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The Chicago Blues
On tonight's episode, we take a look at off-season moves for the Blues and the Blackhawks. How have the Blues handled the Pietrangelo departure? What is the future looking like for the Blackhawks?
20 min
An Off-Season Lacking Accountability
On tonight's show, we vent about the lack of criticism and clarity surrounding Winnipeg's power structure. Why are so many people content with mediocrity? How has yet another young talent been frozen out of the Jets roster?
20 min
The Central Division Off-Season
On tonight's show, we take a look at Winnipeg and Colorado's off-season moves. Which team ended up improving the most? What is the current plan for next season's NHL return?
19 min
The Free Agency Crash
On tonight's show, we wrap up most of the NHL free agency deals. What will Winnipeg's line-up look like next season? Are there any remaining UFAs the Jets should send a friend request to?
20 min
It's No Longer Nate Schmidt Szn
On tonight's episode, we catch up on the Taylor Hall and Tyler Toffoli deals. We also dive into the Alex Pietrangelo signing in Vegas, and how that's shape Nate Schmidt's move to the Canucks. Can Winnipeg find a back-up option in lieu of Schmidt?
19 min
The Free Agency Bee Buzzes
On tonight's episode, we continue our free agency tour. Where did Kevin Shattenkirk end up? Are the Jets signings actually decent? Who can Winnipeg target to bolster their reserves?
19 min
The Free Agent Frenzy Begins...
On today's episode, we dive into the free agency gauntlet. Which deals and trades were the most surprising? How much did Torey Krug just sign for? Is Henrik Lundqvist really a Cap?!
20 min
Recapping Winnipeg's Draft
On tonight's episode, we dig in to Winnipeg's other draft picks. Is Daniel Torgersson the next Logan Stanley, or something far more interesting? Just how talented is Anton Johannesson? Is Paul Stastny returning to Winnipeg a good idea?
20 min
On tonight's show, we recap a spectacular last 48 hours in Jets history, including the Cole Perfetti pick. We also break down the implications of Dylan DeMelo's great re-signing, and dive into some of the quirkier first round picks from this draft.
23 min
Pre-Draft Anxiety
On tonight's show, we cover the Henrik Lundqvist and Jack Johnson buyouts. We also examine the potential impact of Matt Niskanen's retirement on Winnipeg's Laine dealings with Philadelphia.
22 min
Life Without Laine
On tonight's episode, we ruminate on what a post-Laine world looks like. What could the Jets get in trade for Patrik's services? What team would be the best fit for his skillsets?
19 min
Solving the Jets' Central Woes
On tonight's show, we cover Winnipeg's options for finding Laine a centre. Is moving Wheeler back to the middle the best option? What centres would fit the bill on draft day? Are we doomed to watch Laine in a different jersey?
19 min
The Laine Trade Frenzy
On tonight's show, we update the Laine trade rumor mill. Is he really on the way out? We also discuss a Locked On NHL mock draft, including the selection for the Jets. At the end, we go a bit off-topic and talk about the eagerly-anticipated FIFA 21 launch.
20 min
It's NHL Offseason Szn
On tonight's episode, we recap the end of the Stanley Cup Finals, as well as the Conn Smythe winner. Are the rumors around Patrik Laine something for Jets fans to worry about? Is Jack Eichel potentially leaving Buffalo in the near future?
20 min
Uncle Zajac and the Hall of Fame
On tonight's special crossover episode, we welcome Trey Matthews of Locked On Devils to discuss New Jersey Hall of Fame candidates. Should Travis Zajac receive consideration? Where does Kevin Daneyko rank on underrated Devils blueliners?
28 min
Sharks in the Halls
On tonight's special episode, we're joined by Locked On Sharks host JD Young to discuss what current San Jose players might make the Hall of Fame. Is Jumbo Joe a lock? Could Brent Burns also make a case for inclusion? Where does Erik Karlsson rank in the pantheon of greatest players?
26 min
Living in the Hall of Fame
On tonight's episode, we recap the end of the Lightning-Stars game. We also kickstart a series about current NHLers who might make the Hall of Fame, and discuss the Matheson-Hornqvist deal that finally went through. Did anyone win a bad trade?
20 min
The Pittsburgh Pummeling
On tonight' show, we discuss the bizarre in-progress trade of Mike Matheson for Patrick Hornqvist. We also peek at Winnipeg's potential roster additions from within, including Ville Heinola and Dylan Samberg. To close us out, we get a live look-in at game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals.
