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The Jets Training Camp Rosters
On tonight's podcast, we take a look at Winnipeg's training camp rosters. What new arrivals stand out? Who might be competing for a spot with the big club? Which PTOs can earn a full-time Jets ride?
21 min
The Top-50 NHL Players: 10-1
On tonight's show, we discuss the final top-10 players as voted on by the Locked On NHL network of podcasts. Which players ascended to the top of the mountain? Who should be cast back down the list?
22 min
A Look At Winnipeg's Upcoming Season
On tonight's show, we preview Winnipeg's jam-packed start to the season. After a weeks in, where are the Jets likely to find themselves? Can they push for an early top-3 position in the Central Division?
21 min
The Top-50 NHL Players: 20-11
On tonight's show, we check in on the odd Christian Dvorak trade. Did the Habs overpay for the centre? We also break down the top-50 players as voted on by the Locked On NHL network, focusing on ranks 20 through 11.
22 min
The Top-50 NHL Players: 30-21
On tonight's episode, we dive into the ever-controversial Locked On NHL top-50 players list. Who made the top-30 listings? Are any Jets present? Which players found themselves punching above their ranking weights?
21 min
The Top-50 NHL Players: 40-31
On tonight's show, we dive into the NHL's announcement of a return to the Olympics. Will the Jets be sending anyone to Beijing? We also break down picks 40 through 31 from the Locked On Network's top-50 NHL players list.
21 min
The NHL's Top 50 Players: 41-50
On tonight's show, we catch up with a bevy of Islanders contract extensions. Has Uncle Lou secured his team's future? We also break down the Locked On NHL's top-50 players list, starting with picks 41 through 50.
23 min
The Central Division Returns: Part 2
On tonight's show, we break down the new-look Nashville Preds and Minnesota Wild. Will either of these teams score any goals this year? What are their playoff outlooks? Can the Jets take care of business against both teams?
21 min
The Top-50 NHL Players: The Snubs
On tonight's show, we briefly break from our Central Division previews to check out the Locked On NHL top-50 player list. Which NHLers didn't make the cream of the crop? How did the network whiff on the Nikolaj Ehlers vote?!
21 min
The Central Division Returns: Part 1
On tonight's show, we preview the upcoming return of the Central Division. Are the Blackhawks actually tanking for real? Will the Avalanche seize first place again? What, exactly, are the Dallas Stars?
22 min
The King Retires...
On tonight's show, we reflect on Henrik Lunqvists retirement, and some of the truly outstanding goalies currently playing. We also explore the new Evgeny Svechnikov PTO, and close out with some of our favorite underrated players.
21 min
NHL 22 Is Coming
On tonight's podcast, we round up the day's craziest stories, like the Arizona Coyotes losing their rink lease after the season. Where will they play next? We also dive into the NHL 22 trailer and ponder whether or not the game is actually different this time.
20 min
Free Agency Wrap-Ups
On tonight's show, we recap the final few dog days of free agent frenzy. Which prospects have the Jets brought into the pro system? What is Winnipeg's long term vision for success?
22 min
Winnipeg's Top Storylines for 2021/22
On tonight's episode, we discuss the top storylines heading into next season. Will Josh Morrissey be able to rediscover the form that earned him a major contract? Can Scheifele return to the dominant centre he was a few years ago?
21 min
The NHL's Top 50
On tonight's show, we discuss the new Andew Copp deal. Will Copp stick around after his year is over? Who could replace him? We also preview some of our picks for the top-50 players in the NHL!
20 min
On tonight's podcast, we assess the new Neal Pionk deal. Is it as good as advertised? What free agents are still signing extensions? How did Darnell Nurse manage to get an 8-year contract?!
21 min
Logan Stanley Is BACK
On tonight's show, we discuss Logan Stanley's contract extension. How will this impact Winnipeg's blueline outlook? Are there any UFAs still worth signing?
