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The Winnipeg Jets Suffer A Strange Defeat To Th...
On tonight's episode, we recap a weird night of high-scoring action between the Winnipeg Jets and Detroit Red Wings. What on earth transpired to end in a 7-5 scoreline? Were the Jets nearly as bad as the score made it look, or were there extenuating factors that explain the results? What happened to all of the Jets power plays, and why were the officials missing so many obvious calls? Which Jets skaters had the most impressive outings, and will they continue this form for the rest of the season? We also dive into some more thoughts on the recently-returned Jets, and which of the now-healthy skaters has returned to form the quickest. Finally, we close out on storylines to track for the second half of the NHL regular season.
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The Winnipeg Jets Look To Take 2 Points Off Of ...
On tonight's episode, we preview Winnipeg's upcoming match-up against the Detroit Red Wings. Despite a middling record, are the Wings on the up and up? Is this a team the Jets should be concerned about? How has Detroit been generating offense with limited top-6 talent? Who should Winnipeg be most concerned about, especially on the power play? Has Andrew Copp been the missing piece for Detroit, or is he having a more modest season? We also dive into some potential media suggestions for Jets trades, including Ivan Provorov. Would Provorov be another Bones renaissance story, or an expensive gamble? Finally, we preview Winnipeg's upcoming slate of road games, and the toughest match-ups the Jets will face.
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The Winnipeg Jets Welcome The Return Of Ehlers,...
On tonight's episode, we recap a weekend filled with fun Jets hockey. Just how did this refreshed and significantly healthier Jets line-up fare against a mostly-full Lightning squad? Should we start booking our playoff tickets now? How did the returnees look in their first action in some weeks? Were any of the players showing the expected signs of rust? What on earth happened during that Canucks game? Was Rittich having one of his weaker outings, or was the Jets defense in front of him a problem? What should we look forward to with the Jets now sorting out their longer-term line-up? Will Winnipeg still seek to make a trade? We finally close out with some quick thoughts on the demotions of Lucius and Lambert to the CHL.
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The Winnipeg Jets May Take More Than Just Point...
On tonight's episode, we preview Winnipeg's upcoming game against the Vancouver Canucks. With the Jets having bullied Vancouver this season, should we expect another pasting, or will the Canucks respond? What has gone wrong for this Vancouver squad, and what is with all of the drama surrounding the locker-room? What players might make the most sense for Winnipeg's cap and trading budgets? Are Kuzmenko and Horvat the best trade options, or could Winnipeg gamble on Boeser? We close out by checking in on some of the league's statistical leaders. Is Morrissey primed for a Norris run? Will Hellebuyck win his second Vezina trophy?
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The Winnipeg Jets Look To Stay Grounded Against...
On tonight's episode, we preview Winnipeg's upcoming match-up against the Tampa Bay Lightning. How have the Lightning fared this year? Are they still one of the true top contenders, or has their star diminished somewhat? Who will Winnipeg look to shut down amongst their top scorers? Are the Jets expecting any major reinforcements before taking the ice? If Schmidt returns, what might the blueline group look like afterwards? We also take a look at the current NHL standings, and determine where Winnipeg ranks amongst the numerous playoff squads.
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The Winnipeg Jets Unleash Josh Norrissey Agains...
On tonight's episode, we recap a massive Winnipeg win over the Calgary Flames. With the Jets still needing to wait a few more days for reinforcements, what transpired between the Jets and Flames? Were both teams as chippy and physical as expected? Did the brewing bad blood between the franchises spill over into undisciplined play? How the heck did we finally get the mythical Dylan to Dillon goal?! Should we buy lotto tickets now? Just how great has Josh Morrissey's return to form been? Has Ville Heinola finally stamped his spot on the Jets roster permanently, or will his ELC status continue to muddy the picture?
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The Winnipeg Jets Prepare For The Calgary Flame...
