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Why Energy Is Underperforming
China is open for business, so why is energy struggling?
23 min
Are people evacuating soft landing island?
US Equities sold off as yields and the US dollar rose after the Key Fed Inflation measures rose higher than expected.
31 min
Is There Pain Ahead for Risk Assets?
US equities chugged along, trying to snap a five-day losing streak after a hawkish fed outlook.
34 min
Can Anyone Out-Hawk the Fed?
The Fed has made its stance clear: more rate hikes to come. But what other risks should investors be watching?
40 min
Are Markets in for a Rough Ride?
U.S. stocks are falling to start the week. Will tomorrow’s FOMC minutes add to the pain?
33 min
​ Tim Ferriss, Raoul Pal & Mark Hart on Hedge F...
Dive into this masterclass from the RV Classics vault!
57 min
Why a Post-Lockdown China Is Raising Red Flags ...
China's reopening is making Andreas worry about the standout market of 2022.
20 min
How Aggressive Does the Fed Need to Get?
Is the market beginning to price in more rate hikes?
33 min
The Battle Against Inflation is Far From Over
Markets digested another stronger-than-expected inflation metric. Are we all being too optimistic?
33 min
Is the Options Market Calling Off Recession?
Stocks remain range-bound as immense hedging keeps volatility compressed. What could change that?
33 min
Are Markets Too Complacent About Inflation?
Inflation is moderating slowly but remains sticky. Have markets moved on to the next concern?
32 min
Markets Turn Their Gaze to CPI
All eyes are on January consumer prices tomorrow, as investors wonder what comes next. Here s what to expect.
35 min
Beer with Tony Greer
An intimate and interactive session with an RV favorite.
89 min
Why You Shouldn't Get Too Comfortable Holding R...
What's the "Waller Rule," and what does it have to do with dollar liquidity and your investments?
21 min
The Soft Landing Narrative Is a Trap (!)
The S&P 500 is on track for its first losing week since December, so are investors starting to change their tune?
32 min
Is This Rally Just a Blip?
Stocks dipped just as sentiment flipped bullish. Are investors jumping the gun?
33 min
Inflation Is the Solution
The bear market has been painful -- but the suffering may be the cure for our highly levered global economy.
39 min
Powell Reasserts “Tighter for Longer”
Despite inflation coming down, the Fed continues to emphasize the long road ahead.
31 min
Uncertainty Has a Grip on Markets
With a strong labor market, financial conditions could get tighter for longer. Is the message finally sinking in?
32 min
New Dollar Liquidity Set to Make a Splash in Ma...
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen stated that the U.S. will breach its debt ceiling this week.
18 min
U.S. Jobs Report Flexes on Markets
The markets have a choice to make. These are the 5 potential outcomes that investors need to know.
32 min
Is This the Beginning of a New Bull Market?
More tightening from the Fed could be on the horizon this year. Investors are charging ahead anyway.
35 min
The Fed Has Much More Work To Do
After today's interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve, futures markets are still pricing in cuts this year.
34 min
What's the Housing Market Telling Us?
The stock market remains resilient, but is the U.S. housing market sending different signals to the Fed?
31 min
Will Tech Earnings Deliver?
With tech earnings and the Fed's next interest rate decision coming this week, which way will the pendulum swing?
32 min