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Early playoff lessons and reactions
The NBA Playoffs are here! And while the Orlando Magic are not in them, we are still drawing lessons from them.
29 min
Steve Clifford is the right guy
The Orlando Magic should be reviewing every part of their franchise after a disappointing season. That review should review Steve Clifford is the right coach to lead this team.
30 min
The optimistic look to the future
Jeff Weltman is ready to move forward after a rough season as he views a bright future for the Orlando Magic.
46 min
What comes next?
The Orlando Magic season is officially over. So what comes next for the team as we decompress from a long year?
29 min
Hope is all that is left after the end
The Orlando Magic finished the job, securing the top odds in the Lottery. All they have to sell is hope after a dismal season.
28 min
No consistency, no execution, two games left
The Orlando Magic are drifting toward the end of their season as they again struggled to execute and build off a solid effort in their last game.
27 min
Orlando Magic speak up and be prepared
After Sunday's loss a key veteran spoke up and delivered a message to the team. While the Orlando Magic still lost, that message was received.
32 min
Orlando Magic laying a new foundation to close ...
The Orlando Magic are already thinking about next season and how they can lay their foundation now to help build momentum toward the offseason.
27 min
Orlando Magic's first rebuild happens at home
The Orlando Magic will have to rebuild themselves again next year. The first place htey need to start is with rebuilding their play at home at the Amway Center.
31 min
Orlando Magic stat hunting in the final weeks, ...
The Orlando Magic are winding down their season and we have seen some impressive performances. We put those performances in context and think about what the Magic's draft strategy should be.
72 min
Orlando Magic must make the last games meaningful
The Orlando Magic got a dose of reality as the Boston Celtics took care of them quickly.
26 min
The Orlando Magic care not for your tank
The Orlando Magic tried to disadvantage themselves in a win over the Detroit Pistons. But their young players keep coming through for wins.
34 min
It's a Cole Cole world
The Orlando Magic are playing with bravado and swagger as Cole Anthony continues to point the way toward the future.
33 min
Lunch with Locked On Magic Locker Room
We head to the Locker Room to discuss the Orlando Magic this week, their chances they already have a star and what happens the rest of the season.
49 min
Early Draft Prep with Richard Stayman + The Mag...
The Orlando Magic won a game behind Cole Anthony's heroics. Plus Richard Stayman of Locked On NBA Draft joins us for an early draft preview.
51 min
The no-good, terrible, awful season the Magic h...
The Orlando Magic have had a terrible season beset by bad luck and injuries. But at least Cole Anthony has played well.
30 min
The "good loss"
The Orlando Magic competed to the end and had a chance to win they let slip through their fingers. It is an important learning moment for the team.
32 min
Another game, another injury (please let this s...
The Orlando Magic saw another catastrophic injury occur as the team has done its best to stick together through an unusually horrid season.
32 min
Steve Clifford tests positive for COVID + Orlan...
Orlando Magic coach Steve Clifford tests positive for COVID-19 and will be out at least for Sunday. Plus I finish my chat for our one-month checkup after the trade deadline.
51 min
Orlando Magic one-month post-deadline checkup p...
The Orlando Magic have gone one month since the NBA trade deadline. We check in on how the team is doing and where they still have some work to do.
57 min
Simply not good enough
The Orlando Magic got blown out home in embarrassing fashion as their team is simply not good enough even to get a learning experience out of games right now.
34 min
Cole's world is getting bigger
Cole Anthony has returned from injury and is displaying a ton of growth and promise as the Orlando Magic wind down their season.
28 min
A lot of positives, but the Orlando Magic's sho...
The Orlando Magic did a lot of things well in a loss to the Atlanta Hawks, but their shooting continues to be the biggest factor holding them back.
30 min
It's still about pace, baby
The Orlando Magic's offense has been pretty terrible. The key to it becoming better is still about our favorite buzz word: Pace.
32 min
Orlando Magic living through their lessons to l...
The Orlando Magic again struggled to make adjustments as they saw their first half lead evaporate and another chance to make progress slip away.
32 min
Orlando Magic won the trade Locker Room party
The Orlando Magic showed plenty of exciting signs in a win over the Chicago Bulls. We break it down and more in this week's Locker Room.
