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The Winnipeg Jets Defeat The Ottawa Senators, B...
On tonight's episode, we discuss a bit of a mixed Winnipeg Jets performance against the Ottawa Senators. What did Winnipeg get out of a veteran-heavy top-6 forward group? Is the line of Connor-Scheifele-Ehlers working as well as intended? Can Cole Perfetti be the catalyst Blake Wheeler needs for a big season? Why were the Jets struggling to create against a largely AHL-calibre line-up? Was the defense partly to blame as well? Which of the young rookie defenders impressed the most? From the bottom-6, were the Jets given any names to keep an eye on for this season's 4th line unit? Is Daniel Torgersson the gunslinging power forward this team desperately needs?
21 min
The Winnipeg Jets Prepare To Face The Ottawa Se...
On tonight's episode, we preview Winnipeg's upcoming pre-season game against the Ottawa Senators. With the Jets turning to a more veteran-heavy line-up, what might we see after a tough start to the pre-season? Will more established names like Mark Scheifele and Kyle Connor adapt to Bowness' systems comfortably? Who might take some time to adjust to the way Bowness wants the team to play? Is Dillon-Heinola a preview of the defensive pairing the Jets want to run this season? What will Samberg and Pionk accomplish together after a mixed showing last season? Are the Sens sending any players to be concerned about, or is their line-up a bit on the lighter side?
24 min
The Rick Bowness Era Of The Winnipeg Jets Begin...
On tonight's episode, we dive into the first pre-season match-up between the Winnipeg Jets and Edmonton Oilers. How did Rick Bowness fare in his first game as Jets head coach? Did his commitment to an aggressive team translate to the ice? If so, who adapted to this system well and who might not be a fit for Bowness' tactics long-term? What improvements could Bowness and the assistant staff focus on throughout pre-season? Can the lingering issues be resolved before the regular season kicks off? Is the back-up goaltending position a lock for David Rittich, or could he face some internal competition? How did the special teams look under Scott Arniel and the rest of the staff? Will all of these adjustments be enough to propel Winnipeg to the post-season, or should the focus be on progress first?
23 min
The Winnipeg Jets Tease Pre-Season And Regular ...
On today's episode, we discuss the fascinating line-ups the Winnipeg Jets have assembled during training camp. What might the trio of Perfetti-Dubois-Wheeler accomplish this season? Will the excellent passing and offensive IQ make up for the lack of explosive skating? Can Dubois and Wheeler make the most of Perfetti's phenomenal understanding of the game? How excited should we be for a top-line of Connor-Scheifele-Ehlers? Will this be the combination that reignites Scheifele's elite play? Are we going to see Ville Heinola played on his off-hand alongside Brendan Dillon? Can Johnny Kovacevic bring the same level of stability that Dylan DeMelo did for Josh Morrissey and bring further right-sided depth?
22 min
The Winnipeg Jets Open Training Camp With Team ...
On tonight's episode, we run through the training camp rosters for Team Hawerchuk and Team Steen. Are either of the teams favored in certain parts of the roster, or did the Jets try to balance them out? What strengths and weaknesses might each group exhibit heading into pre-season? Will Johnny Kovacevic or Leon Gawanke have big enough camps to earn NHL time this season? What fate might befall tweeners like Kristian Reichel, who might have a shot at depth roles with the big club? Will Arvid Holm or Mikhail Berdin finally prove to be the stronger Moose starter?
21 min
Can The Winnipeg Jets Internally Improve Their ...
On tonight's episode, we rundown a new-look line-up for the Winnipeg Jets based on feedback and commentary from the team. With the renewed focus on youth, will Ville Heinola finally break into the top-4 on the defense? Where will Dylan Samberg end up, and could he be the stabilizing force Neal Pionk needs to succeed? What should the Jets do with Dillon and Stanley? Could either be traded to bring in much-needed scoring help up front? Is there a natural fit for the Oilers and Jets to swap Puljujarvi for a blueliner? Is this the season we finally see the end of Scheifele-Wheeler on the first line?
22 min
Winnipeg Jets Prospect Brad Lambert Dominates A...
On tonight's episode, we recap a hectic flurry of prospect action from the Penticton Young Stars Classic. Who was the standout amongst top prospects like Brad Lambert and Chaz Lucius? Might either of these young guns be pushing for a bigger role with the Moose or Jets? Is Chaz actually a centre, or does his game work better out wide? Can Greg Meireles carve out a larger role within the organization and earn a Jets call-up? We also discuss the implications of Winnipeg missing out on Sonny Milano, and what the front office's statements might imply about the upcoming roster situation.
21 min
The 2022-23 Winnipeg Jets Remove Blake Wheeler ...
On tonight's episode, we discuss the ramifications of the shocking decision to remove Blake Wheeler's captaincy by the Winnipeg Jets coaching staff. Why was Wheeler removed as captain, and more importantly, why isn't he being replaced? Who might join the council of assist captains for the upcoming season? Is there a chance for a new captain to rise amongst the group of younger players? What message does this send to the rest of the team, and does it signal bigger changes to come? Is this move even enough to push Winnipeg into much-needed line-up changes?
23 min
The Winnipeg Jets Release Early Lines For The P...
On tonight's episode, we dive into the hype surrounding the early line-ups for the Penticton Young Stars Classic. Are the Jets trying to make Cole Perfetti their long-term centre of the future? What might he accomplish alongside the mobile giant in Daniel Torgersson? Is Chaz Lucius really going to be a centre in the future? Can his game grow in the right areas to match what is needed for skaters down the middle? Where will Brad Lambert best fit, and what can he create alongside Lucius and Bongiovanni? Is Kuzmin-Lundmark a pairing to watch for the future? How will Kuzmin change the complexion of this line-up's backend?
21 min
The Winnipeg Jets Announce Their 2022 Penticton...
On tonight's episode, we discuss the exciting announcement of Winnipeg's Penticton Young Stars Classic roster! Why should Jets fans be keeping a close eye on Dmitry Kuzmin and Anton Johannesson? Is Chaz Lucius truly ready to make the jump to pro hockey? Where will Brad Lambert end up, and could a big Penticton showing earn him a pro deal? Will Arvid Holm finally prove he's the man to rely on for the Moose starting goalie spot? Is Daniel Torgersson the big-bodied scorer the Jets have struggled to sign?
23 min
Which Winnipeg Jets Players Will Thrive Under R...
