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8 years ago I had a dream to start a Subscription Box service full of goodies for women to treat themselves and nurture the importance of self care. It took me a full 18 months to make it happen! I was paralyzed by ‘all the things’ I had to figure out with no one to turn to for guidance. That is why I created Launch Your Box! Maybe you need some direction on how to begin, or you are ready to grow your subscriber base. Either way, it all starts with an idea that can turn into a constant reoccurring revenue, a raving fan base, and a business to love. I will help you... Take your first steps and know where to start. Figuring out the logistics: packing, shipping, boxes, oh my! Learn how to launch, from idea to sales. Scale that box to the next level, go big or go home!

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145: Hitting $1 Million in Revenue This Year wi...
Join me and three of my Mastermind students to find out how they hit $1 Million in sales this year, what they contributed their success to, and how you can take what they did and apply it to your own business.
48 min
144: What’s Working Now in E-Commerce
Join me and my biz bestie Susan Bradley for this episode to learn what’s working in e-commerce now and how you can start implementing these strategies in your business today.
39 min
Sarah's Framework for a Live Unboxing Video
In this episode, I walk you through my step-by-step LIVE unboxing process. Follow this process to take the stress and uncertainty out of doing your LIVE unboxing… every month.
19 min
Sarah’s Strategies to 100 Subscribers and Beyond
Have you launched your subscription box but found yourself struggling to grow? Launching your subscription box is a HUGE milestone. Celebrate that! The next HUGE milestone for so many of my members is reaching 100 subscribers. Some - those with large, engaged audiences - do this during their first launch. Most don’t. I didn’t. Growing your subscription box to 100 subscribers and beyond takes time. It’s important to give yourself grace and time to get there while still staying focused and holding yourself accountable.
19 min
Never Stop Audience Building
Join me for this special episode as I revisit these top ten episodes and these wonderful subscription box owners. Each of these women shared her inspiring subscription box journey with us. Each of them also shared actionable tips and strategies - things they did to grow their audiences which in turn helped them grow their businesses.
28 min
143: Selling Out in 24 Hours Using the Waitlist...
Collecting people, finding your hottest leads, building a foundation for your subscription box launch… It’s all part of the Waitlist Plan I teach inside Launch Your Box. And by following that Waitlist Plan, Cathy Schwartz of Decorator Crafts sold out the launch of her Luxury Loops subscription box in only 24 hours. Join me for this episode and be inspired as Cathy tells us what can happen when you get consistent, follow the plan, and curate an exclusive experience for your subscribers.
38 min
142: 5 Ways to Reduce Small Business Overwhelm
So many business owners operate in a constant state of overwhelm. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this episode, I’m walking you through five things you can do to help reduce your overwhelm so you can thrive instead of just surviving.
29 min
141: Over 500 Subscribers with a Super Simple S...
Meet Launch Your Box member Emily Vincent of The Polka Dot Poodle. Emily is creative and fun and loves to give gifts. She doesn’t just “give” gifts, though - she presents them in a way that makes them seem personal and extra special. Emily is passionate about gift-giving and adding the special touches that take a gift and turn it into an experience for the recipient.
24 min
140: Scrub Your Email List and Improve Your Del...
You spend time writing engaging, value-packed emails to send to your list. Emails that - when people read them - help you connect with your audience and generate sales are incredibly valuable to your subscription box business. But are your emails ending up in spam folders? How and why does this happen and how can you keep it from happening?
20 min
139: The Missing Piece to Starting Your Subscri...
Join me for this episode and learn how Tabitha nurtured and grew an audience of raving fans and how identifying the missing piece finally put her on the road to subscription box success.
35 min
138: Building $10K in Monthly Recurring Revenue...
I’m interviewing one of my biz besties on this episode. I’m so excited to have Tamara back on the podcast to share another way she has brought a LOT of revenue into her business by staying focused on serving her customers where they are.
24 min
137: Give Q4 a Boost by Staying Focused on Reve...
