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Hemant Mehta and Jessica Greiff cover the latest news, politics, and pop culture with a focus on atheism and religion.

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Ep. 414 - Greg Locke's Witch Hunt
This week, we talked about witch hunts, million-dollar salaries, arrests at a Christian school, and more!
66 min
Ep. 413 - The Invalid Baptisms
This week, we talked about evangelical "dissenters," racism in the Mormon Church, baptisms gone wrong, and more!
72 min
Ep. 412 - Interview with Kristin Du Mez, author...
We talked about whether white evangelicals corrupted their faith, whether the religion is a force for good, her advice to pastors looking to fix toxic masculinity, skinny jeans, and much more.
57 min
Ep. 411 - The Future of the Supreme Court
This week, we talked about Jerry Falwell, Jr., the Supreme Court, book-banning, and more!
59 min
Ep. 410 - The Saliva Sermon
This week, we talked about the Supreme Court, sermon spitting, the new OnlySky network, and more!
76 min
Ep. 409 - The Christian Ethics of Raising Rent
This week, we talked about NFTs, bad financial advice, church-planting, and more!
74 min
Ep. 408 - The Pope vs. Petowners
This week, we talked about an Oklahoma law to bring the KJV Bible into the classroom, what marriage is about, whether "unreligious" cruelty has any meaning, and more!
62 min
Ep. 407 - 2021 in Review
Jump around as we summarize the year!
140 min
Ep. 406 - Utah's Richest Man Just Quit Mormonism
This week, we talked about the Mormon Church, "godless" people in government, Baby Baphomet, and more!
59 min
Ep. 405 - Father of Josh Duggar Loses Arkansas ...
This week, we talked about Jim Bob Duggar, the record number of Nones in America, Dave Ramsey, and more!
79 min
Ep. 404 - Christian Predator Josh Duggar is Goi...
This week, we talked about Franklin Graham's vaccine ambivalence, telling off Joel Osteen, MAGA world's "gun girl," whether women are nothing more than "earthen vessels," and more!
78 min
Ep. 403 - Anti-Vax Christians Are Finally Facin...
This week, we talked about the Supreme Court's abortion case, Josh Duggar, Richard Dawkins, and more!
72 min
Ep. 402 - Marriage Isn't Permission for Sexual ...
This week, we talked about complementarianism, church vandalism, reptile alien sex (somehow), and more!
80 min
Ep. 401 - The Magdalene Laundries of Texas
This week, we talked about a "maternity ranch," a lying Archdiocese, Christian news outlets, pig juice, and more!
77 min
Ep. 400 - A Cash Prize Still Doesn't Prove the ...
This week, we talked about a Twix ad that isn't a Twix ad, a Satanic restaurant, the afterlife, "segregation academies," and more!
75 min
Ep. 399 - Aaron Rodgers and the Homeopathic Vac...
This week, we talked about Dave Chappelle, Richard Dawkins, Jim Bob Duggar, Christian bubbles, some surprisingly good news from Election Day, and more!
82 min
Ep. 398 - What It Means to Be an Evangelical Today
This week, we talked about Liberty U., paid parental leave, the definition of "evangelical," and more!
77 min
Ep. 397 - Interview with Dr. Randall Balmer, Au...
34 min
Ep. 396 - The Beatification of John Paul I Make...
This week, we talked about a Spanish archbishop's apology, Joel Osteen, the faith of slaveowners, how to become a saint, and more!
78 min
Ep. 395 - France's Catholic Church is a Hotbed ...
This week, we talked about France's Catholic Church, Pat Robertson's retirement, Christian makeup, the War on Christmas, and more!
70 min
Ep. 394 - New York Gov. Kathy Hochul's Pro-Vacc...
This week, we talked about Kathy Hochul's Christian pandering, a sexist sermon one pastor doesn't want you to see, the cruelty of spanking your kids, and more!
77 min
Ep. 393 - Christian Apologist Josh McDowell Jus...
This week, we talked about Josh McDowell's racism, whether a Catholic school should fire a lesbian coach, Chick-fil-A, and more!
78 min
Ep. 392 - Why Did the NYT Publish This Anti-Abo...
This week, we talked about a horrible NYT anti-abortion essay, which religious groups are getting vaccinated, the irony of Bob Enyart's death, and more!
80 min
Ep. 391 - A Christian Misogynist and the "Downc...
This week, we talked about preaching at the beach, adoption, Satanic erotica, the mom who assaulted a Catholic teacher, and more!
65 min
Ep. 390 - A Christian Was Fired for Endorsing V...
This week, we talked about in-person learning, Satanists, Carrie Prejean, the National Religious Broadcasters, and more!
79 min