How To Be A Better Person with Kate H...

Start your day with one simple thing you can do in the next 24 hours to be your better self--not so you can be a perfect person. Or even a good person! Just... better.

I wrote the book "How to Be a Better Person" after "be a better person" topped the list of most popular New Year's resolutions for the first time ever. This podcast builds on the ideas in that book and is intended to be like the little angel on your shoulder, providing a counter narrative to the negative thoughts and impulses that are floating around both out there and inside your own head. My mission is two-fold: to help you keep growing, and to inspire you to use your power for good.

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How To
[Being There for Others]: The Surprising Power ...
7 min
5 Unexpected Ways to Interact with Art Without ...
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7 Easy Ways to Read More. EP: 635
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The Healing Power of Reading. EP: 634
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[Engaging with the Arts]: 5 Books That Helped M...
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[Engaging with the Arts]: Can Art Make You a Be...
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[Let's Talk Drinking, Again]: Non-Alcoholic Way...
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[Let's Talk Drinking, Again]: How to Have Fun W...
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[Let's Talk Drinking, Again]: Is My Drinking Pr...
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[Let's Talk About Drinking, Again]: What's the ...
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[Being of Service]:CAN You Give From an Empty C...
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[Being of Service]: How to Ensure that You’re A...
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[Being of Service}: Cultivating Courageousness ...
14 min
[Being of Service]: Finding Your Lane So That S...
4 min
[Being of Service]: Helping Others Isn’t Just a...
8 min
[Stay Cozy]: Is Your Comfort Zone Truly Comfort...
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[Stay Cozy]: If I Get Too Cozy, Isn’t That a Ba...
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[Stay Cozy]: 5 Quick Hacks to Keep Your BODY Co...
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[Stay Cozy]: 5 Hacks to Make Your Space Cozier...
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[Stay Cozy] The Surprisingly Deep Reason Why Fe...
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3 Steps to Post-Holiday Relationship Recovery. ...
9 min
Recovery Isn't a Straight Line. It's a Doodle. ...
6 min
Recovery Doesn't Have to Suck. EP: 614
17 min
The Secret Ingredients to a Successful Recovery...
6 min
I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Ready for Some ...
5 min
[Un-Do 2022]: Un-Fix Yourself. EP:611
11 min
[Un-Do 2022]: Save Space for Being Bored. EP: 610
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[Un-Do 2022]: Stop Being Nice. EP: 609
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[Un-Do 2022]: Unplan Your Life. EP: 608
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[Un-Do 2022]: Unsubscribe from the Ideas That J...
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[Being Present] Ridiculously Simple Posture Adj...
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[Being Present] Let Yourself Hear Your Body Tal...
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[Being Present] Listen Up/Do You Hear What I He...
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[Being Present] Observe/Observation/Be a Formal...
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[Being Present] Eat Your Way to More Mindfulnes...
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[Reduce Holiday Stress]: The Crucial Piece of A...
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[Holidays that Don’t Suck]: Make Peace with the...
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[Reduce Holiday Stress]: How to Not Let Your Fa...
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[Reduce Holiday Stress]: What Do You Love About...
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[Reduce Holiday Stress] Three Ways to Do Less t...
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How to Find the Hidden Meanings of Your Persona...
7 min
The Only Way I Ever Get Any Writing Done. EP: 595
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Writing and Mindfulness--Combine These 2 Tools ...
19 min
A Three-Minute Writing Prompt for Peaceful Prod...
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How You--Yes You--Can Use Writing as a Tool for...
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The Problems with Wellness 4 Its a Slippery Slo...
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The Problems with Wellness 3 Its Freaking Expen...
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A Better Barometer of Health than Weight. EP: 589
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The Problems with Wellness, #2: It’s Shaming EP...
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The Problems with Wellness 1 Its Confusing as H...
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The Positive Emotion That's Hiding in Plain Sig...
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Don't Let Eating Be the Only Reason You Open Yo...