Ready or not, the 4th quarter is here. It’s time to sell! The 4th quarter is crucial for any small business. It can make or break your year and generate the momentum you need going into the next year. The 4th quarter matters. I’ve been through nine 4th quarters in my business and I’ve learned a LOT along the way.
21 min
136: Pros & Cons of a Quarterly Subscription Box
We’ve talked about monthly and quarterly boxes and the pros and cons of each. But, there is one other option and it seems to be gaining in popularity: bi-monthly subscription boxes. Bi-monthly boxes are curated and fulfilled every other month. Some subscription box owners and subscribers find this to be just the right balance between a monthly box and a quarterly box. Join me for this episode as I talk about why there’s not an easy answer to the question, “Is it better to have a monthly or quarterly subscription box?” and walk you through the pros and cons of each.
13 min
135: 750 Pillow Subscriptions Sold in 5 Days wi...
Join me for this episode and learn what drives Stacey to continue to find new ways to serve her audience and grow her subscription business, and find out how close she is to hitting her goal of 1000 pillow subscriptions.
30 min
134: Never Give Up - Break Through the Plateau ...
Join me for this episode and get inspired by Lexie’s determination to just keep going and never give up on her dream on her way to reaching and passing her goal of 100 subscribers.
25 min
133: Why You Should Start A T-Shirt Subscription
I have a t-shirt subscription. Actually, I have two successful (and very profitable) t-shirt subscriptions: my T-Shirt Club and Tees 4 Teachers. And I’m not the only one growing thriving t-shirt subscriptions. LOTS of members of Launch Your Box are finding huge success with their own t-shirt subscriptions. With all this t-shirt subscription talk, you might be wondering if starting a t-shirt subscription is right for you.
12 min
Taking Your Side Hustle to a Full-time Gig
Before you quit your full-time job or make any major changes to your business, you need to ask - and answer - some questions. And you need to get really comfortable with your financial details, business and personal.
25 min
5 Ways to Scale Your Subscription Box Business
In this episode, I’m sharing 5 things you need to do to take your subscription box business to the next level - to scale your box.
18 min
132: 10 Truth Bombs to Understand About Your Su...
In this episode, I’m sharing 10 truth bombs that will have you looking at your business differently. Take the time to sit with and think about each of these to see how they might apply to you and your business.
25 min
131: How My Lazy Launch Doubled My Subscribers
I knew I did not have the bandwidth to show up in a launch the way I’d need to. But I didn’t want to not launch. What could I do? Was there a way I could launch and make it EASY and less taxing on me?
22 min
130: Are Paid Ads Worth It?
Are paid ads part of your subscription box marketing strategy? If not, why not? You might be wondering if paid ads are worth it. Or you might be where I was in the early days of my business, worried about where you’re spending money and not understanding the value of running paid ads.
29 min
129: Getting Out of Your Own Way and Gaining 10...
I’m excited to bring you this interview with a member of my Mastermind, Amy Green of Amy and Art. Amy’s journey to subscription box success has many twists and turns, wins and losses, and lessons learned. By never giving up, being open to trying new things, and finding the right coach and community to support her, Amy found the courage to do it her way.
39 min
128: Affiliate Marketing for Your Subscription ...
Have you thought about adding affiliate marketing to your subscription box business but you’re not sure where to start? Are you wondering where to find good affiliates and how to manage them on the back end? This episode is for you!
26 min
127: From 0 to 500 Subscribers on the First Lau...
I’m excited to bring you this interview with my good friend Cindy Manly of Art Shattered. Cindy has a successful membership with over 1200 members and has been selling one-time art supply kits for the past few years. If you’ve been selling one-time boxes and are wondering if a subscription is for you, you’re going to want to hear Cindy’s story!
37 min
126: Getting a Book Deal & Writing My Book
I never dreamed of writing a book. It wasn’t something that was on my bucket list. It really wasn’t something I’d ever given any thought to. So imagine my surprise when I found myself in the middle of a conversation with high-level people in the online entrepreneur space and best-selling authors telling me I should write a book. And then being offered a book deal by the CEO of a major publishing company.
23 min