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Orlando Magic let Mo Bamba loose into free agency
The Orlando Magic did not retain restricted free agency rights to Mo Bamba, likely setting the big man loose to free agency.
34 min
Orlando Magic have playoff models in Boston Cel...
The Orlando Magic are still building their identity, but they sure look similar to two successful franchises.
32 min
Orlando Magic offseason macroscopic view
The Orlando Magic's biggest offseason addition is in place in Paolo Banchero. Now we look at what comes next in free agency.
32 min
Paolo Banchero is ready to work for the Orlando...
Paolo Banchero arrived in Orlando and said he is ready to earn his keep and make his name for the Orlando Magic.
29 min
Banchero Bunch ASSEMBLE! Orlando Magic select P...
The Orlando Magic stunned the NBA in grabbing Paolo Banchero. They made it clear he was their guy.
35 min
Draft Day is only the beginning for Orlando Magic
The Orlando Magic are finally on the clock and we will know who they pick. But this pick is just the start of the journey.
28 min
Odds and Ends on NBA Draft Eve
The rumor mill is churning on NBA Draft Eve and we make sense of some of it as we prepare for the final push to the pick!
35 min
Jeff Weltman is sticking to the plan ahead of t...
Orlando Magic President of Basketball Operations Jeff Weltman is sticking to his plan and his process as the Orlando Magic prepare to make their pick.
44 min
Paolo Banchero falls off the pace
The race between three players at the top of this year's draft has quickly become a two-man race. How Paolo Banchero feel to the wayside.
30 min
Chet Holmgren Arrives in Orlando
Chet Holmgren made his much-anticipated arrival to Orlando as he met with the Magic this week.
29 min
Ultimate NBA Mock Draft 2022: Picks 1-6 With Ra...
41 min
Why Jabari Smith, Jr., is the Orlando Magic's pick
The Orlando Magic are on the clock with one week to go before the NBA Draft. I have made my selection for the Locked On Ultimate NBA Mock Draft.
37 min
Mo Bamba may be the Orlando Magic's best center...
The Orlando Magic will need to find a backup center. And in a tight free agent market one of their own may well be their best option.
28 min
Orlando Magic aren't picking a player, they are...
The first pick gives the Orlando Magic a chance to shape their team. They are not merely picking a player, they are picking the team they want to become.
29 min
How the Orlando Magic should approach their sec...
The Orlando Magic have two high-value second-round picks to spend in this year's NBA Draft. How should they use them and who should they spend them on?
31 min
Jabari Smith arrives for his audition
Jabari Smith arrived in Orlando for his workout and interview as the Orlando Magic get the chance to see Smith as a person and how he fits with the team.
28 min
Long shot options for the Orlando Magic at No. 1
Everyone has settled in on the top three for the Orlando Magic. We look at some of the long shot options for the Magic and why they are not in that top tier.
31 min
Debunking the myths about the top three prospects
The consensus top three prospects for the upcoming NBA Draft all come with some questions as they prepare for the next level. Questions they seem already ready to answer.
33 min
Meet Paolo Banchero, the scorer
The Orlando Magic need offense and that is what Paolo Banchero was born to do.
44 min
The Orlando Magic's Next Unicorn: Meet Chet Hol...
Chet Holmgren is the next evolution of the unicorn forward. But there are plenty wondering if he is truly worthy of the top pick.
45 min
The Orlando Magic's offseason checklist
A lot of the focus is rightly on the Orlando Magic's first overall pick coming up. But the team has a lot of other needs to fill this offseason. And those answers aren't so simple.
39 min
Jabari Smith is ready to work! Meet the potenti...
Jabari Smith is the betting favorite to go No. 1 in the draft. We get to know him a bit better thanks to Zac Blackerby of Locked on Auburn.
36 min
Orlando Magic's test has no wrong answers
The Orlando Magic have a choice with the top pick. And while there is pressure to get it right, there really is no bad choice for now.
32 min
Jabari Smith, Chet Holmgren or Paolo Banchero? ...
