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Raoul Pal & Michael Howell: Why Liquidity Matte...
A bull market in liquidity started in October of 2022, and we know liquidity leads asset markets.
47 min
What AI Means for Jobs Growth and Your Portfolio
Yields and stocks surged after the April jobs report showed a labor market that still won't quit.
33 min
Dominos Keep Falling in the Banking Sector
Contagion fears are mounting as shares of more regional banks sold off sharply on Thursday.
31 min
Hike and Pause: What the Fed Decision Means for...
As expected, the Fed raised interest rates another 25-basis points while signaling that a pause could come next.
58 min
One More Rate Hike on Deck?
All eyes are on tomorrow's Federal Reserve interest rate decision as U.S. investors wonder whether markets can handle more pressure.
38 min
Will the Dollar Decline Continue?
What comes next after JP Morgan absorbs First Republic Bank?
34 min
Russell Clark: Investing Ideas for a New Macro ...
Find out how Russell Clark views the global economy and how he's investing for it.
46 min
An Upcoming Contraction in the Broader Energy C...
With natural gas having had a major correction and uranium experiencing some weakness, is oil next to drop?
39 min
Recession? What Recession?
Prices stay high as investors wonder whether recession will be avoided at a cost.
33 min
Is It Time to Go Digging for Gold?
U.S. GDP for the first quarter of 2023 rose slower than estimates, refreshing stagflationary fears for investors.
39 min
How Much More Stress Can These Markets Handle?
The banking sector is back under pressure as First Republic's stock continues to plummet. Will we see spillover?
31 min
Banking Stress is Back Again
Volatility spiked and the market tumbled as earnings season continues, with First Republic Bank down more than 40%.
34 min
Will Big Tech Be a Big Disappointment?
All eyes are on Tech earnings as investors look for the next stock rotation.
34 min
Man vs. Machine: The Intersection of Technology...
"The collision between emerging technologies and fundamental human needs is where you can see the future."
79 min
Understanding OPEC's Surprise Move
The Saudi-led cut has drawn criticism from the Biden administration.
45 min
Which Mistake Would The Fed Prefer To Make?
Harry Melandri joins the show to assess whether there’s any cure for this global economic hangover?
35 min
Should Investors Still Be Afraid of the Fed?
As earnings season unfolds, is the VIX warning investors of a new window of weakness?
33 min
How Low Can Volatility Go?
U.S. markets stall as the VIX hits a new 52-week low. What's next?
33 min
What’s on Raoul Pal's Mind?
Ask Raoul anything as he takes over the Daily Briefing.
67 min
Will Earnings Be a Catalyst for Bulls?
As corporate earnings season rolls on, let's take a technical look at the price action.
32 min
Raoul Pal & Fvckrender: A Leading Digital Artis...
Want to know what it's like becoming a premiere digital artist?
43 min
What Are Bank Earnings Telling Us?
Markets struggle despite strong bank earnings.
61 min
Staying Afloat in a Sea of Data
U.S. producer prices fell in March as stocks, gold, and crypto all pushed higher.
35 min
Is Inflation Cooling Enough for the Fed?
The annual inflation rate for March touched the lowest level since May 2021. But what's beneath the surface?
35 min
All Eyes on Tomorrow's CPI Print
U.S. markets are mixed and BTC is bouncing as investors await tomorrow's inflation data.
32 min