On tonight's episode, we take a look at which Jets players may or may not thrive under the new coaching staff with Rick Bowness. Are the kids finally poised to get the shot many of them haven't had in years? Will Ville Heinola prove to be Bones' answer to Heiskanen in Winnipeg? Where will Cole Perfetti slot in, and is it possible he misses out on the top-6? Are the new defensive systems good fits for veterans like Adam Lowry and Brendan Dillon? What will happen with struggling players like Neal Pionk and Blake Wheeler?
21 min
The Winnipeg Jets Still Need Free Agent Help......
On tonight's episode, we comb through the remainder of the UFA pool to try and identify a few options that might help the Winnipeg Jets. How is Sonny Milano still without a contract with only a few weeks before the pre-season begins? Can Winnipeg woo Evan Rodrigues and bring him in to provide much-needed offensive punch down the line-up? Is Victor Rask still decent enough to fortify the bottom-6? Should the Jets give Daniel Sprong one last chance to stick with an NHL squad, or are the holes in his game too great to overlook?
21 min
Remembering Winnipeg Jet Scott Campbell
On tonight's episode, we reflect on the wonderful conversations and time we got to spend with former Winnipeg Jet Scott Campbell. We look back on how Scott made an impression on our early Winnipeg fandom, his impact on the Jets fanbase, and his role in helping to shape the future of the Winnipeg Jets. We then check in on some of the most recent extensions and signings from around the NHL. Why were the Canucks so desperate to re-sign J.T. Miller, and will they end up regretting the extension? What can Evgeny Svechnikov bring to the San Jose Sharks? Why, exactly, did the Buffalo Sabres give a 7-year deal to Tage Thompson?
22 min
Preparing For The 2022-23 Winnipeg Jets Pre-Season
On tonight's episode, we discuss the upcoming training camps and pre-season line-ups for the Winnipeg Jets. How will new signing Sam Gagner contribute to Winnipeg's depth scoring? Might Gagner be viewed as something more than a 3rd or 4th liner? Will Bowness finally be the one to convince Blake Wheeler to accept a reduced role? Are we going to see the Mark Scheifele of old that looked unstoppable for the Jets? What can Brad Lambert and Chaz Lucius show during the pre-season period to earn a roster spot? Does either forward have a shot? Where do AHL vets like Kristian Reichel and promising talents in Declan Chisholm figure into the equation?
23 min
The Best And Worst NHL Free Agent Signings So Far
On tonight's episode, we take a look at the best and worst NHL free agent signings of the off-season so far. Why were teams so interested in offering expensive 4-year deals to Erik Gudbranson, Ben Chiarot, and Nick Leddy? Will these blueliners live up to their pricetags, or are teams destined to fall victim to poor defender analysis? What can versatile forwards like Andre Burakovsky and Andrew Copp bring to their respective squads? Was Johnny Gaudreau the best free agent signing of the whole summer?
26 min
What Do The Winnipeg Jets Still Need For The 20...
On tonight's episode, we sort through the mess of problems that potentially await the 2023 edition of the Winnipeg Jets. What roster gaps continue to plague the team? Can Winnipeg find a top-6 finisher on the wing to give the team a goalscoring punch? What sort of trade options would exist to satisfy this need? What Manitoba Moose players might be ready to step up to the big leagues full-time? Can any of the Moose forwards give the Jets bottom-6 the scoring juice it desperately lacks? Will Winnipeg's veteran skaters accept role demotions for the greater good? How can the Jets bring the enthusiasm and energy back to a stagnating fanbase?
20 min
Five Questions For The 2022-23 Winnipeg Jets
On tonight's episode, we tackle the nitty gritty and ask 5 difficult questions for the Winnipeg Jets. Will Mark Scheifele finally look like the franchise leader he was just a few seasons ago? Is Blake Wheeler willing to give up his spot on the first line to better balance the team? What version of Neal Pionk will we see after a challenging 2021-22 season? Will Rick Bowness unleash the defense to its full potential? What will the Jets do with Connor Hellebuyck if the team decides a rebuild is on the cards?
21 min
Remember More Former Winnipeg Jets 2.0 Greats A...
On tonight's episode, we stroll through memory lane with a few more former Winnipeg Jets 2.0 greats. What made Andrew Ladd so special alongside Bryan Little and Blake Wheeler? Why was that line as effective as it was? Just how underappreciated was Little during his peak years with the Jets? What could have brought to the past few seasons had he been able to finish his career on his own terms? Was Jacob Trouba's departure truly as bad of a thing as it was thought to be at the time, or was it best for all parties involved? We also give some brief thoughts on the NHL 23 reveal trailer, and what it might mean for this year's iteration of the storied franchise.
23 min
Remembering Recent Winnipeg Jets 2.0 Greats And...
On tonight's episode, we look back on some recent Jets fan-favorites and celebrated players. What made Dustin Byfuglien such a unique presence on the ice? Can any skater ever replicate the impact and playstyle he brought to Winnipeg every game? Was Tobi Enstrom truly as bad as many Jets fans thought, or was he an unsung hero of the franchise? Just how close was Mathieu Perreault to scoring the magical 5th goal for a $1M prize?! We also reflect on the recent departure of another fan-favorite in Paul Stastny, and why his comments about the Jets could be cause for concern.
23 min
Three Potential Changes To Keep An Eye On With ...
On tonight's episode, we discuss three changes I want to keep an eye on for the 2023 Winnipeg Jets season and beyond. Will Rick Bowness finally let the defense activate in the offensive zone more frequently? How might this change impact for the forward match-ups? What can we expect with the penalty kill and power play under the new assistant coaching staff? Will Bowness continue his trend of allowing younger players to earn prominent roles continue in Winnipeg? What could this do for the longer-term picture of Winnipeg's competitiveness?
23 min
The Public And Fans Have Rated The Winnipeg Jet...
23 min
How Can The Winnipeg Jets Put The "Win" Back In...
On tonight's episode, we ruminate on Winnipeg's future. Are the Jets willing to embrace a philosophical and cultural shift to kickstart the winning mentality the team needs? What changes might need to occur tactically and in the front office to support these efforts? Can the Jets stave off a rebuild, or will their frugal approach inevitably lead to a bottom-place finish in the years to come? Is Winnipeg genuinely open to spending again, or will we be doomed to see little roster change?
26 min
The Winnipeg Jets After 2024: Who Should Stay A...