19 min
Diving into Winnipeg's Depth Forwards
On tonight's show, we evaluate the play of some underappreciated skaters, including Jack Roslovic and Jansen Harkins. What kind of value did Logan Shaw and Gabriel Bouque provide? Is Nik Ehlers the best Jets skater overall?
20 min
Hellebuyck is a Vezina Winner!!!
On tonight's show, HELLEBUYCK WON THE VEZINA TROPHY!!! He actually won the award before the recording session, but it still counts. We discuss Hellebuyck's win, as well as the NHL's other award winners, and their qualifications for each trophy. Did anyone who won not deserve it as much as some of the runner-up candidates?
22 min
Winnipeg Jets Under Review
On tonight's episode, we continue our Winnipeg Jets player reviews. Was Dmitri Kulikov actually...good? How did Sbisa and Bitetto do? Is Tucker Poolman a top-pairing guy?
20 min
Previewing the Stanley Cup Finals
On tonight's episode, we wrap up our Isles-Lightning Conference Finals coverage. We then discuss the upcoming Stars-Lightning Cup Finals series before closing out with Pietrangelo free agency and Laine trade talk.
21 min
Ruminating on Marc Bergevin's Bicep and Trade F...
On tonight's show, we wrap up the conclusion of game 5 between the Isles and Lightning. We also look at Marc Bergevin's most recent trade acquisitions. Closing us out, we look at the Staal-for-Johansson deal, and explore the Matt Dumba trade possibilities.
20 min
The Knights Have Fallen Once Again
On tonight's show, we recap the end to the Knights-Stars series, as well as the implications for a potential Stars Cup Final. We also analyze Washington's hire of Peter Laviolette, and the surprise Jonas Brodin extension.
20 min
Down to the Conference Final Wire
Tonight's episode recaps some of the Conference Finals action between the Eastern and Western squads. We also break down the Joel Edmunson and Nick Bjugstad trades....did anyone actually win these deals?
19 min
Grading Winnipeg's One and Only MVP
On tonight's show, we continue our Jets roster evaluations, starting with Blake Wheeler and Patrik Laine. We also dive into Connor Hellebuyck's quality, and the read on Paul Maurice's coaching impacts. Closing us out, we take a live look-in to game 3 of the Isles-Lightning series.
19 min
The Lone Star State and The Knights Meet Again...
Tonight's show continues our season reviews of Jets players, including Scheifele, Perreault, and more. We also break down a tentative game 3 between the Dallas Stars and Vegas Golden Knights.
18 min
The Eastern Conference Goal Drought
On tonight's show, we recap the Isles-Tampa rematch. Did Trotz manage to break the series tie and grab a victory? We also start with some Jets player season grades, kicking off with Andrew Copp and Kyle Connor.
19 min
Sports When Hockey Isn't On
On tonight's show, we cover some fun sports documentary series you can watch between hockey games. We also preview a few upcoming sports leagues you might want to invest time into following, and what teams you could root for without feeling guilty about.
20 min
A Season of Finales
Tonight's episode dives into the opening rounds of the NHL Conference Finals. How did Trotz Hockey stack up against the loaded Tampa Bay Lightning? Did the Knights see Stars in what seems like a pretty one-sided match-up?
19 min
The Thatcher Demko Experience
Tonight's show wraps up the Western Conference playoff picture. Who prevailed between Dallas and Colorado? Did the Canucks manage to pull off the upset of the last few years against Vegas?
19 min
Game 7s Galore...
On tonight's episode, we take a look at a number of series-defining game 6's. How did the Flyers manage to beat a dominant Isles team? Can the Canucks ride Thatcher Demko to game 7 glory? Are the Avs finally back?
19 min
The Jake Allen Trade and Jack Quinnipeg
On tonight's show, we cover an interesting Laine trade proposal. We also recap the Jake Allen trade and examine some potential consequences. Closing us out, we bring back Will Scouch for one last prospect interview, focusing in on Jack Quinn.
30 min
The Flyers Stay Alive!
On tonight's show, we recap Philadelphia's fight for survival against the New York Islanders. We also take a peek at the ongoing Canucks-Knights game, and close out with a special guest appearance from Will Scouch to discuss Lucas Raymond!
26 min
Laine, Ehlers, and Winnipeg's Future
On tonight's special episode, we take a look at the trade rumors surrounding Nik Ehlers and Patrik Laine. We also recap some of the second round bubble series of the day. To close us out, we welcome back Will Scouching to discuss Anton Lundell's potential future in Winnipeg.
