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The Nuclear Investment Opportunity
"There are titanic forces at play bringing back nuclear."
41 min
Will China's Economy Come Out Swinging?
Investors are betting on the nation's reopening to be a force of nature -- but will it be as grand as they hope?
19 min
What's Actually Priced In?
Is good news good enough? Why chaotic conditions and bullish technicals are aligning for this big trade.
31 min
Recession: Past, Present, or Future?
Did GDP just confirm that a soft landing is possible? Or is a data discrepancy telling a totally different story?
33 min
The Options Market Has a Message
Stocks continue to swing as options traders call the Fed's bluff in a major way.
34 min
When Will the Green Shoots Narrative End?
Business conditions contracted again as traders try to determine how much more upside this market contains.
33 min
Is This Stock Breakout a Fake-out?
Stocks are breaking out, but does the global macro landscape support a move higher?
33 min
Is This the End of US Dominance?
A confluence of extraordinary circumstances has disrupted post-World War II power structures, perhaps for good.
51 min
Why Consumer Prices Will Plummet (And How to Pl...
Andreas Steno Larsen breaks down the most important themes in global macro. This week it's falling inflation.
21 min
Is it Time to Take Profits?
Will cooler heads prevail at the Fed? Jared Dillian joins the show to discuss what s driving the market action and what might happen next.
31 min
Is the Bear Market Back to Bite Us Again?
Stocks feel some gravity as investors try to decide when to trust a rally.
35 min
BoJ Sends a Message to the Markets
Are you paying close enough attention to what's happening in Japan?
37 min
The State of Play for Commodities
Bank earnings warn of a recession on the horizon. Do commodities agree?
29 min
5 Questions, 3 Guests: Joseph Wang, Andy Consta...
Real Vision brings you this series to help prepare investors for the year ahead
10 min
5 Questions, 2 Guests: Felix Zulauf and Cullen ...
If 2023 is as turbulent as 2022, patience is the name of the game.
8 min
From Hurricane to Mild recession, What Changed?
The global macro landscape is shifting. Will earnings season bring the markets back down to earth?
30 min
Is the Market Mispricing the Fed?
Has the Fed lost all credibility, or is a "soft landing" really on the horizon?
35 min
Inflation and China Take Center Stage
Will China's reopening wreak havoc on the recession narrative?
33 min
What a Drought Would Mean for Inflation?
With extreme flooding in California is a drought really in the cards?
34 min
Just Another Bear Market Rally?
Tech led the recent equity rally higher on Monday. Can this price action last, or is another landmine looming?
33 min
5 Questions, 2 Guests: Milton Berg and Mish Sch...
Uncertainty breeds opportunity. Keep your eye out for the best performing assets in 2023.
8 min
5 Questions, 3 Guests: Mike Coolbaugh, Diego Pa...
2023 is here -- be prepared "embrace volatility"
10 min
Is This What a Soft Landing Looks Like?
Peter Boockvar joins Maggie Lake to explain what it will take for the market to find a bottom.
32 min
Melt up to Melt Down
Michael Gayed and Andreas Steno Larsen on the market setup and a steamy U.S. labor market.
34 min
The Fed Stays Strong: Higher Rates for Longer
Darius Dale joins Maggie Lake to make sense of the market’s response to the latest FOMC minutes.
33 min