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Episode 50 - Jets Stifled By The Empire State Team
Tonight's show recaps a tough loss to the Rangers, and some potential line-up changes that might give the Jets an added boost.
20 min
Episode 49 - We Talkin' Playoffs?
On tonight's show, we take a look at Winnipeg's excellent turn in fortune (and positive trends in play). Dare I use the "playoff" word?
22 min
Episode 48 - NHL Standings Check-Ins
Tonight's show checks in with the entirety of the NHL, determining which teams might be the real deal and which are likely to disappoint.
20 min
Episode 47 - Sweeping Away the Blues
Tonight's show recaps Winnipeg's win against the Blues, and takes a look at an easier February where the playoffs might legitimately be a thing!
20 min
Episode 46 - Chibisov is Free! And My Favorite ...
On this special episode, I recap a few recent events in Jets news, and then touch one some of my favorite athletes across all sports.
21 min
Episode 45 - Bitten by Nashville and Bad Decisions
Tonight's episode recaps Winnipeg's competitive loss to the Preds, and Ovechkin's chase for 700 goals.
20 min
Episode 44 - The Byfuglien Saga Takes a Turn
Tonight's show discusses the impact and aftermath of the Dustin Byfuglien situation, which appears to be headed towards a messy resolution.
21 min
Episode 43 - The Jets Won a Game!
Tonight's episode recaps some highlights from Winnipeg's 5-2 win over St. Louis, and an update on the Byfuglien situation.
20 min
Episode 42 - A Season of Surprises!
Tonight's show takes a look at some of this season's most surprising storylines, both good and bad.
21 min
Episode 41 - More Fun Prospect Talk and.....Ras...
Tonight's episode muses on potential top-4 D trade targets identified by The Athletic, as well as a slew of really exciting NHL prospects to keep an eye on.
22 min
Episode 40 - Trade Deadline Targets and Top You...
On tonight's episode, I discuss Winnipeg's expressed interest in a deadline deal for a top-4 D, and the top young goalies and centres in the NHL.
20 min
Episode 39 - Thoughts on Kobe's Passing, and Pr...
On tonight's episode, I give some thoughts on treating those impacted by Kobe Bryant's passing with respect and sensitivity. I also take a look at some of the best young wingers and defensemen in the NHL.
22 min
Episode 38 - Taking Stock of the Jets
Tonight's episode preps for the trade deadline madness by looking at what comprises Winnipeg's existing roster.
22 min
Episode 37 - The Best of the Best in Hockey Movies
Tonight's show takes a look at what the best hockey films hold for new viewers of all ages.
19 min
Episode 36 - Winnipeg Slumps Again...
On tonight's show, I vent about another disappointing loss to the Blue Jackets and the overall feeling of apathy this team instills.
20 min
Episode 35 - Carolina Sweeps Away the Jets
Tonight's episode updates the Kevin Sawyer situation, and recaps a painful loss to Carolina, as well as what this may mean for Winnipeg's immediate future.
21 min
Episode 34 - Windy City Blues and AHL All-Star ...
On tonight's episode, I'm joined by J.D. Hernandez from the Locked On Ducks show to discuss the upcoming AHL All-Star Game. I also recap Winnipeg's recent defeat at the hands of Patrick Kane and the Blackhawks.
20 min
Episode 33 - Struck By Lightning and Thoughts o...
Tonight's episode briefly recaps a disastrous loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning, and some thoughts on the ongoing Kevin Sawyer situation.
20 min
Episode 32 - Thursdays are for the Hockey Video...
Does the perfect hockey game exist? On tonight's episode, I take a look at a few options and try to figure out which one caters to the true hardcore NHL and hockey fan.
21 min
Episode 31 - Gerard's Gallantry Did Not Spare Him
On tonight's episode, I discuss Gerard Gallant's shocking firing, and whether or not the Jets should consider a coaching change.
21 min
Episode 30 - Winnipeg Sinks the Vancouver Canucks
Tonight's show recaps an entertaining, chance-filled night against the Vancouver Canucks.
19 min
Episode 29 - Sabretoothed Pains from Down South
On tonight's show, we recap the slogfest that was Jets-Preds over the weekend, and some potential playoff implications that continue to emerge.
20 min
Episode 28 - Winnipeg's Midseason Awards
On tonight's extra special show, I hand out some serious and lighthearted midseason awards for Winnipeg's host of talented players.
20 min
Episode 27 - Hibernating in Boston Harbor
Tonight's show recaps the disappointing loss to the Boston Bruins, and some notable takeaways from the last game of the road trip.
19 min
Episode 26 - Beating the Center of the Sports U...
Tonight's show recaps Winnipeg's shootout victory against the Maple Leafs, and a brief look at tomorrow's game against the Boston Bruins.
19 min
Episode 25 - World Juniors Talk with Will Scouch!
On tonight's episode, we have a special guest, Will Scouch, who walks us through some standout World Juniors players and teams!
27 min
Episode 24 - Lose a Battle, Win the War Against...