21 min
Wrapping Up Free Agency (For Now)
On tonight's show, we recap the latest free agency signings. Are any of the latest announcements worth crowing about? Which teams have actually made out like bandits?
20 min
Winnipeg's Offseason...It's Good!!
On tonight's show, we recap Winnipeg's offseason moves. How has the team changed over the last few weeks? Are they in content for a playoff spot next year? Which NHL teams have fallen the furthest?
21 min
Do It Jets....Trade For Eichel!
On tonight's show, we discuss the rumor that Winnipeg is looking for an elite young forward. Is Jack Eichel their primary target? What would it cost to acquire him? We also break down more free agency madness!
21 min
Free Agency Day 2
On tonight's show, we continue to dig into the mass of NHL free agent signings. What teams have legitimately improved? Is the Central getting stronger? Just how much did Zach Werenski re-sign for?!
21 min
The First Day Of Free Agency...
On tonight's podcast, we attempt to unravel a thoroughly ridiculous start to the NHL free agency period. What teams have been aggressive on day 1? Which top free agents are now claimed, and for how much?
22 min
Winnipeg's Got A New Defense!
On tonight's show, we discuss the surprise Nate Schmidt trade. What brought this one about? What did the Jets give up to take Nate's deal on? Who else has been active on this eventful day?
21 min
Winnipeg Trades For Brendan Dillon
On tonight's show, we recap Winnipeg's draft selections from this past weekend. We also analyze the Paul Stastny extension and the Brendan Dillon trade. How did the Jets fare in both deals?
21 min
The Jets Draft Chaz Lucius!
On tonight's show, we broke down some of the crazy NHL trades that occurred today. What on Earth is Chicago thinking with the Jones trade? Why did the Flyers trade for Rasmus Ristolainen? We then close out with Winnipeg's 2021 first round pick, Chaz Lucius!
21 min
The Seattle Expansion Impressions
On tonight's show, we recap some quick thoughts from the Seattle expansion draft. Who did the Jets end up losing? What does Winnipeg's strategy say about the organization? We close out with some thoughts on the Aldrich sexual assault case, discussing additional details that were disclosed today.
22 min
Locked On NHL Mock Draft: Part 2
On tonight's special episode, we finish our Locked On NHL mock draft with the final picks. Who did the Jets select at pick 17? What value might teams in the last 10-12 picks unearth?!
27 min
Locked On NHL Mock Draft: Part 1
On tonight's show, we run through the first 14 picks of the Locked On NHL mock draft. What top prospect went 1st overall? Will any great names be left over for the Jets to choose from?
25 min
The Jets Expansion List Is Here....
On tonight's show, we dive into Winnipeg's Seattle protection list. Why did the Jets protect Andrew Copp? Is an extension looming? What is the rationale for protecting Stanley over DeMelo?
21 min
On tonight's show, we discuss Winnipeg's imminent decision to protect Stanley over DeMelo. Why is the team making this public now? Is there merit to Winnipeg's thinking? What does the team need to do to get us excited again?
20 min
Protect Dylan DadMelo!
On tonight's podcast, we respond to the suggestions that Winnipeg will expose DeMelo over Stanley. Why would the Jets do this? Is there any merit to it? What will Winnipeg do with Neal Pionk's next contract?
20 min
The Free Agent Frenzy (Eventually)
On tonight's show, we dive into the upcoming free agent class. Who should the Jets be taking a look at? How many of these guys would actually consider Winnipeg a legitimate destination?
21 min
The Central Division Is Chaos
On tonight's show, we touch on the buyouts of Zach Parise and Ryan Suter. Should the Jets pursue either of these free agents? What does Winnipeg do with Andrew Copp?
20 min
The Duncan Keith Trade
On tonight's podcast, we explore the implications of the Duncan Keith trade. Will the Blackhawks now pursue Seth Jones? Why did the Ottawa Senators hire Pierre McGuire?
21 min
Wrapping Up A Strange Season...