On tonight's episode, we preview Winnipeg's upcoming opponent in the Calgary Flames. What can the Jets expect from a team that has become a bitter rival over the last few years? Why are the Flames having such a topsy-turvy season? Does this Calgary team merit concern, or should this be a softer opponent for the Jets? What does the waiving on Jansen Harkins suggest about Winnipeg's roster health? Are we finally getting some major skaters back into the line-up? Who might be the most likely to rejoin the Jets over the next week or so? Finally, we close out with some interesting comments from Rick Bowness on how he tries to coach the youth.
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The Winnipeg Jets Survive The Edmonton Oilers T...
On tonight's episode, we reflect on a massive Winnipeg Jets win over the Edmonton Oilers on New Year's Eve. With Winnipeg struggling to ice a full line-up, how did Bones try to conjure his magic up? Were the Jets successful at creating offensive pressure, or was this a game Hellebuyck had to steal? Did Neal Pionk have one of his patented anti-McDavid games, or were the results a bit more mixed? Who else stood out from the crowd on a night of limited performances? How was Reichel in his return to Winnipeg's line-up? Might he be someone worth keeping around long-term?
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The Winnipeg Jets Get Back In The Win Column Ag...
On tonight's episode, we recap Sam Gagner's 1000th NHL game. It also happened to be the game to end Winnipeg's first 3-game losing streak! With the losses and injuries mounting, how were the Jets able to squeeze out a 4-2 victory against the Vancouver Canucks? Did the Jets outplay their opponents, or was this a case of Hellebuyck stealing points again? How did the Jets end up winning without scoring a single even-strength goal? Was this Ville Heinola's best game as a Winnipeg Jet? What does his performance and increased ice-time suggest about the way the coaching staff sees him? Is Neal Pionk's time with the Jets slowly winding down, or will Winnipeg opt to retain him?
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Rick Bowness Makes A Number Of Line Changes Bef...
On tonight's episode, we preview Winnipeg's upcoming line-up adjustments before the Jets tackle the Canucks. Despite defeating Vancouver 5-1 in the last outing, the Jets are likely feeling concerned about the Canucks' scoring output. How can Winnipeg slow down this prolific offense? With such a high-flying attack, why is Vancouver near the bottom of the Pacific division? Is it a weakness the Jets can exploit? What lines is Bowness rolling with? Is this the best arrangement of forwards, or are there potentially even more adjustments that could be made? How long can this Jets team survive with the roster depth as-is before the team takes a standings hit?
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The Winnipeg Jets Fall To The Minnesota Wild As...
On tonight's episode, we recap a dispiriting loss to the Minnesota Wild. Were the Jets truly as bad as the 4-1 scoreline might imply? What positive takeaways can Winnipeg fans latch on to? Is there any help in sight for a Jets team struggling to ice 4 competitive lines? Just how bad has the roster depth been to have the current Jets line-up in this state? When will the front office decide to make a roster move? Are there any forward candidates the Jets can acquire to turn the tide, or will it fail to be enough to move the needle? What are the Jets going to do with the freefalling Neal Pionk?
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The Winnipeg Jets Receive The Much-Needed Holid...
On tonight's episode, we recap a tough road trip to Boston and Washington DC. What went wrong for Winnipeg in the 2 big US cities? Were these losses avoidable, or a sign of lingering fatigue and injuries? How can the Jets surmount the lack of roster depth over the next several weeks? Will the front office finally make a roster move to try and address the lack of forwards up front? If the Jets were to make a trade, which teams make the most sense as partners? Would allowing Ville Heinola to take the mantle of the last right-handed spot allow the Jets to move on from Pionk? What kind of trade package might the Jets expect in return?
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The Boston Bruins And Washington Capitals Will ...
On tonight's episode, we preview Winnipeg's upcoming games against the Bruins and Capitals. Both Eastern Conference opponents are likely to be losses. Given the difficulty of playing each team on the road, what can Winnipeg do to try and even the odds? Is there any hope of beating the Bruins on the road, a team that almost never loses in their own rink? How have the Bruins managed to be this good despite an aging, veteran roster? Which skaters present the greatest threat? Can Winnipeg avenge its defeat at the hands of the Capitals a few weeks ago? What will this Washington team look like without TJ Oshie? Finally we look ahead to a few games after the Christmas break, attempting to figure out how many points the Jets can bank.
