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Locked On Magic 11.21.19: Next Man Up
The Orlando Magic suffered a loss to the Toronto Raptors and injuries to Aaron Gordon and Nikola Vucevic. The season might have changed.
39 min
Locked On Magic 11.19.19: Chief is a good emerg...
The Orlando Magic took Al-Farouq Aminu out of the rotation after an injury to Jonathan Isaac. They needed him after Isaac's injury and he delivered.
22 min
Locked On Magic 11.18.19: Allow Markelle Fultz ...
Markelle Fultz made a big national statement with one play as he posted a career night in the Orlando Magic's win.
26 min
Locked On Magic 11.17.19: That Familiar Feeling
The Orlando Magic had a familiar feeling as they defeated the San Antonio Spurs on Friday. The team scrambled and scratched for a win.
29 min
Locked On Magic 11.15.19: Magic at the 10-game ...
The Orlando Magic have had a mixed run through the first 10-11 games of their season. A run that has brought some questions, fears and hopes as the second rolls on.
63 min
Locked On Magic 11.14.19: Big players in big mo...
The Orlando Magic needed a spark against the Philadelphia 76ers. They found it and their best players stepped up for a major fourth quarter win.
28 min
Locked On Magic 11.12.19: Taking Charge
The Orlando Magic's offense is starting to come around. But they have to remain patient and committed to their passing to unlock it fully.
31 min
Locked On Magic 11.11.19: Seeking a way to play
The Orlando Magic's defense let them down against the Indiana Pacers. It is clear 10 games into the season, the Magic are still seeking their way to play.
32 min
Locked On Magic 11.10.19: This might be offense
The Orlando Magic finally had an offensive breakthrough, defeating the Memphis Grizzlies on Friday.
19 min
Locked On Magic 11.08.19: Time to get serious o...
The Orlando Magic start a five-game homestand on Friday at a time when the team needs to start banking wins and showing results.
24 min
Locked On Magic 11.07.19: Enter Jonathan Isaac
The Orlando Magic came up a hair short against the Dallas Mavericks. But it is becoming clear that Jonathan Isaac is the center of this team's success, at least on defense.
36 min
Locked On Magic 11.06.19: Close, but still a wi...
The Orlando Magic continue to do a lot of things right. But the big thing they do wrong is the most important thing. They have to make shots.
31 min
Locked On Magic 11.05.19: Manipulating the Defense
The Orlando Magic know there is a lot to work on offensively. Most of it lies in them and their ability to make plays. That is where Markelle Fultz can make a difference.
23 min
Locked On Magic 11.04.19: The problems run deeper
The Orlando Magic's offense continues to struggle and a change in the lineup is only the first step to fixing it.
27 min
Locked On Magic 11.02.19: Got to be better
The Orlando Magic let go of the rope and got beat up bad by the Milwaukee Bucks with everyone promising they have to be better.
18 min
Locked On Magic 11.01.19: A Pro's Pro
The Orlando Magic will rest Mo Bamba and turn to their pro's pro, Khem Birch.
22 min
Locked On Magic 10.31.19: Offensive relief
The Orlando Magic finally saw their offense work as they rode a second half wave to defeat the New York Knicks.
24 min
Locked On Magic 10.30.19: Jonathan Isaac in the...
Jonathan Isaac found his groove in the Orlando Magic's loss to the Toronto Raptors. How he did it showed off his basketball smarts.
24 min
Locked On Magic 10.29.19: Missing the stars
The Orlando Magic nearly gutted out a win against the Toronto Raptors. But their two best players were noticeably absent again in defeat.
33 min
Locked On Magic 10.28.19: Make Shots
The Orlando Magic fell to the Atlanta Hawks but nobody seems worried. The solution is simple: make shots.
28 min
Locked On Magic 10.26.19: Let's Get Physical
The Orlando Magic prepare for a tough game against the Atlanta Hawks by focusing on increasing their physicality to lock down the board.
22 min
Locked On Magic 10.24.19: And so it begins
The Orlando Magic showed flashes of who they can be in a solid win over the Cleveland Cavaliers.
28 min
Locked On Magic 10.23.19: Regular season is her...
The Orlando Magic are eager to open their season and take on the Cleveland Cavaliers. Their preseason brought plenty of questions they must answer.
25 min
Locked On Magic 10.22.19: Orlando Magic's agent...
The Orlando Magic are looking to improve their offense. They will need to rely on their agent of chaos to do so.
23 min
Locked On Magic 10.21.19: Preseason is over
The Orlando Magic got a warning from their preseason struggles. But they got to work in practice to prepare for the regular season.
