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Hemant Mehta and Jessica Greiff cover the latest news, politics, and pop culture with a focus on atheism and religion.

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Religion & Spirituality
Ep. 485 - This Preacher Praised Christian Slave...
This week, we talked about a Christian web designer’s lie, Colorado’s secular legislature, a “Eucharistic Miracle,” and more!
95 min
Ep. 484 - The Disgraceful Life of Pat Robertson
This week, we talked about Catholic hospitals, bus route 666 to Hel, Jeopardy!, and more!
76 min
Ep. 483 - Gloria Beth Amodeo: From Campus Crusa...
We spoke about how Campus Crusade for Christ (now Cru) hurts people, the advice she'd give potential Cru members, and how the group's bigotry made her rethink her faith.
64 min
Ep. 482 - Shiny Happy People: The Duggar Docuse...
This week, we talked about the Duggar series, the controversial Pride flag on the set of a Christian show, the L.A. Dodgers drama, and more!
106 min
Ep. 481 - The Failure of Christian Home-Schooling
This week, we talked about home-schooling, viewing corpses, Republican qualifications for public office, and more!
78 min
Ep. 480 - Loudspeaker Prayers at Florida Footba...
This week, we talked about why pronouns are useful, the Satanist suing Chicago, why you shouldn’t honor conspiracy theorists, and more!
93 min
Ep. 479 - The Mormon Church's Fiasco on 60 Minutes
This week, we talked about hoarding money, people fleeing the Southern Baptist Convention, closing businesses on Sundays, and more!
70 min
Ep. 478 - Bryan Slaton's Cruel Christian Hypocrisy
This week, we talked about churches playing politics, a pseudo-patriotic assembly, Mississippi’s license plates, and more!
104 min
Ep. 477 - The Ten Commandments Don't Belong in ...
This week, we talked about bad ways to test the Equal Access Act, bad jokes from sitting politicians, bad ways to catch a predator, and more!
100 min
Ep. 476 - The Tragedy of the Kenyan Starvation ...
This week, we talked about dress codes at Prom, religious exemptions for vaccines, whether you can be good without God, and more!
89 min
Ep. 475 - A Christian Mailman Wants to Ruin You...
This week, we talked about the Supreme Court’s Groff case, Purity Culture problems, the most disgraced Catholic leader in recent history, and more!
81 min
Ep. 474 - The Dalai Lama's Creepy Tongue
This week, we talked about the Dalai Lama, child marriage, the best books to swear an oath on, and more!
93 min
Ep. 473 - Prayers Will Never Stop Gun Violence
This week, we talked about Gen Z ditching religion, the Baltimore Archdiocese report, forced tithes at work, and more!
90 min
Ep. 472 - Interview with Religion and Sexuality...
We spoke about the Falwells, the Bakkers, the Haggards, why the wives often stand by their scandal-plagued pastor-husbands, and what these scandals reveal about evangelical Christianity.
42 min
Ep. 471 - She Says God Regrew Her Tippy Toes
This week, we talked about regrowing limbs, Michelangelo’s David, the problems with Catholic hospitals, and more!
89 min
Ep. 470 - Do Americans Like Atheists?
This week, we talked about NFL legend Deion Sanders, a race-based Pledge lawsuit, trans athletes, and more!
92 min
Ep. 469 - Jesus Wants to do WHAT to the Church?!
This week, we talked about the disastrous article about Jesus making love, a Supreme Court reprieve, Christian student teachers, and more!
105 min
Ep. 468 - What exactly did Asbury revive?
This week, we talked about the Eric Adams debacle, After School Satan clubs, Montana Republicans, and more!
80 min
Ep. 467 - Nikki Haley's First Presidential Blunder
This week, we talked about the Mormon Church’s finances, the Satanic Panic, bad reasons to cancel a concert, and more!
87 min
Ep. 466 - Interview with Historian Kellie Carte...
Jess and Dr. Carter Jackson discussed how Christianity informed opinions on slavery and abolition, why the church was (and still is) entwined with Black American culture, and the first lady of talk, Oprah.
56 min
Ep. 465 - The "Unholy" Grammys
This week, we talked about a Creationist hellscape, raising kids with your religious beliefs, the strange reason a Christian school is shutting down, and more!
69 min
Ep. 464 - Montana vs. Scientific Theories
This week, we talked about a virtual Satanic abortion clinic, banning Bible camps to make a point, the pope's digital dilemma, and more!
60 min
Ep. 463 - Jim Breuer Has Given Up on Comedy
This week, we talked about kitty litter boxes, blessing gay couples, a religious push to protect abortion rights, and more!
73 min
Ep. 462 - Can Idaho's "Faith-Healing" Laws Be F...
This week, we talked about prison baptisms, a megachurch that keeps digging its own grave, giant phallic energy in Fort Lauderdale, and more!
81 min
Ep. 461 - The Pandemic Ruined Church Attendance
This week, we talked about the Christian “Eye of the Tiger” cover, shocking revelations from the Catholic Church in Kansas, when it’s okay to show Islamic art, and more!
71 min