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Hemant Mehta and Jessica Greiff cover the latest news, politics, and pop culture with a focus on atheism and religion.

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Ep. 460 - The Religious Response to Damar Hamli...
This week, we talked about Kirk Cameron's latest lie, a stunning veto from Gov. Kathy Hochul, why "He Gets Us" still doesn't get it, and more!
102 min
Ep. 459 - 2022 Garbage Year in Review
Jump around as we summarize the year!
167 min
Ep. 458 - A Christian Hate-Preacher Can’t Get a...
This week, we talked about singer Amy Grant, censoring human rights, what it takes to get kicked out of the priesthood, and more!
55 min
Ep. 457 - Backlash After Challenging Christian ...
This week, we talked about religious discrimination against Muslim students, a Christian mom losing her "smudging" lawsuit, GOP Rep. Vicky Hartzler’s gay nephew, and more!
68 min
Ep. 456 - Why do Uber and Lyft let drivers pros...
This week, we talked about the power of Secular American voters, a disgraced pastor’s return to the pulpit, Kirk Cameron, and more!
85 min
Ep. 455 - Club Q and the Christian aftermath
This week, we talked about the Club Q shooting, Christians turning into a minority in England and Wales, the inflexibility at BYU-Idaho, and more!
88 min
Ep. 454 - Interview with Rachel Laser, Presiden...
We spoke about her work with religious organizations, whether the Johnson Amendment will ever be enforced, what people still don't get about church/state separation, and more.
39 min
Ep. 453 - YouTube Finally Banned Greg Locke
This week, we talked about Candace Cameron Bure’s new “traditional marriage” movies, a Buddhist pilot who won’t have to attend AA meetings, how Christian Nationalism may lead to corporal punishment, and more!
63 min
Ep. 452 - The Growth of the Godless Caucus
This week, we talked about the growing godless caucus, Ron DeSantis declaring himself God’s “fighter,” Tennessee not correcting an anti-atheist constitutional relic, and more!
100 min
Ep. 451 - The IRS Isn't Investigating Churches
This week, we talked about the negligence of the IRS, Jehovah’s Witnesses charged with sex abuse, the Democrat who endorsed Creationism, and more!
75 min
Ep. 450 - How Many Houses Did Jesus Have?
This week, we talked about a church that’s too loud, how public schools aren’t godless after all, how Jesus apparently owns five houses, and more!
64 min
Ep. 449 - Greg Locke's Next Book Burning
This week, we talked about an atheist politician making news for unusual reasons, the worst Mormon dad ever, the Clergy Project play, and more!
70 min
Ep. 448 - Bart Barber and Southern Baptist Cruelty
This week, we talked about why Catholic hospitals are dangerous, hot youth pastors, Bart Barber’s troubling interview on “60 Minutes,” and more!
86 min
Ep. 447 - Herschel Walker's Abortion Hypocrisy
This week, we talked about Herschel Walker’s abortion, the worst Christian dad in America, churches using spyware, and more!
83 min
Ep. 446 - Christian Homework in a Bathtub
This week, we talked about a religious field trip, God’s voice in your head, the differences between “Feminism” and “Christianity,” and more!
76 min
Ep. 445 - Where Did Coach Joe Kennedy Go?
This week, we talked about political endorsements from Jesus, a present for Liberty U’s football team, how New York City’s Hasidic schools are hurting kids, and more!
79 min
Ep. 444 - Interview with Andrew Seidel, author ...
Hemant spoke with Andrew Seidel about Christian Nationalism, how to fight back against the Supreme Court, and the Court's current legitimacy crisis.
45 min
BONUS - Audio Interview with Mike Flanagan, cre...
Jessica and Mike discussed his sobriety journey as an atheist, why Bev Keane from "Midnight Mass" could probably get elected to Congress, how to engage with criticism, and why we probably shouldn’t.
125 min
Ep. 443 - Britney Spears is an Atheist, Y'all
This week, we talked about Britney Spears, the Catholic Church’s decision to let kids go hungry, secret baptisms, and more!
65 min
Ep. 442 - "Unwise" DMs from a Christian Leader
This week, we talked about a fake massacre, Haggard-level hypocrisy, forfeiting a football game due to cooties, and more!
73 min
Ep. 441 - A Texas-sized Loophole in a Christian...
This week, we talked about a Texas-sized loophole in a Christian law, a Big Bang fallacy, and Purity Culture’s take on self-pleasure.
77 min
Ep. 440 - The Attack on Salman Rushdie
This week, we talked about Salman Rushdie, “wokeism,” luxury watches, and more!
66 min
Ep. 439 - The Illegal, Christian "Hamilton" Saga
This week, we talked about Christian musicals, Satanic dress codes, hipster Catholicism, and more!
78 min
Ep. 438 - The Plight of Conservative Christian ...
This week, we talked about Christian furries, atheists in federal prisons, a “new style” of atheism, and more!
79 min
Ep. 437 - The Hypocrisy of an Anti-Gay Republican
This week, we talked about "theocratic" abortion bans, Scientology, Ted Haggard, and more!
71 min