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Need an Antidote to Cynicism? (Who Doesn't?) Pu...
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Despite What Joe Pesci in ‘Goodfellas’ Thinks, ...
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The Secret to Using Your Emotions to Build You ...
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Real Money Talk: Forgiving Your Financial Mista...
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Real Money Talk: Get What You Need and Give Wha...
8 min
Real Money Talk: Healing Old Money Wounds. EP: 579
21 min
Real Money Talk: The Piece of the Financial Equ...
7 min
Real Money Talk: Your Net Worth Is Not Your Sel...
7 min
Better Person Principle #5: Being better is a c...
7 min
Better Person Principle #4: There’s a time and ...
6 min
Better Person Principle #3: There’s an opportun...
6 min
Better Person Principle #2: Awareness is the fi...
7 min
Better Person Principle #1: It’s not about bein...
0 min
This Might Have Gotten You in Trouble in School...
7 min
All the Many Ways to Communicate with Your Elec...
7 min
Your City Government Needs You to Care. EP: 569
20 min
Why Supporting Local Journalism Matters, and Ho...
8 min
Being a Better Citizen. EP: 567
8 min
Who Is Your Messy Mentor? EP: 566
7 min
Your Mess Is Your Message. EP: 565
5 min
Make Friends with Your Inner Critic. EP: 564
17 min
Surprising Ways Perfectionism Shows Up. EP: 563
7 min
The Roots of Perfectionism EP: 563
This week on the podcast I’m talking about perfectionism, because as honorable as it is to care about being a better person and to give a shit about bringing your best and making a difference, we can go overboard with it all and feel like crap if...
9 min
The 5-Day Dawdle: Day 5: Get Your Stretch On EP...
Devoting some time to stretching is a great way to check in with yourself and your body and see how you’re feeling, where you might be feeling tension that you weren’t aware of, and just sending yourself some love. But you probably already knew...
8 min
The 5-Day Dawdle, Day 4: Visit Your Mother (as ...
The great thing about nature is that it has that magic ability to both calm you and energize you. And that’s precisely what we’re after during this week dedicated to dawdling and replenishing.   Take a pic of you enjoying some nature and !
6 min
The 5-Day Dawdle, Day 3: Physical Pleasure, Yes...
Now that you’ve said no to some stuff and cleared some space in your schedule and your head, and you’ve spent some time alone and had a chance to digest some emotions, let’s get your senses involved and do something that feels physically...
7 min
The 5-Day Dawdle, Day 2: Take 20 Minutes Alone ...
Spending time alone is a key ingredient for replenishment. The thing is, when you’re alone, no one is talking to you, or asking you to do something, and you can hear yourself think. Even if you are the most extroverted extrovert, alone time is...
7 min
The 5-Day Dawdle, Day 1: Let’s Slow it Down a B...
This week on the podcast I’m doing things a little differently, and trying to create some space for us all to slow down a little bit, catch our breath, and refill our wells a bit.  I’m calling it the Five-Day Dawdle--as in, five days of doing...
6 min
A Tactic to Feel Better About the Big Decisions...
There are many big, capital-D decisions that can take a really long time to figure out. Things like, should you move, change jobs, break up, have kids, or anything that feels like it’s going to change your life. These big decisions require...
5 min
How to Make Decisions Quickly: Decide When You’...
One way to avoid overthinking or ignoring some of the things that you need to decide is to give yourself a deadline. In other words, some times you need to decide WHEN you’re going to decide.  !
4 min
How to Stop Overthinking Everything EP: 554
Because you are listening to a podcast called How to be a Better Person, you give a shit, about a lot of things, including making good choices. And that desire, while beautiful, can also be a slippery slope into overthinking. I mean, we’ve all been...
14 min
Choose Love: Making Decisions from the Heart E...
One of the reasons why decisions can be so taxing is that we’re over-relying on our brains to make them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for making pro and con lists and doing research and mulling things over, but your brain isn’t the only game in...
