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Orlando Magic get complete win over Phoenix Suns
The Orlando Magic are getting confirmation of their belief with a nice win over the Phoenix Suns.
23 min
Markelle Fultz gives an injury update
Markelle Fultz gave an update on his injury as the Orlando Magic remain patient with injury recovery.
29 min
Orlando Magic find their resilient streak to be...
The Orlando Magic had a lot thrown their way that could have kept them from a win. But their resilient streak came through.
39 min
Jonathan Isaac is getting closer to his return
Jonathan Isaac gave a public update on his recovery and he seems closer to returning than ever.
32 min
Orlando Magic seeking their defensive identity
The Orlando Magic's defense got blown out of the water in their latest loss to the Houston Rockets.
32 min
The good and the bad through 10 Orlando Magic g...
The Orlando Magic are certainly disappointed with a 2-8 record. But they have a lot to be excited about.
30 min
Orlando Magic keep learning the same hard lessons
All of the Orlando Magic's games rhyme with the same problems. And De'Aaron Fox made sure the magic continue to learn some tough lessons.
45 min
Orlando Magic make the big plays to win finally
The Magic have struggled to close games throughout the season. Thursday, they put the pieces together with Jalen Suggs making the big plays to win.
36 min
What Orlando Magic's collapse revealed about th...
The Orlando Magic's collapse in Oklahoma City revealed some frustrating trends that do not bode well for the team.
29 min
It's time for the Orlando Magic to level up
The Orlando Magic again faltered in the fourth quarter as they gave away a lead and continued to struggle late in games.
40 min
Orlando Magic's season is about winning the fou...
The Orlando Magic are doing better giving themselves a chance to win but horribly in actually winning in the fourth quarter.
32 min
Is this the future? Orlando Magic go big to get...
The Orlando Magic decided to go big and found their game as they got their first win over the Charlotte Hornets.
30 min
Cole Anthony's injury leaves the Orlando Magic ...
Cole Anthony will be out with an oblique injury leaving the 0-5 Orlando Magic without a healthy point guard on the roster.
28 min
Orlando Magic need to let Paolo Banchero drive
Paolo Banchero continues to pour in strong performances for a struggling Orlando Magic team. It is time to let him drive the bus.
41 min
How the Orlando Magic get their first win
The Orlando Magic are still seeking their first win. They may need to make some changes to make sure they get it soon.
35 min
Disorganized Orlando Magic fall to 0-4
The Orlando Magic continue to struggle to get over the hump and get their first win as they look disorganized in a loss to the New York Knicks.
31 min
Orlando Magic giving hints of what they will be...
The Orlando Magic fall to 0-3 but they gave their home crowd a hint of what they will become as they continue to develop.
35 min
Orlando Magic still learning the details to win
The Orlando Magic again found themselves in the lead in the fourth quarter and again found their mistakes cost them a chance to win.
26 min
Jalen Suggs opens the season with confidence
Jalen Suggs said he deconstructed his jumper throughout the offseason. He started his sophomore season with a big boost of confidence.
28 min
Paolo Banchero is as advertised and more
Paolo Banchero had a historic debut for the Orlando Magic as the rookie forward dominated in his first time on an NBA floor.
34 min
Wake up Orlando Magic fans, IT'S GAMEDAY!
The Orlando Magic tip off their 2023 season against the Detroit Pistons featuring the debut of Paolo Banchero and the growth of this young team.
28 min
Orlando Magic's best- and worst-case scenarios
The Orlando Magic have the chance to accomplish a lot this season. There is also the chance for some massive disappointments.
31 min
Ups and Downs of Orlando Magic preseason
The Orlando Magic learned a lot in the preseason with plenty to be excited about and plenty still to worry about.
32 min
Orlando Magic close their preseason experiment
The Orlando Magic closed their preseason with a win as they tried one final experiment before the games count.
33 min
Orlando Magic's young core gets noticed
The Orlando Magic's group of young players is starting to get some notice around the league and in media circles.
25 min