23 min
Locked On Magic 10.18.19: The Good and the Bad
The Orlando Magic showed the best and the worst of what they can be in their preseason finale.
27 min
Locked On Magic 10.16.19: Previewing the entire...
The Orlando Magic have high hopes for the upcoming season. But getting to all those hopes and dreams will be a big challenge.
55 min
Locked On Magic 10.15.19: Cause for Concern
The Orlando Magic got back to practice to try to fine tune things and get themselves back on track.
29 min
Locked On Magic 10.14.19: A Pair of Wake-Up Calls
The Orlando Magic were riding high... then they came crashing back to earth and worse this weekend.
32 min
Locked On Magic 10.11.19: Let's talk about pace...
The Orlando Magic are hoping to change their offense by picking up their pace.
25 min
Locked On Magic 10.10.19: Defense is the backbone
The Orlando Magic rode their top-10 defense to the playoffs. They know they have to do it again and that backbone is strong.
28 min
Locked On Magic 10.08.19: Ahead of the curve
The Orlando Magic won another preseason game in convincing fashion and look far ahead of the curve.
29 min
Locked On Magic 10.07.19: It's good to be back!
The Orlando Magic came back to the court with a fun-filled, exciting romp over the San Antonio Spurs.
29 min
Locked On Magic 10.04.19: T-Mac imparts some le...
Tracy McGrady was at Orlando Magic practice to impart some lessons to the team and work with several players including Jonathan Isaac.
23 min
Locked On Magic 10.02.19: First day is not good...
The Orlando Magic got a dose of reality as Steve Clifford tried to keep the team focused and humble after a "fair" first day.
18 min
Locked On Magic 10.01.19: Magic are ready to work
The Orlando Magic held their Media Day and the excitement and eagerness for the season were palpable. The team wants to do more and are ready to work for it.
31 min
Locked On Magic 09.30.19: Everything has change...
The Orlando Magic enter the season with something new: real playoff expectations. But their approach will not be the same.
28 min
Locked On Magic 09.27.19: Lessons Learned from ...
The Orlando Magic are preparing to embark on another season. We look back at the lesson to learn from their playoff series loss.
40 min
Locked On Magic 09.25.19: The Fultz is back!
The Orlando Magic announced Markelle Fultz is back for Orlando Magic training camp. The mystery is over.
28 min
Locked On Magic 09.24.19: Markelle Fultz mystery
The Orlando Magic have opted to redshirt Chuma Okeke. Meanwhile we all wait for more information on Markelle Fultz's return.
27 min
Locked On Magic 09.23.19: Orlando Magic star se...
The Orlando Magic want to grow this season and make noise in the playoffs. To do so, they need a star to bolster Nikola Vucevic's consistency.
30 min
Locked On Magic 09.19.19: The future is now for...
The Orlando Magic will need to begin filling out the edges of Jonathan Isaac and Aaron Gordon's game this year.
29 min
Locked On Magic 09.17.19: Fultz Hearts, Can't Lose
The Orlando Magic have plenty of excitement for the upcoming season. But they first doubled down on their young guys and put their faith in Markelle Fultz.
44 min
Locked On Magic 09.16.19: The Most Under-Apprec...
Adam Papageorgiou joins the podcast to discuss the most under-appreciated players in Orlando Magic history.
59 min
Locked On Magic 09.13.19: Overlooked and fighti...
D.J. Augustin delivered the most memorable moment of the season. Yet everyone is still trying to move on from him. Plus Wesley Iwundu could find himself a victim of the Magic's depth.
23 min
Locked On Magic 09.11.19: Terrence Ross' next s...
Terrence Ross became a fan favorite and key part of the Magic's playoff run. The next question in his search for consistency begins anew.
24 min
Locked On Magic 09.10.19: Achieving goals and s...
The Orlando Magic have indeed hung a banner for their Southeast Division championship. It is a small thing, but a good internal recognition of a great team. To reach that next step, they will need to stay hungry.
24 min
Locked On Magic 09.09.19: More FIBA Evan Fourni...
Evan Fournier admitted he was disappointed with his 2019 season. If he played as he has for France, he could be due for a big bounceback season.
28 min
Locked On Magic 09.05.19: Growing leadership
Nikola Vucevic has faded into the background for Montenegro as he still learns how to lead. For the Orlando Magic, it is their youth that will make the difference.
32 min
Locked On Magic 09.03.19: Injury luck
In 2019, the Orlando Magic certainly benefited from some injury luck. They are not counting on it again and are ready with improved depth to face it.
30 min
Locked On Magic 08.30.19: What to expect at the...
The Orlando Magic have four players participating in the World Cup. What should you expect from them and how will the tournament shake out?
