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8 years ago I had a dream to start a Subscription Box service full of goodies for women to treat themselves and nurture the importance of self care. It took me a full 18 months to make it happen! I was paralyzed by ‘all the things’ I had to figure out with no one to turn to for guidance. That is why I created Launch Your Box! Maybe you need some direction on how to begin, or you are ready to grow your subscriber base. Either way, it all starts with an idea that can turn into a constant reoccurring revenue, a raving fan base, and a business to love. I will help you... Take your first steps and know where to start. Figuring out the logistics: packing, shipping, boxes, oh my! Learn how to launch, from idea to sales. Scale that box to the next level, go big or go home!

How To
165: Quit Being Extreme & Start Being Consisten...
Join me for this episode and learn how this duo went from 50 to more than 800 subscribers by being themselves, creating a plan, and never giving up… even when things got hard. Get ready to be inspired!
21 min
164: Baking Their Way to a Subscription Box Bus...
Join me for this episode and get inspired by four women who turned their passion for food and serving others into successful subscription box businesses.
58 min
Creating a One-Thing of the Month Subscription
How does a subscription that’s easier to manage and more profitable sound? Join me for this episode to learn more about why you should consider starting a one-thing of the month subscription.
19 min
Building an Audience in 90 Days and Selling out...
When you’re just getting started on your subscription box journey, it can be hard to imagine yourself successfully managing a thriving subscription. That’s when you need to seek inspiration from someone just a few steps ahead of you. Kathy Strahs from The Awayday Box is just that person.
39 min
163: Why a Subscription Box is a No-Brainer for...
What would your business look like a year from now if you had 100 subscribers, 500 subscribers, or even 1000 subscribers? Join me for this episode and learn why adding a subscription box to your product-based business could change everything!
19 min
162: What is Subscription Box Week?
What if one week could change everything? Join me for this episode and learn all about Subscription Week. It’s one week filled with endless possibilities.
19 min
161: The Costs of Starting a Subscription Box
Wondering about the costs of starting a subscription box? Join me for this episode to learn about the 5 main categories so you can confidently price your box and be profitable in month one.
24 min
160: 5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Subscript...
Have you been sitting on your subscription box idea for too long? Join me for this episode for 5 reasons to get it started right now. It’s time to stop sitting on the sidelines and start taking action.
15 min
159: 5 Simple Steps to Adding a Subscription to...
Do you have a product-based business? Are you selling products via an Etsy store, in a pop-up shop or a retail store? Are you selling one-off products online? Adding a subscription box to your existing business is a no-brainer and can offer you so many benefits!
26 min
It’s Time to Start Your Box!
Let’s start this year with a better plan, a plan to help you move forward because… It’s Time to Start Your Subscription Box!    Now is the time to get started the right way.    See, it’s hard to take steps forward with...
27 min
I Want to Start a Subscription Box Business - W...
Join me for this episode as I walk you through this first stage of your subscription box journey, sharing tips, strategies, and resources to help you get a strong start. Don’t miss my tips about naming your business - and your subscription box. It matters!
25 min
158: It's NEVER Too Late to Start, from Retirem...
It doesn’t matter if you are in your 30s, 40s, 50s, or beyond….it’s never too late to start your subscription box business. This episode is going to inspire the heck out of you.
28 min
157: Can Anyone Start a Subscription Box Business?
Join me for this episode and discover why I believe anyone can start a subscription box and how you can take the first steps toward making your subscription box dreams come true.
14 min
156: Is Your Business Too Vulnerable?
Join me for this episode and learn how to create strong, healthy marketing channels that sustain your business… no matter what.
16 min
Public Facing Content vs. Private Group Content...
Today’s episode was inspired by a question from a member of Launch Your Box - and a former guest on the podcast. Betsy Goodman shared her sold-out launch story in episode 93. Betsy is a maker and a teacher - she teaches lettering and wax seal techniques. Her work is beautiful and her question is a common one among subscription box owners who make or teach as part of their subscription.
17 min
155: Building Another Recurring Revenue Stream ...
Join me and Stu McLaren, my long-time mentor and membership expert, as we talk about why you should consider building a membership alongside your subscription box business.
38 min
154: Four Simple Steps To Gain Your First 1000 ...
Join me for this episode where I share a simple, 4-part action plan for gaining your first 1,000 Facebook followers.
25 min
153: Stop Worrying About Sales and Start Thinki...
Join me and Ciara Stockeland, inventory genius, as we get to the simple truth about inventory, margins, and profitability. Grab your earbuds and notebooks, and join us!
34 min
152: Streamline Your Subscription Box with a Fu...
Join me and Ryan from Lessgistics for this episode to learn what a 3rd party fulfillment center can do for your subscription box business and how the money you’ll save on shipping costs can just about pay for the fulfillment services!
40 min
Free Shipping vs Charging for Shipping
In this episode, I go deep on all things shipping. The truth is, there’s no easy answer to the free shipping or charging for shipping question. There is no one-size fits all strategy when it comes to shipping charges. There may even be more than one answer for your business.
16 min
151: 3 Website Platforms for Your Subscription ...
Join me for this episode where I share my top three website platforms for subscription box businesses and the pros and cons of each. Don’t let tech stop you from moving forward.
24 min
Maximize the Value of Your Small Audience
Join me for this episode as we talk about why a large following isn’t necessary for subscription box success and how you can maximize the value of your small audience.
24 min
150: Are You Giving Your Business Enough Consis...
Join me for this episode as we talk about why it’s so important to be consistent in your business and the five areas you need to be consistent in to build a successful subscription box business.
17 min
149: From Waitlist to Launch - Identifying Pote...
Join me for this episode as we talk about what you need to do between building your waitlist and your launch to build your authority, nurture your prospective subscribers, and increase your conversion rate.
26 min
148: From 15 to 200 Subscribers in a Year with ...
Join me for this episode to learn how Bridget grew her subscription box from 15 to 200 subscribers in a year and what changes she needs to make to continue to grow despite rising ad costs.
39 min