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Hemant Mehta and Jessica Greiff cover the latest news, politics, and pop culture with a focus on atheism and religion.

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Ep. 507 - This Christian Dad Loves Jesus More T...
This week, we talked about dancing in a Catholic church, Jesus’ long hair, fake homeschooling diplomas, and more!
85 min
Ep. 506 - The Value of Docuseries Exposing Chri...
This week, we talked about Prayer Mirrors, the intersection of True Crime and religion, Methodists, and more!
67 min
Ep. 505 - Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a Christian Now?!
This week, we talked about Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s conversion, proselytizing on planes, a skydiving Christian baby, and more!
87 min
Ep. 504 - The Tragic Story of a Drag-Wearing Pa...
This week, we talked about “Covenant Eyes,” pandemic restrictions, a tragic story about a drag-wearing Southern pastor, and more!
94 min
Ep. 503 - The Problems with "Covenant Marriage"
This week, we talked about “covenant marriage,” the Southern Baptist Convention, bad religious assemblies, and more!
82 min
Ep. 502 - The Christian Nationalism of Speaker ...
This week, we talked about the new Speaker of the House, calling out Christian Nationalism, “our religion,” and more!
75 min
Ep. 501 - Oklahoma Education Leader Decries "St...
This week, we talked about tarot cards, teaching kids about Islam, how *not* to discuss women’s bodies, and more!
70 min
Ep. 500 - Footloose at a Louisiana High School
This week, we talked about school vouchers, Catholics in Poland, evangelicals denying climate change, and more!
82 min
Ep. 499 - Project 2025, a Christian Nationalist...
This week, we talked about “Savior Complex,” declaring bankruptcy, young Republican lawmakers, and more!
72 min
BONUS - Interview with Kate Cohen, author of "W...
Kate Cohen's new book explains how atheism actually works in practice
64 min
Ep. 498 - Most GOP Voters Think Trump is a Man ...
This week, we talked about Kevin Sorbo’s new book, Southern Baptist hypocrisy, taking oaths, and more!
63 min
BONUS - Interview with Andrew Pledger, host of ...
Andrew offers the inside story of life at the fundamentalist Christian school
62 min
Ep. 497 - The Mormon Church Condemns Tim Ballard
This week, we talked about Greg Locke’s tab, the Catholic Church during WWII, church graduations, and more!
110 min
Ep. 496 - A Baptist Pastor Trashed Kids with Au...
This week, we talked about Kim Davis, demonic owls, pastoral succession, and more!
87 min
Ep. 495 - Bremerton's Praying Football Coach Quit
This week, we talked about the Bremerton saga, the Jersey Shore, dinosaur deniers, and more!
91 min
Ep. 494 - These Chaplains Don't Want Schools to...
This week, we talked about book burnings, food carts, the next Ken Ham, and more!
88 min
Ep. 493 - This "Om" Symbol Led to a Christian I...
This week, we talked about recognizing superstitions, Catholics against preschool, a faith-based invasion, and more!
82 min
Ep. 492 - Is Jesus Too "Weak" for MAGA Christians?
This week, we talked about megachurch productions, Baylor’s religious exemption, Weak Jesus, and more!
82 min
BONUS - Interview with historian Nicole Hemmer
In this bonus episode, Jess and Dr. Hemmer discussed the rise of the Evangelical right, why Newt Gingrich was so effective at whipping the GOP into shape, and some fun J. Edgar Hoover counterfactuals.
87 min
Ep. 491 - A GOP Blunder Puts Atheists in Danger
This week, we talked about the World Cup backlash, religious freedom training, Christian History Month, and more!
79 min
Ep. 490 - Richard Dawkins Spreads More Transphobia
This week, we talked about transphobia, Oklahoma’s Catholic charter school, the drag queen atop Christian music charts, and more!
85 min
Ep. 489 - Vivek Ramaswamy's Hinduism vs. GOP vo...
This week, we talked about axe murderers, why you shouldn’t trust online preachers, the trend away from supernatural beliefs, and more!
91 min
Ep. 488 - Co-hosts of "Conspirituality," Julian...
We spoke about the power of contrarianism, who's responsible for spreading spiritual misinformation, whether we should debate vaccine efficacy, and more!
58 min
Ep. 487 - Constitutional Law Professor Caroline...
We spoke about the Supreme Court's recent decisions, the fear of the legal challenges that lie ahead, what could happen when non-Christians use "religious freedom" arguments in court, and more.
63 min
Ep. 486 - Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the Cross ...
This week, we talked about Josh Hawley’s lying tweet, the Sweden Qur’an controversy, the new “abortion” voters, and more!
89 min