35 min
Locked On Magic 08.29.19: Foundations and Next ...
Locked On Heat and The Step Back's David Ramil joins us to talk about the foundations the Orlando Magic built, what team they want to be and what happens next.
46 min
Locked on Magic 08.27.19: The evolving Khem Birch
Khem Birch had a good showing against Team USA for Canada. But the way he played looked a bit different as he prepares for the NBA season.
20 min
Locked On Magic 08.26.19: The key points of the...
With about a month to go before training camp, it is time to sit down with the schedule and identify the key points in the 2020 season.
26 min
Locked On Magic 08.22.19: The next stage of Aar...
Aaron Gordon has built his reputation as a versatile defender and growing offensive player. His next step is building his reputation as a versatile offensive player.
32 min
Locked On Magic 08.21.19: Regressing to the mean
The Orlando Magic are getting some quiet buzz to make a big playoff leap this year. And that is certainly possible. So too is regressing to the mean.
24 min
Locked On Magic 08.19.19: Redshirting Chuma Okeke
The Orlando Magic appear set to redshirt Chuma Okeke. What does this mean and why would it benefit him and the team?
36 min
Locked On Magic 08.16.19: The Goals for 2020
The Orlando Magic clearly have the playoffs as a baseline. But to take the next step will take more than just achieving that result.
32 min
Locked On Magic 08.15.19: The Eastern Conferenc...
The Orlando Magic hope to make the playoffs again this year and seem in a good position to do it. The East saw shuffling at the top and little change in the middle.
35 min
Locked On Magic 08.13.19: The Path back to the ...
The Orlando Magic's schedule is out for the 2020 season. And it sets up well for the Magic to build confidence and return to the playoffs.
33 min
Locked On Magic 08.12.19: Jonathan Isaac keeps ...
Jonathan Isaac showed up at the U.S. Basketball Blue-White Game and showed what he can do when he builds confidence.
34 min
Locked On Magic 08.09.19: World Cup prep focuse...
FIBA World Cup prep is well underway. The focus for the Orlando Magic will be on Evan Fournier as he tries to get past an admittedly down season.
22 min
Locked On Magic 08.08.19: Wild Cards and Jumpers
The biggest wild card for the Orlando Magic is shooting jumpers. Meanwhile we are not talking about another one who is fighting for his spot in the rotation.
22 min
Locked On Magic 08.06.19: Of dreams and Dwight-...
The Orlando Magic reached the NBA Finals 10 years ago. It was a wondrous season but not without its share of controversy and second-guessing. We revisit the rise and where it all went wrong with 407Area.com's David Baumann.
40 min
Locked On Magic 08.05.19: The Orlando Magic set...
The Orlando Magic are waiting the start of the 2020 season. They seem set for another playoff run. David Baumann of 407Area.com helps us break it all down and look into the future.
44 min
Locked On Magic 08.01.19: History watches what ...
The 2019 Orlando Magic have already established themselves as a fan favorite. But how we ultimately view this season will depend on what the team does next.
33 min
Locked On Magic 07.31.19: Building the chip cou...
The Orlando Magic's signing of Al-Farouq Aminu was about building up depth... and the chip count to push in.
19 min
Locked On Magic 07.29.19: Jonathan Isaac gets h...
Jonathan Isaac got his invitation to Team USA's camp as a member of the selected team
30 min
Locked On Magic 07.25.19: Jonathan Isaac and th...
The Orlando Magic re-invested in their previous roster. The only way for them to grow is for their young players to grow and push them up the standings.
25 min
Locked On Magic 07.23.19: Nikola Vucevic's lega...
Nikola Vucevic re-signed with the Orlando Magic, but his place among the Magic's greatest players is already set.
24 min
Locked On Magic 07.22.19: The margin for error
The Orlando Magic made the playoffs last year and doubled down on their roster to get back. The question is just how much they have reduced their margin fro error.
27 min
Locked On Magic 07.18.19: The injury crisis and...
The Orlando Magic have dealt with a lot of injuries in a patient manner. A new report explains the context.
31 min
Locked On Magic 07.17.19: Way-too-Early Predict...
The NBA offseason is beginning to settle and everyone is looking ahead to the 2020 season. So why not think about how it might end already.
23 min
Locked On Magic 07.15.19: Putting a bow on Summ...
The Orlando Magic wrapped up Summer League and came away with new information on the players they can add.
29 min
Locked On Magic 07.12.19: Capped Out
The Orlando Magic are wrapping up Summer League and their offseason is almost over. Their future looks set too for the next few years.
29 min
Locked On Magic 07.10.19: Finding the diamonds ...
