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Moose Droppings And Missing Captains
On tonight's episode, we check in on the injury situation with Blake Wheeler. Who could fill his spot in the top-6? What should the lines look like going forward? How are the Moose faring in their recent games?
20 min
Are The Jets....Buyers?
On tonight's show, we explore whether Winnipeg are buyers, sellers, or sitters. If the Jets buy, do they need to make a big move? If they do nothing, who should they turn to next to improve the line-up? Is their blueline savior on the taxi squad?
21 min
The Jets Hang With The Sens
On tonight's show, we recap a bit of a strange win over the Sens. How did Winnipeg control a game and still nearly lose it? Are the Jets defenders doing enough offensively now?
20 min
Winnipeg Loses A Heartbreaker In Style
On tonight's episode, we recap a hard-fought loss to the Leafs. Just how good were Jack Campbell and Connor Hellebuyck in net? Which players had bounceback games? Who seemed a bit off? What does the COVID situation in Vancouver mean for the NHL?
20 min
COVID Hits The Canucks
On tonight's show, we dive into the emerging storyline between Winnipeg's next opponents, the Canucks. How has the COVID situation impacted Winnipeg's schedule? What will the Jets do with some extra rest? How is the rest of the NHL faring at the moment?
20 min
Swept Away By The Leafs
On tonight's episode, we recap a disappointing effort against Toronto. What went wrong for the Jets after a stronger weekend run? Who will step up in Wheeler's injury absence? Why is Heinola still not playing yet?
20 min
Winnipeg And Seattle
With the Jets taking the night off, it's time to delve into the upcoming Seattle expansion draft. Is exposing Morrissey really as crazy as it sounds? What should the Jets do with Appleton, Copp, and Lowry?
21 min
The North's Best Winger
On tonight's episode, we recap a big win for the Jets against Calgary. Just how good was Nikolaj Ehlers? What line-up changes helped the Jets to a 5-1 victory? Was anything amiss in what looked like a dominant win on paper?
20 min
Dousing The Flames
In tonight's episode, we recap a fairly straightforward win for the Jets. What was Calgary doing out there? More important, what was Hellebuyck doing out of his net?! Will the Jets end Calgary's flagging playoff hopes this weekend?
19 min
We're On To Calgary
Tonight's episode breaks down the remainder of Winnipeg's win against the Canucks. Just how awesome is Andrew Copp?! We also look ahead at a busy schedule against some serious contenders in the North.
20 min
Controversies And Late Night Hockey!
On tonight's show, we break down the recent firing of Tim Peel. Is the NHL justified in doing so? We also tackle the greatly-debated hottest NHL teams TikTok video, which disparaged the Jets roster. We close out with some preliminary thoughts on Vancouver vs. Winnipeg.
19 min
Decision Day For Winnipeg
As we near the trade deadline, tonight's episode focuses on what the Jets should be doing. Who makes the most sense to acquire? Should the Jets make any moves at all? Are internal rentals the best option?
21 min
Hellebuyck Shuts Vancouver Out
On tonight's episode, we break down a fairly good game from the Jets against the Canucks. How did Hellebuyck earn his first shutout of the season? Did Adam Lowry really score 2 goals?!
19 min
Another Loss In Edmonton...
On tonight's show, we break down a frustrating evening against the Edmonton Oilers. How did the Jets manage to squander an early lead? Why is the coaching staff so deadset on playing Scheifele against McDavid? Is trading for Ekholm a good idea?
21 min
Progress Report: Winnipeg Jets
On tonight's show, we dive into Winnipeg's performance thus far. What can we make of the blueline situation? Would a deadline addition like Ekholm really fix the team? How are the forwards creating offense without blueline support?
21 min
Stifled By Oil Spills
On tonight's show, we break down a boring 2-1 loss to the Oilers. What went wrong for Winnipeg's potent offense? Will Morrissey ever be good again? How many times did Winnipeg miss on great scoring chances?
20 min
The Heartattack Habs
On tonight's episode, we recap a feisty Jets win over the Canadiens. Did Winnipeg have a good response effort after a sloppy game on Monday? How did the Jets manage to blow a 3-1 lead this time?