7 min
How to Use Intuition in Decision-Making EP: 552
Most of us know the basics of decision-making--name the problem, list the options, weigh the pros and cons of each, and choose the best one. But sometimes, the straightforward, tried and true approach just doesn’t work. Especially now in the...
8 min
Being a Better Person Online: Get a Grip on You...
OK the pandemic did NOT help us have a healthy relationship to screens. Not that all screen time is bad, but... we could all pretty much use a check in on how much time we spend starting at a screen.  
8 min
Are You Meaner Online Than in Real Life? EP: 550
There’s a scientific term for the phenomenon of acting differently online than you do in real life, it’s called the internet disinhibition effect. So if you get fired up and leave snarky comments or bad reviews, you're living out a scientific...
7 min
Are You Addicted to Your Phone? Maybe (Probably...
Smartphones are designed to be addictive. If you can't stop looking at yours, it makes sense. Does that mean there's nothing you can do? No. Dr. Jud Brewer, a New York Times best-selling author, neuroscientist, addiction psychiatrist, and thought...
16 min
Managing the Onslaught of Opportunities to Sho...
Anytime you are online (unless you’ve paid for a subscription service with no ads), SHOPPING IS EVERYWHERE!! It’s very, very hard to resist. Which is tough on our willpower, which is a finite resource that burns pretty quickly, our credit...
7 min
Being a Better Person Online: Keeping Relations...
All our connectivity makes a lot of things easier, but there are some things where you don’t really want to take the easy route: for example, fostering day to day closeness to people you love. 
8 min
DAY FIVE of the First-Ever Give a Shit Challeng...
Well, you commit to something. Something that helps keep a very manageable amount of your energy directed toward making a difference. I'll also share how I came to be secretary of the PTO--and why I'm so glad I did, despite the meetings.
7 min
DAY FOUR of the First-Ever Give a Shit Challeng...
In what I think might end up being the shortest How to Be a Better Person podcast episode ever, your tiny assignment today is just ridiculously simple. But hearing why it matters so very much will help inspire you to do it.
5 min
DAY THREE of the First-Ever Give a Shit Challen...
You may not have 50,000 followers on Instagram or a million followers on tiktok, but you still have influence. Today’s piece of the challenge is to take the information you gathered on who is already doing the work on the thing you want to help...
6 min
DAY TWO of the First-Ever Give a Shit Challenge...
 Here’s a crucial thing to keep in mind when it comes to making a difference on issues big and small, global and local: You don’t need to be the savior rushing in a white horse. In fact, you'd likely only make things worse. Instead, your task...
6 min
DAY ONE of the First Ever Give a Shit Challenge...
This week on the podcast I’m doing something a little bit different. Because I’ve gotten such a great response to my free I Give a Shit sticker (it's a nice antidote to the I give zero effs thing that’s been floating around) and because there...
8 min
Ask Yourself This Question to Figure Out What Y...
Your emotions aren’t here to torture you; they’re messengers, giving you information about what you value, need, and want. Here's one question to ask yourself to figure out what information your anger is trying to convey. (Then it won’t have to...
8 min
What’s Your Anger Story? EP: 540
Each of us has a set of beliefs about anger that we’ve been carrying around since we were little. By taking a little time to think about what those beliefs are, you can get a little more objectivity and perspective on this emotion that so often...
8 min
Breaking the Cycle of Anger, an Interview with ...
I wanted to reach out to someone who could help us think about anger in new ways and potentially interrupt any of our habitual patterns around it so that we’ve got some space to learn some new skills for dealing with it. The person I’m talking to...
23 min
Reasons Why You Might Feel Angry All the Time E...
There’s nothing wrong with anger management strategies, which are fine but, to use a healthcare analogy, learning how to manage anger is trying to mitigate symptoms, instead of treating the root cause. Let’s look at some of the many, many things...
10 min