The Malliard Report

Join host Jim Malliard for the weekly podcast that ventures into the fringe, the unusual, and even current events and is not afraid to ask the tough questions.

Exploring the Need for Prison Reform with Dr. K...
A Former Correctional Officer and Criminologist Shares Her Unique Perspective on the American Prison System
60 min
Energy Healing with Elena Servidio-Schwinn: Unl...
Tapping into Your Intuition to Transform Your Life with Elena Servidio-Schwinn and Jim
59 min
Invest in Real Estate with Tal Iozef - Learn Ho...
A Comprehensive Guide to Real Estate Investing - Flipping, Wholesaling, and Renting | Expert Advice from Tal Iozef
59 min
Exploring Disclosure with Jack Brewer on the Ma...
Join Us to Hear Jack's Insights on Area 51, UFOs, and More
59 min
The History and Future of GPS Technology - Expl...
Discover the Origins of GPS and How It Has Evolved Over the Years with Historian Richard D. Easton
60 min
Mark Anthony on The Malliard Report: Exploring ...
Navigating the World, Disclosure, and Contact with the Spirit Realm
59 min
The Malliard Report: Exploring the Paranormal, ...
Learn about the Different Types of Paranormal Experiences, How to Connect with Your Guides and Develop a Spiritual Practice.
60 min
Exploring the Unknown: An Interview with Nathan...
Join The Malliard Report as we talk to Nathaniel J. Gillis about his research and experiences with the paranormal, and get his thoughts on how it affects our lives.
60 min
Exploring Reincarnation and Past Lives with D. ...
Discover the Mysteries of Karma and Soulmates with Award-Winning Author and Expert, D. Eric Maikranz on the Malliard Report
60 min
Interview with Manu Intiraymi: The Man Behind t...
Hear Manu's Thought-Provoking Insights and Learn Why The Circuit is a Must-See on the Malliard Report
59 min
Exploring the Paranormal with KJ McGlinn on the...
Investigating the Unknown and the Evolution of Fandom with KJ McGlinn
60 min
The Malliard Report: A Conversation with Kat Wa...
Exploring the Paranormal with Kat Ward and Jim Malliard
59 min
Christian Espinosa - Leadership Development & M...
Hear Christian's Journey to Success, Advice on Taking Risks & Growing as a Leader
59 min
Ward Burton: A Look Into the Life of a Professi...
Hear Stories and Anecdotes From His Time on the Track and Learn About His Philanthropic Work with the Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation
59 min
Exploring the Paranormal with Jim Harold - An I...
Learn about Jim's Experiences in the Paranormal Community and How Technology Can Help Further Research
60 min
Interview with Crowbar: The Journey of a Wrestl...
An Exclusive Look at the Life and Career of Christopher Ford
60 min
Learn to Read Tells and Exploit Your Opponents ...
Get an Edge on the Competition and Hear Strategies from the Author of Reading Poker Tells, Verbal Poker Tells, and Exploiting Poker Tells
60 min
An Insightful Conversation with Entertainment R...
Get the latest news on Hollywood, the Oscars, and the Changing Landscape of Media
60 min
Navigating the Ever-Changing Small Business an...
Insight into the Current Economic Climate with David Strausser on The Malliard Report
59 min
The Real Men in Black: Uncovering the Mystery o...
.Exploring the Evidence and True Stories of These Mysterious Men with Nick Redfern
60 min
Travis Irvine: A Renaissance Man Making Waves i...
Tune in to the Malliard Report to Hear More from Travis Irvine, a True Renaissance Man
60 min
Taking Time Out to Relax and Celebrate Life’s L...
The Malliard Report with Dr. Devon Price: An Insightful Discussion on the Importance of Self-Care
60 min
Exploring the Paranormal with Medium and Invest...
Hear Katie Turner's Journey as a Medium and Learn How to Connect with Spirits in a Respectful and Safe Manner
60 min
Exploring the Paranormal Field with Dave Schrader
A Look Into the Life and Work of a Paranormal Researcher and Host on The Malliard Report
60 min
Navigating the Media and Advertising Landscape
Hear the Expert Advice of JVsion Advertising's Founder and CEO Jennifer Firpo on The Malliard Report
59 min