The Malliard Report

Join host Jim Malliard for the weekly podcast that ventures into the fringe, the unusual, and even current events and is not afraid to ask the tough questions.

Charting the Course for AI's Future: Insights w...
Pondering the Future of Artificial Intelligence with Dave Bross
60 min
Overcoming Barriers in the Biofuel Industry wit...
The Struggle for Algae-Based Energy and Climate Change Solutions
68 min
The Healing Moment: Exploring the Seven Paths t...
Discovering Your Inner Voice: A Journey to Healing and Fulfillment
60 min
The Future of AI in Schools: Information Veloci...
Education in the Age of AI: Addressing Information Overload and Ethical Issues
60 min
Behind the Headlines: Unraveling the Penn State...
The Penn State Scandal: Media Manipulation and the Quest for Justice
60 min
The Double-Edged Sword of Advanced Technology
The Challenge of Finding Valid Information in a World of Misinformation
60 min
Erica Lukes: Debunking The Myths About UFOs
UFO Researcher & Historian - Discusses Various Topics Related To UFOs
62 min
Exploring the UFO Phenomenon with Cheryl Costa ...
Get an Inside Look at the UFO Phenomenon and Learn the Latest from a New York Resident's Point of View
59 min
Exploring Extraterrestrial Contact and Experien...
Join Jim Mallard and Leslie Mitchell Clark as They Examine the Complexities and Implications of Contact with Extraterrestrial Beings
59 min
Uncovering the Mysteries of UFOs: Recent Sighti...
Investigating the Phenomenon of Unidentified Flying Objects and Our Place in the Universe.
60 min
Exploring the JFK Assassination with Fred Litwin
Examining Oliver Stone's Myths and the Tragedy of Lee Harvey Oswald's Untimely End
60 min
Responsible Pet Ownership for Rat Care
Assessing Health and Friendliness, Rat Rescue and Community Involvement, and Multiple Rats for Companionship
59 min
Navigating the Waters of Acting with James Quinn
53 min
Daniel Bautz on 'The Blood of Life'
59 min
Love is the Answer to All of Our Struggles and ...
Unlocking the Power of Love Through Jeannie Thompson's Story of Self-Discovery and Career Re-Alignment
60 min
Exploring the South Pole with Wayne L. White: S...
An Interview with Wayne L. White, Station Manager and Author of His Experience in the South Pole
60 min
Exploring the Next World: Extraordinary Experie...
A Conversation with Jim Malliard about Near-Death Experiences, Ancient Cultural Beliefs, and the Spiritual Perspective on Life and Death.
60 min
Jim Malliard Welcomes Tanner Campbell to Discus...
Exploring Stoicism from Ancient Greece to Modern Times with Tanner Campbell and Jim Malliard
60 min
The Malliard Report: Bringing the Family Togeth...
Exploring the Responsibilities of Taking Care of Animals, Cyber Charter School Experiences, and Dumpster Diving Adventures
58 min
Pet Ownership: The Conversation and The Liability
Understanding the Responsibilities of Pet Ownership and the Potential Hazards of Faking a Service Animal
60 min
Growing Your Spiritual Talents with Dr. Kimberl...
A Unique Father and Son Episode with Jim and Skyler Malliard
59 min
Listen Differently - Unlocking Deeper Connectio...
Learn how to improve your life, relationships, and business by listening differently with author and professional keynote speaker Christine Miles.
60 min
The Malliard Report: Discovering the Principles...
Exploring the Japanese Religion Established 40 Years Ago & Its Faithful Producer Yoichi Utebi in a Fascinating Episode of The Malliard Report
60 min
Exploring the Rapidly Evolving Safety and Secur...
Dive into the World of Physical and Cyber Security Solutions with Industry Expert Steve Surfaro on the Malliard Report
59 min
Unlocking the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt with ...
Exploring King Tutankhamun, Ancient Egyptian Architecture and More with the World-Renowned Psychic Medium
59 min