On tonight's episode, we peek into Winnipeg's future and try to determine which players should be extended and which should be allowed to seek greener pastures. Are Mark Scheifele and Blake Wheeler expected to make a return to the Jets? What will Winnipeg do with Connor Hellebuyck, especially if tanking remains a need? Which of the depth forwards are worth extending past their expiration dates, and should anyone be given healthy raises? Does Nikolaj Ehlers deserve to wear a captain's letter?
21 min
NHL Off-Season Winners And Losers: The Metro Di...
On tonight's episode, we wrap up our NHL off-season winners and losers analysis with the Metro Division. Are the Columbus Blue Jackets a sleeper team to keep an eye on, especially with Johnny Gaudreau in tow? Just what are the Philadelphia Flyers trying to accomplish? Can the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals push for one last Stanley Cup run? What will the Carolina Hurricanes do to try and solve their playoff woes? Are the Islanders and Rangers good enough to make post-season noise again?
23 min
NHL Off-Season Winners And Losers: The Atlantic...
On tonight's episode, we take a look at the Atlantic Division and grade several off-seasons for teams like the Ottawa Senators and Tampa Bay Lightning. What can we make of Florida's changes, including the addition of Paul Maurice? Can the Lightning actually improve any more than what they are already? Why are the Sens suddenly interested in playing competitive hockey? Will Samsonov and Murray finally resolve Toronto's goaltending woes? We also briefly check in on some Jets prospects at the World Juniors.
29 min
NHL Off-Season Winners And Losers: The Pacific ...
On tonight's episode, we continue our look at the top off-season performers among the Western Conference teams, turning our attention to the Pacific Division. Have the Edmonton Oilers finally solved their goaltending issues? Are the Calgary Flames endangering their long-term future with the post-Tkachuk and Gaudreau signings? Just what, exactly, are the Vegas Golden Knights doing, and is there a real plan? Are the Seattle Kraken finally on the road to recovery after a sputtering start?
27 min
3 Reasons The 2022-2023 Winnipeg Jets Will Make...
On tonight's episode, we play devil's advocate regarding Winnipeg's odds of making the playoffs. Will Rick Bowness and his assistant staff be the tactical antidote to what ails the team, or are we doomed to lottery hockey? How might the youth movement reshape the line-ups for the better? If the kids bottom out, what veterans can the Jets turn to for help? Will the Vezina-worthy version of Connor Hellebuyck return once again, or are darker fates in store for the veteran goalie?
22 min
Making The Ideal 2022-23 Winnipeg Jets Line-Up:...
On tonight's episode, we attempt to build as an idealized line-up for the 2022-23 Winnipeg Jets as humanly possible. Where will Blake Wheeler end up in this new-look regime? Can Cole Perfetti seize a top-line spot alongside Scheifele? What can new addition Kevin Stenlund do for the bottom-6? What role best suits Adam Lowry, and should it change with future additions? Are Dylan Samberg and Ville Heinola ready to lead the charge from the blueline? What will this team even be capable of next season?
22 min
NHL Off-Season Winners And Losers: The Central ...
On tonight's episode, we take a look at the off-seasons of Central Division squads to figure out which teams have improved the most. Will the new-look Nashville Predators top-6 pose a problem for the Jets? Are the Minnesota Wild better off by swapping goalies with Ottawa? What are the Chicago Blackhawks trying to accomplish with their roster tear-down? When will the Arizona Coyotes finally have a rink to call their own?
23 min
The Last Of The Free Agents: Worthwhile Future ...
On tonight's episode, we take a look at the remaining members of the free agent pool. Are there any UFAs worth signing? What could Sonny Milano, Victor Rask, and Johan Larsson contribute to Winnipeg's depth lines? Is Jesper Bratt an RFA the Jets should target in a trade? Would Martin Necas be worth trading for, and what warning signs come with his acquisition? Are the Jets pursuing any defenders like Rasmus Sandin, and why shouldn't the team try to bring Sandin in?
23 min
Sleeper Breakout Candidates For The Winnipeg Je...
On tonight's episode, we follow-up on last week's discussion about potential breakout candidates for the upcoming Winnipeg Jets 2022-23 season. Will Nikolaj Ehlers finally receive the ice-time he's due under Rick Bowness? If Ehlers reaches the first line, what kind of production can we expect? Where does Ville Heinola fit into Winnipeg's defense, and is Bowness going to give Heinola the shot he's deserved? Can Dave Rittich experience the Jets miracle goaltending medicine that cured Eric Comrie and Laurent Brossoit? How might he support Connor Hellebuyck next season?
21 min
What Can The Winnipeg Jets Expect In A Pierre-L...
On tonight's episode, we discuss the Pierre-Luc Dubois contract extension, and how it might help the Winnipeg Jets and Dubois reach a better trade option. What does the contract term and price-tag suggest for trade deadline value? Does the Matthew Tkachuk trade return for the Calgary Flames set a level of expectation for Jets fans, or are these situations incomparable? What might a fair return for Dubois look like? Will teams looking for an elite rental be willing to pay up and risk Dubois departing in free agency?
24 min
Top Breakout Candidates For The Winnipeg Jets I...
On tonight's episode, we identify a handful of potential breakout candidates for the Winnipeg Jets in the 2022-23 season. Given the lack of off-season improvements to the roster, how might David Gustafsson become the key to Winnipeg's top-9? What skills does he bring, and is he more than just a defensive safety valve? Where will Cole Perfetti slot into in the top-6? Should he be attached to Mark Scheifele's hip, or will Blake Wheeler supersede him? What can we expect from Morgan Barron and Dylan Samberg? Are both skaters the bottom-of-the-lineup wonderkids the Jets need to build a true contender?
23 min
Do The Winnipeg Jets Truly Need To Draft More C...
On tonight's episode, we discuss an unusual topic that's suddenly found a lot of press coverage as a result of the roster changes with the Calgary Flames. Are the departures of Johnny Gaudreau and Matthew Tkachuk a sign that Canadian teams need to draft more Canadian players to retain them? How would limiting your drafting demographics impact the prospect pool as a whole? Why do some in Winnipeg believe the Jets are at risk of the same situation as the Flames, when many of the longest-tenured and most successful Jets are American? Against the backdrop of the Hockey Canada scandal, is maintaining the antiquated mindset of drafting Canadian players only truly what's needed in the sport?
24 min
The Winnipeg Jets vs. The 2022-2023 Central Div...