26 min
The Last Legs of Round 2
On tonight's show, we recap some of the last games of bubble playoffs round 2. We also take a look at some off-topic material, including the Cobra Kai series and the classic Captain Tsubasa franchise. Does nostalgia give us quality contemporary entertainment?
20 min
Restarting the Bubble Postseason
Tonight's show recaps some of the Wednesday games before the Jacob Blake protests. We also take a look at today's NHL action, including Vancouver vs. Vegas and New York vs. Philadelphia.
21 min
The Aftermath of Kenosha
Tonight's episode steps away from the rink to discuss the ongoing racial injustice in Kenosha. We also delve into the professional sports league responses to the aftermath. How did the NHL, a traditionally silent league, handle the response?
21 min
The Pittsburgh Kapanens Have Arrived
On tonight's show, we've got NHL trade discussion from the Kasperi Kapanen deal! We also break down the Boston-Tampa rematch, and last night's bizarre Dallas-Colorado game. Just how unlucky can the Avs get?!
20 min
Barry Trotz is Back, Baby!
Tonight's episode dives into even more second round playoff chaos. Just how good is this Isles team going to get under Trotz? What happened to Vancouver's resilience against the loose and fast Golden Knights?
21 min
Dallas Boston Fly High in Round 2
On tonight's episode, we recap the opening games of the second round. How did the Lightning fare against the resilient Bruins? Were the Avs surprised by a quick-countering Dallas Stars squad? Who will make it out alive in the Vancouver-Vegas series?
18 min
The Flames Are Extinguished At Last....
On tonight's show, we discuss the ramifications of a few round 1 series eliminations. What went wrong for the Calgary Flames, and what does their future hold in store for them? Now that the Stars are through, can they survive the Colorado Avalanche?
19 min
Midweek Playoff Madness
Tonight's show recaps some conclusions to first-round series. Did the Carolina Hurricanes pull out a must-win game against the Bruins? What on Earth happened to the Flyers? All this and more on tonight's show!
19 min
Rest in Peace, Ducky
On tonight's show, we discuss the impact Dale Hawerchuk had on the Jets, and mourn his passing. We also cover some of the day's games and try to recap some of the chaotic action that occurred between Washington and New York.
19 min
Kicking the Monday Blues with Hockey
On tonight's episode, we catch up on multiple playoff series. Just how good are the Colorado Avalanche? How many lives do the Blue Jackets have left? All these answers and more on tonight's show!
19 min
Weekend Hockey Recaps and Updates
Tonight's show recaps a chaotic weekend in the NHL post-season picture. Were the Blackhawks sent packing after some putrid showings against Vegas? Who on Earth is going to come out on top between Dallas and Calgary? All this and more on Locked On Jets!
19 min
Bubble Hockey Chaos and the Alphonso Davies Show
On tonight's episode, we recap quite a few NHL playoff series updates. We also check in with Canadian starlet Alphonso Davies. Is he the best fullback in the world?!
19 min
Revenge of the Playoff Underdogs!
On tonight's show, we recap all of the day's games. Did the Blue Jackets even the series against the Lightning? What was Carolina's response to an early OT loss to the Bruins?
20 min
The Dog Days of Round 1
Tonight's episode recaps a few series starts for the first round of the NHL playoffs. Were the Habs able to upset Philadelphia? Just how long did it take the Lightning to beat the Blue Jackets? All these answers and more on Locked On Jets!
20 min
We Didn't Get First Overall, But...
On tonight's show, we commiserate with Jets fans over the Rangers winning the first overall pick. The Jets will now select 10th overall. Is there a glimmer of hope amidst the sadness? Who could the Jets take to wipe the pain away? Find out tonight on Locked On Jets!
20 min
Recapping Playoff Chaos!
Our latest episode checks in on some of the other play-in series. How did the Habs managed to upset the Pens? What is Nashville's long-term trajectory, now that they've disappointed in the post-season again?
18 min
Ruminating on Winnipeg's Future
On today's show, we examine Winnipeg's series loss to the Calgary Flames. We also try to answer the big question: what next? Are the Jets in serious trouble down the road? When will they know if they've won the draft lotto?
19 min
A Look Around the Playoffs
On tonight's episode, we take a break from Jets hockey to see how the rest of the league is faring. Are the Penguins in deep trouble? Can the Preds reverse direction and beat Arizona? All this and more on tonight's new episode!
19 min
The Playoffs Aren't Fun Anymore
Tonight's show examines what went wrong for Winnipeg in a difficult 6-2 loss to Calgary. Did anyone get injured again? What is the long-term gameplan to stay competitive? All this and more on tonight's new episode!
