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The Winnipeg Jets Bounce Back With A Thumping O...
On tonight's episode, we recap Winnipeg's victory over the Anaheim Ducks. Was the 5-2 scoreline an accurate reflection of a complete win, or are there nuances to be dealt with? What went wrong with the Jets in the first period? What did Rick Bowness think about the effort? Is there a way to solve Winnipeg's slower starts? Which players stood out in a total team effort? What gaps do the Jets still need to fill, and can they repeat this level of depth scoring against stronger teams? How will Winnipeg prepare for the return of Paul Maurice on Tuesday? Can the Jets show the Florida Panthers a top-level performance, or will Maurice get the last laugh?
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The Winnipeg Jets Fall To The Columbus Blue Jac...
On tonight's episode, we recap a somewhat frustrating loss to the Blue Jacket's in Patrik Laine's return to Winnipeg. What went wrong for the Jets? Are there concerns that these issues are something more long-term, or should Winnipeg fans rest easy? If the problems are something that will remain, how will the Jets cope with them? Are there solutions available as early as this season? What were the Jets successful at? Should we be encouraged by Winnipeg's level of effort and slot attack? What should the Jets be on the lookout to adjust for against the Ducks? We finally close out with some thoughts on fascinating World Cup storylines, and whether the success of Asian teams in the tournament suggests a potential untapped market for both football and hockey.
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The Winnipeg Jets Win Machine Rolls On, And Wel...
On tonight's episode, we preview Winnipeg's upcoming games against the Columbus Blue Jackets and Anaheim Ducks. What has gone wrong for these two bottom-table squads? Are the Jackets and Ducks as bad as they seem, or are there other factors to explain the rough season starts? Will the Jets be able to win both games, or should we expect at least a point to be dropped somewhere? Who are the danger men for each team? Is Troy Terry a realistic trade option, or a pipe-dream? We also discuss the importance of Canada's World Cup run for the men's team, and why the early exit shouldn't be viewed as a major disappointment.
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The Winnipeg Jets Demolish The Colorado Avalanc...
On tonight's episode, we recap an enthralling Winnipeg Jets victory over their Central Division rivals, the Colorado Avalanche. What went right for the Jets in a massive 5-0 win? What areas might be minor causes for concern? Is the new line of Perfetti-Scheifele-Wheeler prepared to dominate the rest of the season? How long can this trio keep the magic going for? Should the Josh Norrissey hype campaign be kicking into high gear now? What has allowed Morrissey to unlock this level of play, and will it last? How do we feel about the changes Rick Bowness has brought to the team? Will it help Winnipeg maintain a top seed in the Central during a busy December?
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20 Games Into The Season, The Winnipeg Jets Are...
On tonight's episode, we preview Winnipeg's upcoming game against the Colorado Avalanche. With the Stars, Jets, and Avs all vying for the number 1 seed, which team will emerge victorious at the top of the Central? How has Winnipeg managed to accomplish such a strong start despite major injuries? Is this style of play a plan for sustainable success? How will the Jets approach a skilled, stingy, and speedy Avs team? Can Winnipeg replicate its success against Dallas while facing an even more dangerous Colorado squad? For the remainder of the season, what's working well for the Jets and what needs improvement? What have we learned from Bowness's first 20 games on the job?
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The Winnipeg Jets Sweep The Weekend, Beating Th...
On tonight's episode, we recap a chaotic weekend of Jets hockey, including a controversial win over the Dallas Stars, and a systematic dismantling of the Chicago Blackhawks. What contested NHL ruling allowed Jason Robertson to score on an empty Jets net after Connor Hellebuyck lost his helmet? Is this rule something the league might change? How did the Jets respond to a frustrating and dispiriting way to concede the game-tying goal? Is this the most resilient Winnipeg team we've seen so far? Were the Jets lulled into a false sense of security against a weaker Chicago squad, or did they take care of business? Which depth players surprised us all and stepped up to supplement Winnipeg's scoring?