73 min
The Orlando Magic won the trade, right?
The Orlando Magic defeated the Chicago Bulls getting a spirited and physical effort from several players.
27 min
What was lost in the third quarter of the Magic...
Everything changed for the Orlando Magic in the third quarter of the season. What was lost has hurt the team in the present as they try to map out their future.
27 min
Orlando Magic need to make the most of their fi...
The Orlando Magic are limping into the final quarter of their season as they try to figure out how to get the most of their young roster.
31 min
The Orlando Magic learned nothing
The Orlando Magic got beat up by the Milwaukee Bucks as they struggle to carve an identity. They seemed to learn nothing from their loss.
34 min
Locker Room Friday: Orlando Magic embrace the y...
The Orlando Magic are fully embracing the youth movement. We head into the Locker Room for your questions and thoughts.
62 min
Cole Anthony is back and all about the team
Cole Anthony makes his triumphant return for the Orlando Magic and looked no worse for the wear after two months on the shelf.
28 min
Orlando Magic back to basics on the glass
The Orlando Magic have some fundamental tenets that are vital to their chances to winning. Rebounding is first among them and it has been an area they have struggled so far.
29 min
R.J. Hampton gets his chance
The Orlando Magic are proving to be a great proving ground for young players like R.J. Hampton.
29 min
Effort is only half the battle, Orlando Magic n...
The Orlando Magic have shown plenty of effort, but their attention to detail wanes and the Magic are losing because of it.
39 min
Locker Room Rebroadcast: The new path forward
I went into the Locker Room to chat about what comes next for the Orlando Magic and answer some of your questions after a <gasp> win streak.
51 min
Orlando Magic fight for their new identity
The Orlando Magic pick up another gutsy win over the New Orleans Pelicans as the outlines of a new identity have begun to form.
35 min
Orlando Magic reset their rotation
The Orlando Magic are still working to integrate new players and get comfortable with them on the floor. That will bring with it a reset to the team's rotations.
22 min
Heart and Hustle 2.0 (again, probably)
The Orlando Magic picked up a stunning victory over the LA Clippers thanks to a spirited effort. That will be key to the rest of the season.
35 min
Back to basics and getting organized
The Orlando Magic are going back to basics as they try to get organized with their new roster.
30 min
The new standard, same as the old standard
The Orlando Magic are not changing their standard or expectations just because they made some roster changes.
38 min
The Orlando Magic and their new path
The Orlando Magic are striking a new path. We hear from Jeff Weltman about why the team hit reset and we hear from you about what comes next.
54 min
The Orlando Magic have made their moves, shifting and changing the franchise with three trades that have completely flipped the team on its head.
33 min
One Last Time
The Orlando Magic defeat the Phoenix Suns in what might be Evan Fournier's last game in an Orlando Magic uniform as the trade deadline has arrived.
41 min
Interview with the front-runners: How an Aaron ...
The Orlando Magic are shopping Aaron Gordon and Evan Fournier. The Boston Celtics may be the favorite. How do they fit and will a trade work?
44 min
The end is here: Aaron Gordon requests a trade
Aaron Gordon has requested a trade from the Orlando Magic and the team must make the deal now.
63 min
Orlando Magic are at the end of the road
Sunday afternoon in Boston looked like a team that knows it has reached the end of the road. The Orlando Magic seem to be unable to play consistently and this group has done all it can.
29 min
Orlando Magic snap their losing streak!
The losing streak is over after the Orlando Magic defeat the Brooklyn Nets. Plus I head to the Locker Room to answer some of your questions.
39 min
Orlando Magic, offense wanted
The Orlando Magic lost to the New York Knicks as their offense again let down a strong defensive effort.
39 min
Positive vibes only at Orlando Magic practice
The Orlando Magic were happy to focus back on practice as they aim to break an eight-game losing streak.
30 min
What the Orlando Magic are thinking weighing an...
The Orlando Magic appear to be listening to a lot of deal ahead of the trade deadline. What they are actually thinking and doing with a week to go before pencils down.
34 min
Orlando Magic need some offense (duh)
The Orlando Magic's offense again faltered as the Miami Heat used turnover to crack a defense that is playing well.