On tonight's episode, we check in around the Central Division and see what moves Winnipeg's rivals have been making. What are the Chicago Blackhawks up to, gutting much of the roster and only bringing in depth signings? Can the Colorado Avalanche afford to run it back with the group that won a Cup and make another run or 2 before MacKinnon's deal expires? How will the Dallas Stars and Nashville Predators get out of the mushy middle of mediocrity? Are the Minnesota Wild a team to be concerned about, or will the Kaprizov situation force them re-evaluate their approach to the upcoming season?
27 min
The Winnipeg Jets And Pierre-Luc Dubois Are Pre...
On tonight's episode, we take a look at some of the recent updates surrounding the Pierre-Luc Dubois saga. With the Jets electing to forego arbitration, what contract options exist to get Dubois signed? What contract term and price-tag would make the most appealing trade option for a contender? Should the Montreal Canadiens be concerned about their odds to bring Dubois in to the team? Can Winnipeg emerge from this situation as winners? How will the Jets fare as they kick off the season this coming October? If Dubois leaves, will Winnipeg find itself under .500 by November and beyond?
24 min
The Winnipeg Jets Are Interested In Signing Naz...
On tonight's episode, we discussing the shocking rumor that the Winnipeg Jets might be trying to sign free agent Nazem Kadri. What sort of contract would Kadri be looking for, and can Winnipeg even afford it? Does this rumor have anything to do with the Jets refusing to retain salary in a Blake Wheeler trade? How would Kadri fit into the Jets line-up? Is it even worth signing the 31-year old centre to a long-term deal when Winnipeg likely needs to blow it all up in a few years? Amidst all of this, what are the Jets going to do with Pierre-Luc Dubois?
21 min
The Winnipeg Jets Are Only Signing Depth Player...
On tonight's episode, we discuss Winnipeg's signings of Alex Limoges and Kyle Capobianco. Will either skater feature in the Jets line-up, or are they strictly for the Moose? Why is Winnipeg only targeting low-end free agents when the roster has a number of glaring needs up front? Are the Jets content to watch as other teams scoop up valuable free agent signings to bolster their depth? Is Winnipeg actually serious about trading Blake Wheeler, or is the team seriously drawing from the same line-up well for this upcoming season?
22 min
The Winnipeg Jets Might Be Having A Quiet Free ...
On tonight's episode, we discuss Winnipeg's opening salvo of free agency activity. What can Big Save Dave Rittich contribute in net, especially after a fairly disastrous outing with the Nashville Predators? Can he replicate Eric Comrie's positive impact as the back-up? Where will Kevin Stenlund fit in Winnipeg's grand scheme? Is he anything more than a depth forward, or is he an under-rated gem? What "irons" does Cheveldayoff still have in the free agent fires? Why did Chevy say he's happy with the team's construction as-is? Are the Jets truly going to run it back with this group despite the lack of recent results?
24 min
The Winnipeg Jets Enter The Free Agency Fray......
On tonight's episode, we discuss what the Winnipeg Jets should be looking to do as free agency begins. Where will Winnipeg find a decent top-6 centre to fortify the depth? Just how many scoring wings can the Jets hope to add to the team? What players will need to be let go to make room for any new arrivals? Is there any reason to believe Winnipeg will actually be active this free agency window, and if not, what is their plan going forward?
23 min
The Winnipeg Jets Qualify 8 Out Of 10 Restricte...
On tonight's episode, we discuss Winnipeg's RFA qualification selections. Why is Evgeny Svechnikov not among the qualifying offers? Are the Jets trying to save money by signing him as a UFA, or is he likely destined for greener pastures? Who, exactly, are the Jets planning to replace him with? Given the other non-qualified players from around the NHL, which free agents might boost the Jets roster? Are Sonny Milano and Victor Mete worth a longer-term look in Winnipeg?
25 min
Rating The Winnipeg Jets 2022 NHL Draft: Was It...
On tonight's episode, we review Winnipeg's 2022 draft selections. Was choosing McGroarty over Lekkerimaki and Kemell the right decision? What could Brad Lambert become if he truly hits his ceiling? Where might Danny Zhilnik fit into Winnipeg's line-up if he becomes an NHLer? Will Garrett Brown become the reliable second or third-pairing right-handed defender the Jets have so few of? We also investigate some signings and deals around the league, including the volatility of the goalie market, and how that might make signing Eric Comrie a challenge.
27 min
The Winnipeg Jets Draft Rutger McGroarty And Br...
On tonight's episode, we discuss the Winnipeg Jets first round draft selections of Rutger McGroarty and Brad Lambert. What should Jets fans be looking for in McGroarty? Why was he considered a bit of a reach at pick 14? Will his skating hold him back from regular NHL duty, or is it something he can improve to pro-level? How did Brad Lambert fall to the Jets at 30th overall? Are the concerns about his decision-making and off-the-puck performance enough to cause concern? Can Brad return to being the dynamite player he was for Finland?
23 min
The Winnipeg Jets Are About To Make Some Trade ...
On tonight's episode, we discuss the implications of Winnipeg's comments on the upcoming draft and potentially out-going roster players. How will the Jets work a draft that remains very uncertain, even with the top picks? Are Russian players going to be ignored, or will Winnipeg be willing to draft them if they are the best-player-available? Is Blake Wheeler on the move to a new team soon, and what return could the Jets expect? What might Pierre-Luc Dubois fetch in such a chaotic trade market? Is it better for Winnipeg to acquire assets for this year's draft or the next one?
25 min
The Winnipeg Jets At The 2022 NHL Draft: What M...
On tonight's episode, we take a look at the upcoming 2022 NHL draft rankings. Which prospects have made the largest jumps up the list, and who looks to be ranked far too low to believe? Are the Winnipeg Jets likely to land an NHLer at the 14th overall pick? Should Winnipeg consider drafting Russian players who are currently in the Russian hockey system abroad, or is it not worth the risk? What prospects might slip further down the rankings and make it to pick 30? Can Winnipeg land an absolute steal at the end of the 1st round?
22 min
The Rick Bowness Of The Winnipeg Jets Begins: F...
On tonight's episode, we discuss the first press conference with Rick Bowness and the Winnipeg Jets. What has Bowness prioritized as must-fix items on his list? Why does he feel communication is so critical, and could this be part of the culture change necessary for the Jets to move forward? What impression does Bowness give off, and does he seem like the coach to stick around beyond his current contract term? How do Jets fans feel about Bowness's comments and current plan? Is making the playoffs under his tenure an absolute-must?