23 min
The Winnipeg Jets Are Routed By The Minnesota W...
On tonight's episode, we recap a disappointing match-up between the Jets and Wild before the American Thanksgiving holiday. Is there a history brewing for the Jets in these Black Friday/Thanksgiving visits to Minnesota? Why did Winnipeg look so uncompetitive against a Wild team that wasn't at its best? Should the Jets be concerned, or can Rick rally the squad before the critical Dallas Stars game on Friday? What changes could Bones institute to give this team some additional support? If DeMelo returns, what will happen to the current defensive unit? Should Heinola be the one who gets benched? Are the Jets looking to get further roster help from Vancouver? Which of Horvat, Garland, and Boeser makes the most sense?
21 min
The Winnipeg Jets Are On The Road For A Central...
On tonight's episode, we take a look ahead at Winnipeg's upcoming slate of games for the end of November and attempt to figure out how many wins the Jets might come away with. Are the Minnesota Wild a team to be feared, or a squad the Jets should handle with ease? Is Winnipeg prepared for the final match-up against the Dallas Stars for the regular season? Can the Jets repeat their dismantling of an excellent Stars team? Should Winnipeg be worried about a trap game over the weekend against Chicago? Where will Anthony Duclair end up, and why might the Jets make sense? How did Ville Heinola fare in his season debut?
22 min
The Winnipeg Jets Defeat The Carolina Hurricane...
On tonight's episode, we take a look at a strange victory over the Carolina Hurricanes. With Winnipeg in the driver's seat for nearly the entire game, why did the Jets change tactical strategies late? Did the move to play the top-6 as the primary defensive unit cause Winnipeg's late-game collapse? What can Bones do differently in future games to defend the lead? Was this game still one of Winnipeg's best defensive performances of this season? Why were the Jets able to limit a high-flying Carolina offense for almost the entire evening? Which depth players truly stepped up and helped Winnipeg stifle Carolina's slot attack?
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The Winnipeg Jets Get Shutout By The Pittsburgh...
On tonight's episode, we recap a frustrating but understandable loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins. What went wrong for Winnipeg to fall 3-0 at home? Were the Jets truly as toothless as the scoreline suggests, or are the potential fixes more in-reach than they appear? Is this loss a one-off, or a potential sign of the roster construction issues slowly catching up? What can Winnipeg do in the meantime to try and boost offensive production? Can Hellebuyck do enough to mask the goalscoring issues in between? What is Winnipeg's plan with prospects like Heinola, Lambert, and Lucius? Should the Jets call on the kids to fill the gaps, or does the team need to look for more veteran support?
24 min
The Winnipeg Jets Might Need To Trade For A Win...
On tonight's episode, we take a look at the trade options for the Winnipeg Jets to fill the gap Ehlers' long-term injury may create. Is Anthony Mantha someone the Capitals might be willing to part with? What kind of trade package would Washington be looking for? Is Mathieu Joseph still the best option from the Ottawa Senators? What sort of Jets defender might attract Ottawa's interest? Is there truly a trade fit there? Should Winnipeg be interested in either of Timo Meier or Bo Horvat? Are the Jets really in a position to trade for a short-term rental?
23 min
Kyle Connor Goes Duck Hunting With A Winnipeg J...
On tonight's episode, we recap an uneven but but entertaining Winnipeg Jets win against the Anaheim Ducks. Is Kyle Connor's hat trick a sign that he might finally be breaking the scoring slump he's been mired in this season? How did Kyle Capobianco fare in his return to the line-up? Is he a safer option than Ville Heinola? When might Ville get a game with the Jets? With the news that Nikolaj Ehlers may need surgery this year, what will Winnipeg do to replace him? What trade options make the most sense for the Jets to pursue? Is Winnipeg's surplus of defenders going to help make trading a lot easier?