34 min
Orlando Magic undermanned and undisciplined
The Orlando Magic fell to the Miami Heat in another game where their lack of discipline and their lack of talent cost them.
37 min
Orlando Magic are back at work
The Orlando Magic are back at work with the promise Aaron Gordon will return soon.
27 min
Looking ahead to the third quarter of the 2021 ...
It is time to look ahead to the third quarter fo the 2021 season as the All-Star Break ends and the Orlando Magic ponder their future.
36 min
What's behind a Nikola Vucevic trade rumor with...
A fresh batch of NBA trade rumors are out and the Orlando Magic are again at the center of them as several teams inquire about Nikola Vucevic.
47 min
Nikola Vucevic, The All-Star Game and You
Nikola Vucevic was at the All-Star Game! His evolution is part of the league's revolution of shooting the Orlando Magic need to get a part of.
30 min
Orlando Magic hot stove gossip
The Orlando Magic are on the hot stove as a few rumors popped up about what the team is considering and has on the table.
30 min
Orlando Magic lose their chance to win in unacc...
The Orlando Magic built a lead against the Atlanta Hawks and saw it crumble in an unacceptable fashion as the Magic are losing their way.
35 min
What it will take for the Orlando Magic to move
The Orlando Magic are getting closer to the trade deadline and there will be pressure to move. But what are they looking for in a deal?
28 min
Orlando Magic's defense letting them down
The Orlando Magic are struggling to hang their hat on defense and it is something different every time.
31 min
Orlando Magic Getting Mo Bamba
The Orlando Magic are planning to play Mo Bamba more and it is a big opportunity for the young center.
28 min
Orlando Magic's turnover problems come to roost
The Orlando Magic have been uncharacteristically struggling with turnovers this season. They clearly came to roost in a blowout loss to the Brooklyn Nets.
25 min
The Second Half Will Be Hard for the Orlando Magic
The Orlando Magic's second half of the season will be as difficult as advertised and force the team to make a decision sooner than later.
30 min
Nikola Vucevic is the anti-All-Star
Nikola Vucevic's journey to a second All-Star appearance was not the typical path for a star in this league. His game is not the typical one for a star in this league.
33 min
Terrence Ross has found his spark again
Terrence Ross went through a monthlong drought where he struggled to find his shot and rhythm. But he is back and the Orlando Magic are streaking again.
26 min
Orlando Magic stayed in the fight and are makin...
The Orlando Magic have won three straight games and are making their push. They never gave up on their season and now are in position to make something of it.
31 min
The Defense Rises for the Orlando Magic
The Orlando Magic used a strong defensive fourth quarter and timely plays from rookie Chuma Okeke to come from behind and defeat the Golden State Warriors.
32 min
The season on the line
The Orlando Magic are still holding out playoff hopes. If they want to make a run these final games before the All-Star Break will determine their path.
34 min
Orlando Magic share the load and find their way...
The Orlando Magic returned home, got healthy and found their way to play in a big win over the New York Knicks.
31 min
What could we learn from the Orlando Magic's ro...
Road trips are supposed to help inform us about what kind of season the team is going to have and bring the group together. But injuries have ripped the team apart instead.
31 min
Early Big Questions Part 3
The Orlando Magic finished their road trip as they limp home full of injuries. So we are finishing up our survey of big questions with a look at the Draft and the trade deadline.
31 min
Early Big Questions Part 2
The Orlando Magic are near a crossroads as their season slowly drifts away. It is not for lack of effort. But all the injuries have put a lot of big questions into view.
48 min
Early Big Questions Part 1
The Orlando Magic's road trip continues, but we are pausing to ponder some big questions facing the Orlando Magic as the season gets away from them.
45 min
Orlando Magic in an impossible situation
The Orlando Magic again lost and then lost another player to injury. The team is getting stretched thin as they try to compete.
30 min
Orlando Magic playing for and setting up the fu...
The Orlando Magic's season is quickly falling apart. But there is still plenty to play for. The team should be working today to make sure a trip to the Lottery is only temporary.
32 min
Nikola Vucevic in the background no more
The Orlando Magic took a split that showed their need to mix things up and find a new way to play. But Nikola Vucevic remained the center of attention, no longer in the background.
