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Has the Equity Market Rally Run Its Course? w/ ...
The debt ceiling agreement keeps the market on edge, leading to a decline in equities.
37 min
Is There a Risk of Another Flare-up in Banking?...
The debt ceiling agreement weighs on the market, while Nvidia's valuation crosses $1 Trillion.
31 min
UK Commercial Real Estate Is Undervalued w/ Tom...
A multi-asset strategist shares why UK office and commercial real estate are his "Next Big Trade."
44 min
Roy Behren: How a Risk Specialist Unlocks Marke...
A merger arbitrage trader shares his 3 best ideas for generating alpha in these sideways markets.
46 min
Is The Fed Back in Play?
Hot inflation data didn't impact the market, as it races higher on the back of an AI frenzy and talks of a debt ceiling agreement being reached.
41 min
What Are The Safe Haven Plays In This Messy Mar...
Amidst the ongoing debt ceiling talks, NVIDIA's impressive earnings report sends the stock soaring to a new 52-week high.
31 min
Can Nvidia Top Lofty Expectations? w/ Thomas Th...
The Fed could be considering a pause on rate hikes in June as the default deadline approaches.
33 min
Time To Take Profits in Tech? w/ Greg Weldon
The US debt ceiling talks drag on as the market takes another spill.
28 min
The Debt Ceiling, Are You Ready For It? w/ Pete...
Markets stall while looking for clues about the US debt ceiling.
32 min
Steno's Signals: Liquidity Will Soon Be Drier t...
Will the old adage "sell in May and go away" apply in 2023?
31 min
Unpacking Modern Monetary Theory w/ Warren Mosler
How does one of the leading voices of Modern Monetary Theory think about the macro environment today?
68 min
Strategies for Navigating the Market Chop with ...
Powell eyes a pause, Yellen hints at the need for more rate hikes, and debt ceiling talks face challenges... what a way to end the week.
31 min
What's Driving Global Markets? Live AMA with Ra...
Join us for an exclusive session with Raoul Pal on macro, markets, and AI
27 min
Are Bulls and Bears Both in for a Beating? w/ D...
Oil shakes off demand fears and U.S. stocks jump on the hopes of a debt ceiling deal.
34 min
Can You Trust the Recession Signals? w/ Tavi Costa
Stocks tumble as some key data and underwhelming Home Depot earnings indicate a slowing economy.
33 min
Is Oil Forming a Bottom? w/ Tony Greer
Stocks start the week muted as commodities tick up on the back of a weaker dollar.
30 min
How to Profit as the Dollar Fades w/ Larry McDo...
Larry McDonald shares his best plays for the next market cycle.
34 min
Flipping The Bird: Elon vs. Twitter
From Wondery, Flipping The Bird: Elon vs. Twitter is a new podcast that unravels the fascinating story of Elon Musk’s unexpected bid to buy Twitter, and all of the drama that has happened since then.
4 min
Does the Fed's Framework Still Work? w/ Dennis ...
Stocks ended the week down on renewed concerns about the economy. Has the Fed reached its breaking point?
29 min
The "Boringest Exciting Market" Ever? w/ Jared ...
Banking stress continues as markets look to end the week with little movement.
32 min
Is the U.S. Economy Starting to Roll Over?
Stocks gave up this morning's gains after CPI showed more signs of slowing inflation.
32 min
Is the Worst Case Priced into Tech?
Debt ceiling talks proceed as eager investors wait for tomorrow's inflation data.
33 min
Will Inflation Give the Fed Room to Pause?
Markets traded sideways as investors digest economic data, a regional bank rebound, and Warren Buffet's comments.
32 min
Raoul Pal on The Exponential Age and the Every...
Unraveling the Exponential Age: AI, Crypto, QE & Beyond!
104 min
Raoul Pal & Michael Howell: Why Liquidity Matte...
A bull market in liquidity started in October of 2022, and we know liquidity leads asset markets.
47 min