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The Winnipeg Jets Show The Ottawa Senators Some...
On tonight's episode, we recap a fun Winnipeg Jets victory over the Ottawa Senators. After Marc Methot's amusing Twitter comments on Winnipeg, how did the Jets respond on the ice? Did they show the Sens some classic Winnipeg hospitality, or did Ottawa receive a frostier reception? How did Big Save Dave do in net after a pretty solid outing against the Kraken? Which Jets skaters stepped up to help carry Winnipeg through the fatigue and ill-health? Is the Jets defense on the precipice of getting a makeover? What did Ville Heinola do in his return to the line-up that could clue fans in to Winnipeg's future blueline look? Was Bowness happy with Winnipeg's performance, or did he feel there was room for improvement?
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Marc Methot Gets The City Of Winnipeg Riled Up ...
On today's episode, we preview the upcoming clash between the Winnipeg Jets and Ottawa Senators, and dive into Marc Methot's comments on Winnipeg itself. Who should the Jets be concerned about from the Sens roster? For a team sitting last in the Atlantic, are the Sens truly as bad as their record might indicate? Just how explosive and lethal is their top-6? How has Debrincat fit in? We also dive into the underdog city experience and poke a bit of fun at Methot's comments while embracing the mild disrespect. Finally, we close out with some brief looks at the NHL standings, attempting to sort out which teams are firmly stamping their ticket to the playoffs.
22 min
The Winnipeg Jets Split The Weekend Series Agai...
On tonight's episode, we recap some of the weekend action for the Jets, including a 5-1 shredding of the Vancouver Canucks and a less-enthralling 3-2 loss to the Seattle Kraken. What have we learned from the set of back-to-back games? Is the loss to the Kraken anything to be worried about? What are we seeing with Winnipeg's roster depth, especially in light of the flagging right-wing health? Should the Jets be aggressively searching for external help through trades? Are there any call-ups that make sense? We also step aside and take some time to discuss the recent blueline struggles with Dillon and Pionk. How should the Jets handle both skaters? Finally, we close out on the renaissance of Josh Morrissey, and how Bowness has unlocked the blueliner's true talent.
19 min
The Winnipeg Jets Dominate The Nashville Predat...
On tonight's episode, we recap a thoroughly dominant performance from the Jets against Nashville. For all of the scoring opportunities and dangerous chances created, why was the scoreline only a 2-1 victory? Just how many excellent chances did Saros rob?! Were the Preds able to muster any sort of resistance? Which Jets skaters were particularly effective against Nashville? Did any Winnipeg players perform poorly? How did Hellebuyck look after a few shaky starts in his last 2 games? Where will Winnipeg seek improvement from? Finally, we wrap up our quarterly progress reports with Samberg, Schmidt, and the new coaching staff.
21 min
The Winnipeg Jets Look To Rebound Against Their...
On tonight's episode, we preview Winnipeg's upcoming match against the Nashville Predators. With a number of Jets potentially sick for this game, how will Winnipeg deal with the poor health of the team? Are the Preds a squad to be concerned about, or a relatively softer opponent to earn 2 points against? Who should the Jets be wary of, and how can Winnipeg turn the tide against an opponent that has played the Jets evenly over the years? Will Dubois being healthier for this game than the last? Finally, we continue our quarterly progress reports with a few grades for the defense, including the resurgent Morrissey and physical Dillon.
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The Winnipeg Jets Fall To The Vegas Golden Knig...
On tonight's episode, we discuss an agonizing loss to our burgeoning rivals in the Vegas Golden Knights. What kept Winnipeg from earning a victory in the final match of the season series? Were the Jets outplayed, or did they put themselves in danger with mistakes? How can Winnipeg prepare for a potential playoff meeting with this Knights team? What should the Jets work on, regardless of future match-ups with Vegas? Just how many Jets were playing through an illness?! Finally, we close out with a continuation of our quarterly report cards, focusing on Winnipeg's left-wing spot.