27 min
Orlando Magic must keep it simple
The Orlando Magic hope a day off and a day of practice can help them reset. They should focus on doing the simple things and staying in their lane.
24 min
Mohamed Bamba and the Point of Pain
The Orlando Magic's season is quickly falling apart and fans are calling for the team to let their young big play. The point of pain is coming where the Magic become about their future.
28 min
Orlando Magic aren't playing Orlando Magic bask...
The Orlando Magic saw Fred VanVleet go off for 54 points as they again succumbed to frustration and kept themselves from winning the game.
35 min
The hits keep coming, Aaron Gordon is out
The Orlando Magic got hit with another injury as Aaron Gordon is likely out until the All-Star Break with a severe ankle sprain.
31 min
Orlando Magic's identity and culture are slippi...
The Orlando Magic lost again as they continue to struggle with things they used to count on blindly.
34 min
Getting back to Orlando Magic Defense
The Orlando Magic have dropped into the bottom 10 in the league in defensive rating and they know they have to get that back to have any chance of making the most of their season.
27 min
The problems begin at the start for the Orlando...
The Orlando Magic are struggling once again to find consistency and it starts at the beginning. Their first quarters are digging them a deep hole.
31 min
Orlando Magic's first quarter a restart and unc...
The Orlando Magic's first quarter of the season ends with uncertainty as the team tries to reset itself after the devastating injury to Markelle Fultz.
31 min
Orlando Magic's offense showing signs of roundi...
The Orlando Magic have struggled offensively (an understatement) all year. But lately it is rounding into form and becoming a strength.
30 min
The Orlando Magic can and must be better
The Orlando Magic took another frustrating loss after losing a 12-point lead. The team knows it can and must be better.
34 min
Cole Anthony and the Orlando Magic after the shot
The Orlando Magic celebrated their rookie's big moment. Now they have to build on it with the confidence he showed to finish the game.
30 min
Cole Anthony ends the losing streak
Cole Anthony saved the day for the Orlando Magic, completing a miraculous comeback with a buzzer-beating 3-pointer to end the team's six-game losing streak.
29 min
Orlando Magic see light at the end of the tunnel
The Orlando Magic are starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. The team may soon get three key rotation players back.
26 min
Orlando Magic reaching the limits of their roster
The Orlando Magic dropped their sixth straight game as they again struggled to shoot and lost a strong defensive effort.
38 min
Poor shooting is a symptom of Orlando Magic's b...
The Orlando Magic started to show signs of life behind their star Nikola Vucevic. But their shooting struggles remain and they are a symptom as much as the disease.
38 min
Aaron Gordon gets the point (guard duties)
Aaron Gordon is set to take on a larger playmaking role. This has actually been a plan for the Orlando Magic from the beginning. But now the responsibilities are even greater.
28 min
The Orlando Magic are in a holding pattern on t...
The Orlando Magic watched James Harden go to the Brooklyn Nets. Their chances of striking a big deal are on hold while they wait for players to get healthy.
38 min
Orlando Magic get a breather with postponed game
The Orlando Magic's game Wednesday against the Boston Celtics was postponed giving them a pause from this rushed season.
29 min
Orlando Magic are back to a preseason team
The Orlando Magic are still trying to find their way to play and are not trusting themselves enough to get wins as they rebuild themselves on the fly.
34 min
Steve Clifford has a lot of work to do and no p...
Steve Clifford is a meticulous planner who uses practice as his testing ground. Needing to reshape the Magic, one of his biggest tools is not available to him.
31 min
Orlando Magic deserve the chance to succeed or ...
The Orlando Magic are moving on this year without Markelle Fultz. While the outlook looks bleak, the team has earned the chance to succeed or fail before everyone frets about the future.
32 min
Markelle Fultz tears his ACL... and another hol...
Markelle Fultz tore his ACL early in the Orlando Magic's win Wednesday, tearing another hole in the team's future.
38 min
Orlando Magic needed the fast start
The Orlando Magic are off to a fast start, something they did not have in their playoff pushes in 2019 and 2020. It should give them a cushion to build from.
25 min