The Malliard Report

Join host Jim Malliard for the weekly podcast that ventures into the fringe, the unusual, and even current events and is not afraid to ask the tough questions.

Jim Malliard Features Christopher Olson on the ...
Chatting Paranormal, Conspiracies, Music, Food and Coffee with Jim's Small Team Member
60 min
The New Wave of Upcoming Sociopaths - Featuring...
Mental Health Awareness in the Time with the Pop Culture Professor, Rebecca Housel
59 min
Unveiling the Secrets of a Pharmacist's World -...
Join Jim Malliard as he interviews the CEO of the Pharmacy Podcast Network, Todd Eury, to discuss the profession of pharmacy, specialty medications, and the opioid crisis.
60 min
Jim Malliard Welcomes His Better Half, Tabby Ma...
Join Jim and Tabby as They Share Insight Into What a Day in the Life Looks Like and Uncover Stories from When They First Got Together
59 min
The Future of AI Use in Call Centers with Tom L...
Learn how AI is revolutionizing the customer service experience and how it can create a brighter future for both customers and employees.
60 min
Navigating the Complicated World of Estate Plan...
Understanding the Mechanics of Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer with the Expertise of a Lawyer
60 min
Psychic Profiler Carla Baron Shares Insight on ...
Join Jim Malliard as He Talks with Psychic Profiler Carla Baron and Learns More About the Mysterious Natalee Holloway Case
59 min
The Safety Doc Returns to The Malliard Report
David P. Perrodin, PhD, Unpacks a Lot in This Heavy Episode
60 min
The New York Sci-Fi Film Festival: An Interview...
Exploring the Plausible and Unbelievable in Science Fiction Film Making
60 min
Lighting the Spark of Achievement: The Inspirin...
Overcoming Obstacles to Find Success in Movement and Mindfulness
60 min
Mental Health Awareness: An Interview with Crys...
Navigating Life's Journey with Resiliency, Mental Health Education, and Healthy Coping Strategies
59 min
The Malliard Report: Zachary Green, Military Se...
Hear Zachary Green’s Story of Resilience, Determination and Success in the Military and Business Worlds
59 min
Finding Your Calling with Alec Kassan - The Mal...
Discover Strategies, Tools, and Insight to Turn Things Around Immediately and Find Certainty in Your Direction with The Current Christian Host and Creator, Alec Kassan.
59 min
Peeking Behind the Curtain - Exploring Life as ...
Learn What It's Really Like to Be an Actor and Hear Insights from Sean Dillingham on The Malliard Report
60 min
The Malliard Report: Unlocking the Mysteries of...
Uncovering the Realities of Dreams and Visions with Gloria Hass on The Malliard Report
59 min
Cotton Coated Conspiracy: Uncovering the Conspi...
An Investigative Series on the Testimony of John McFerren and the Events of April 4, 1968.
60 min
Navigating the Changing Landscape of Parenting ...
Examining the Impact of Modern Day Pressures on the Well-Being of Our Children
59 min
The Malliard Report: Mental Health for Millenni...
Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health Issues Through Podcasting
59 min
Uncovering the Future of Paranormal Research wi...
Exploring the Evolving Landscape of the Paranormal Genre with Alex Matsuo on The Malliard Report
60 min
Uncovering Cryptocurrency: An Interview with Ch...
.An In-depth Conversation on the Growing World of Crypto, Block Chain and Anonymous Transactions
60 min
Paranormal Expert Lon Strickler - Author, Resea...
Follow His Investigations, Reports and Media Appearances on Ancient Aliens, Paranormal Witness and Monsters and Mysteries in America
60 min
Uncovering the Reality of Fake Healers and Ener...
Join Jim Malliard on The Malliard Report as he sits down with Maya Marcotte to explore the complexities of fake healers, energy attachments and learn how to get rid of them.
59 min
Uncovering the Truth Behind Project Star Gate:...
An In-Depth Look at the U.S. Military's Secret Program with Remote Viewer and Naturopathic Healer Dr. Kimberly McGeorge on The Malliard Report
59 min
Unlocking the Power of the Pyramids with Christ...
Exploring Divine Healing & the Global Enlightenment Project
60 min
An Interview with Jesse Bradley: From Professio...
Finding Faith and Sharing the Gospel Through His Platform
59 min