The Orlando Magic shut down Mohamed Bamba, putting the focus in Summer League solely on finding the lesser-known players.
31 min
Locked On Magic 07.09.19: Allow me to re-introd...
The Orlando Magic re-introduced Nikola Vucevic and Terrence Ross as they explained why they have unfinished business.
17 min
Locked On Magic 07.08.19: Bamba returns!
Mohamed Bamba returned to the court for the first time since February. He shook off the rust and was encouraging in his Summer League debut.
26 min
Locked On Magic 07.04.19: Off to Summer League!
The Orlando Magic are off to Summer League with really only Mohamed Bamba dominating the story lines. There is still plenty to keep an eye on.
30 min
Locked On Magic 07.02.19: Weltman's winning ways
The Orlando Magic decided to bring the whole team back essentially. It may seem counterintuitive but it is part of Weltman's focus on making the Magic a winning culture.
26 min
Locked On Magic 07.01.19: The gang is back toge...
The Orlando Magic spent their free agency getting the crew back together for another playoff push.
35 min
Locked On Magic 06.28.19: All the options on th...
Free agency is finally here. The Orlando Magic dive into a big offseason as all their questions may get answered.
57 min
Locked On Magic 06.27.19: Setting the table for...
The Orlando Magic have a few avenues to go down in free agency. Finding real useful cap room will take some sacrifice and some opportunity.
28 min
Locked On Magic 06.26.19: Take care of your own
The Orlando Magic enter free agency hoping they can take care of their own. But that may prove to be a tough task.
32 min
Locked On Magic 06.25.19: Ready to work
Terrence Ross' snub for Sixth Man of the Year looks a whole lot worse and Chuma Okeke gets his welcome to the Orlando Magic.
24 min
Locked On Magic 06.21.19: Magic make long-term ...
The Orlando Magic took a long-term view with their draft pick, taking Chuma Okeke, and showing they will continue to be patient in their rebuild.
27 min
Locked On Magic 06.20.19: It's Draft Day 2020, ...
The Orlando Magic enter the NBA Draft with a ton of options that will whittle themselves down by the time they pick at 16.
24 min
Locked On Magic 06.19.19: Plotting free agency
Keith Smith of Yahoo! Sports joins us for part two of our conversation as we plot out what the Orlando Magic should do about Nikola Vucevic and how they must attack free agency.
51 min
Locked On Magic 06.18.19: Searching for the best
The Orlando Magic are in a new position drafting 16th. But they are not changing their approach. They still want to find the best player on the board.
35 min
Locked On Magic 06.17.19: The seismic free agen...
Everyone knows this could be a game-changing summer in the NBA. The ground beneath the league is about to shift. For the Orlando Magic, they will have to do their work to keep up.
44 min
Locked On Magic 6.14.19: Begin again
The 2019 NBA season is over with the Toronto Raptors celebrating their NBA title. Now the process begins again. And in 2020 nothing is guaranteed.
29 min
Locked On Magic 06.13.19: The limits of length
The Orlando Magic hosted Talen Horton-Tucker for a workout. The unusually long guard will test the limits of the team's infatuation with length.
22 min
Locked On Magic 06.11.19: Breaking the Mold... ...
Nickeil Alexander-Walker and Tyler Herro aim to break the mold and put questions about them to rest. Meanwhile, Game 5 of the NBA Finals showed us the tragedy and triumph of the league.
40 min
Locked On Magic 06.10.19: The Bigger They Are, ...
We detour our Draft coverage to talk about UCF Knights big man Tacko Fall and why he can make it in the NBA and his limitations.
20 min
Locked On Magic 06.07.19: Time for the Magic to...
The Orlando Magic already have signaled they will be more aggressive this offseason. They will need to be with an especially weak 2020 free agency class.
22 min
Locked On Magic 06.06.19: #AG4TeamUSA
Aaron Gordon is not yet on the list for Team USA's World Cup roster pool. I explain why he should be and why his omission is yet another snub to the Orlando Magic.
28 min
Locked On Magic 06.05.19: Going for the big fish
The Orlando Magic are starting to get connected to some big names in free agency. It suggests the team is not going to be idle to improve the roster.
33 min
Locked On Magic 06.03.19: Oh the places we coul...
The offseason is starting to rev up with the Draft a few weeks away. And there are so many different ways this offseason could unfold.
22 min
Locked On Magic 05.31.19: Picking 16th and the ...
The Orlando Magic are in a new position with the 16th pick. A new debate begins as the team tries to sort which direction it should go.
25 min
Locked On Magic 05.30.19: Reviewing the books
The Orlando Magic likely will operate this summer like a team over the cap. But they could free up enough cap space to have their cake and eat it too.
36 min