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The Winnipeg Jets Post-NHL Trade Deadline...Wha...
On tonight's episode, we attempt to unravel what the Winnipeg Jets will look like after the dust from the trade deadline settles. Will Brock Boeser be Winnipeg's answer to missing out on Timo Meier? Can he resurrect the shooting form of his rookie year, or will he be too expensive to be worth the trouble? Can James van Riemsdyk become the answer the Jets have sought for third-line scoring help? Where will Blake Wheeler slot in with the additional scoring options up front? Is it finally time for the former captain to move to the bottom-6? What will the Jets do with the defense if Luke Schenn arrives? Is Pionk likely to be moved, or will Schenn become a rotational option? How can Winnipeg fix the struggling power play?
19 min
The Winnipeg Jets Fall Flat In A Loss To The Co...
On tonight's episode, we recap a disappointing loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets. Why did the Jets forego skill in favor of using the depth lines more frequently? What is going on with Nik Ehlers' recent deployments? Is he unhealthy in some capacity, or is Bones just not a fan? Is benching Ehlers actually causing the Jets even bigger problems? Why is Winnipeg so invested in deploying the bottom-6 so frequently? Is it having the effect the coaching staff believes it is, or is it hampering Winnipeg's offensive prowess? What will the Jets do with Neal Pionk? Can he work in a sheltered role?
20 min
The Winnipeg Jets Send The Seattle Kraken To Th...
On tonight's episode, we recap a very big Winnipeg Jets victory against the Seattle Kraken. Why was this particular win one to remember? Were the Jets finally up to speed after a mediocre showing against Chicago? Who stepped up to break the scoring draught against Grubauer? What changes did Bowness make late in the game to seize the win? Were his line-up changes the right ones, or did he make some questionable calls? What do we make of some of Bowness' past month of decisions? Is he starting to revert Winnipeg to some bad habits, or is he more flexible than Maurice was? How many points might Winnipeg earn during a tour of the Metro Division this week?
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Erik Karlsson, Jakob Chychrun, Luke Schenn, And...
On tonight's episode, we dive into the wild and woolly rumors linking the Winnipeg Jets to a handful of defensemen. Are the links to Arizona Coyotes defender Jakob Chychrun ones to take seriously? How would the Jets even afford the trade package for Chychrun when they still need to acquire goalscoring talent? What do we make of the speculation surrounding Erik Karlsson? Is there a chance the Jets could surprise everyone and swoop in for the Norris favorite? What would it take to land Karlsson's services? Is Luke Schenn a quietly savvy add on the cheap? What would he bring to Winnipeg's right defensive side? What should the Jets continue to focus on trading for as we near the deadline?
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The Winnipeg Jets Begin The Final Regular Seaso...
On tonight's episode, we recap an uneven but important Winnipeg Jets victory against the Chicago Blackhawks. With nearly 2 weeks off, how did the Jets fare against one of the worst teams in the league? Will the Jets be able to shake slower starts as they begin their final push to the post-season? How often will Winnipeg be able to get away with games in which they play 20 good minutes out of 60? Is Hellebuyck still in Vezina form, and can he carry this team through the rest of the season if the Jets make few deadline moves? How will Winnipeg approach reinforcing the roster with so much competition for names like Timo Meier?
21 min
The Winnipeg Jets Could Be The Kings Of The Tra...
On tonight's episode, we dive into the current buzz surrounding the Winnipeg Jets. With hockey media beginning to recognize Winnipeg's trade deadline opportunities, is this the moment the Jets take centre stage? How will the Timo Meier trade, to Winnipeg or elsewhere, define the next several years of Jets hockey? If Winnipeg fails to land Meier, what is the back-up plan? Should Winnipeg even be interested in DeBrincat? Where are all of these rumors linking the Jets to James van Riemsdyk coming from? Is James a good fit for how this Jets team wants to play? What will Winnipeg need to acquire to fortify the bottom-6?
20 min
The Winnipeg Jets Hear The Tick-Tock Of The Tim...
