holiday movies and what's coming next from them in 2021. Plus Lian, Julie and Liz each have their own Top Ten List for 2020.
80 min
Joyful Gifting from Real Simple's Brandi Broxso...
Joyful gift suggestions from Real Simple Editor Brandi Broxson plus Julie's decorating enthusiasm this season, Lian's peak 2020 moment in a strip mall parking lot and Liz's realization that she has somehow achieved a lifestyle, not just a work style.
63 min
Perk It Up! Lifting Our Holiday Spirits, Doing ...
Satellite Sisters commit to perking it up in December - lifting our holiday spirits, doing The Undoing and talking to Nashville Hitmaker/Author Aimee Mayo.
73 min
Sheila and Monica Visit For Satellite Sisters T...
Sisters Sheila Dolan and Monica Dolan stop in to catch up with Julie, Liz and Lian before the holidays begin. The Lab Rats have a review of a small appliance.
47 min
A Celebration Of Female Firsts! Kamala, Emily +...
We welcome this Season Of Female Firsts! Congratulations to all 3 Satellite Sisters of the Week: Kamala Harris: First female Vice President-elect of the United States.  Emily Harrington - the first female to solo free climb El Capitain in less than 24 hours Kim Ng: First female General Manager in Major League Baseball. Named by Miami Marlins We interview comedian Michael Ian Black about his new book A (Mostly Serious) Letter To My Son SHOP in our Satellite Sisters Shop here.  We have locked in a SUNDAY AFTERNOON WITH THE SATELLITE SISTERS as a Virtual Zoom Event with Sixth & I for Sunday April 11. ALL FIVE DOLAN SISTERS. Hilarity will certainly ensue. Ticket prices and times will be announced soon on our newsletter Pep Talk and in the Sixth and I newsletter, so stay tuned. But for goodness sake, SAVE THE DATE. Visit our website Satellite Sisters: A Pep Talk For Modern Women Subscribe to our new newsletter Pep Talk here. For more info on Lian Dolan's newest novel The Sweeney Sisters, visit her website here. For all of our booklists at, go to Buy The Sweeney Sisters here on or here on amazon. Join our community: Facebook Page, Facebook Group and on Instagram and Twitter @satsisters. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
56 min
SPECIAL Satellite Sisters Listener Appreciation...
It's a SPECIAL Day. It's Listener Appreciation Day on Satellite Sisters. For the first time in 20 years, we are devoting an entire episode to thanking you, sisters and misters.
65 min
Locktober Finale: Friendship IS Healthy For You...
Friendship is good for you! Today's guest is Lydia Denworth, author of Friendship: The Evolution, Biology and Extraordinary Power of Life's Fundamental Bond. Plus Cooking With Liz and Listener Appreciation
62 min
Locktober V3: Nutrition & Self-Care During Covi...
Nutrition and self-care advice from Dr. Leslie Korn, backstage with Liz Dolan and Ina Garten, Halloween tips for adults and kids.
61 min
Locktober V2: Finding Connection + Joy Over the...
How can we find more joy and connection over the holidays even if we are not together? Rabbi Judy Greenfeld, the Relationship Rabbi, joins us with advice.
61 min
Locktober Begins! Advice on Goal Setting + Empa...
Locktober begins! All month the Satellite Sisters will bring you experts with advice on handling extended lockdown. Today its Dr. Stephanie Newman on managing anxiety, setting goals and empathy.
61 min
Claire Tansey + Dinner Uncomplicated, The Socia...
Claire Tansey joins to talk about her new cookbook Dinner Uncomplicated, the sisters discuss the new Netflix doc The Social Dilemma and announce winners of their #satsisterslookwhatidid drawing.
60 min
Thank you, Justice Ginsburg.
The Satellite Sisters thank Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and honor her life.
62 min
Interview with Chris Frantz of The Talking Head...
Chris Frantz of The Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club joins us to talk about his new memoir Remain In Love. Two iconic bands. One unforgettable life. A lovely guy married to rock goddess Tina Weymouth. What's not to love?
77 min
Lian's New Rhumba, School Daze, Russian Poisoni...