On tonight's show, we toss out some final thoughts on a thoroughly bizarre NHL season. Which teams could consider their season a success? Who might be looking back with regret?
20 min
The Season Ahead
On this episode, we wrap up our Cup Finals thoughts. What was this season like? Can we read much into the results? What will the next year look like with the divisions returning to some level of normalcy?
20 min
Life After Seattle
On tonight's show, we ruminate on the upcoming Seattle expansion draft. What should the Jets focus on after the draft? We also check in on the early proceedings in game 5 between Montreal and Tampa Bay.
19 min
Stanley Cup Finals: Game 4
On tonight's show, we recap a massive Canadiens win against Tampa. We also break down a few free agent contract extensions and evaluate the upcoming summer market. Should the Jets be signing any of the available free agents?
20 min
On Pierre-Luc Dubois's Season
On tonight's podcast, we're joined by Locked On Columbus Blue Jackets to discuss Pierre-Luc Dubois's season. We also evaluate the acquisition of Pascal Vincent from the Manitoba Moose. What will the Jets-Blue Jackets relationship yield in the future?
24 min
Stanley Cup Finals: Game 3
On tonight's episode, we recap Montreal's painful loss to Tampa. Is there anything the Habs can do to stave off elimination? Would any team in the league have fared better against this Lightning squad?
20 min
The Dougie Hamilton Sweepstakes
On tonight's show, we break down Winnipeg's upcoming expansion draft woes. Who will the Jets lose? How can the team improve the ailing defense? Was the Arvidsson trade a good deal for LA and Nashville?
20 min
Stanley Cup Finals: Game 2
On tonight's episode, we dive into the gritty details of game 2 between Montreal and Tampa Bay. Were the Habs able to respond after a frustrating first game? What improvements still need to be made before Montreal's homestand?
20 min
The NHL Awards Are Here!
On tonight's episode, we dive into the NHL's award selections. Just how many trophies did Connor McDavid win? Does Fleury truly deserve the Vezina trophy? What defenders might have been better picks for the Norris selection?
21 min
Stanley Cup Finals: Game 1
On tonight's show, we recap a chippy affair between the Canadiens and the Lightning in Stanley Cup Finals game 1. Which team looked the more prepared for this evening? Are the Habs prepared to respond after their tough defeat?
20 min
On To The Finals
On tonight's episode, we recap some fast thoughts on Vegas-Montreal and Tampa Bay-Islanders. Which of these teams will be the champs at the end of the post-season? We also discuss the serious sexual abuse allegations levied against the Chicago Blackhawks, and how this case directly impacts the Jets.
20 min
Kraken On With Things...
On tonight's show, we recap chaotic series results between Vegas, Tampa Bay, New York, and Montreal. We also discuss the Dave Hakstol hiring by the upcoming Seattle Kraken. Did Seattle really make the right call?
20 min
The Isles Strike Back
On tonight's show, we recap some razor-tight NHL playoff semifinals action. We close out the Montreal-Vegas game 5 affair before moving on to the powder keg of Tampa-New York. We even toss in some Euro 2020 discussion for fun!
20 min
Captain Jack Is On The Move...
On tonight's podcast, we discuss the swirling trade rumors around Jack Eichel. Could the Jets realistically make a move for him? We also check in on the first few periods between the Habs and Knights in game 5.
19 min
The Lightning Strike More Than Twice
On tonight's show, we recap a painful loss for the New York Islanders. What did Tampa Bay do to completely unravel the Isles? Will Barzal be around for the next game? With the Kraken around the corner, who will be departing Winnipeg's roster?
21 min
Semifinal Sauciness
On tonight's show, we recap some crazy NHL playoff semifinals action! With both series now split evenly 2-2, do the underdogs have a shot at advancing? How many overtimes will Vegas and Montreal put us through?
20 min
Montreal Survives Once Again!
