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Hemant Mehta and Jessica Greiff cover the latest news, politics, and pop culture with a focus on atheism and religion.

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Ep. 436 - Who's the Real Hate-Preacher?
This week, we talked about Church whistleblowers, why teachers quit their jobs, promoting extremist candidates as a political strategy, and more!
60 min
Ep. 435 - Condemning Bigotry Isn't Christian Pe...
This week, we talked about fake Christian persecution, what a "church" looks like, the James Webb Telescope images, and more!
90 min
Ep. 434 - Biblical Literalism is Dying Off
This week, we talked about biblical literalism, praying with the Supreme Court, the connection between God and guns, and more!
84 min
Ep. 433 - Roe-verturned
This week, we talked about the Supreme Court’s continued awfulness, the atheist suing over Christian prayers at work, Australia's growing godlessness, and more!
101 min
Ep. 432 - Church/State Separation Is Unconstitu...
This week, we talked about the Supreme Court’s assault on church/state separation, Franklin Graham’s awful advice, the arrest of a New IFB church member, and more!
67 min
Ep. 431 - The Narrow-mindedness of Organized Se...
This week, we talked about arson at The Satanic Temple HQ, a Jewish challenge to an abortion ban, the Canadian Armed Forces' first Humanist chaplain, and more!
75 min
Ep. 430 - The Worst Pride Month Sermon Ever
This week, we talked about Amy Coney Barrett's faith, LGBTQ books, bigotry during Pride Month, and more!
73 min
Ep. 429 - Richard Dawkins and the Atheist "Schism"
This week, we talked about Humanism and identity politics, a pro-LGBTQ protest at a Christian college, preaching at graduation ceremonies, and more!
84 min
Ep. 428 - It Wasn't "Adultery." It Was Abuse
This week, we talked about the communion controversy, the Southern Baptist sex abuse report, the Republican atheist who won a big race in Idaho, and more!
84 min
Ep. 427 - A Christian Letter to a Gay "Friend"
This week, we talked about Greg Locke, Christians' letters to a fictional gay friend, a Kansas town that's about to get Satan stickers on police cars, and more!
67 min
Ep. 426 - Churches are turning into MAGA cults
This week, we talked about the evangelical MAGA church problem, Idaho's potential theocracy, optimism in Kansas, and more!
63 min
Ep. 425 - Overturning Roe Might Backfire on Chr...
This week, we talked about the Supreme Court, cruel rituals in a peaceful religion, the worst Christian college in the country, and more!
91 min
Ep. 424 - This Christian Show's Ad Campaign Bac...
This week, we talked about the Supreme Court, banning the Bible, a Christian marketing campaign that backfired, and more!
75 min
Ep. 423 - Interview with Dr. Katie Gaddini, aut...
We talked about purity culture, the mixed messages sent to Christian women, and whether their churches do more harm than good.
40 min
Ep. 422 - A Georgia Republican's Top 3 Priorities
This week, we talked about pseudo-historian David Barton, a quieter form of atheism, bragging about crimes online, and more!
64 min
Ep. 421 - Was the Pledge of Allegiance plagiari...
This week, we talked about blasphemy, school prayer, plagiarism, and more!
66 min
Ep. 420 - Interview with Thomas Smith, host of ...
82 min
Ep. 419 - Sen. Lindsey Graham's Misplaced Doubl...
This week, we talked about Ketanji Brown Jackson, the IRS, the Hillsong scandals, and more!
69 min
Ep. 418 - The $100M Ad Blitz for Jesus
This week, we talked about the ad blitz for Jesus, Raif Badawi, denying evolution, and more!
70 min
Ep. 417 - Not All Outreach is Good Outreach
This week, we talked about reducing prison sentences, Ken Ham's flags, the value of reaching out to conspiracists, and more!
76 min
Ep. 416 - How Many Atheists Are in Prison?
This week, we talked about atheists in prison, The Trojan Horse Affair, God's failure in a Texas election, and more!
69 min
Ep. 415 - Forfeiting a Game Because of Faith
This week, we talked about forfeiting basketball games, Ravi Zacharias, America's loss of faith, and more!
81 min
Ep. 414 - Greg Locke's Witch Hunt
This week, we talked about witch hunts, million-dollar salaries, arrests at a Christian school, and more!
66 min
Ep. 413 - The Invalid Baptisms
This week, we talked about evangelical "dissenters," racism in the Mormon Church, baptisms gone wrong, and more!
72 min
Ep. 412 - Interview with Kristin Du Mez, author...
We talked about whether white evangelicals corrupted their faith, whether the religion is a force for good, her advice to pastors looking to fix toxic masculinity, skinny jeans, and much more.
57 min