On tonight's episode, we discuss the unfolding race for Timo Meier. Will the Winnipeg Jets end up on the winning end of the trade deadline's biggest player? Are the Carolina Hurricanes and New Jersey Devils poised to break Winnipeg hearts? Why might the Jets still have the inside track to bringing Meier to Winnipeg? Just how far should the Jets be willing to push their luck to make this deal happen? Who else have the Jets been linked too? Is James van Riemsdyk truly a legitimate option, or is he past his prime? Should Winnipeg even consider Jonathan Toews? Where do the Jets sit amongst the crop of trading contenders?
20 min
How The Winnipeg Jets Can Win (Or Lose) The Upc...
On tonight's episode, we discuss the multitude of ways the Winnipeg Jets can win, or lose, the trade deadline. Will Winnipeg land the number one prize in Timo Meier? Are the Jets fans asking for Erik Karlsson completely out of their minds, or are there scenarios where this becomes feasible? How on earth would the Jets even fit two big players like this into the team? What would Winnipeg need to give up for both skaters, and is it worth it? What happens if Winnipeg fails to bring in a significant, high-impact skater? Is acquiring bottom-6 talent still sufficient, or will it fail to move the needle once again? Finally, we preview Winnipeg's upcoming slate of games after a lengthy break. Will the Jets get back to winning ways, or fall flat?
19 min
Chaz Lucius Is Done For The Year...Should The W...
On tonight's episode, we dive into some less-than-stellar news for the Winnipeg Jets. What happened to end Chaz Lucius' promising WHL season? Is Chaz's recent injury history something to be concerned about, or a smaller setback in the grand scheme of things? Will teams looking to acquire him pump the brakes on making deals, especially for deals involving Timo Meier and other similar NHLers? What is Lucius' long-term projection for Winnipeg? Why did Dmitri Rashevsky opt to extend his deal in the KHL for another 2 years? Will he ever cross over to the NHL? Finally, we answer a viewer's question about whether Winnipeg should pursue Alex DeBrincat. If Winnipeg doesn't land Meier, would DeBrincat be an equally good choice? What might the Sens be asking in exchange?
22 min
Brad Lambert Is Starting To Light The WHL Up......
On tonight's episode, we check in on Winnipeg Jets prospect Brad Lambert, and evaluate his first few games with the Seattle Thunderbirds. Is Lambert finally gaining the confidence to be an elite offensive force? What does he still need to work on to reach the next level of play? How likely is it that he remains with the Jets organization? Will he be the sacrificial lamb offered up to the Sharks for Timo Meier? We also dive into the ramifications of the Bo Horvat contract extension. Does this give us an idea as to how much Mark Scheifele and Pierre-Luc Dubois will be looking for? Supposing both want to sign with Winnipeg long-term, is it actually worth the cash they'll ask for? Finally, we discuss a secret trade target in Anthony Mantha. Is he a buy-low beast in waiting?
21 min
The Winnipeg Jets, Five Years Into The Future...
On tonight's episode, we attempt to tackle the question of what the Winnipeg Jets might look like in 5 years. Which players will still be with the team by then? Are Brad Lambert and Chaz Lucius going to be major members of that future core, or will they be traded to extend Winnipeg's competitive window? What should the Jets do with Connor Hellebuyck? Is there really any alternative to re-signing him, or should the Jets be handing Helly a blank checkbook? How will the Jets approach Mark Scheifele's contract negotiations? Will he still be as productive as he is now ate age 33 or 34? Is the best choice to let Scheifele seek greener pastures elsewhere? What will Winnipeg's roster philosophy be 5 years from now?
21 min
Brad Lambert And Chaz Lucius Sizzle In Their CH...
On tonight's episode, we take advantage of a brief pause in the NHL schedule to check in on the standings. Which teams continue to soar to the top of the standings, and which contenders have started to peter out? Are there any teams with poor starts that have managed to right the ship and climb the standings? Which squads started from the bottom, and remain there? What team has been the biggest surprise this season? What team has been the biggest disappointment? Are the Winnipeg Jets the most improved squad, or has another team managed an even greater transformation after humble beginnings?
21 min
Should Rick Bowness Coach The Winnipeg Jets Nex...