24 min
The Winnipeg Jets Hire Rick Bowness As Head Coach
On tonight's episode, we discuss the hiring of head coach Rick Bowness. What will Bowness bring in his return to the Winnipeg Jets? Is his penchant for making his teams "difficult to play against" something that would benefit the Jets, or is it a bygone relic in tactical approaches? Why has Rick only been signed for 2 years, and what might it mean for the next Jets head coach? We also discuss personal fan sentiment over the hiring and direction of the team. Is this truly the right path forward for Winnipeg?
23 min
The Winnipeg Jets May Be Close To Signing A New...
On tonight's episode, we explore the coaching candidate carousel revolving around the Winnipeg Jets. Winnipeg appears to have identified Rick Tocchet, Scott Arniel, Jeff Blashill, and Pascal Vincent as finalists. Which of these candidates is the most likely to become the next Jets coach? Are any of them likely to last beyond the transition period, or should we expect to need a new head coach in just a few years? Who on the roster are the Jets planning to retain, and is trying to retool rather than rebuild the right decision?
24 min
Are The Rangers Really Interested In Pierre-Luc...
On tonight's episode, we break down the Kevin Fiala trade to the LA Kings and discuss the implications for the trade market. Will this deal affect any of the potential departures from the Winnipeg Jets? What is the market interest for a player like Pierre-Luc Dubois? Are the New York Rangers actually interested in acquiring Dubois, or is this a ploy to put pressure on the Montreal Canadiens? Finally, we close out with expanded thoughts on whether or not Winnipeg should draft Connor Geekie and Brad Lambert.
23 min
Is The Winnipeg Jets Rebuild Avoidable Or Inevi...
On tonight's episode, we discuss some of the feedback and commentary you provided about Winnipeg's potential rebuild. How did you all feel about the players potentially needing to be traded? What were your feelings about the rebuild itself? Is this something any of us actually wants to sit through, especially after the Jets spent so long building the current core? Where did it all go so wrong for Winnipeg, and how do they fix the mess?
23 min
Life After Barry Trotz: Winnipeg Jets Fans Vote
On tonight's episode, we survey Jets fans to find out what they think the team should do post-Trotz. Should Pierre-Luc Dubois be someone Winnipeg tries to retain? Is Connor Hellebuyck going to continue playing at an elite level into his 30s, or does Winnipeg need to consider a new man in net down the road? What do the Jets do with Mark Scheifele, and can the relationship be salvaged? Who should coach Winnipeg next season?
22 min
The 2021-22 NHL Season Is Now Over
On tonight's episode, we recap a thoroughly entertaining Stanley Cup Finals series between the Colorado Avalanche and Tampa Bay Lightning. What gave Colorado the edge against a deep, veteran team stacked with proven winners? More importantly, what can the Winnipeg Jets learn from both the Avs and Lightning? Is there a way for the Jets to emulate this success and build off of either organizational model?
22 min
The Barry Trotz To Winnipeg Dream Is Over
On tonight's episode, we discuss the ramifications of Barry Trotz's announcement that he'll be taking a break from coaching. What does this mean for the Winnipeg Jets? Who will Winnipeg try to hire, and are any of the remaining coaching candidates actually good enough to get the Jets to the post-season? Is it better to start the rebuild early instead? What players and assets are worth letting go of to begin the long-term rebuild process?
20 min
The Dust Is Settling Around The Winnipeg Jets
On tonight's episode, we discuss the rumor that the Winnipeg Jets might try to convince Pierre-Luc Dubois to stay. Is it worth the risk of hurting his trade value? Could this end up being another Jacob Trouba trade situation, where initial offers were better than the final return? What is the likelihood Dubois would actually stay? We also discuss the possibility that Blake Wheeler is mutually interested in leaving Winnipeg. How ominous of a sign is it to see the captain wanting to walk away? Will all of this upheaval mean Barry Trotz is more likely to skip coaching altogether and join Winnipeg in a management role?
19 min
There Is Chaos In Winnipeg Jets Land
On tonight's episode, we attempt to unpack the last 24 hours of Winnipeg Jets headlines, and how they'll shape the destiny of the team going forward. Is Paul Maurice the right hire to take the Florida Panthers to a Stanley Cup trophy? What lessons might he have learned since leaving the Jets? Why is Winnipeg suddenly indicating Blake Wheeler's trade availability? Is moving the captain the right decision? How will the Jets deal with Pierre-Luc Dubois' announcement that he'll be testing free agency in 2024? Would Dubois' departure mean the rebuild timeline becomes relevant again?
23 min
The 2022 NHL Awards Votes Are In...
On tonight's episode, we discuss the 2022 NHL award winners for the Hart, Vezina, Calder, and Norris trophies. Why was Cale Makar ranked so closely to Roman Josi when he was clearly the better skater? Did Moritz Seider really have a season worth winning the Calder for, or did the voters get fooled by an initial bias? Should Igor Shesterkin have won the Hart Trophy, or was the selection of Auston Matthews as accurate as it could be?
22 min
A Hang-Up In The Barry Trotz Signing?
On tonight's episode, we discuss the rumor that the delay in the Winnipeg Jets signing Barry Trotz might actually reside on Winnipeg's end. Are Cheveldayoff and Chipman willing to let Trotz call the shots as soon as this upcoming draft? Do we even know what Barry's philosophy of team-building is? What evidence exists that Trotz can actually turn Winnipeg into a contender? We then discuss some of the ambiguity around this year's prospect draft, and why that may favor Winnipeg's long-term ambitions.
21 min
Barry Trotz Might Be Signing With The Winnipeg ...
On tonight's episode, we discuss the news that Barry Trotz appears to be circling back and negotiating with the Winnipeg Jets. Just how long would he be coaching for? How would the Jets incorporate Trotz into a management role once he's done coaching? Can any other team offer Barry the sort of front office flexibility the Jets can? We then discuss three bold predictions for Winnipeg's 2022-23 season, as well as my hopes and dreams for next year.
20 min
The Winnipeg Jets And The 30th Overall Pick
On tonight's episode, we take a look at a handful of prospects available at the 30th overall pick. Would Luca Del Bel Belluz be the potential goal-scoring centre the Winnipeg Jets currently lack? What limitations in Luca's game should Winnipeg be concerned about? Is Pavel Mintyukov a worthy risk, and why are scouts so mixed on his defensive game? Are Mintyukov's defensive issues enough to wash out his offensive capability? We also touch on Winnipeg's need to spend a good deal to recruit a quality coaching staff, and give some insights into game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals.
24 min
The Winnipeg Jets Head Coach Candidate Pool Nar...