21 min
The Heartbreak Habs
On this episode, we break down a messy loss to the Canadiens. What went wrong with the Jets? Why was Winnipeg so gung-ho to turn the puck over? What is going on with Josh Morrissey?
20 min
Winnipeg Is Good
On tonight's show, we recap a quality win against the Maple Leafs. How did the Jets outplay the Leafs at even-strength? Which line stood out the most among many strong performances? What can be improved upon?
19 min
Working Overtime In Toronto
On tonight's episode, we recap a tough overtime loss to the Leafs on Thursday. What went wrong in Winnipeg's second outing against Toronto? Who impressed and who struggled? What will this team do in round 3 on Saturday?
22 min
Reminiscing On Golden Days
On tonight's show, we get a glance at the new broadcast deal between the NHL and ESPN. Is it a smart move by the league? We also check in on the Moose's second outing against Stockton, before closing out with thoughts on the greatest Jets season of the previous decade.
21 min
Hellebuyck Tramples The Leafs
On tonight's show, we recap a wild game between the Jets and Leafs. How on earth did Connor Hellebuyck make so many saves? What were Kyle Connor and Nate Beaulieu doing on Toronto's first goal of the night? Did the Jets even deserve to win?
20 min
The Calm Before Toronto
On tonight's show, we pause the Jets thoughts to check in with the Moose, and peek around the NHL scorelines. What North division match-ups caught the eye? Which teams look like bonafide Cup contenders?
20 min
Winnipeg Crashlands In Montreal
On tonight's show, we attempt to dissect a blowout loss to the Habs. What went wrong after a promising start? Are the Jets really this bad? What needs to be adjusted before the series against the Leafs?
20 min
The French Connection
On tonight's show, we recap a big win for the Jets over the Canadiens. Who stood out in a relatively balanced performance? What needs to be adjusted moving forward? How did Winnipeg's Francophone players score half the goals for the team?
20 min
It's Baby Jet Season!
On tonight's show, we take a break from the adult Jets and check in on the Moose. How did they fare against the Toronto Marlies? What's working well for the squad? What needs to change to help support the prospects?
19 min
The Hot Dish Of Revenge
On tonight's show, we breakdown a great win from the Jets over the Canucks. How did Winnipeg respond to last night's 4-0 shutout loss? What adjustments did the team make tactically, if any?
20 min
Killed By Vancouver's Whales
On tonight's episode, we take a look at a frustrating loss to the Vancouver Canucks and a narrow win over the Habs. What lessons can we take away from both games? Did Winnipeg deserve the outcomes in either game? How should the Jets prepare for the next set of games?
20 min
Cole Is Still Perfectti
On tonight's show, we check in with some early-season Moose prospect performance updates. How are Samberg, Heinola, and Perfetti handling the AHL grind? What defensive prospects continue to fly under the radar? Who could crack the Jets line-up of the future?
21 min
Winnipeg Soars Over The Habs
On tonight's show, we dive into Winnipeg's first taste of the Ducharme-coached Habs. How did the new D pairing of Niku-DeMelo perform? Is Dubois a lock to stay on the top line with Scheifele and Wheeler? What adjustments does the line-up need before Saturday's game?
21 min
The Confusing Canadiens
On tonight's show, we catch up on the NHL action from across the league. How did the Sabres finally manage to pull off a win? What is going on with the Washington Capitals? Are the Canadiens actually a good team, or are they struggling a lot more than they should be?
21 min
Pierre-Luc DuGoals
On tonight's show, we recap some wild news surrounding Artemi Panarin, and check in on the top Moose prospects. We then close out with a recap of Winnipeg's win against the Vancouver Canucks. How did Pierre-Luc Dubois fare in a points-laden return to the line-up?
22 min
A Look Around The League
Tonight's show takes the spotlight off the Jets for once. How is the rest of the league doing? Are the Minnesota Wild actually good? Can McDavid carry the Oilers to a deep playoff run?
21 min
A Victory In Vancouver
On tonight's episode, we recap a wild affair between the Winnipeg Jets and Vancouver Canucks. In a game where defense was optional, what kept the Jets alive? How did Vancouver not manage to score a single goal? What on earth was going on tactically with the team?
