The Integrated Schools Podcast

Hosts, Andrew, a White dad from Denver, and, Val, a Black mom from North Carolina, dig into topics about race, parenting, and school segregation. With a variety of guests ranging from parents to experts, these conversation strive to live in the nuance of a complicated topic.

Kids & Family
Ep 5 - Interview with a Skeptic
Education advocate and outspoken critic of current integration efforts, Chris Stewart joins us to discuss how this work so often goes wrong.
44 min
Ep 4 - Sacrificing on the Altar of Social Justi...
One of the reasons people often give for NOT choosing a global majority school is that they don't want to sacrifice their kids on the altar of social justice. We dig into this idea with Denise from Santa Fe.
22 min
Ep 3 - Hagerman and the White Kids
Professor and author, Dr. Margaret Hagerman, discusses her new book - White Kids: Growing Up With Privilege in a Racially Divided America.
51 min
Ep 2 - The Bordon Family
The Bordon family from Minneapolis shares their experience sending their daughters to integrating schools.
43 min
Ep 1 - Intro to The Integrated Schools Podcast
Welcome to the Integrated Schools Podcast - Conversations about race, privilege, education, parenting and schools. This introduction gives an overview of Integrated Schools and what you can expect from this podcast.
39 min