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The Winnipeg Jets Prepare To Battle With Vegas ...
On tonight's episode, we walk through a grudge match between the Winnipeg Jets and Vegas Golden Knights. With both teams sharing a bitter recent history together, which team will prevail? Can Winnipeg climb one step closer to seizing first in the Western Conference? Which Knights players will be the most dangerous? How can Winnipeg neutralize Vegas' goalscoring threats? Does Vegas have any particular weaknesses this year, and who will have to step up to expose them? Closing us out, we continue our quarterly progress reports with Jets players, focusing on Winnipeg's right-wing positions.
20 min
The Winnipeg Jets Fall To The Washington Capita...
On tonight's episode, we dive into a frustrating defeat at the hands of the Capitals. What went wrong for Winnipeg? Why did it take the Jets nearly 2 periods before they were able to push back against Washington's pressure? Are there any immediate solutions for days when the Jets struggle to push the puck up the ice? What remains the single biggest need for this squad, and how can the Jets acquire it? If Winnipeg trades for 1 to 2 forwards, how would it improve the team's playoff outlook? Would the Jets become true contenders? Finally, we kick off a quarterly check-in for the Jets players and coaching staff, handing out early report cards. How have Winnipeg's centres been doing this year?
21 min
The Winnipeg Jets Thrash The St. Louis Blues 5-...
On tonight's episode, we recap a hard-fought victory over the St. Louis Blues. Despite the lopsided scoreline, the Jets had to lean heavily on Connor Hellebuyck for much of the evening. Why did Winnipeg allow the Blues so many opportunities to claw back into this game? Can the Jets find a way to improve their defending with a lead? What parts of the squad carried the evening? Is this the best penalty kill the Jets have ever had? Has Winnipeg also figured out some different puck distribution patterns to make the power play dangerous again? Finally, we offer some brief expectations of Winnipeg's match-up against the Chicago Blackhawks.
20 min
The Top NHL Storylines Heading Into 2023, And A...
On this episode, we take a look around the league and check in the top storylines heading into the second half of the NHL season. Can anyone stop the New Jersey Devils and Boston Bruins? What has fueled the meteoric rises of these two squads? Can both teams sustain this level of success through the regular and post-seasons? What teams have significantly underperformed expectations? How can the Columbus Blue Jackets turn their difficult start to the season into a learning experience? When did Tage Thompson become an elite center?! Finally, we close out with a short wishlist of things the Winnipeg Jets could benefit from before 2023 rolls in.
21 min
The Winnipeg Jets Crush Paul Maurice's Florida ...
On this episode of Locked On Winnipeg Jets, we recap Winnipeg's thumping of the Paul Maurice-led Florida Panthers. With the Jets winning 5-2, can we finally settle the score with Winnipeg's past? What did the Jets do right in a massive win for the team? Where did the Panthers go wrong, and was it anything Maurice could fix? Did Winnipeg have any particular moments of concern, or was this a complete team performance? What did the team have to say about Maurice's return to Winnipeg, and the ensuing ovation? We close out with some thoughts on Winnipeg's upcoming schedule of games, and which of the match-ups might be the most challenging.
20 min
The Winnipeg Jets Prepare To Face Off Against P...
On tonight's episode, we preview Winnipeg's upcoming match-up against the Florida Panthers, led by former Jets coach Paul Maurice. Why are Panthers fans so up in arms over Maurice's performance so far? Are the Panthers actually playing as poorly as their middling record indicates? What ails this Floridian squad, and could the Jets find a way to take advantage? What will Winnipeg need to do to secure victory against a team with this much speed and skill? Finally, we close out with some additional thoughts on the trade rumors surrounding the Vancouver Canucks. Is Brock Boeser worth taking a risk on, or should the Jets elect to look elsewhere?
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