On tonight's episode, we discuss the ramifications of the Golden Knights signing Bruce Cassidy, while John Tortorella appears ready to sign for Philadelphia. Did the Winnipeg Jets miss out on signing Cassidy and Tortorella? Does this mean Trotz is an increasing likelihood for Winnipeg? Beyond next season, what does the future hold for the Jets, and how will they navigate expiring contracts for Hellebuyck, Scheifele, Ehlers, and more?
28 min
Winnipeg Jets Fanbase Pulse-Check: A Rebuild?!
On tonight's episode, we pop one of the biggest questions to the Winnipeg Jets fanbase: should the Jets start to rebuild? Needless to say, the survey results have been a mixed bag of emotions. We cover everything from the coach leading the rebuild process, to what the Jets should do with Nikolaj Ehlers and Connor Hellebuyck. Are these guys who should hang around as the team tears it down and starts over, or are greener pastures calling? As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments below!
26 min
Barry Trotz Watch Is Almost Over...
On tonight's episode, we discuss the ramifications of a potential Barry Trotz announcement this week. The Winnipeg Jets and Philadelphia Flyers have been rumored to be among the best candidates...so who will actually end up with Barry? What will happen to the rest of the coaching market once Trotz is signed? With a coaching staff signing made, how will the Jets then improve the rest of the team? What are the biggest skill needs for Winnipeg?
25 min
Projecting The 2022-23 Winnipeg Jets
On tonight's episode, we discuss the current head coaching candidates for the Winnipeg Jets. With Barry Trotz currently in limbo, the Jets have narrowed down a sizeable back-up list. Is Pascal Vincent the man for the present and future? What would it take for Jim Montgomery to join Winnipeg? We then give some ideal line-ups for the 2022-23 Jets, breaking down a rework of the forward lines and some adjustments to the defensive pairings.
20 min
The Winnipeg Jets Should Move On...
On tonight's episode, we discuss the reality that the Winnipeg Jets need to consider moving on from hiring Barry Trotz. Given the sudden availability of Bruce Cassidy and the current free agency status of Claude Julien, is Trotz truly the best choice among the candidates? If Winnipeg can't decide on a coach to get them back to the playoffs, should the team opt for a rebuild? Who might be moving on if the Jets decide to tear it all down and start over?
27 min
Free Agent Gems For The Winnipeg Jets
On tonight's episode, we talk about a number of potentially underrated signings for the Winnipeg Jets to consider. Can Tyler Ennis be the fourth line hero the team needs in the absence of Mathieu Perreault? Is Brett Kulak the ideal pairing partner for someone like Ville Heinola? Should the Jets pursue a player like Erik Gudbranson, or stay far away?
24 min
The Winnipeg Jets Have A New #1 Head Coaching C...
On tonight's episode, we discuss the implications of the Boston Bruins firing Bruce Cassidy. How does Cassidy stack against coaching free agents like Barry Trotz? Should the Winnipeg Jets make Cassidy their new priority target? We then discuss the sweep of the Edmonton Oilers at the hands of the Colorado Avalanche, and preview two potential Stanley Cup Finals match-ups based on the on-going Eastern Conference Finals.
23 min
More RFAs For The Winnipeg Jets To Pursue!
On tonight's episode, we continue our dive for more restricted free agent options for the Winnipeg Jets to uncover. Could Ethan Bear be a prime candidate to help bolster Winnipeg's right-shot defensive grouping? What would Bear's arrival mean for Neal Pionk? Is Martin Necas worth taking a risk on, or is he too likely to deflate under future Winnipeg coaches? We then close out with some thoughts on the Eastern and Western Conference Finals. Should the New York Rangers be worried about a loss, or should they feel confidently in control? What will the Oilers do after 3 dispiriting losses to Colorado?
25 min
The Winnipeg Jets Need Restricted Free Agents!
On tonight's episode, we dive into the vast pool of restricted free agents. With a number of RFAs potentially looking for green pastures, who should the Winnipeg Jets be targeting in trades? Is there a scenario where Matt Tkachuk could ever end up in Winnipeg? What is the market like for Brock Boeser, and why are the Canucks seemingly keen to let him go? Is Kevin Fiala really a bad player, or is he just misunderstood? We then give some brief thoughts on the Colorado-Edmonton series to close the night out.
21 min
Winnipeg Jets Fanbase Pulse-Check: Your Feedback
On tonight's episode, we take a look at some early feelings about the upcoming Winnipeg Jets season from fans just like you. Are you feeling optimistic about Winnipeg's playoff chances? Why are some folks against the idea of signing Barry Trotz? Do you all want Mark Scheifele to stick around, or are you hoping he hits the road (for the right price)? We then close out with a check-in on the Eastern Conference Finals, rooting on ex-Jets Andrew Copp and Jacob Trouba to win some hardware.
21 min
Scott Arniel Is Joining The Winnipeg Jets...Wha...
On tonight's episode, we discuss the implications of Scott Arniel joining the Winnipeg Jets coaching staff. Will he be vying for the lead opening, or assuming an assistant coach's role? What impact might this have on the Barry Trotz pursuit, considering Arniel and Trotz have worked together previously? We then discuss two potential draft targets with the newly-promoted New York Rangers first round pick, including Jagger Firkus and Glev Trikonov. Can these two talented snipers boost Winnipeg's goalscoring output?
26 min
The Winnipeg Jets Are Getting Another First Rou...
On tonight's episode, we talk about the excitement surrounding the New York Rangers series victory over the Carolina Hurricanes. The win now means the 2nd round pick included for Andrew Copp becomes a 1st round pick. Where will the Winnipeg Jets be picking again when the playoffs are over? Just how significant is the difference between a late 1st and a late 2nd round pick? We then preview the Eastern and Western Conference Finals, closing out with some thoughts on whether or not Barry Trotz would actually improve teams eliminated during these final rounds.
24 min
Conor Geekie And The Winnipeg Jets
On tonight's episode, we discuss a number of potential prospects for the Winnipeg Jets to select at 14th overall. Is Winnipeg Ice centre Conor Geekie truly an elite-level talent? Should the Jets make Geekie a priority? Where to Kevin Korchinski and Denton Mateychuk rank in the pantheon of defenders? Are Korchinski and Mateychuk better options for the Jets than Geekie? We then close out with some lingering thoughts on round 2 of the NHL playoffs before we move towards the Conference Finals.