The Orlando Magic seem to have three clear choices at the top of this NBA Draft. What will the Magic look at to pick apart these three high-value prospects.
42 min
What fits best for the Orlando Magic at No. 1?
The Orlando Magic "needs" at the first overall pick are very different. The Magic need to find the player who will build their roster toward winning.
33 min
Our final grades for the Orlando Magic's 2022 s...
As the offseason comes into greater focus, we hand out our final grades for the Orlando Magic's 2022 season.
31 min
Uncertain futures for Cole Anthony and Mo Bamba
The Orlando Magic's changing roster has put the focus on how things will change for Cole Anthony and Mo Bamba.
27 min
The first pick opens the door for the Orlando M...
The Orlando Magic's offseason undoubtedly changed now that they have the first pick of the draft in tow.
32 min
Meet the Orlando Magic's options at No. 1
It appears the Orlando Magic will be picking from three players with their No. 1 pick in the 2022 NBA Draft.
29 min
Finding the Orlando Magic's franchise pillars
The Orlando Magic have the No. 1 pick in their pocket. Now they are going to spend their season finding the other pillars for the franchise's future.
31 min
The Orlando Magic win the NBA Draft Lottery!
The Orlando Magic gave their fans a huge dash of hope as fortune finally favored them and delivered the No. 1 pick!
36 min
The Lottery is Soon
The NBA Draft Lottery is just a day away and we ponder who the top pick will be if the Orlando Magic win it.
44 min
The Importance of the Draft
The NBA Draft Lottery is quickly approaching and the Orlando Magic will soon need to act and build on their future regardless of what happens.
31 min
Markelle Fultz and Jalen Suggs build their base
Markelle Fultz and Jalen Suggs gave hints of what they can do as the Orlando Magic build their base.
30 min
Playoff Lessons: It takes a team
As the NBA Playoffs continue, it is clear that it takes a full team to be successful.
25 min
Orlando Magic players in need of a resurgence
The Orlando Magic had a lot of positives exiting their season. But there are players who have a lot of work to do to help the team progress.
31 min
Orlando Magic will face roster decisions soon
The Orlando Magic will face some key roster decisions soon even as they enter the next phase of their rebuild.
26 min
Mock Draft Friday III - Who the Orlando Magic t...
In our third Mock Draft Friday, we take a look at who the Orlando Magic should take with the first pick.
45 min
Orlando Magic's questions for the offseason
The Orlando Magic have plenty of internal questions to answer ahead of their offseason.
31 min
Jalen Suggs slowed by injury
Jalen Suggs will be out for a little while thanks to surgery to repair a small stress fracture in his troublesome ankle.
27 min
Our second Mock Draft Friday!
It is time to close your week with another Mock Draft Friday as we play out another scenario for the Magic and talk about the Draft.
48 min
Play-In Tournament Lessons for the Orlando Magic
The Orlando Magic are aiming to improve and compete for a spot in the Playoffs. Here is what they can learn from the Play-In Tournament teams.
32 min
R.J. Hampton and Gary Harris find their roles
R.J. Hampton and Gary Harris both solidified their roles for the Orlando Magic this season.
31 min
The tools at the Orlando Magic's disposal
The Orlando Magic are going to have a high-value draft pick and tons of cap room to spend this offseason.
34 min
It's Mock Draft Friday!
The NBA Draft Lottery is a month away so we are holding our first Mock Draft Friday as we run through the permutations of the draft.
43 min
Orlando Magic's 2022 Season MVP: Franz Wagner
Franz Wagner gave the Orlando Magic a stellar rookie season that showed promise for the present and left them wanting more for the future.
26 min
Who's staying, who's going for the Orlando Magic
The Orlando Magic have a lot of big decisions to make on key rotation players as free agent draws closer.
29 min
Orlando Magic ready to level up
The Orlando Magic are eager to start their offseason work so they can improve and level up.
23 min
How close are the Orlando Magic to the Play-In ...
The Orlando Magic are certainly eager to experience Playoff basketball again. Why it might not be so far off.
