Finding the Throughline with Kate Hanley

Finding the Throughline: Conversations about the Creative Process invites you into the minds of writers and other creatives as they open up about their process, their doubts, and what kinds of changes they’re thinking about making. The questions are mildly invasive, honestly, and the answers are unvarnished…and so refreshing! 

Whether your creative work is writing, painting, making music, parenting, or simply living, Finding the Throughline can help you get—and stay—inspired. Invigorated, even. 

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How To
Magic Acupressure Points EP: 107
Here are three ways you can take great care of yourself and the ones you love using nothing but the touch of your fingers whenever you’re feeling headachy, stomachache-y, or anxious
7 min
Why You Need to Schedule Admin Time EP: 106
As an adult, there are so many administrative things that need your attention. The reality is that life is a full-time job. And most of us also have other full-time jobs. So when do you get this stuff done without forgetting important details or...
5 min
Own the Fact That You Matter EP: 105
There is some serious stuff going down in the world. It’s a lot to reckon with. It’s awfully easy and tempting to think, what can one person do? But there are at least five major ways you make a difference in yourself, others, and the world at...
4 min
Set a donation goal EP: 104
This idea will help you be more strategic about giving back, whether that’s by donating your money or your time. 
4 min
Stop Hating the Chores EP: 103
Unless you have a live-in household staff, chores are an inescapable part of life that for average Americans add up to a whopping 690 hours a year. Do you really want to hate something that you’re going to spend 690 hours on every year for the rest...
6 min
Let’s Talk About MEAT EP: 102
I am a meat eater, and everyone in my family is a meat eater. I am not here to pooh-pooh it or tell you you should really be a vegetarian or a vegan. I AM suggesting that you make more of your meals each week meat-free, and that you improve the...
5 min
The Benefits of Staring Out the Window EP: 101
I’m going to take a wild guess and say that sitting and staring out the window isn’t exactly hailed as a great thing to do by your boss, but it actually is wonderful for you—and your productivity—in multiple ways
4 min
Why You Should Leave the House EP: 100
Especially in these winter months, it’s easy to overdo it on the hibernation. Leaving the house and going to the thing sounded cool when you first heard about it is how you invite new people, ideas, and opportunities into your life.  
5 min
There’s a Time and a Place for Everything EP: 99
Remembering that there is a time and a place for everything helps you remember that you don’t need to do three things at once: you do one thing, and then the next thing, and then the next. It makes life feel more manageable. 
8 min
Stop Saying “I’m Fine” EP: 98
When you interrupt the automatic reflex of replying to the question “How are you?,” with, “I’m fine” you create an opportunity for something this world needs more and more of… human connection. 
4 min
Ward Off Your Next Virus Before It Starts EP: 97
Let’s make this the cold and flu season where we don’t get taken down for the count by a virus that wouldn’t have been as big a deal if we’d just had stuff on hand to minimize it. 
4 min
Delegate Better EP: 96
Delegating is about more than sharing the workload, it’s also how you empower people. Here’s how to do more of it, and do it better. 
4 min
Transitioning Back into Normal Life After the H...
No matter how you feel about the holidays, they are a giant opportunity to get away from the routines that keep you in a healthy, productive, non-reactive zone. So take a few minutes today to think about the structures you can put in place that will...
5 min
Day 5, Better Than Resolutions Week: The Secret...
This is kind of an obvious tip. But it did not occur to me to set this goal for myself until last year, when I was 48. Sometimes the obvious thing is just too close to see. 
4 min
Day 4, Better Than Resolutions Week: Predict Yo...
Writing a letter to your future self is how you start to focus on something that so most of us forget to think about when we’re wanting to do things differently -- and that is how GOOD we’re going to feel once we’ve done it. And feeling good is...
5 min
Better Than Resolutions Week: Begin How You Aim...
Any time you’re embarking on something new, it really helps to do something right at the start that signifies how you intend to do things from here on out. That means what you decide to do on New Year’s Day sets the tone for the rest of year....
4 min
Day 2, Better Than Resolutions Week: What To Se...
Resolutions are just too big--it’s like trying to eat an elephant. So don’t make any resolutions this year, how about that? Today I’m sharing what I suggest you set instead—they’re not sexy, but they work. 
7 min
Day 1, Better Than Resolutions Week: What’s You...
Let’s face it, few people keep their resolutions. So this week is BETTER THAN RESOLUTIONS week on the podcast. Today your mission is to take the first step in New Year’s planning, and that’s pick a theme for the year ahead. 
7 min
Before You Look Forward, Look Back EP: 89
Taking a moment to look back at the year that’s ending is a crucial piece of the goal-setting process that a lot of people miss; one that can help you go ALL-IN on the coming year. 
5 min
What You Appreciate Appreciates EP: 88
The Dalai Lama says, “The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness.” And if you’re listening to a podcast on how to be better person, you’re interested in deepening those roots of goodness, am I right?
6 min
Give Yourself the Gift of Presence EP: 87
Today I’m sharing something that will help you make the most of this particular day, whether you love it or dread it; something that can help you slow down and savor the good stuff, or help you stay steady when all you really want to do is run...
5 min
Remember that Not Everyone Likes the Holidays E...
I’m just here with a quickie today because I know it’s a busy week for a lot of people. I just want to give all of us a reminder that this week is a really really tough week for a lot of people.
2 min
Today Is the Dawn of a New Era—What Do You Wan...
Today’s Monday, but more importantly, it’s the day after the winter solstice. And the day after the winter solstice is the dawn of a new half of a year. The question I’m asking myself and that I’m posing to you in honor of this occasion is…
4 min
Shop Local (and to Hell with Amazon) (Is That R...
Since today is Friday and on Fridays I talk about finances, and since it’s the holiday season and so many of us are spending more money than we typically do at other times of the year, am going on the record and asking you to patronize small, local...
6 min
One Question: How Can I Help? EP: 83
Today’s tip goes straight to being a better person in that it helps you interact with more kindness and openness with other people and helps you be of service in the world.
4 min