20 min
A Well-Oiled Revenge
On tonight's show, we recap Winnipeg's frustrating loss to the Edmonton Oilers. How did Winnipeg turn a bright start into a close, yet bitter, defeat? Were there any positive takeaways to draw from the performance? How are the Manitoba Moose faring at the AHL level?
20 min
The Throwback NHL
On tonight's show, we look over last night's NHL action, featuring scorelines you'd have found during the 1980's. Were the Jets the only team to blow a massive lead? What teams upset the competition? How can the Jets prevent another blown lead against top teams?
21 min
A Wild West Albertan Shootout
On tonight's episode, we recap some of the wild action between the Jets and the Oilers. What transpired to leave the first 2 periods with a 5-4 scoreline? How did Neal Pionk get so good at shutting down Connor McDavid?
20 min
The State Of The 2021 Jets
On tonight's episode, we evaluate where Winnipeg stands a handful of games into the season. Are the forwards scoring enough to mask the defense? Should the blueline be used more aggressively? What will Heinola and Samberg gain at the AHL level?
21 min
The Sens FINALLY Beat The Jets
On tonight's episode, we recap a funny loss to the Sens. Is Ottawa really as bad as its record suggests? How did Winnipeg manage to blow the lead in this affair? Was this game the most embarrassing loss on the day, or were there other unfortunate NHL results?
20 min
Winning Is....Bad And Good??
On tonight's show, we take a look at a weirdly bad win over the Ottawa Senators. Despite a lopsided scoreline, the Jets clearly struggled to create offense on a consistent basis. What went wrong with the adjusted line-up? What do the Jets need to fix before their extended road trip?
20 min
Fixing The Winnipeg Jets
After a tough loss last night, tonight's episode dives into what's been going wrong for the Jets. What defensive line-up changes might need to be made? Who needs more ice-time against teams like Calgary? Can the Jets in-house improvements to their roster?
21 min
The Dubois Era Begins
On tonight's episode, we discuss the TSN1290 debacle and Bell's mishandling of the entire situation. We also dive into the hiring of Ron Hextall in Pittsburgh. Finally, we get a live look-in at Pierre-Luc Dubois' first few shifts as a Jet. Did he make a good early impression?
20 min
It's Super Bowl Sunday!
On tonight's episode, we take a look at all of the NHL action around the league before touching on Super Bowl Sunday. Should we even be having a Super Bowl? What does the NHL's response to COVID say about the state of quarantine pro sports in general?
20 min
Dubois and Roslovic Season?
On tonight's show, we dive into Jack Roslovic's good start for the Jackets. Did the Jets hamper his development, or did he just underperform expectations? When will we get to see the special guy coming back from the Laine/Roslovic trade suit up?
21 min
Home Sweet Home
On tonight's show, we recap Winnipeg's final game of this 7-game home stretch. How did the Jets handle the Flames after beating them earlier this week? What Jets have stood out and impressed? Who still needs to improve?
21 min
A Captain's Critique
On tonight's episode, we take a look at the stretch of NHL action over the past day or so, and break down a few intriguing storylines from each game. We also discuss the ramifications of COVID on the NWHL and NHL seasons. Finally, we close out with analysis of the criticism surrounding Jets captain Blake Wheeler.
22 min
Igniting The Flames
On tonight's show, we recap the first few games of Winnipeg's series against the Calgary Flames. Did this new-look line-up impress or fall flat? How is the defense faring after a few adjustments? What was Patrik Laine's first game as a Blue Jacket like?
21 min
Making Sense Of Pierre-Luc Dubois
On tonight's special episode, we chat with Locked On Blue Jackets host Jay Forster to get a better sense of the Dubois-Laine trade. Where do these players fit in on their new squads? How have the fans taken the news? What might the future hold for both players?
37 min
NHL Action Around The League
On tonight's show, we check in on the past couple of days of NHL action. With the Jets on break until the weekend, it's the perfect time to see how rivals and out-of-division teams are faring. Which Canadian squad put on the best show of the evening?
20 min
The Race To The Cup
On tonight's episode, we check in around the league and try to figure out which teams might be competing for Lord Stanley in a couple of months. Are the Jets genuine contenders in the North? What on earth is going on with the Central division?