Tonight's show recaps the past few days of chaotic NHL action. Just how even is this Tampa-New York series? How did the Habs manage to survive the Vegas onslaught? Is Josh Anderson fixed?!
20 min
Are The Habs...Good?
On tonight's podcast, we relive a spirited performance from Montreal against Vegas. Were the Habs able to rebound after a frustrating first game? How did they adjust to shut down Vegas' forecheck?
20 min
Semifinals Day 2, And Euros Musings
On tonight's podcast, we continue our NHL playoff coverage with thoughts on Vegas-Montreal and New York-Tampa Bay. How have the underdogs fared so far? Were the Lightning able to tie the series with the Isles? We also check in on the Euro 2020 for some preliminary tournament thoughts.
19 min
Round 3....Fight!
On tonight's podcast, we break down the opening games of the semifinals. How did the Isles survive the Tampa Bay Lightning? Did Montreal start off on the right foot against Vegas?
21 min
It's Semifinals Szn!
On tonight's show, we break down Winnipeg's post-season exit interviews. Does the team sound like it's on the right track? We also preview the current semifinal match-ups. Finally, we close out with some off-topic hype for E3's hottest announcements!
21 min
Winners And Losers Around The League
On tonight's show, we finish our winners and losers from the Jets. We then take a look at a few successful and unsuccessful teams from this season. What went so wrong for the Oilers? Are the Wild a sleeping giant?
21 min
Winners And Losers In Winnipeg
On tonight's show, we examine which players could be considered winners and losers based on their respective seasons. Was anyone as big of a winner as Connor Hellebuyck? What happened to Josh Morrissey?
23 min
The Aftermath
On tonight's show, we discuss the aftermath of a sad sweep at the hands of Montreal. What does the team need to do to ensure this doesn't happen again? Who's responsible for the collapse?
21 min
The Playoffs Are Pain
On tonight's episode, we recap a turbulent few games of Winnipeg hockey in Montreal. What has gone terribly wrong in Winnipeg's quest for glory? Is it even worth scratching out 1 win to extend the series?
20 min
Winnipeg Is In The Mud
On tonight's episode, we break down a thoroughly dreadful 1-0 loss to the Canadiens. What was this new-look lineup like in-game? Were the Jets able to create at all? Is there any hope of salvaging the series?
20 min
Mixed Feelings With Locked On Montreal Canadiens
On tonight's special episode, we're joined by Locked On Canadiens to discuss game 1 of Winnipeg-Montreal. Which team felt the most in control of the game? Which team is in for a rude awakening? Who do we think makes it to round 3?
32 min
An Ugly Start Against Montreal
On tonight's show, we take a look at the current playoff standings before giving some opening thoughts on Montreal-Winnipeg. What went so terribly wrong for the Jets against the Habs? Will Mark Scheifele be suspended for his predatory hit on Jake Evans?
21 min
All Habs Eve
On tonight's show, we breakdown the upcoming Habs-Jets series. Who stands to gain the most from a victory? Which team is the true favorite? Will Price or Hellebuyck blink first?
20 min
A Glimpse Of The Future
On tonight's show, we break from playoff talk to figure out what the Jets are going to do next year. What players should be retained? Who should be moving on? What young guns can help the Jets?
20 min
Montreal Or Toronto?
On tonight's show, we examine potential round 2 opponents in the Maple Leafs and Canadiens. Which team has looked to be the strongest in their series? Are the Habs a serious threat? How would the Jets compare with Toronto's depth?
19 min
Edging Towards Round 2...
On tonight's podcast, we look around the league at all the playoff action current underway. Who prevailed between the Pens and Islanders? Which Florida hockey team proved to be the real deal?
20 min
Sweep, Sweep Victory
On tonight's show, we recap Winnipeg's massive series sweep of the Edmonton Oilers. Who were Winnipeg's top performers? Which players had a less than stellar outing? Who will the Jets play next?
20 min
On The Verge Of A Sweep...