Tonight's episode recaps Winnipeg's games against the Wild and Habs, as well as a preview of coming match-ups. Stay tuned for a guest appearance announcement at the end!
19 min
Episode 23 - A Lineup for the Ages
On tonight's show, we assemble the kinda sorta best team of the decade, emphasis on the kinda sorta part.
21 min
Episode 22 - The Center of the Sports Universe ...
On tonight's show, we recap Winnipeg's loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs, and some potential call-ups/prospects the Jets may be relying on in the near future.
20 min
Episode 21 - New Year, New Team?
On tonight's episode, we take a look at Winnipeg's top performers, and some guys who really need to pick up slack in the second half of this season.
20 min
Episode 20 - New Years Resolutions and Rocky Mo...
Tonight's episode dives into Winnipeg's win against the Avalanche and some New Years resolutions for the team.
19 min
Episode 19 - Santa Gave Jets Fans Coal for Chri...
This episode recaps Winnipeg's Christmas week shenanigans, including a game against the Habs and the painful double-header against the St. Louis Blues.
20 min
Episode 18 - Christmas Tidings and Taming the Wild
Tonight's episode recaps Winnipeg's smashing of the Wild, and a brief look at a decade of Winnipeg Jets hockey.
20 min
Episode 17 - Robin Lehner is Annoyingly Good, a...
Tonight's show covers Winnipeg's escapades against the Chicago Blackhawks, and some spoiler-free thoughts about the new Star Wars movie.
20 min
Episode 16 - The State of the Jets and the 12 D...
Tonight's show covers Winnipeg's current roster situation (spoiler: it's precarious) and the fun time that is Mikhail Berdin.
19 min
Locked On Jets Episode 15 - The Storm Surge Arr...
Tonight's show recaps Winnipeg's misadventures against the Carolina Hurricanes. Sebastian Aho got the last laugh on this one.
20 min
Locked On Jets Episode 14 - Deck the Halls!
Tonight's episode recaps Winnipeg's adventures against the Flyers, the Taylor Hall trade, and some quick league updates.
20 min
Locked On Jets Episode 13 - Hellebuyck and Ehle...
This episode spotlights some recent updates in the Taylor Hall Trade Saga, and the wonderful gifts of Connor Hellebuyck and Nikolaj Ehlers.
21 min
Locked On Jets Episode 12 - Patrik Laine is Goo...
Tonight's show regales the glories of Patrik Laine, and the slightly less glorious moments of Winnipeg's rematch against Detroit.
20 min
Locked On Jets Episode 11 - Troubled Waters in ...
On this episode, we discuss the greatness of Tobias Enstrom and Ville Heinola, before moving on to Pete DeBoer's firing and Winnipeg's slate of upcoming games.
20 min
Locked On Jets Episode 10 - Clipping the Red Wi...
On tonight's show, we recap Winnipeg's thrashing of the Red Wings, the Jim Montgomery firing, and some standings updates.
20 min
Locked On Jets Episode 9 - Ducking Hunting, An ...
Tonight's episode covers Winnipeg's recent win against the Ducks, a recap of the greatness that is Dustin Byfuglien, and some of my favorite hockey jersey styles.
20 min
Locked On Jets Episode 8 - Trade Deadlines and ...
Tonight's episode takes a look at what Winnipeg needs at the trade deadline, some potential Christmas gift ideas for the pickiest Jets fans, and ways to weed out fake jersey listings.
20 min
Locked On Jets Episode 7 - Checking In on the C...
On tonight's show, we take a look at Winnipeg's division rivals and recap some of the action from a whacky evening in Dallas
20 min
Locked On Jets Episode 6 - Who's Hot, Who's Not...
Tonight, we dive into waiver claim Nick Shore, as well as those Jets performing above standards, and those who need some improvement.
19 min
Locked On Jets Episode 5 - Winnipeg Sees Stars....
Tonight's episode covers the rematch between Winnipeg and Dallas, as well as some updates from action around the league.
19 min
Locked On Jets Episode 4 - Pacific Cruisin' and...
On tonight's show, we cover Winnipeg's relatively successful trip through California, the latest developments in the Bill Peters case, and some hot stove trade rumors!
20 min
Locked On Jets Episode 3 - A Time for Thanks
Tonight's episode is full of thankful storytelling, including my trip to Winnipeg to see the Jets, a visit to Borussia Dortmund's stadium in Germany, and my time as a game-worn jersey collector.
20 min
Locked On Jets Episode 2 - The Flames in Hot Wa...
Tonight, we tackle the Mike Babcock firing, Akim Aliu's accusations against Calgary Flames head coach Bill Peters, and a brief overview of this evening's NHL action. There's also a little Baltimore Ravens love for you Lamar Jackson fans!
21 min
Locked On Jets Episode 1 - Fast Times at Winnip...
We cover the latest updates on the Jets, a look at the team's performance up til now, a few game recaps, and a preview of the upcoming schedule.
22 min
Locked On Jets - A Preview of Coming Attractions
Welcome to the Locked On Winnipeg Jets podcast, a new talkshow hosted by Harrison Lee.
2 min