20 min
Right Back in the Game
Tonight's episode breaks down a brutal, but effective win against the Calgary Flames. How did the top-6 fare without Scheifele and Laine? What depth players stepped up to carry the slack for the injured regulars?
19 min
Endless Playoff Pain
On today's show, we recap the disastrous start to the Jets-Flames series. What's Mark Scheifele's status? Do the Jets stand a chance of winning this series? All this and more on today's Locked on Jets!
20 min
The Calm Before the Storm
On tonight's episode, we dive into Winnipeg's exhibition game against Vancouver. What forwards and defenders succeeded? Is Hellebuyck the greatest goalie ever?
20 min
Locked On Flames and Jets Super Series Part 3
On tonight's episode, we wrap up our Locked On Flames and Jets playoff preview series with some bold predictions! We also discuss Calgary's loss to the Oilers. Was it as bad as the scoreline looked, or is there reason for optimism?
28 min
Locked On Flames and Jets Super Series Part 2
On the next part of our Jets-Flames crossover series, we dive deep into what Jets fans can expect from the boys in navy. Is Hellebuyck bound to continue his Vezina form? What depth players might step up for both squads in a big way?
26 min
Locked On Flames and Jets Super Series Part 1
On tonight's show, we link up with Locked On Flames to catch up with our soon-to-be Albertan rivals for the upcoming play-in series. Shaun Lavery and Jess Belmosto walk us through where the Flames are at, and what we can expect heading into the post-season.
30 min
Closing out the Kraken
On this final episode of our initial dive into the Seattle Kraken's potential claims, we wade through the last few NHL teams and draw some early conclusions. We also analyze a few thinkpieces from other authors about what the initial Seattle line-up might look like.
20 min
The Kraken's Claims Part Deux
This episode continues our look into what wake the Seattle Kraken might leave during their initial expansion draft. We also catch up with some recent line changes leading up to the series against the Flames!
20 min
Projecting Seattle's Early Claims
In this far-too-early episode, we take a look at some potential roster claims the Kraken might go after. We also talk about what those potential claims might mean for the teams losing roster talent. Closing us out, we go off-topic and dive into the Xbox games showcase!
20 min
The Seattle Kraken Rise Above the Waves!
Tonight's show dives into the deep end with the newly-named Seattle Kraken. What NHL teams should fear their mighty maw? How active should the Kraken be in the local community? These musings and more on this new episode of Locked On Jets!
20 min
It's Nearly Hockey Eve...
Tonight's show takes a look at the upcoming NHL schedule, as well as next week's pre-season exhibition games. We also dive into some other sports around the world, and the inspiring story of Adebayo Akinfenwa in English football.
20 min
Rule Changes and Rivalries Galore!
Tonight's show dives into some proposed NHL rule changes and sports rivalries. What rule changes would make the NHL a more enjoyable experience? Which rivalries in world sporting are the most intense? All this and more on tonight's Locked On Jets! Support Us By Supporting Our Sponsors! Amazing selection. Reliably low prices. All the parts your car will ever need. Visit RockAuto.com and tell them Locked On sent you.
20 min
Fortune-Telling with the Jets
On today's show, we dig into the MLS' crazy restart, including defensive lapses and goals galore! We also take a look at Winnipeg's long-term future, which is much closer at hand than you'd think. Support Us By Supporting Our Sponsors! Amazing selection. Reliably low prices. All the parts your car will ever need. Visit RockAuto.com and tell them Locked On sent you.
20 min
Catching Up with the Jets
On tonight's show, we catch up with Winnipeg's playoff situation, and break down Connor Hellebuyck's Vezina finalist status. We also tackle the allegations surrounding the DC professional football team, and how those issues impact the world of hockey. Support Us By Supporting Our Sponsors! Amazing selection. Reliably low prices. All the parts your car will ever need. Visit RockAuto.com and tell them Locked On sent you.
20 min
The Jets Are Back in Town
Tonight's show takes a look at Winnipeg's return to play schedule, and tries to guess which teams will suck the most during the play-in rounds.
20 min
Beloved NHLers the League Over
Today's episode dives into some of the league's most beloved players, and some Jets fan favorites!
20 min
The NHL's Return to Play Plan
Tonight's show digs into the details of a return to play plan that...doesn't actually suck!
20 min
More Hockey Villains!
We all love to hate that one villainous hockey player. Who are some of the most hated personalities in the game?
20 min
Hockey's Greatest Villains
Today's episode takes a look at some of hockey's currently most-hated players.