23 min
Burning The Midnight Oil
On tonight's episode, we recap the two-game series between the Edmonton Oilers and Winnipeg Jets. Who prevailed in this very high-scoring series? Just how good is this Copp-Stastny-Ehlers line? How do you get Dubois into the lineup?
21 min
How Sweep It Is!
On tonight's show, we recap Winnipeg's scrappy win against the Ottawa Senators. How did the Jets fare against a squad they'd already taken 2 of 3 from? What players stepped up and who fell a step behind? How should we feel about Laine's departure?
20 min
The Patrik Laine Trade
On tonight's show, we discuss the Patrik Laine trade. With the Jets getting Pierre-Luc Dubois in exchange, did Winnipeg get a fair value return? Why was Jack Roslovic included alongside Laine? What will Dubois bring to the Jets as a top-6 centre?
20 min
Silencing The Senators
On tonight's show, we take a look at an intriguing 4-1 victory for Winnipeg against the Sens. Who stood out from the pack? Just how good was Ville Heinola in his return to the line-up? How should we approach Logan Stanley's debut with the team?
21 min
Way Too Early Standings Updates
On tonight's show, we take a look around the league and try to figure out which teams will end up at the top of the pile. Who's performing well so far, and who needs rapid improvement? We also discuss Winnipeg's handling of young prospects. Is it being done the right way?
20 min
A (Painful) Trip Through Ontario
On tonight's show, we recap a rocky trip through Ontario. What transpired between the Jets and Leafs that made everyone so angsty? How could an overtime win against the Sens still feel like a loss?
21 min
The NHL Last Night, Today
20 min
Grading Winnipeg's Season Opener
On tonight's show, we hand out a few grades for Winnipeg's performers. Who stood out and earned top marks? Which players need some improvement? We also check in on last night's scores and recommend a few top games to watch this evening.
20 min
Ehlers And Laine Lead The Way
On tonight's episode, we walk through Winnipeg's opening game against the Calgary Flames. Did the new-look defense hold out? Just how good has Laine become? Is Ehlers Winnipeg's best player?
21 min
Recapping Early NHL Action
On tonight's show, we catch up with the latest developments in Winnipeg's roster situation. We also recap some of the action between the Flyers and Penguins, before checking in on the Leafs and Habs. Which of these Canadian teams will give the Jets fits?
20 min
It's NHL Eve....
On tonight's episode, we take a look at developments around the league, including some Jets roster updates. We also preview tomorrow's NHL action, predicting which teams might prevail in the first night of games. What might we learn about Winnipeg's new Canadian rivals?
20 min
Previewing Winnipeg's Opening Games
With the NHL season close at hand, tonight's episode breaks down a few early-season match-ups. Can Winnipeg sweep a 3-game set against the Ottawa Senators? How well will the Toronto roster perform against a weak Jets blueline?
20 min
Training Camp Updates
On tonight's show, we check in with the Winnipeg training camp line-ups. Are Kyle Connor and Nik Ehlers actually switching lines? Does it even matter? How bad is the defense looking?
22 min
Are We In For Surprises?
On tonight's show, we discuss who needs to step up to the plate for Winnipeg. Can Mark Scheifele recover his dominant 2-way form? Will Kyle Connor stop being a defensive drag? Can Connor Hellebuyck continue his Vezina-winning form?
21 min
Ville Heinola Is A Future GOAT (And Other WJC T...
On tonight's episode, we wrap up our World Juniors prospect thoughts after a successful set of outings for Jets prospects. Just how good could Ville Heinola be for Winnipeg this season? Is Cole Perfetti ready for the NHL? How can the Jets make the playoffs?
21 min
Hockey Is Nearly Here!
On tonight's episode, we dive in to early updates from Winnipeg's training camp sessions. Is the defensive unit looking better? Where is Patrik Laine going this season? How are the prospects faring in the closing moments of the World Juniors tournament?
22 min
World Juniors Craziness and NHL Moves...
On tonight's episode, we catch up on what the heck is up with Mike Hoffman. We also take a look at some of Ottawa's recent transactions, including the puzzling acquisition of Derek Stepan. Closing us out, we dive into some World Juniors action and update some top Jets prospects.
