The Malliard Report

Join host Jim Malliard for the weekly podcast that ventures into the fringe, the unusual, and even current events and is not afraid to ask the tough questions.

Navigating the Media and Advertising Landscape
Hear the Expert Advice of JVsion Advertising's Founder and CEO Jennifer Firpo on The Malliard Report
59 min
What 2021 Might Look Like | Predictions and Upd...
Making Sense of the Pandemic, Politics and Technology in the New Year
60 min
Exploring Andrew Pyper's Novel, The Residence
A Conversation about Writing in the Supernatural Genre
60 min
George Noory & Whitley Strieber on The Malliard...
Join Jim Malliard as He Welcomes Two Guests to Talk About Paranormal Phenomena and Alien Abductions
60 min
Exploring the Role of Evidence-Based Medicine i...
A Fascinating Discussion with Professor Goldman and Host Jim Malliard on The Malliard Report
60 min
Training Yourself to Achieve Your Best: The Mor...
Unlocking the Benefits of Digital Wearables, Human Micro-Shipping, and Improving Your Golf Swing with Expert Morry Zelcovitch
60 min
De-Escalate Conflicts and Difficult Conversatio...
Learn How to Calm an Angry Person in 90 Seconds or Less with Tips from Doug Noll's Book De-Escalate
60 min
Interview with Priyanka Komala: Navigating Chal...
Hear Priyanka's inspiring story and gain insight on the unique challenges that women face in STEM.
59 min
Hear Megan Gehring's Story of Her First Alien ...
Tune in to The Malliard Report to hear Megan’s incredible story of her first alien encounter, and learn more about UFOs, paranormal investigations, and remote viewing.
60 min
Exploring Diplomacy and International Affairs w...
Learn About Arthur Lenk's Experience as an Ambassador in Multiple Nations
59 min
The Malliard Report: Breaking Down Barriers and...
Exploring Education and Understanding for a More Open and Tolerant Society
60 min
Unpacking UFO Disclosure with Michael Horn - Th...
Tune in to Hear Michael Horn's Views on the Government's Role in UFO Cover-Ups and the Current State of Ufology
60 min
The Malliard Report: A Must-Listen Podcast for...
Stay Informed with Expert Analysis from Matt Stoller and Guests
60 min
The Dangers of Drinking Soda: A Discussion with...
Learn How to Safely Enjoy a Soda with Tips from a Preventative Health and Wellness Physician
60 min
Engaging Current Events Analysis on The Malliar...
Jim and Jon Mallard Offer Insightful and Informative Look at the News and Events of the Day
59 min
Understanding Facial Expressions on The Malliar...
Exploring the Nuances of Facial Expressions with Dan Hill
60 min
The Malliard Report - Featuring Seafood Guru, S...
Learn Sustainable Seafood Recipes and the Art of Creating the Perfect Sandwich
60 min
The Malliard Report: An Interview with Ben Care...
Hear Ben's Incredible Story of His Musical Career and Experience at the Route 91 Harvest Festival
60 min
The Forgotten History of the Assassination Atte...
Uncovering the Plot to Kill Lincoln's Secretary of State with Historians Brad Meltzer and Josh Mensch
60 min
The Malliard Report - MMA, the Future, and Pat ...
A Conversation with MMA Legend Pat Miletich on the Future of the Sport, His Journey, and His Podcast
60 min
Examining the Global Economy with Harry Dent
Understanding the Impact of the Oil Industry and the Possibility of a V-Shaped Recovery
60 min
Jude Morrow's Inspiring Story of Overcoming His...
How Reading and Writing Helped Him Cope and Achieve Success as a Public Speaker and Author
60 min
Exploring the Claims of Swiss UFO Contactee Bil...
Discover the Evidence, Warnings, and Implications of Meier's UFO Contacts
60 min
Learn About the Importance of a Comprehensive P...
Hear Expert Advice on School Safety from Dr. David Perrodin on the Malliard Report
60 min
Bob Leavine: An Inside Look at NASCAR Team Owne...
Hear Bob's Thoughts on the Current State of the Sport and His Team's Plans for the Upcoming Season
60 min