20 min
Sports News the World Over
Today's show updates the NHL's return-to-play plan, peeks in on the MLB's relaunch attempt, and gets the obligatory "congratulations" out of the way for Liverpool's Premier League title win.
20 min
The Best Thing I Ever Ate...
On this special episode, we dive in with fork and knife to the best stadium foods around.
19 min
Draft Lotto Madness!
On tonight's show, I attempt to sort through the chaos of last night's draft lotto, and what it could mean for the teams eligible for the first overall pick.
19 min
Pre-Draft Lotto Ramblings
Tonight is draft lotto night! What sort of chaos awaits the NHL in their convoluted lotto scheme?
21 min
The Three Horsemen of the Draftopalypse
On today's show, we look at prospects Alexander Holtz, Marco Rossi, and Jamie Drysdale.
20 min
Looking at the Top of the 2020 Draft
On tonight's show, we change course and examine the top of this year's potent NHL draft class.
20 min
Some Heavier Discussion Matter
Today's episode looks at the aftermath of the Carillo-Taylor lawsuit against junior hockey, and the implications of the recent spikes in COVID outbreaks.
21 min
The 2020 NHL Draft Primer: Into the 2nd Round...
Tonight's show descends ever deeper into prospect madness, entering the second round of hidden gems.
20 min
The 2020 NHL Draft Primer: The Tailend of Round 1
Tonight's show digs into the potential late first-round steals that await the Jets...
20 min
The 2020 NHL Draft Primer: Picks 21 and Beyond
This episode of the show takes a look at some high-upside QMJHL skaters who might be within striking distance for the Jets at the end of round 1.
21 min
SPECIAL - Locked On's Black Lives Matter Roundt...
We take a momentary pause in our daily sports talk for this revealing and important special podcast episode.
85 min
The 2020 NHL Draft (After Pick 14)
Tonight's episode looks at some of the draft candidates Winnipeg could walk away from this year.
21 min
2019 NHL Draft Ramblings and the Playoff Restart
Tonight's show tries to sift through the random draft picks of 2019, and the potential match-up concerns for a series against the Calgary Flames.
20 min
The NHL's Thoughts on George Floyd
Tonight's show takes a look at how NHL players have continued to reflect on George Floyd's murder, and dives into a potential 2018 NHL re-draft.
21 min
Re-Drafting 2017: The Finnish Debate
Tonight's show looks back at a draft class loaded with talented Finns...did the Jets choose wisely?
20 min
Re-Drafting the Laine Draft
Tonight's show looks at how the NHL has reacted to the George Floyd crisis, and what could have happened if Winnipeg had made a few different choices in the 2016 draft.
20 min
Looking Back on the Laine Draft!
Tonight's episode looks back on the fond memories of the 2016 NHL draft, and helps new Bundesliga fans figure out which team to bandwagon during quarantine!
25 min
Episode 108 - Redrafting 2015: Winnipeg Jets Ed...
Tonight's episode continues our look at re-drafting Winnipeg's picks. The Jets could have had Sebastian Aho!
20 min
Episode 107 - Redrafting 2014: Winnipeg Edition
On tonight's episode, we look at how differently the 2014 NHL entry draft could have been for Winnipeg. I did indeed cry a lot while recording this.
20 min
Episode 106 - Redrafting 2013: Winnipeg Jets Ed...
Tonight's episode takes a look at the NHL's relaunch plan, and a what-if 2013 re-draft scenario for Winnipeg.
20 min
Episode 105 - The Bundesliga Has Returned!
On tonight's episode, we discuss the relaunch of Bundesliga, and the NHL's playoff picture if a restart occurs.
20 min
Episode 104 - 2012 Draft What-Ifs: Winnipeg Edi...
What could the Jets have looked like if they'd made a few different picks in 2012?
20 min
Episode 103 - 2012 NHL Re-Draft: Winnipeg Edition
On tonight's show, we go through what options might have existed in a theoretical 2012 NHL re-draft, and who Winnipeg should have chosen.
22 min
Episode 102 - The 2012 Draft
Tonight's episode takes a crack at fixing the NHL's 2012 redraft of first round picks.
21 min
Episode 101 - The Next Great NHL Game
On tonight's show, we dive into what the next great NHL game needs to have in order to be successful and resuscitate the franchise.
20 min
Episode 100 - The Flyers And The Jets
On tonight's episode, we take a look at some additional returning sports leagues, the Brendan Leipsic incident, and the greatest Jets-Flyers game of all time.
20 min
Episode 99 - The Best Games In (Recent) Jets Hi...
Tonight's show gets all nostalgic and recaps memories from Winnipeg's best games.
22 min