20 min
How Does The Start To This Winnipeg Jets 2022-2...
On tonight's episode, we take a look at the last few years of Jets hockey to see how this season's start fares against previous seasons. Many of the previous Jets seasons started out with a similar record by mid-November. Is this Jets team more like those squads, or are there signs that Winnipeg is evolving? What evidence have we been provided that gives us reason to be more optimistic about the future of this squad? Will Winnipeg lean too heavily on Hellebuyck for a successful season? When will the Jets consider making roster changes to provide additional depth? Who are the Jets speaking with currently about a potential defender trade? Is this a deal that makes sense for both parties?
24 min
The Top Winnipeg Jets Skater Contributors So Far
On tonight's episode, we take a look at which Jets skaters are performing the best for Winnipeg. On the forward side, what attackers outside of Scheifele are having a season to remember? Is Mark's expected goal share, currently sitting at around 42%, cause for concern? What might be driving the high expected goals against for his line? Is it the fault of the forwards, the defense, or a combination? Which underappreciated Jets bottom-6 skater might be best suited to a top-6 promotion in Ehlers' absence? How are the other bottom-6 Jets performing this year? On the blueline, which Jets defenders are excelling, and which defenders are drowning?
24 min
The Winnipeg Jets Are Proving Resiliency Is In ...
On tonight's episode, we recap an intriguing weekend of action for the Winnipeg Jets, including a frustrating loss in Calgary and a massive comeback win in Seattle. Despite the 1-1 record on the road, were the Jets still playing quality hockey? What caused them to falter against a Flames team that had lost numerous games? Are there any concerning signs, or should Jets fans rest easy? What did we learn from Winnipeg's bounceback game against the Seattle Kraken? Are the Jets starting to forge a new, exciting identity under Bowness? How can the Jets front office better support Rick's efforts?
23 min
The Winnipeg Jets Face A Busy Holiday Schedule....
On tonight's episode, we take a look at a busy Winnipeg Jets calendar for the remainder of November. With the Jets playing 9 or so games through the end of the month, what can we expect Winnipeg's record to look like? Will the Jets remain in the top-3 of the Central Division by American Thanksgiving? What Central Division rivals might be poised to spoil Winnipeg's push to the top? Can the Jets play like they did against the Stars for the rest of November? What Eastern Conference foes look to be the most difficult for the Jets to knock off?
21 min
How Are Winnipeg Jets Fans Feeling About The Se...
On tonight's episode, we turn the mic over to Jets fans and ask you for your feelings on the season so far. How have fans rated the coaching staff performance so far? Is this the best version of Scheifele we've seen since 2016-17? Where should DeMelo be playing, and could he help relieve a beleaguered Pionk? Are fans confident in a top-3 finish in the Central, or are they hoping just for any form of a playoff appearance? Do fans feel the Jets need to make changes to the roster, or are they happy with the current construction as-is?
22 min
The Winnipeg Jets Dominate The Dallas Stars On ...
On tonight's episode, we recap a thoroughly entertaining evening of Winnipeg Jets hockey against the Dallas Stars. Was this Winnipeg's best game of the season? What made this victory so special? Is Winnipeg's dominance in this outing a sign of things to come? Has Rick Bowness finally unlocked the Jets potential? Which players stood out the most in a massive team victory? Is this the best Mark Scheifele has been in ages? Just how high can this team continue to climb on the quest for a playoff berth? Can the Jets keep playing this brand of hockey against quality opponents?
22 min
A Way-Too-Early Winnipeg Jets Trade Wishlist
On tonight's episode, we take a look at the roster situations around the league and try to pinpoint a handful of potential trade targets for the Winnipeg Jets. What positions might the Jets look to prioritize in any sort of trade? Is Chevy actually looking to improve the squad, or does he feel this roster is sufficient as-is? Which teams in the Metro Division are already falling behind, and what players might become available on the trade market for Winnipeg? Are the Vancouver Canucks open for business? If so, is it worth acquiring Conor Garland, who has another 3 seasons left on his contract?