28 min
Jeff Weltman's big offseason ahead
Jeff Weltman has a lot on his plate this coming offseason as the Orlando Magic plan to rebuild and take a step forward this year.
32 min
Markelle Fultz gave Orlando Magic's end some me...
Markelle Fultz's return gave the Orlando Magic a brief glimpse of their future to close the season.
35 min
Preparing for the Orlando Magic's offseason
The Orlando Magic will have a lot on the line and a lot to think about as their offseason begins.
33 min
Orlando Magic kept having fun to the end of the...
The Orlando Magic may have finished 22-60 but they had fun in the process and did not feel like they wanted their season to end.
30 min
The ups and downs to end the season
The Orlando Magic's season is coming to a close and has featured plenty of ups and downs as the team plays out the string.
27 min
Happy 407 Day! How the Orlando Magic win their ...
The Orlando Magic have had a strange season at the Amway Center. How the team aims to win its fans back.
24 min
Orlando Magic get a glimpse of their future
The Orlando Magic started Markelle Fultz and Jalen Suggs together getting a positive glimpse into the team's backcourt of the future.
25 min
Stock up, stock down after the NCAA Tournament
The NCAA Tournament is now over as we enter a new phase of draft preparation with the top prospects having made their final statements.
30 min
Orlando Magic are just playing out the string
The Orlando Magic have three games left and they are playing like it as they give away their last opportunities this season.
25 min
Resetting the Orlando Magic's standard
The Orlando Magic are drifting to the end of their season and needed to reset their standard back to basics.
31 min
Time to let Franz Wagner cook
With little time remaining this season, the Orlando Magic should be looking for ways to let Franz Wagner explore his game.
29 min
Orlando Magic have started their rebuild well, ...
The Orlando Magic's rebuild has largely gotten off to a good start. The end of this season will be rough though.
32 min
Call it what it is, the Orlando Magic are tanking
The Orlando Magic pulled their starters in the fourth quarter of a close game, giving up a chance to grow and win. We have to call it what it is.
35 min
Orlando Magic blow the lead and lose a chance f...
The Orlando Magic came away disappointed after losing two big leads in regulation and overtime in a loss.
32 min
When a loss is a win for the Orlando Magic
The Orlando Magic lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder. But it still felt like they won in multiple ways.
31 min
Orlando Magic making progress as season closes
The Orlando Magic probably would have lost a game like Tuesday's earlier in the season. The fact they won shows results are starting to build.
31 min
What's left for the Orlando Magic's rookies
The Orlando Magic have just 10 games left and a lot for their rookies to accomplish and prepare for.
34 min
Wendell Carter puts his stamp on the Orlando Magic
Wendell Carter continued a career season with a career night when he would not let the Orlando Magic lose.e.
29 min
It happened again as the Orlando Magic continue...
The Orlando Magic gave up another 50-point performance and their defense continued to backslide.
37 min
NCAA Tournament Draft Preview with Richard Stay...
The Orlando Magic are in line to secure one of the top picks in the upcoming draft. We chat with Richard Stayman to get the lowdown ahead of the NCAA Tournament.
43 min
A really bad night for the Orlando Magic
The Orlando Magic had a really bad night as Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets eviscerated the team.
30 min
Jonathan Isaac is out for the season
The Orlando Magic announce Jonathan Isaac will not play this season as they have run out of time to ramp him up.
27 min
Orlando Magic making progress and giving notice
The Orlando Magic are making clear progress on the court and the rest of the league is starting to respond.
31 min
Some love for Franz Wagner and hope for Terrenc...
Franz Wagner still seems just on the outside of the Rookie of the Year conversation, but he is having a ROY-level season.
29 min
Orlando Magic get a gutsy win as their identity...
The Orlando Magic had every excuse to absorb another loss. But the team surprised everyone with a gutsy win in New Orleans.
30 min
Orlando Magic falter with late-game struggles
The Orlando Magic again struggled in a clutch situation as the frustration highlights their weaknesses.