22 min
The World Juniors Are Here!
On tonight's show, we recap some of the World Junior highlights between Team Finland and Team USA. How good were Henri Nikkanen and Ville Heinola? Will Cole Perfetti impress in his turn for the Canadian squad?
21 min
Is Hockey Santa In Town?
On tonight's episode, we ponder what Christmas gifts Santa might leave for Jets fans. Can this team make the playoffs? How many times do we have to play Toronto?
21 min
The NHL's Return Is Upon Us!
On tonight's episode, we discuss the NHL's rumored agreement to a 56-game plan. Can the NHL actually pull a season off? What does all of this mean for the Jets and the Canadian division?
21 min
A Troubled Restart?
On tonight's episode, we take a look at the NHL's struggle over the all-Canadian division operations for 2021. We also examine what success might mean for Winnipeg in the near future. Can this team ever win a Cup?
19 min
Catching Up On League News
On tonight's show, we take a look around the league and see what's new. Henrik Lundqvist will be missing the 2020-21 season, which is sad news for all. We also discuss the NHL's controversial top-16 forwards list heading into the new season.
19 min
The Greatest Playmakers in Sports - Part 5
On tonight's show, we check in with Cole Perfetti to see how he's been faring during the Team Canada training camps. We also continue our greatest playmakers series. What makes Brendan Gallagher so underrated? Is Shea Weber still good despite entering the latter stages of his career?
20 min
Remapping 2021 NHL Divisions
On tonight's show, we update the outlook for the NHL's 2021 season. What does the division realignment mean for Winnipeg? Can the Jets make the post-season?
19 min
The Road Ahead
On tonight's show, we discuss the recent allegations of abuse and hazing surrounding the CHL. We also update the NHL's plan for the 2021 season before closing out with a continuation of our greatest playmakers series.
20 min
The Greatest Playmakers in Sports - Part 4
On tonight's episode, we dive into what makes Evgeni Malkin such a phenomenal playmaker. Is he secretly as good, or even better, than Sid the Kid? How does no one know who Bryan Rust is?
19 min
The Greatest Playmakers in Sports - Part 3
On tonight's show, we update the NHL's discussions for the next season. We also continue our greatest playmakers series with a look at the Philadelphia Flyers. What makes Sean Couturier so dang good at hockey?!
19 min
The Greatest Playmakers in Sports - Part 2
On tonight's show, we check in with the troubled negotiations between the NHL and NHLPA over next season's starting timeline. We also dive into the best playmakers in hockey and football. What makes Joe Thornton a timeless legend? Is Jadon Sancho the most exciting winger in football?
20 min
The Greatest Playmakers in Sports - Part 1
In tonight's show, we debut our greatest playmakers series. What makes Nick Backstrom such a long-standing backbone of Washington's offense? How is Elias Pettersson still underrated?!
20 min
Thanking You Very Much
On today's episode, we reflect on what we're thankful for. Personally, I'm most thankful for having you listeners! We also start a new series, diving into some of the best playmakers in hockey. We begin our journey in Winnipeg, exploring two underrated playmaking talents.
20 min
The Holiday Wishlist
On tonight's show, we get into the holiday spirit with some Jets fan holiday gift ideas. What jerseys won't break the bank? Did you know you can even gift warm-up used pucks?!
20 min
Thinking About Next Season
On tonight's show, we take a look at what the 2020-21 Jets might look like. What forwards can we expect big seasons from? Will Mark Scheifele ever reach his peak performances again? What is it going to take to get an NHL-calibre defense again?
20 min
The Greatest Goalscorers in Sports - Goalie Spe...
On tonight's show, we check in with Will Scouching's review of the Jets 2020 draft. Did Winnipeg make the most of its few picks? We also dive in to the world of goalie goals, from Mike Smith to Rene Higuita.
19 min
Reviewing the Reverse Retro Jerseys
On tonight's show, we stamp our approval and disapproval on the NHL's reverse retro jerseys. Is Winnipeg's alternate jersey as bad as Twitter has made it out to be? Are there any good alternates in this current crop?