23 min
The 2022 NHL Free Agent Frenzy: Part 2
On tonight's episode, we continue examining the upcoming unrestricted free agent class for the NHL. Could Johnny Gaudreau be an option for the Winnipeg Jets to sign? Just how much cap space would the Jets have to clear to be a remote consideration? Is Victor Rask an underrated diamond in the rough for a bottom-6? Should Winnipeg consider trying to bring Andrew Copp back with term? We then close out with playoff updates and my thoughts on the brand new Top Gun film.
26 min
The 2022 NHL Free Agent Frenzy
On tonight's episode, we wrap up our thoughts on what the Winnipeg Jets should do about free agents like Eric Comrie and Jansen Harkins. Why didn't the Jets give Comrie the necessary games to achieve RFA status? Did he earn any additional games on merit alone? What can Harkins bring to the team when not paired with Scheifele? Closing it out, we also take a look at an incredible upcoming UFA market. Will Evgeni Malkin remain a Pittsburgh skater, or seek glory elsewhere?
26 min
Barry Trotz Is Not A Winnipeg Jet...For Now
On tonight's episode, we discuss the first clear denial from Barry Trotz's camp on the rumored signing with the Winnipeg Jets. Should Jets fans panic yet? Who does Trotz need to interview with first, and are any of these teams better than the Jets? We then discuss more Winnipeg free agents, including Paul Stastny and Evgeny Svechnikov. Is Stastny's pot-stirring commentary a necessity for a divided locker-room, or will the Jets let him find greener pastures?
23 min
The Barry Trotz Waiting Game...
On tonight's episode, we discuss the latest updates on the quest to bring Barry Trotz to the Winnipeg Jets. Now that local and national hockey media have picked up on the rumor, is there any likelihood Trotz is announced early this week? What other teams realistically have a shot at signing Barry? Are the Vegas Golden Knights a true competitor for Trotz's signature, or are they not worth his time? We then discuss the potential futures of upcoming free agents like Pierre-Luc Dubois, Kristian Vesalainen, and Evgeny Svechnikov.
23 min
Barry Trotz To The Winnipeg Jets?!
On tonight's episode, we discuss the wild rumor that Barry Trotz is signing with the Winnipeg Jets this week. Per Jets Centric Podcast, the deal may be formalized as early as Tuesday. Should Jets fans be excited by this news, or extremely skeptical? What should Winnipeg do with Pierre-Luc Dubois and Mark Scheifele if Trotz is actually signed? Can both players remain a part of the team despite a tightening cap situation? How should the Jets try to create cap space and roster flexibility? We then close out with some thoughts on the current slate of second round 2022 NHL Playoff games, including the Battle of Alberta and the Florida teams duking it out.
26 min
Barry Trotz Has Finished His Winnipeg Jets Inte...
On tonight's episode, we discuss the implications of Barry Trotz concluding his interview with the Winnipeg Jets. Should Jets fans be concerned that Trotz has not signed a contract? Are the Philadelphia Flyers and Vegas Golden Knights better fits for Trotz? What will happen if Barry doesn't sign with Winnipeg? We also recap game 2 of the St. Louis Blues vs. the Colorado Avalanche, and game 2 of the Tampa Bay Lightning vs. the Florida Panthers.
25 min
The Battle Of Alberta Begins
On tonight's episode of Locked On Winnipeg Jets, we recap an exciting second day of the 2022 NHL Playoffs, round 2. Were the New York Rangers caught in the midst of a Carolina Hurricane, or did they admirably weather the storm on the road? Who turned the clocks back to throwback hockey in the Battle of Alberta between the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers? Will either Albertan team get saves from their goaltending tandems? We then check in on the group stage standings of the 2022 IIHF Ice Hockey Championships. Is Switzerland a true gold medal contender? What is going on with the struggling United States squad? Will one of Canada, Finland, or Sweden reclaim the first place throne as usual?
24 min
Brad Lambert, Future Winnipeg Jets Player?
On tonight's episode, we kick off with some fun prospect speculation for the upcoming Winnipeg Jets 2022 NHL draft selection. At 14th overall, who should the Jets choose between Frank Nazar and Brad Lambert? Given Lambert's struggles in Liiga, should Winnipeg still consider drafting him? We then ring in the beginning of round 2 of the 2022 NHL Playoffs with the St. Louis Blues against the Colorado Avalanche, and the Tampa Bay Lightning versus the Florida Panthers. The game scores might surprise you...
26 min
The Winnipeg Jets Interview Barry Trotz
On tonight's episode, we discuss the implications of the Winnipeg Jets interviewing Barry Trotz for the head coaching vacancy. What other teams are pursuing Trotz's services? Does Trotz even have an active incentive to coach the Jets? We also preview an exciting round 2 of the 2022 NHL Playoffs. Who will prevail in the battle of Florida, the Panthers or the Lightning? Will the Cup finally come home after a titanic match-up between the Edmonton Oilers and the Calgary Flames? Can the New York Rangers pull off another magic trick against the Carolina Hurricanes?
21 min
The 2022 NHL Playoffs: Game 7 Galore!
On tonight's episode, we recap an utterly insane end to round 1 of the 2022 NHL Playoffs. Were the Toronto Maple Leafs able to exorcise their playoff demons and see off the Tampa Bay Lightning? Just how many saves can Jake Oettinger make against the Calgary Flames? Will the Pittsburgh Penguins make another magical playoff run despite the injury crisis, or are the New York Rangers destined to advance? We also check in on the end of the Manitoba Moose series against the Milwaukee Admirals. Did the Moose complete the reverse-sweep?
23 min
The 2022 NHL Playoffs: Day 12
On tonight's episode, we discuss the rumor of a divided Winnipeg Jets locker-room involving Mark Scheifele and Blake Wheeler. Does this all mean Scheifele will leave Winnipeg over the summer, or can the situation be salvaged? We then discuss the current NHL playoff series, including the chaotic match-up between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Tampa Bay Lightning. Were the Leafs able to close out business, or will they now have to win game 7 on home ice? How did the Minnesota Wild end up exiting in the first round? Are the St. Louis Blues a legitimate contender?
22 min
The Manitoba Moose Stay Alive
On tonight's episode, we discuss the implications of a massive Manitoba Moose win against the Milwaukee Admirals. Can the baby Winnipeg Jets win a second game to force the series-decider? What has caused the team so much grief against a weaker Ads side? We then pan over to the NHL to check in on the playoff picture. Were the New York Rangers able to stave off elimination against the veteran Pittsburgh Penguins? How did the Washington Capitals blow a 3-0 lead against the Florida Panthers?