On tonight's episode, we discuss whether or not Rick Bowness should remain the head coach of the Winnipeg Jets after this season. With Bowness' current run of success, what has improved under his tenure? Are the net positives enough to encourage a second run with him as head coach? Would the assistant staff remaining the same also be a consideration? Why shouldn't Bowness return to the team? Does he even want to coach after this season, and if not, what might change his mind? Would unfinished business with the Jets rope him back in, or would his thoughts of retirement still win out? Finally, we close out with a few quick thoughts on why the Jets absolutely must go for broke these next 2 years. Why is the timeline so condensed for the Jets?
19 min
The Bo Horvat Trade Might Just Help The Winnipe...
On tonight's episode, we discuss the potential trade market implications after the Horvat trade. Why did the Canucks and Islanders agree to this swap? Did Vancouver get a decent return for one of the biggest names on the trade deadline market? Did the Islanders overpay for a player who may not solve some of their biggest roster issues? Why is this trade package price fantastic news for the Jets? Is Winnipeg now in a better position to acquire Timo Meier as a result? Why is Timo a legitimately great fit for the current cap and roster situation the Jets are dealing with? What do we make of the links to Max Domi and Nick Ritchie? Are either of the players worth spending draft capital on?
21 min
The Winnipeg Jets Finally Get A Massive Win Aft...
On tonight's episode, we recap a bizarre, but needed victory over the St. Louis Blues. With Rick Bowness intending to send a message to the top-6, what line combinations did he come up with? Was it really worth demoting Nik Ehlers to the 4th line in order to make this point? Why was Ehlers singled out even more than Dubois, who's had a far worse run of form? How did the new line-up play, and was it remotely acceptable? What helped to turn the tide late in Winnipeg's favor? How will the Bo Horvat trade affect Winnipeg's pursuit of a major upgrade to the team? Is Timo Meier still the best option, or should the Jets look elsewhere? What are the Sharks asking for Timo, and can the Jets actually afford him?
21 min
The Winnipeg Jets Should Be All-In On Trading F...
On tonight's episode, we kick off with a recap of Winnipeg's frustrating, but hard-fought defeat at the hands of the Nashville Predators. What kept the Jets from scoring more than 1 goal against a weaker Preds side? Are the Jets starting to run out of scoring steam, or can the team make some adjustments to squeeze more offense out of the bottom-6? Who should be on the trade block to help make this possible? With the new rumors that Dubois is still content to leave for Montreal, how will the Jets go about replacing him? Is it finally time to go for broke and acquire Timo Meier? What are the odds the Jets could extend Meier long-term? Finally, we preview the upcoming Jets match-up against the Buffalo Sabres.
21 min
The Winnipeg Jets Return To Face An Old Rival I...
On tonight's episode, we preview Winnipeg's upcoming match-up against the Nashville Predators. What's gone wrong in Nashville's middle of the pack season? Are they a good, bad, or average squad? Who's been carrying the offensive burden up front? With goals from the rest of the roster in short supply, how have the Preds managed to win as many games as they have? Should the Jets be nervous about Nashville, or should this be a relatively straight-forward 2 points? We also discuss a few ongoing trends with the Jets, including improved 5v5 play with Ehlers back, and some lesser outings from Connor Hellebuyck.
20 min
The Winnipeg Jets Love Back-To-Backs, Defeating...
On tonight's episode, we recap a successful weekend of Winnipeg Jets hockey. Did the Jets outplay weaker opponents in the Ottawa Senators and Philadelphia Flyers? What became the keys to victory in yet another back-to-back? Are the Jets actually better on consecutive nights than they are with breaks? Will Perfetti finally bust open the scoring damn after collecting a power play goal against the Sens? Just how good is the new-look top-6 now that Bones has found some winning combos? What games remain for the Jets before the All-Star break, and how many wins might Winnipeg collect amongst them?
21 min
Winnipeg Jets Fans Weigh In On The Team's Perfo...
On tonight's episode, we poll Winnipeg's fanbase to see how they feel about the Jets season so far. Is the coaching staff flying high with big performances? How has the staff adapted to a chaotic injury situation at the start of the year? Is the front office pulling its weight to give Bowness the team he needs to win? What is Winnipeg to do with Heinola and Pionk? Should either defender remain with the Jets, or would greener pastures make sense for both? We also ask fans whether they think the Jets will make the playoffs, and win the Central Division. Dive right in to hear the fascinating poll results!