30 min
Orlando Magic should experiment with purpose
The Orlando Magic are making it clear they will do some tinkering to close the season. But they still need to have purpose behind it.
26 min
Orlando Magic 3rd Quarter Review: Finding some ...
The Orlando Magic began to carve out their identity and build some consistency in a strong third quarter of the season.
30 min
Orlando Magic still looking to cement their ide...
For three quarters, the Orlando Magic played to their identity and found their way to play. Then they lost it in the fourth quarter.
37 min
Orlando Magic focused on winning the third quarter
The Orlando Magic have had their struggles out of halftime. So their focus of late has been on winning the third quarter.
27 min
Markelle Fultz came back and just as good as he...
Markelle Fultz returned and did not miss a beat as everyone ate and delivered an Orlando Magic win.
26 min
Markelle Fultz is back!
Markelle Fultz is set to make his season debut for the Orlando Magic on Monday after 13 months out recovering from a torn ACL.
30 min
What's in store for the rest of the season
The Orlando Magic have 22 games left and a lot still to do including the returns of two key players from injury.
25 min
Locked On NBA All-Star Roundtable: Meet The Tan...
As the NBA clears the All-Star Break, we check in with Locked On NBA for what te tanking teams expect for the rest of their seasons.
51 min
Setting up the Orlando Magic's offseason
The Orlando Magic largely stood pat at the trade deadline. How are they set up for their offseason?
32 min
Orlando Magic stay in the background at All-Sta...
The Orlando Magic had a big presence in Cleveland but largely remained a footnote at the league's showcase weekend.
26 min
Orlando Magic have lost their defense
The Orlando Magic struggled again defensively as the progress they made in January continues to slide.
30 min
Orlando Magic need to raise the bar for their e...
The Orlando Magic again impressed with their fight and resiliency. And again disappointed in being down from the start to begin with.
30 min
Orlando Magic can't keep costing themselves wit...
The Orlando Magic's self-inflicted wounds continue to be a mounting problem for a Magic team struggling to cement an identity.
28 min
What the Orlando Magic did and did not do at th...
The Orlando Magic stayed fairly quiet at the trade deadline. We take a look at what the team did and did not do and what comes next.
68 min
Orlando Magic beyond the trade deadline
The Orlando Magic have a lot to decide at the trade deadline. But it is just one important piece of their puzzle to rebuild the franchise.
29 min
Orlando Magic play in the moment and win
The Orlando Magic had plenty of shortcomings in a win over the Blazers, but they pulled together in big moments to stem the tide and win.
31 min
Preparing for the Orlando Magic's trade deadline
The Orlando Magic figure to be active once again at the trade deadline as they again try to shape their future.
36 min
A no good, terrible bad weekend for the Orlando...
The Orlando Magic did not show up for a pair of home games this weekend as they seemed to regress.
30 min
Inside the Orlando Magic's offense with Roger Galo
The Orlando Magic's offense is experiencing a brief revival. How they can keep things going and shed some of their offensive struggles with offensive efficiency expert Roger Galo.
35 min
Orlando Magic learn their lessons to pick up a win
The Orlando Magic are quickly absorbing lessons they need to win and pulling everything together on the court.
30 min
Orlando Magic's rising stars show their potenti...
The Orlando Magic put a trio of players in the Rising Stars game. They showed plenty of potential and plenty of youth in a loss to the Chicago Bulls.
31 min
The trade winds and change and Chuma Okeke is b...
The trade winds may have changed with a Western Conference injury and Chuma Okeke has found his rhythm again.
28 min
Orlando Magic start to tie everything together
In securing a winning homestand, the Orlando Magic are starting to show the poise and composure to win games and tie their whole project together.
30 min
The Orlando Magic's trade rumor mill spins
The Orlando Magic are going to be at the center of the rumor mill as the trade deadline draws closer.
35 min
Orlando Magic need to learn to be aggressive
The Orlando Magic lost their aggression and control in a nightmare fourth quarter in a loss to the LA Clippers.
32 min