On tonight's show, we recap an insane weekend of Winnipeg Jets hockey. How did the Jets find themselves up 3-0 against the Oilers? Did Game 4 start off on the right foot, especially with a sweep in view?
20 min
Game 2 In-Progress Musings
On tonight's show, we walk through three periods of Jets-Oilers insanity. How on earth did these teams stay scoreless?! Just how amazing is Connor Hellebuyck? Are the Jets....good?!
20 min
Post-Game 1 Thoughts and League Scores
On tonight's show, we wrap up some thoughts on Winnipeg's 4-1 win over Edmonton. Was the scoreline reflective of Winnipeg's performance? How are the rest of the NHL playoffs going so far?
21 min
Early Game 1 Thoughts
On tonight's episode, we peek at Winnipeg's line alterations with several injuries. How did Vesalainen end up on the 2nd line? Was this roster successful against the Oilers?
19 min
Edmonton vs. Winnipeg
On tonight's show, we welcome special guest Tom Gazzola to walk us through Edmonton's season so far. Which players have quietly excelled? Who should the Jets be concerned about? Which team will prevail in their round 1 match-up?
19 min
Round One Begins...
On tonight's show, we recap a chaotic start to the post-season. Who will blink first between the Caps and Bruins? Which Florida hockey team is the best this year? Are the Penguins in any danger against the Islanders?
20 min
Thank You For Listening!
On tonight's show, we briefly break from hockey to express gratitude to you, our wonderful listeners. We then move back to the world of the Winnipeg Jets and break down Winnipeg's last regular season game. How did the Jets fare against Toronto?
20 min
Playoffs Around The League
On tonight's show, we break down the first round for most of the NHL. Who is likely to survive the first round gauntlet? What teams can truly claim to be Cup contenders?
20 min
Previewing Winnipeg's Playoffs
On tonight's show, we break down the upcoming series against the Oilers. Do the Jets have a route to victory against Edmonton? How can Montreal upset the Maple Leafs? What is with this Bruins-Caps series?!
21 min
The Jets Won A Game!
On tonight's show, we recap a sweet victory against the Canucks in Paul Stastny's 1000th NHL game. How did Blake Wheeler manage to turn back the clock 5 years? Is this team closer to what we'll see in the post-season?
19 min
9 Of 10
On tonight's show, we recap a weekend of sadness. We first break down Winnipeg's loss to the Ottawa Senators. We then move to Monday's loss against the Vancouver Canucks. Where does the team even go from here?
21 min
Our Final End Of Season Awards!
On tonight's episode, we close out our end of season awards. Who was the grittiest Jet? Which player did I expect more from? Who is Winnipeg's most under the radar star?
20 min
The Jets Burn The Flames
On tonight's show, we recap some thoughts from Winnipeg's shutout win over Calgary. What adjustments worked as intended? What changes will need to be made going forward? What young guns have impressed the most this season?
21 min
The Rangers Implode While Heinola Soars
On tonight's show, we peek in at the front office bloodbath in New York. What are the Rangers doing?! We also dole out some MVP awards for the Jets, and close out with preliminary thoughts on Winnipeg's final outing against the Flames.
21 min
End Of Season Awards
On tonight's show, we wrap up the season with a few awards for some top players. While the season has yet to conclude, it's safe to say we know where most of the Jets stand. Who was the biggest surprise? Who had the biggest bounceback season?
22 min
Winnipeg Is No Longer Good
On tonight's episode, we recap a sad loss to the Ottawa Senators. Where does this losing streak rank in Jets history? Just how far has the team fallen in the standings? Will Winnipeg actually make the post-season?
20 min
The Jets Are In Deep Doo Doo
On tonight's show, we recap a sad loss to the Canadiens. What on Earth is wrong with this team? Can the Jets pull it together before the playoffs? Is it finally time for Winnipeg to let Maurice go?