18 min
The Winnipeg Jets Fall Short Against The Toront...
On tonight's episode, we reflect on a frustrating Winnipeg Jets defeat at the hands of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Was the scoreline really reflective of what happened on the ice? Were the Jets actually the better team overall? What prevented Winnipeg from scoring more than 1 goal? Should we be concerned at all about how the Jets have looked over the past few games, or is this just a temporary setback? If it's not temporary, how can Winnipeg address the team's shortcomings? Is the solution trading for Timo Meier? Would Meier even be interested in committing long-term to the Jets? We try to answer these questions, and more, on tonight's Locked On Winnipeg Jets!
20 min
The Winnipeg Jets Drop A Stinker Against The Mo...
On tonight's episode, we recap a bit of an ugly Winnipeg Jets loss against the Montreal Canadiens. Why were the Jets so sluggish in this outing? Was the team out celebrating in Montreal a bit too late? Is the team still battling through injury and illness? What was going on with Heinola after a recent strong stretch of games? Is he even fit enough to be playing right now? Why should Winnipeg fans not be hitting the panic button right now? Are the Jets going to rebound and recover quickly enough to prep for the game against Toronto? How might they adjust and plan for the remainder of the season?
21 min
The Winnipeg Jets Look To Stay Hot Against The ...
On tonight's episode, we preview Winnipeg's upcoming bout with the Montreal Canadiens. With the Habs looking more than a bit vulnerable this season, what has their approach been with the roster? Is Montreal actively trying to compete, or preparing for future seasons? Will St. Louis be the guy to carry them through the rebuild process, or are the Habs expecting a change in leadership down the road? Who should the Jets be wary of, especially with talented youth like Suzuki and Caufield? Finally, we close out with some thoughts on the game's following the Habs match-up, and try to estimate the number of points Winnipeg might earn.
20 min
The Winnipeg Jets Defeat The Pittsburgh Penguin...
On tonight's episode, we recap a massive weekend for the Jets after victories against the Pittsburgh Penguins and Arizona Coyotes. How did the Jets perform against Pittsburgh after a tough, tiring game against Buffalo? Is this Winnipeg squad capable of routinely dismantling opponents? What do we make of the Jets' continued improvements at 5v5? Has Cole Perfetti finally started to show his true form? Just how sick is this Ehlers-Connor-Dubois line? Were the Jets as good against Arizona as they were with Pittsburgh? Why was Winnipeg's defense as sloppy as it was against a weak squad? Should we just build Hellebuyck's statue now?
20 min
The Winnipeg Jets Score A Massive Road Win Agai...
On tonight's episode, we recap a fun Winnipeg Jets outing against the high-flying Buffalo Sabres. How did the Jets manage to contain the second-highest scoring offense in the NHL? Did Hellebuyck answer the call after a rougher last few games? Which Jets skaters impressed the most despite a somewhat tougher evening for a number of the players? What moments carried Winnipeg through to victory? Is this an effort one could expect to lead to more wins against similar opponents, or do the Jets need to do some work? How will Winnipeg prepare for an even better opponent in the Pittsburgh Penguins? Does Sidney Crosby ever age? Finally, we wrap up with some commentary on Winnipeg's roster composition, and why the Jets still need to bring in at least 2 skaters.
22 min
The Winnipeg Jets Hope To Rebound Against Tage ...
On tonight's episode, we preview Winnipeg's upcoming battle with the resurgent Buffalo Sabres. With such a potent offense, what has been Buffalo's Achilles heel that's kept it deeper in the Atlantic standings? How has Comrie performed for his new team? Might he be eyeing a return to the Jets down the road? When did Tage Thompson become a superstar? Is his career journey replicable, or a once-in-a-lifetime experience? How has Tuch fared away from the Golden Knights? Is he still as much of a menace as he was back with Vegas? What can the Jets expect from this Sabres roster? Finally, we close out with some interesting comments from Cheveldayoff regarding his plans for potential trades.
20 min