The Malliard Report

Join host Jim Malliard for the weekly podcast that ventures into the fringe, the unusual, and even current events and is not afraid to ask the tough questions.

Unlocking the Power of Geomancy with Dan Shaw:...
The Malliard Report Interviews Dan Shaw, an Alchemist Specializing in Geomancy, to Discuss the Benefits of Connecting with the Earth’s Energies.
60 min
Striving for Success Despite Autism: An Intervi...
Learn About Their Story, Their Book, and Their Inspiring Work with Employing Those with Disabilities
60 min
Foray Into the Paranormal: Advice and Warnings ...
Learn the Dos and Don'ts of Investigating the Unusual and Unexplained this Halloween Season
60 min
Psychic Medium Kelle Sutliff: Unlocking the Rea...
18 Years of Experience Providing Comfort and Inspiration to Grieving Souls
59 min
Get the Latest News and Entertainment with The ...
An Insightful Podcast Hosted with Jesse Ventura
60 min
Hear Dr. Rebecca Housel, The Pop Culture Profes...
Get an In-Depth Look at the Paranormal and the Weird with The Pop Culture Professor™
60 min
Exclusive Podcast Episode with Award-Winning Au...
Get the Facts from Larry Olmsted, Author of Real Food Fake Food, on The Malliard Report
60 min
School Safety Expert David Perrodin Discusses H...
Examining Inter-Agency Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Learning from Mistakes to Create Safer Schools
60 min
Jim Malliard Welcomes Dixie Cryptid to The Mall...
Delve Deeper into Bigfoot, Dogmen and Other Cryptid Mysteries
59 min
Kevin Benton: Combining Martial Arts and Media ...
Hear from Kevin Benton on The Malliard Report as He Shares His Journey from Martial Arts to Acting and Directing
60 min
Scott Wolter Discusses His Research on the Kens...
An In-Depth Look at the Norse Exploration of North America and Its Implications
60 min
Unlocking the Power of Intuition with Elena Ser...
Using Intuition to Unlock Spiritual Growth and Creative Problem-Solving
59 min
Unlocking the Power of Intuition with Barry Str...
A Conversation with Jesus Christ Reveals the Secrets of Intuition and Awareness.
60 min
Exploring the Life and Lessons of Judge Herb D...
Navigating the Legal System with Judge Dodell - Spiritual & Emotional Wellness, Current & Future Trends, and Advice for Young Lawyers
60 min
Exploring the Paranormal with Dave Considine on...
Joining Dave Considine on his Journey of Investigations and Discussions of the Strange and Unusual
60 min
John Vivanco - Exploring Remote Viewing and the...
An Insight into the Practice of Remote Viewing and Ethical Considerations
60 min
Exploring Star Trek Continues with Vic and Marc
Discovering the Passion Behind the Fan-Funded Series
60 min
Unpacking the History, Legal Landscape, and Fut...
Jen Hobbs has been a publicity consultant for the greater part of her career, representing Oscar and Emmy award-winning clients as well as politicians and authors. She has worked behind-the-scenes with Jesse Ventura since 2007,
60 min
Uncovering the Truth Behind the JFK Assassinati...
Fred published his first book, Conservative Confidential: Inside the Fabulous Blue Tent, which detailed his journey from left-wing anti-nuclear activist to becoming a gadfly on the right. I was a Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak is his second book.
60 min
Exploring the Psychic Mediumship of Mark Anthon...
Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer and Psychic Explorer is a world-renowned fourth generation science based evidential psychic medium who communicates with spirits. He is the author of the critically acclaimed Amazon and spiritual bestsellers Never Lettin...
59 min
Interview with John Kiriakou: Whistleblowing, t...
Understanding the Consequences of Exposing the Truth with a Former CIA Officer
60 min
Exploring Scientific Skepticism with Brian Dunn...
Science writer BriabnDunning is the host and producer of the Skeptoid podcast and the author of seven books on scientific skepticism. He is the writer and presenter of the documentary films Here Be Dragons and Principles of Curiosity.
59 min
Exploring the Occult with Mitch Horowitz
Mitch Horowitz is a writer-in-residence at the New York Public Library, a lecturer-in-residence at the University of Philosophical Research in Los Angeles, and the PEN Award-winning author of books including Occult America; One Simple Idea: How Positiv...
60 min
Chatting with Mitchel Cohen About His Fight Aga...
Mitchel Cohen is also an author of multiple publications including his most recent The Fight Against Monsanto's Roundup: The Politics of Pesticides.
59 min
Exploring the World of Cryptids with Brian Seech
Brian has a passion for researching cryptids and various other unknowns, is the Research Coordinator for the Center for Unexplained Events, and facilitator for one of the largest and longest running paranormal conventions in the Pennsylvania area.
60 min