20 min
Reverse Retro Jerseys Are Nearly Here
On tonight's show, we discuss the leaks and teasers surrounding the new Reverse Retro jerseys. Are they actually....good? We also dive into what makes the Capitals such a consistently quality team. Closing us out, we review the brand new Playstation 5.
20 min
The Most Overpowered NHL Teams
On tonight's show, we investigate the situation surrounding the Kelli Ewen lawsuit against the NHL. We also discuss some of the most broken and overpowered teams of the past few years. Just how good was that 2017-18 Winnipeg Jets squad?
19 min
Team Xbox vs. Team Playstation
On tonight's episode, we check in on the recent ELC and free agent extensions from around the league. Where does Cole Perfetti end up this coming season? We then explore which next-gen gaming console might be the one for you. Will you choose Team Microsoft, or Team Sony?
20 min
The Greatest Goalscorers in Sports - Part 7
On tonight's episode, we explore what makes Mikko Rantanen's approach to goalscoring particularly unique. We also dive into the greatness of Calder finalists Quinn Hughes and Cale Makar, before closing out on the world's top goalscoring midfielders.
19 min
The Greatest Goalscorers in Sports - Part 6
On tonight's show, we catch up with a few free agency deals before continuing our greatest goalscorer review. What can we expect from Cole Perfetti in the next couple of seasons? Why is Brayden Point so good at hockey? Is Raul Jimenez the best Premier League striker you don't know about?
20 min
News Around the League
On tonight's show, we check in on several recent contract extensions. We also discuss Kucherov, McDavid, and Matthews as top goalscorers. Closing us out, we recommend a few great music records from 2020.
19 min
The Greatest Goalscorers in Sports - Part 5
On tonight's show, we explore some of the quirkier, under-the-radar goalscorers in the NHL. How has Michael Grabner scored so many shorthanded goals in his career? What makes Bryan Rust the best top-6 wing you've never heard of?
19 min
The Greatest Goalscorers in Sports - Part 4
On today's show, we get a quick update on Sami Niku and Jansen Harkins' recent contract extensions. We also dive into what makes Brad Marchand one of the most lethal offensive threats in the league.
19 min
The Greatest Goalscorers in Sports - Part 3
On tonight's episode, we continue our quest to find all of the best goalscorers in world sports. What makes Mark Scheifele such a versatile threat? Is Kyle Connor truly one-dimensional? How on earth did Karim Benzema find himself wearing a Jets hat?!
19 min
The Greatest Goalscorers in Sports - Part 2
On tonight's episode, we begin with a discussion on the serious Mitchell Miller situation brewing in Arizona. We also continue our greatest goalscorer review. What makes Conor Garland a unique top-6 forward? Why is Lionel Messi so special?
20 min
The Greatest Goalscorers in Sports - Part 1
On tonight's episode, we kick off a series looking at some of the world's top goal-scoring players. What makes Laine such a unique threat? Are Patrik and Ovechkin really that comparable? How clutch has Amanda Kessel been for Team USA?
20 min
The End of the Mascot Road
On tonight's episode, we conclude our short series of mascot reviews. Who on earth is Mr. Redlegs, and why is he so terrifying? Can any mascot challenge the cultural icon that is Gritty?
19 min
Ranking Mascots from More Sports
On tonight's show, we review someone else's top-25 sports mascots. How does the top-10 stack against the NHL mascots? Do any hockey characters make the list? We also recap a few minor NHL free agent deals, including the signing of Kulikov with the Devils.
19 min
We (Still) Rate Mascots
If you thought you could avoid more mascot ratings, guess again! We wrap up our NHL mascot reviews, and take a peek at a few AHL mascots as well. Closing out the show, we also check in on some potential sports game launch titles for the new Playstation and Xbox consoles. Which games should you choose?
21 min
Reviewing the League's Mascots
On tonight's off-kilter episode, we rate the NHL's mascots out of 10. Is Gritty the best mascot of all time? What on earth is a "Nordy"? How did the Jets get away with naming their mascot Mick E. Moose?!
19 min
Capping Off the Central Review
On tonight's show, we wrap up our Central Division off-season reviews. Just how much better did the Wild get? Do the Stars need to improve after their Cup defeat? What are the Preds up to these days?
20 min