Lian catches us up on her dancing progress ( new Rhumba!), Julie accidentally invents a new beauty product and Liz goes from Yosemite to Nosemite. Plus: Russian poisonings are back in the news, we are all struggling with some covid-induced social awkwardness, we salute favorite teacher Shirley Thormann and share the little-known story of Olympic athlete Otis Davis who became a life-long teacher. NEW CONTEST: LOOK WHAT I DID! Our new contest on Instagram and in our Facebook Group begins today and runs through September 28th. Post photos of things you accomplished - big things or small! It's all worthy. Use the hashtag #satsisterslookwhatidid with your post. Got it? We want to celebrate what you are getting done so use #satsisterslookwhatidid when you post it in your own instagram feed or in the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group. We'll do a random drawing on the show Sept 29 and two sisters or misters will get a bag of Satellite Sisters swag. One from Instagram and one from the Facebook Group. ENTERTAINING SISTERS Liz recommend's Carl Hiassen's new book Squeeze Me. Julie recommends climate change thriller Occupied on Netflix. Lian recommends Netflix documentary The Speed Cubers. Lian Dolan's new dates for The Sweeney Sisters Book Clubs: September, October-- including a Brunch time slot!  Sept 9 4 pm Pacific Time Sept 16 7 pm Pacific Time October 14 4 pm Pacific Time October 18 9 am Sunday PT/noon ET  Visit our new website Subscribe to our new newsletter Pep Talk here. For more info on Lian Dolan's newest novel The Sweeney Sisters, visit her website here. Buy The Sweeney Sisters here on or here on amazon. Join our community: Facebook Page, Facebook Group and on Instagram and Twitter @satsisters. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
59 min
New Season Begins! Chadwick Boseman + Colon Can...
We're back! Lian, Julie and Liz announce plans for the Fall 2020 season including a special series of helpful interviews during what we are calling Locktober. We are here for you, sisters and misters! Also today, some thoughts about the legacies of Chadwick Bozeman and Coach John Thompson.
59 min
Let's Go, Europe: Lian Dolan hits Rome, Pompeii...
On this special Satellite Sisters, Lian Dolan takes us to Rome, Pompeii and Paris, great highlights of earlier travel with her son Colin. Plus, Liz Dolan goes to the Emmys and her shoes explode. Whaaaaaaa????
63 min
Let's Go, South America: The Satellite Sisters ...
Come explore South America with Lian, Liz and Julie today with highlights of our trips to the Galapagos (Ecuador) , Macchu Picchu (Peru) and Patagonia (Argentina). #travel #adventure
82 min
Food + Fun Special: All 5 Sisters Talk Fro-Yo R...
Today's special August episode includes classic food and fun conversations from all 5 sisters - from Lian's tale of a root canal rage to Sheila's critique of the Whole Foods merchandising scheme (baby wipes and wine together?).
39 min
Olympic Special: Our tales from the Rio Olympic...
Liz and Lian share their tales from the Rio Olympics then Lian interviews Elise Hooper, author of Fast Girls, The Women of the 1936 Women's Olympic Team
63 min
Lian Health Update, Taylor Swift Advice, Memory...
Sign up for our new weekly newsletter PEP TALK here. Get in the spirit. Liz's Best Olympic movies: Blades of Glory I, Tonya Miracle Downwhill Racer Chariots of Fire Julie recommends the British Binge-Cation on Hulu. Lian thanks all the sisters and misters who have been vacationing with The Sweeney Sisters. Don't have your copy yet? To order Lian's novel The Sweeney Sisters go to amazon or (which supports indie bookstores.) To order any of the books on our Satellite Sisters Beach Bag Books list, go to this list on Lian has several online book appearances coming up including a book club discussion about The Sweeney Sisters every Wednesday night on Crowdcast. It's fun and free. Sign up for an upcoming week with your whole book club! Meetings will go on hiatus in August and begin again in September. More details here on her website and shared on the Satellite Sisters Facebook Page and in the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group. Check out the brand new Satellite Sisters website!  Follow @satsisters on Instagram and Twitter. What's coming up on the Satellite Sisters podcasts in August? We are taking you on vacation with us. We've got special theme shows with classic bits and new stories. Be sure you are subscribed so you get: Liz and Lian at the Rio Olympics plus interview with author of Fast Girls August 4, 2020 Fun and Food: Hilarity ensues with Fro Yo and in Whole Foods August 11, 2020 Let's Go, South America! Our trips to Galapagos, Macchu Picchu and Patagonia August 18, 2020 Let's Go, Europe and Australia! Our trips to Paris, Rome and Australia August 25, 2020 Coming up this week on Cooking with Liz, she'll be making Chrissie Tiegen's Beef Skewers with Tahini Sauce. Tune in LIVE in our Satellite Sisters Facebook Group Saturday at noon PT and Sunday at noon PT. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
60 min
Thank You John Lewis, Advice for New College Gr...
We've got it all this week. Remembrance of John Lewis, advice for parents with new college grads searching for jobs (or not), workplace insight during a layoff, the latest announcement on the next season of Cooking With Liz, Nana Camp news on her top 3 ointments and a whole lot of magazine hodge-podge. We love you magazine editors, but you are clearly running out of content! Plus in Entertaining Sisters, a new book from an old friend. Visit our new website here: Our favorite new word from science to describe this current phase humans and animals are in: anthropause. All the books we recommend can be found here: Magazine Hodge Podge! Real Simple Millie. A new magazine for female investors. Southern Living. Julie's on board with okra. Lian not so much. Good Housekeeping. Do your feet hurt? Julie shares Good Housekeeping's explanation why. Read more about Financial Infidelity here. To order Lian's novel The Sweeney Sisters go to amazon or (which supports indie bookstores.) To order any of the books on our Satellite Sisters Beach Bag Books list, go to this list on Lian has several online book appearances coming up including a book club discussion about The Sweeney Sisters every Wednesday night on Crowdcast. It's fun and free. Sign up for an upcoming week with your whole book club! More details here on her website and shared on the Satellite Sisters Facebook Page and in the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group. Check out the brand new Satellite Sisters website!  Follow @satsisters on Instagram and Twitter. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
57 min
Tough Family Decisions on School Plans, Nana Ca...
