The Integrated Schools Podcast

Hosts, Andrew, a White dad from Denver, and, Val, a Black mom from North Carolina, dig into topics about race, parenting, and school segregation. With a variety of guests ranging from parents to experts, these conversation strive to live in the nuance of a complicated topic.

Kids & Family
Ep 17 - Public Schools, Private Money
In the Season 2 finale, we discuss the many ways in which private money is funneled into public schools - which schools get it, what they use it for, and what the impact is on the overall system of public education.
46 min
Ep 16 - Too Bad, Just Fine, and Whiteness Centered
We grapple with some of the issues around centering whiteness in this work, as well as discussing whether a school is ever "too bad" and what it means for your kid to be "just fine".
47 min
Ep 15 - Gifted, Talented and Segregated
Gifted programs have long been criticized for serving a disproportionately large percentage of white and/or privileged students. In this episode, we talk about the challenges that gifted programs create for educational justice.
40 min
Ep 14 - Kirkland on Integration
Dr. David Kirkland (NYU) joins us for a meta discussion around school integration. He shares a powerful vision of integration from a racial justice framework; it is one that is grounded in democratic participation and the sharing of resources and one that involves us all in the deliberation of what counts as knowledge, the language of curriculum, and the fundamental design of education.
55 min
Ep 13 - Hopes and Hazards of Dual Language
Dual Language programs are exploding in popularity across the country -- and particularly among white &/or privileged families in gentrifying communities. There's great hope for equity in these programs, but also plenty of hazards, particularly around how white and/ or privileged families show up in the spaces.
46 min
Ep 12 - Whiteness vs Rightness: A Conversation ...
What does ‘colonizing’ mean in the context of a global majority school, and how can we be thoughtful about not centering whiteness? We talk to Kelly from NYC about some of the things we might think of as right, just because they are white.
51 min
Ep 11 - White Women and the Politics of White S...
We talk with Dr. Elizabeth McRae, author of Mothers of Massive Resistance: White Women and the Politics of White Supremacy, about what her research tells us about contemporary school segregation -- and the hope her work gives for it’s dismantling.
44 min
Ep 10 - Why My Choice Matters: Taking Back the ...
We're back! We try to address a basic question - why does one person's choice matter? What impact does your choice have for your kid, for your school, and for the system.
45 min
Ep 9 - The Only One (Part 2): SMOG
Part 2 looks at the experience of being the "Only One" from the perspective of adults who were "Only Ones" - one white, and one black. We discuss how race makes that experience different, and how that experience is ever present, even in adulthood.
42 min
Ep 8 - The Only One (Part 1): SMOG
The fear of your kid being the "only one" often pushes white families away from global majority schools. We'll talk about it in two parts - parents of kids who are the only one, and adults who were the only one. In Part 1, we're joined by Lauren from Pennsylvania. Look for Part 2 next week.
42 min
Ep 7 - Vicky and The Saviors
Good intentions don’t always feel so good, and privilege can show up in unexpected places.
45 min
BONUS - An Update on Integrated Schools
An update on all of the work happening at Integrated Schools
5 min
Ep 6 - The Hidden Gem
We're joined by Anna from LA (you may remember her from Ep 1) to discuss the narrative around global majority schools that are "hidden gems" and the problems that mindset can lead to.
33 min
Ep 5 - Interview with a Skeptic
Education advocate and outspoken critic of current integration efforts, Chris Stewart joins us to discuss how this work so often goes wrong.
44 min
Ep 4 - Sacrificing on the Altar of Social Justi...
One of the reasons people often give for NOT choosing a global majority school is that they don't want to sacrifice their kids on the altar of social justice. We dig into this idea with Denise from Santa Fe.
22 min
Ep 3 - Hagerman and the White Kids
Professor and author, Dr. Margaret Hagerman, discusses her new book - White Kids: Growing Up With Privilege in a Racially Divided America.
51 min
Ep 2 - The Bordon Family
The Bordon family from Minneapolis shares their experience sending their daughters to integrating schools.
43 min
Ep 1 - Intro to The Integrated Schools Podcast
Welcome to the Integrated Schools Podcast - Conversations about race, privilege, education, parenting and schools. This introduction gives an overview of Integrated Schools and what you can expect from this podcast.
39 min
Welcome to the Integrated Schools Podcast (TRAI...
Welcome to the Integrated Schools Podcast, where we have hard conversations about race, segregation, and our public schools.
0 min