Finding the Throughline with Kate Hanley

Finding the Throughline: Conversations about the Creative Process invites you into the minds of writers and other creatives as they open up about their process, their doubts, and what kinds of changes they’re thinking about making. The questions are mildly invasive, honestly, and the answers are unvarnished…and so refreshing! 

Whether your creative work is writing, painting, making music, parenting, or simply living, Finding the Throughline can help you get—and stay—inspired. Invigorated, even. 

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How To
The Magical Power of Leftovers EP: 147
Today is Wellness Wednesday on the podcast and I’m coming to you with a tip that can help you eat healthier in less time and with less food waste. And that is to embrace the magical power of leftovers. You may be thinking “ew,” or “boring,”...
4 min
It’s All About Tone EP: 146
Today’s tip can help you communicate better by changing not what you say, but how you say it by becoming more aware of your tone of your voice. 
4 min
One Question That Helps You Not Take Things Per...
Taking things personally is something our mind LOVES to do. We do it without thinking. And whenever we do it, we make it a lot harder to see things clearly. But if you don’t know you’re doing it, is it possible to stop? Yes. 
5 min
Day 5: De-Clutter Your Digital Life Re-boot You...
Today, on this last day of the week. I’m asking you to do something that’s really going to give you some objectivity on your tech habits. It might sound a little daunting, but I’m here to tell you that it is doable. AND that it is powerful. Even...
6 min
De-Clutter Your Digital Life: Day 4: Take Aim a...
Today your assignment is to choose THE MOST annoying thing about your digital life, and do something to alleviate it.
5 min
De-Clutter Your Digital Life, Day 3: What’s Pos...
Today, it’s time to talk about what will probably happen when you start looking to your tech devices as much as you once were.
6 min
De-Clutter Your Digital Life, Day 2: De-Vegas Y...
A huge piece of what makes our phones so addictive is that they are designed to razzle dazzle your mind, the same way that the floor of a Las Vegas casino is. Let’s make them more boring.   
7 min
De-Clutter Your Digital Life, Day 1: What’s You...
Your Digital Clutter Quotient is a simple number that reflects just how stressed you are by your devices. Seeing this number helps motivate you to make changes by helping you objectively see just how much your digital life is contributing to your...
5 min
Save Your Sanity, Your Relationship, and Maybe ...
How outsourcing can save your sanity, your relationship (because then you can stop fighting about who’s going to do it), and maybe even the economy. 
6 min
The Perils of Trying to Fix People’s Problems E...
When someone you love is going through something painful, here’s what I’m guessing you want to do: jump in. Start helping. Maybe even try to fix it for them. While your intentions are good, your efforts can be harmful.
4 min
How to Trigger Your Relaxation Response EP: 137
Today I’m sharing a simple, powerful way to cue your relaxation response so that you can get out of that stressed out state where your body feels like crap. And that is to do something to invert your body. 
5 min
Where to Find Your Best Ideas (Hint They’re Hid...
Great ideas aren’t “out there.” There’re right in front of you. And they’re often disguised as a bad idea. It’s like they’re hiding in plain sight. 
5 min
The Importance of Being Naughty EP: 135
While of course I’m a fan of doing what it takes to be a better person, doing all the things that are so good for you can also start to feel just a little too… I don’t know, wholesome. It gets tiring. It can start to get a little...
4 min
How to Spend Time without Filling It EP: 134
Since 2020 is a leap year, tomorrow, February 29th, is a bonus day--kind of like the extra hour we get when we turn back the clocks in the fall, only times 24. And in honor of this very special occasion, I want to suggest that tomorrow is a fantastic...
4 min
What to Say When Someone's Disagreeing With You...
I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we are living through some very, very tense times. And that means there are lots of opportunities for you to have disagreements with other people, in real life and online. It can feel disagreeing and being a...
6 min
Really Feel Your Feels EP: 132
The most efficient way through an emotion is to allow yourself to feel it. But that can feel pretty scary, so we try to will ourselves not to feel the feelings. Well, guess how well that works.
4 min
You’ve Got the Access. Use It to Do the Researc...
Information is so easily accessed these days that it’s on all of us to do our own research before we ask someone else if we can pick their brain. 
4 min
Read Books Written By Someone Outside Your Demo...
Reading something by someone’s who has a completely different experience of the world from helps you have a more attuned, realistic, and empathetic view of the world around you.
6 min
The Power (and Beauty) of Doing Something You S...
Allowing yourself to suck at something also gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in something that’s super powerful, and that’s beginner’s mind.
5 min
Say What You Mean, But Don’t Be a Jerk EP 128
Today I’m talking about how to find the right balance between being truthful and being kind. Because it’s not always easy to find. And sometimes it feels downright impossible. 
6 min
Swing Those Arms EP: 127
Today’s tip can help you tone your arms, prevent low back pain, and improve your breast health and overall immunity--all by doing something that you have to do every day of your life with just a smidge more intention. 
8 min
Ask Dumb Questions EP: 126
Too often, we don’t ask a question because we’re afraid of looking stupid. But the truth is, if you’re confused about something, chances are someone else is too. Asking dumb questions helps bring clarity, and clarity is everyone’s friend....
4 min
What Motivates You? EP: 125
Just like passion in a relationship wanes, so does passion in life. It’s motivation that will keep you going when that happens.
5 min
Be a Better Partner, Day 5: How I Stopped Hatin...
I spent the first couple years of our marriage fairly obsessed with who was doing what in our relationship--and I always seemed to be the one who was losing. It wasn’t until I STOPPED doing this one thing that things started to shift (and we stopped...
8 min
Be a Better Partner, Day 4: Take Care of Yourse...
People learn how to treat us by observing how we treat ourselves. And if you are not taking exquisite care of yourself, well, you can’t expect that anyone else will be able to, either, Even the person who loves you the most and is committed to your...
8 min