20 min
Winnipeg, Today And Tomorrow
On tonight's episode, we round out our thoughts about Winnipeg's loss to the Oilers. We also consider what the Jets should be doing to get ready for next season. What can David Gustafsson bring to this team in the near future?
21 min
Post-Season Tune-Ups
On tonight's show, we dive into the messy North Division. What is Winnipeg's playoff outlook shaping up to be? Should the Jets try and drop in the standings a bit before round 1? Can they actually beat the Oilers?
20 min
Winnipeg Gets Connor McDavid'd
On tonight's show, we dissect a baffling loss to the Edmonton Oilers. What was Winnipeg's tactical approach supposed to be? Why did the team struggle this much against a two-line opponent? What do we make of the player criticisms directed Maurice's way?
21 min
The Great Dane Is Out
On tonight's show, we react to Nikolaj Ehlers' injury that'll sideline him for the rest of the regular season. How do Winnipeg's lines look without him? What hit caused Ehlers to miss significant time?
20 min
Winnipeg's Backend Report Card
On tonight's episode, we review grades for Winnipeg's defenders and goalies. What happened to Josh Morrissey? Did anyone expect Neal Pionk to be....good?
20 min
Winnipeg Settles For Second Place
On tonight's show, we recap a pivotal match-up against the Leafs. Were the Jets able to cut into Toronto's hold on first place? What caused Hellebuyck to struggle early on? Is Jordie Benn actually an improvement on the defense?
20 min
Forward Report Cards
On tonight's show, we tackle the tough task of giving out report cards for Winnipeg's forwards. How was newcomer Pierre-Luc Dubois? Did Paul Stastny live up to expectations for his return? Did Kyle Connor improve his defensive efforts?
21 min
Where Do The Jets Stand?
On tonight's show, we check in with some of Winnipeg's North Division neighbors. How are the Flames doing under Darryl Sutter? Why are the Oilers continually giving the Jets this many problems? Is Winnipeg getting into next year's top-3 for the Central Division?
21 min
Drowning In Albertan Oil
On tonight's podcast, we break down a disappointing loss to the Oilers. Why is Winnipeg struggling to beat Edmonton? Can the Jets find a way past this team? Will they make the adjustments they need to before the playoffs?
23 min
Adam Long-Term Lowry Is Here
On tonight's show, we break down the new Adam Lowry contract extension. What does it mean for the Jets and Andrew Copp? Was it a good idea? We then close out with some scorelines from around the league.
19 min
It's Heinola Szn Again!
On tonight's episode, we recap Winnipeg's win against the Leafs. Was the game as lopsided as the shot clock makes it look? How did Ville Heinola fare in his return to the line-up? Are the Jets ready for the post-season?
19 min
The Brosswall Is Back!
On tonight's episode, we break down a fairly uneventful win against the Sens. Were the Jets good, the Sens bad, or both? What line-up changes need to be in advance of the game against Toronto?
20 min
Post-Trade Deadline Vibes
On tonight's show, we tackle some crazy NHL trade moves from around the league. Which teams went for it all, and which teams shied away? What is going in with Heinola and the Jets leadership?
22 min
Jordie Benn The Jet
On tonight's show, we recap a jam-packed weekend of NHL action. We start with Winnipeg's acquisition of Jordie Benn. We also break down a dominant weekend win over the Montreal Canadiens, before analyzing tonight's disappointing loss to the Sens.
20 min
Chatting Sens With JJD TV
On tonight's show, we welcome a friend of the podcast, Josh Demming, from JJD TV. We discuss Ottawa's season, the cross-over between football and hockey fandom, and what prospects hold the most promise for the Sens. We also reminisce on glorious trips to Dortmund for a spell.
29 min
No Wheels? No Worries
On tonight's episode, we recap a strange game between Montreal and Winnipeg. The Jets won 4-2, but was it as positive as the scoreline suggested? Who was actually the better team? Was anyone good...at all?
20 min