The sisters have lots of listener input about the tough decisions being made about school plans plus some lighter news: dinosaurs, bats and bears in backyard pools.
59 min
Susan Wiggs Interview plus New Website Goes Liv...
Satellite Sisters interview bestselling author Susan Wiggs plus announce new website, provide some work advice and discuss outdoor move plans.
48 min
Satellite Mister Carl Reiner, Family Test Resul...
Carl Reiner was a favorite Satellite Mister who visited our show several times. Family test results, both positive and negative, get our attention. Plus news of the natural world and entertainment.
58 min
"Close The Gap" Year, Love in the Time of Covid...
Lian's inspired by Stephanie Koontz's speech about taking a "close the gap" year at her son's college graduation, Julie has tales of Love in the Time of Covid and Liz shares the insane details of the ex-EBay execs arrested for Cyberstalking.
57 min
Special Drop! Book Club Girl Podcast with Lian ...
Satellite Sister Lian Dolan on this special episode drop of The Book Club Girl podcast talking about The Sweeney Sisters. The Book Club Girl Podcast is a biweekly podcast on which the show’s co-hosts, Tavia Kowalchuk and Eliza Rosenberry, talk about books perfectly suited for book clubs. They focus on one book each episode and this week, it’s The Sweeney Sisters. Plus, Summer reading recommendations & an audio clip from The Sweeney Sisters . Find out more about The Sweeney Sisters here. Find out more about The Book Club Girls Podcast here. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
31 min
Pandemic Parenting Special! With the Founders o...
Lack of motivation. Academic backsliding. Social distancing collapsing. And everyone's driving you batty. Does this sound familiar? Do you have teens and college kids in the house? Do you have pandemic parenting questions? Susan Borison and Stephanie Silverman of Your Teen Media have answers. We tackle questions from the Satellite Sisters Facebook Group about what's happening in your house. And the stress and anxiety that everyone in the family feels. To find more Satellite Sisters:   For all information about all things Satellite Sisters, go to our website: You can listen to Satellite Sisters podcasts at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, any other podcast app or our website. Lian Dolan's new book The Sweeney Sisters is available at To listen to Lian's new Satellite Sisters playlists, download the Spotify app to your phone. Spotify. Search on Satellite Sisters and you'll see the white logos for her playlists. You'll also see blue logos for more than 840 Satellite Sisters episodes. To find Your Teen Media, Check out: PRINT MAGAZINE Newsletter SOCIAL MEDIA COVID INFO (76 videos) PODCAST See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
51 min
Racial Justice, Workplace Advice, New Dolan Fam...
Actions for racial justice, advice on workplace issues, a controversy erupts at Julie's book club, more info on Sweeney Sisters book club appearances by Lian and entertainment recommendations.
61 min
A Satellite Sisters Check-In - Our Sadness, Our...
The Satellite Sisters Check In on this week's terrible sadness and our hopes for America. Plus some happy news about a kindergarten graduation, a space lift-off, books clubs for The Sweeney Sisters and a dog pool.
68 min
New Quarantining Habits, Workplace Advice and L...
Liz has advice about work and workplaces, Lian has good news for book clubs who are reading The Sweeney Sisters plus podcast and book recommendations. And who has some weird new quarantine habits? We do!
62 min
Satellite Sisters 2020 Best Beach Bag Books Spe...
Satellite Sisters 2020 Best Beach Bag Books Special! Interview with Sarah Pekkanen and Greer Hendricks, authors of You Are Not Alone, plus book and podcast recommendations from the Satellite Sisters
44 min
Life Opening Up, College Graduations and Admiss...
Lian has new online appearance dates for The Sweeney Sisters, Julie has thoughts about the future of college admissions, Lian's thinking of all the parents of 2020 grads like herselfand Liz has a castaway plan.
59 min
Celebrate Lian Dolan's new novel The Sweeney Si...
It's Lian Dolan pub date for The Sweeney Sisters. We celebrate with an Ask Lian Anything. Plus the judges review Cooking With Liz and Julie has insights about re-opening schools.
69 min
New Great American Greeting, Sweeney Sisters Pu...
The sisters propose a new American greeting to replace the handshake, plus details on Lian's launch of The Sweeney Sisters on 4/28, Judging for Cooking With Liz Season 5 and Pizza Groundhog.
67 min
Weird Dreams, Tragic Optimism, FOXES!, 'Cooking...
Lian, Julie and Liz discuss weird dreams, trends around their hometowns and the Frittata Finale of 'Cooking With Liz'.
60 min