26 min
The Winnipeg Jets Are Racking Up The Wins...Can...
On tonight's episode, we break down Winnipeg's current standings placement, and reflect on a big win against the Chicago Blackhawks. Is the level of performance we saw against Chicago and Montreal a sign of Winnipeg's true quality? Are there warning flags with how the Jets are winning games, and will it be enough to threaten their ascendance in the standings? How far can this team push, and if the Jets make the playoffs, how many rounds might they get through? Who has stepped up in the absence of Ehlers and an unlucky Kyle Connor? Can Winnipeg's special teams right the ship and get back towards being a legitimate threat?
21 min
The Winnipeg Jets Welcome Rick Bowness Back Wit...
On tonight's episode, we run through a quality Winnipeg win over the Canadiens. What adjustments did Bowness make in preparation for a fast, loose game against Montreal? Was Winnipeg able to control the ice, or were the Jets pressured like they were against LA and Vegas? Who stood out for the Jets? Were any skaters in particular impressive, or was this a total team effort? Did Hellebuyck have to stand on his head for Winnipeg, or was this a comfortable game in-goal for him? What changes can the Jets make to further improve their odds of victory in future games?
25 min
Early Surprises And Disappointments In The 2022...
On tonight's episode, we take a look at some of the early surprises and disappointments from Winnipeg's start to the season. Though we're only a few games in, a handful of players have stood out. Is Mark Scheifele's resurgence here to stay? Will he be the rock the Jets rely on to make the post-season? Can Cole Perfetti win the Calder trophy after a great start to his first full NHL season? Is Sam Gagner Chevy's best free agent forward signing since Mathieu Perreault? On the disappointing side of things, can Neal Pionk turn his season around after a challenging start? What is wrong with the special teams, a point of focus for the coaching staff over the summer?
21 min
The Winnipeg Jets Depth Is Being Stretched Thin...
On tonight's episode, we take a look at the current Winnipeg Jets practice units ahead of the match-up with the Montreal Canadiens. How is Winnipeg shaping up? Were the absences at practice something to be worried about, or routine? Will Jansen Harkins make the team after being summoned via emergency call-up? Is his form with the Manitoba Moose a sign of things to come, or unfulfilled promise? Who should the Jets be concerned about from the Habs roster? Is this the true version of Sean Monahan? Finally, we close out with a discussion on whether or not the Jets need to re-sign Connor Hellebuyck. Have I finally changed my mind on an extension?
20 min
Rick Bowness Thinks The Winnipeg Jets Should Be...
On tonight's episode, we dive into some of Rick Bowness' comments around the Jets, and how they've played just a few games into the season. Is Bones pleased with the 5-3-1 record, or does he see room for improvement? How did he react to the LA and Vegas games, where the Jets earned points but were generally outplayed? What are Rick's current line combinations heading into Thursday's game? Does it really look that different from what Scott Arniel has been deploying recently? What are Winnipeg's biggest roster and skillset needs, and can the team source these needs internally? What line-up changes might get Winnipeg the best results in the meantime?
19 min
The Winnipeg Jets Fall To Vegas, But Still Earn...
On tonight's episode, we recap an interesting tour through the Pacific Division for the Winnipeg Jets. With 5 of 6 points bagged, the Jets seemingly handled the LA Kings, Arizona Coyotes, and Vegas Golden Knights...but was that really the case? What common threads tie all 3 games together, and should Winnipeg be concerned about the inconsistent team-play? How can the Jets solve some of the defensive issues, and will that help the Jets improve their offensive creation further up the ice? What has Scott Arniel's current run with the Jets taught us about how he'd coach Winnipeg if he became the full-time coach? Is it truly an improvement over Paul Maurice, or would the Jets find themselves back at square 1?
22 min