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Hemant Mehta and Jessica Greiff cover the latest news, politics, and pop culture with a focus on atheism and religion.

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Ep. 389 - The Measurable Morality of Atheists
This week, we talked about morality, BYU, aliens, what goes on in your basement when you have teenagers, atheist chaplains, and more!
61 min
Ep. 388 - The Modern Legacy of the Spanish Inqu...
This week, we talked about the Inquisition, Joshua Harris, Cardinal Burke, the Disney Channel, and more!
83 min
Ep. 387 - Stop Asking for Religious Exemptions ...
This week, we talked about Pat Robertson, blasphemy, a useless quarter-million-dollar Cross, and more.
64 min
Ep. 386 - Kent Hovind Was Arrested
This week, we talked about Ravi Zacharias, the disgrace of child marriage, purity culture, and more!
69 min
Ep. 385 - GOP Senator Asks Biden Nominee If He ...
This week, we talked about GOP hypocrisy, Hobby Lobby, Pastor Mark Driscoll, and more.
74 min
Ep. 384 - The Shocking Lawsuit Against Liberty U.
This week, we talked about the lawsuit against Liberty University and a gay priest who may deserve your sympathy.
93 min
Ep. 383 - God's Not Dead 4 Looks Bad, Even for ...
This week, we talked about God's Not Dead 4, the worst eulogy ever, Christian spelling bees, a "pro-life bank," and more!
83 min
Ep. 382 - Why Are Atheists So Widely Disliked?
This week, we also talked about the Hobby Lobby ad, Catholic-run residential schools, and Fight Church.
66 min
Ep. 381 - YouTube Banned (Then Unbanned) Right ...
This week, we talked about YouTube strikes, Pope Francis, the Duggars, gay tuxedos, and more!
66 min
Ep. 380 - Why Is Joe Biden's Catholicism Being ...
This week, we talked about Joe Biden's Catholicism, a new Purity Culture song, Jim Bakker, a license plate lawsuit, and more!
70 min
BONUS - Interview with Mike Cosper, Host of "Th...
A conversation with Mike Cosper, host of "The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill."
28 min
Ep. 379 - A Christian Baker Finally Got Punishe...
This week, we talked about karma for a Christian bigot baker, the Supreme Court, Florida's moment of silence law, and a Republican lawmaker who just came out.
72 min
Ep. 378 - Have the "New Atheists" Drifted to th...
This week, we talked about a Salon article about the New Atheists drifting to the right, teacher body cams, Republicans who wish people a happy Pride month, how to cause chaos at graduation, and more.
79 min
Ep. 377 - Why is Willow Creek Still Defending I...
This week, we talked about the defense of abuse at Willow Creek, the football player forced to eat pork, Russell Moore's weak courage, the Kenyan atheist who converted, and more!
71 min
Ep. 376 - Sex Doesn't Cause Every Problem, Frank
This week, we also talked about a Christian Nationalist Bible, church bathrooms, and an upcoming CNN segment.
76 min
Ep. 375 - What Makes a "Good" Atheist?
This week, we talked about "good" atheists, the approval of Southern Baptists, an ex-Christian rock star, and the White House meeting with atheists.
85 min
Ep. 374 - When Is It "Immoral" to Give Birth?
This week, we talked about Richard Dawkins' latest awkward comment, a televangelist's death, Secular Judaism, Caitlyn Jenner, and more.
86 min
Ep. 373 - What Did Josh Duggar Do Now
We also talked about correcting invocations, the Kansas lawmaker who kicked a child, and how slavery has always been bad.
74 min
Ep. 372 - The WASP Who Wants “Sexetarys” at Work
We also talked about Newt Gingrich, communion, and inappropriate jokes.
75 min
Ep. 371 - The Chaos Around Richard Dawkins
We talked about the reactions to the Dawkins controversy, excommunication, and God's worst wedding.
66 min
Ep. 370 - The Bible is Just a Collection of Flo...
This week, we talked about Jerry Falwell, Jr., Richard Dawkins' tweet, the Mormon Church's new enemy, an atheist's lawsuit against L'Oreal, how to make the Bible better, and more.
70 min
BONUS - Interview with Tyler Measom, Co-Directo...
71 min
Ep. 369 - Atheists No Longer Have To Swear To G...
81 min
Ep. 368 - The Outrage Over Lil Nas X And "Satan...
71 min
BONUS - Interview With John Bluemke, former Rep...
56 min