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Women's Humor, Health and Happiness. Award-winning pep talk for modern women. Hosted by Lian Dolan, Liz Dolan and Julie Dolan, real sisters with very different lives, Satellite Sisters informs listeners daily lives with entertaining conversation, smart advice and positive support. With laughter and friendship, Satellite Sisters tackles life transitions and decisions, current events + trends, family/friends + pets, health + wellness, culture + entertainment, TV and film, work + careers.

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Sense of Adventure - Satellite Sisters Uncommon...
Sense of Adventure and News about 2024
48 min
Sense of Humor - Satellite Sisters Uncommon Senses
Sense of Humor is Part 3 of the 5-part series Satellite Sisters Uncommon Senses
51 min
Sense of Self - Satellite Sisters Uncommon Senses
Part two of the five part series: Satellite Sisters Uncommon Senses. Sense of Self.
58 min
Big Fun Weekend LIVE Show: Sense of Connection ...
Lian Dolan, Liz Dolan and Julie Dolan are LIVE in Minneapolis at the Satellite Sisters Big Fun Weekend
53 min
Special Episode: Wisdom, Transitions and The Po...
An episode featuring MEA transition experts Kari Cardinale and Christine Sperber
47 min
Satellite Sisters Big Fun Weekend Scoop!
Behind-the-scenes at Satellite Sisters Big Fun Weekend: Joy, Friendship and Mamma Mia Dance Party
67 min
Online Fraud, Imposter Syndrome, Pop Tarts Tast...
Satellite Sisters tackle Online Fraud, Imposter Syndrome, Pop Tarts Taste Tests and TV recommendations.
56 min
Lian Dolan vs. Big Tech, Nobel Prize Winner Kat...
Lian fights big tech stealing her work, Katalin Kariko wins Nobel Prize for MRNA, Taylor and Simone slay, SBF trial starts
59 min
Thanksgiving Prep, Liz Biz Quiz, Wedding Headlines
Get ready for Thanksgiving, learn a few new business buzzwords from Liz, hear's Lian's latest wedding headlines
71 min
Bitter Business Bureau, Boys' and Girls' Educat...
Jann Wenner and Sudafed in the Bitter Business Bureau, Differences between Boys and Girls High School Educations, Ed Ruscha's Chocolate Room at MOMA
59 min
Birthday Horoscopes, AI in College Admissions, ...
Liz's birthday horoscope, Julie on AI and college admissions, Lian's wild animal news
59 min
Back To School Ideas for All, Moon Landing and ...
Best back to school advice plus Liz picks a new class, Julie's got news from the moon, Arctic Circle and Loch Ness, Lian has fall fashion tips and warnings about skiplagging
70 min
Satellite Sisters Season 24 Premiere: We're bac...
Season premiere with ancestry, travel, sports, books, movies and a couple of big announcements.
66 min
FRESH! Ask Us Anything Summer 2023
Your questions. Our answers. We cover it all.
58 min
New To You: 2022 Starts with Surprises!
Julie's surprising flying saucer injury and Lian's equally surprising spirituality tips from cats. Plus our themes for 2022 and some Entertaining Sisters recommendations.
52 min
New To You: 2020 Satellite Sisters Kick-Off
Replay of our first episode of 2020. LOL. Another pivotal year. We thought 2019 was bad. Little did we know what 2020 had in store!
59 min
New To You: Satellite Sisters Kick-Off 2019 - E...
We kicked off 2019 with our goals for the year and a big announcement of an epic adventure!
54 min
New To You: 2013 Satellite Sisters Kick-Off
Our first show of 2013. We'd just been through a rocky time. Happy to return and set some new goals. Little did we know what the new year would hold.
58 min
Travel Tips from USA's Most Frequent Flyer, Wi...
Anti-trends in fashion, tips from USA's most frequent flyer, celebration of Wimbledon Champs and Celebs in the stands
67 min
Dr. Susan Love Salute, Gen X In Charge at Work,...
Salute to breast cancer treatment pioneer Susan Love, So long Boomers - Gen X in charge at work now, Parrots are everywhere even Chicago!
55 min
Happy July 4th! Interview with co-authors of Th...
Interviews with The Better Half co-authors All Frank and Asha Youmans plus Cynthia Graubart author of Zucchini Love
50 min
Julie's Russia Report, Chip Conley from MEA, St...
Julie lived in Moscow for 5 years and has thoughts, Chip Conley founded MEA, Modern Elder Academy, Welcome back Steely Dan, Barbie
59 min
Summer Travel to Crested Butte, Nantucket and M...
Say YES to Airport Dwelling, Roadside Attractions, Book Festivals and Historical Tours
58 min
Bama Rush, Being Mary Tyler Moore, Career Leade...
Two documentaries Bama Rush and Being Mary Tyler Moore plus reaction to CNN firing and voting for a new Carvel cake
66 min
Family Reunion Report, Pickleball + Trivial Pur...
Dolan-Morningstar Family Reunion in Austin TX has lots of sporting, gaming and multi-generational family time.
53 min