23 min
The Winnipeg Jets Will Pick 14th Overall
On tonight's episode, we recap the 2022 NHL Draft Lottery. Will the Montreal Canadiens select Shane Wright first overall? What does one make of the Arizona Coyotes winning another top-5 selection? Who could the Winnipeg Jets walk away with at pick 14? We then follow up on a crazy night of NHL Playoff action, including a massive comeback from the Toronto Maple Leafs against the Tampa Bay Lightning.
25 min
The Winnipeg Jets And Barry Trotz
On tonight's episode, we attempt to tackle the difficult question on every Winnipeg Jets fan's lips; should the Jets sign Barry Trotz? What was Trotz like as the coach of the New York Islanders and Washington Capitals? Would Barry fit Winnipeg as currently constructed, or is he too behind the times? We also check in on the NHL playoffs, including our first post-season elimination (spoiler: it's the Nashville Predators).
21 min
The 2022 NHL Playoffs: Day 8
On tonight's episode, we recap a crazy weekend of 2022 NHL playoffs action. Did anyone expect the Washington Capitals to win this many games against the Florida Panthers? Will the Nashville Predators become the first swept opponent of the playoffs? Can anyone in the West actually keep pace with the Colorado Avalanche? We also examine the highs and lows of the Manitoba Moose playoff series against the Milwaukee Admirals. What has gone wrong in a series the Moose have generally dominated?
23 min
The 2022 NHL Playoffs: Day 3
On day 3 of our 2022 NHL Playoffs coverage, we recap a frantic series-evening game between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Toronto Maple Leafs. Will the Leafs recover their form on the road? We also check in on a decisive Edmonton Oilers shutout against the LA Kings. In the Central Division, were the Minnesota Wild able to claw back a win against the St. Louis Blues? Just who is starting in net for the Pittsburgh Penguins in their series against the New York Rangers?
22 min
The 2022 NHL Playoffs: Day 2
On tonight's episode, we recap a wild second day of the 2022 NHL Playoffs. How many overtimes did it take for the Pittsburgh Penguins to beat Igor Shesterkhin and the New York Rangers? Are the Washington Capitals poised to upset the number one seed in the Florida Panthers? Where will the Nashville Predators turn to for goaltending relief? Can the Dallas Stars out-Sutter the Sutter-coached Calgary Flames?
24 min
The 2022 NHL Playoffs: Day 1
On today's episode, we recap the first day of NHL playoff action from around the NHL. Are the Toronto Maple Leafs capable of sustaining this performance against the Tampa Bay Lightning for a full series? Can the Boston Bruins recover after a devastating defeat to the Carolina Hurricanes? What on Earth happened between the Los Angeles Kings and Edmonton Oilers?!
21 min
The Winnipeg Jets Are Cleaning House
On tonight's episode, we discuss the forthcoming Winnipeg Jets coaching staff changes. Will Dave Lowry and co. remain options for the Jets if new coaches can't be recruited? What does on make of Wade Flaherty being the only coaching staff member to receive a contract extension? Who will step into the void vacated by the former staff? We then close out with some thoughts on the opening games of the 2022 NHL Playoffs!
24 min
The Winnipeg Jets Are Not Okay
On tonight's episode, we give some brief thoughts on a relatively unexciting Winnipeg Jets win over the Seattle Kraken. We then breakdown the firestorm that followed the game, including Mark Scheifele's ambiguous comments about the team direction, Paul Stastny's heated criticism, and the rumored Kevin Cheveldayoff extension. What will a torn locker-room mean for the future of the team? Are the Jets in serious trouble before a major off-season?
22 min
One Final NHL Standings Check-In
On tonight's episode, we take one last look at the 2021-22 NHL season standings. Were the Florida Panthers able to maintain their first-place performance? Where will the Washington Capitals finish their season at? Are the Calgary Flames the most underrated team in the league? We also give a few reasons to be optimistic and pessimistic about the upcoming 2022-23 Winnipeg Jets season. Will Winnipeg finally shake things up?
23 min
The Winnipeg Jets And Philadelphia Flyers Clash
On tonight's episode, we give some brief thoughts on the 4-0 Winnipeg Jets victory over the Philadelphia Flyers. What can we make of Eric Comrie's first NHL shutout? Should Comrie become a more routine starter for the Jets? We also discuss the arrival of prospect Chaz Lucius, who just signed his first Winnipeg contract. When might we see Chaz suit up for the Jets? What other Jets prospects are on the way to regular NHL time, and which prospects should start looking for a new team?
23 min
NHL Stats Leaders And Winnipeg Jets Off-Season ...
On tonight's episode, we take a look at the top NHL awards candidates. Can Igor Shesterkin win both the Hart and Vezina trophies? Will anyone catch Auston Matthews' 60-goal performance to challenge the Rocket Richard title? We then close out with 3 thoughts on what the Winnipeg Jets can do to consider the off-season a success.
25 min
The Top 2022 NHL Playoff Storylines
On tonight's episode, we dive into the most compelling storylines of the 2022 NHL playoffs. Which eliminated teams should anticipate a return to the post-season next year? Can the Winnipeg Jets count themselves among this group? Who will be crowned the king of Florida between the Florida Panthers and Tampa Bay Lightning? Will the Toronto Maple Leafs finally stop choking in the playoffs?!
22 min
Bonus: Reflecting on the legacy of Montreal Can...
9 min
The Winnipeg Jets Down The Colorado Avalanche
On tonight's episode, we recap a fun Winnipeg Jets win against the best team in the Central Division, the Colorado Avalanche. With the playoffs so close at hand, were the Avs truly giving the Jets their best performance? What can Winnipeg take away from a strong outing? Is Logan Stanley capable of being a regular for the Jets? When will Dylan Samberg earn a routine role? What should we even expect from next year's Jets team?
23 min
The Lost 2021-22 Winnipeg Jets Season
On tonight's episode, we recap a disappointing but unsurprising Winnipeg Jets loss to the Carolina Hurricanes. How did Winnipeg manage to watch a 2-0 lead evaporate? Just how good was Eric Comrie to fend off the Canes for nearly 2 full periods? Why won't the Jets let young prospects audition for spots in the final games? Could anyone have seen this Jets collapse coming?
21 min
Winnipeg Jets End Of Season Awards
On tonight's episode, we start doling out some very real and not made-up awards for several Winnipeg Jets skaters! Which player had the biggest bounceback season? What new arrival impressed the most, and should he stick around beyond this season? Which prospect stood out the most in a Jets uniform?
22 min