The Integrated Schools Podcast

Hosts, Andrew, a White dad from Denver, and, Val, a Black mom from North Carolina, dig into topics about race, parenting, and school segregation. With a variety of guests ranging from parents to experts, these conversation strive to live in the nuance of a complicated topic.

Kids & Family
Choosing a School: Values, Privilege, and Respo...
Choosing a school, as a white and / or privileged person can feel overwhelming. If you are prepared to set aside test scores and school ratings, what should take their place? We're joined by two moms who are thinking through this decision for their soon-to-be elementary school kids.
53 min
The Impacts of Testing Our Kids and Ranking Our...
Nearly every public school in the country gets a rating from What goes into these ratings, and what is the impact of having a national school rating system. Matt Barnum (Chalkbeat) joins us to discuss the ways these ratings can nudge families away from schools with higher concentrations of Black and Brown students.
56 min
The Impacts of Testing Our Kids and Ranking Our...
The first of a two-part series looking at how we assess school quality, and how that impacts our decisions around where to live and where to send our kids to school. How we define “good” and “bad” schools is a huge part of the smog we often talk about at Integrated Schools - and these two episodes get into the problems with the data we’re using, and the implications of that on the larger education system, and society as a whole.
39 min
Educational Justice Through Reparations with Ju...
Our history of segregation has left a breach in education that may require a reparations lens to repair. We're joined by Professor Justin Hansford, from Howard Law School, to discuss.
38 min
Tragedy Strikes the Integrated Schools Family
Our hearts are heavy over the loss of our founder, director and friend, Courtney Mykytyn.
5 min
All I Want for Christmas is 3.5%
Before we head off to spend the holidays with our friends and families, we want to end 2019 on a hopeful note. Creating enduring political change -- like an end to school segregation -- begins with just 3.5% of actively engaged participants. Can we do it?
21 min
Gifts We Didn't Expect: Family, Faith, and Inte...
Albert, a Taiwanese American father of three, found himself in crisis. Honoring his parents and the ways they sacrificed to get him a "good" education, while also honoring the way his faith called him to justice seemed impossible. He shares his story.
52 min
Parenting to Win: Who Pays for the Helicopter?
Helicopter Parenting, Snowplow Parenting, Lawnmower Parenting - these are all forms of intensive parenting. Dr. Jessica Calarco joins us to discuss the impact of this type of parenting in our school communities.
52 min
Gentrification and School Segregation
Dr. Kfir Mordechay joins us to discuss gentrification and school segregation. In many places we are living together, but still not learning together. What are the impacts of that disconnect?
45 min
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7 min
Between We and They: A School Integration Story...
As Beth's district contemplates school closures, she is finding that being part of the new school community gives her a different perspective on these issues.
38 min
Between We and They: A School Integration Story...
Transitions aren't always easy, but both Beth and her daughters reflect on the ways they've grown.
34 min
Between We and They: A School Integration Story...
Being in between can be lonely, but it can also be liberating. Beth reflects on the past year.
25 min
Between We and They: A School Integration Story...
Two months into the school year finds Beth grappling with the differences between schools, trying to make sense of how she and her family fit into these two communities.
33 min
Between We and They: A School Integration Story...
Race, parenting, and privilege. This 5-part series will explore how our choices about school shape where we belong, who we call “We.” Part 1 - Something feels wrong at the "good" school.
28 min
Not In My Suburbs: Milliken v. Bradley @ 45 (BO...
We’re joined by Michelle Adams, Constitutional Law Professor at Cardozo School of Law, who is writing a book on Milliken v Bradley, a case that functionally halted the promise of Brown v Board at the city limits, allowing all-white suburbs (created through policies like redlining) to maintain all-white schools.
46 min
Busing: The Terms of the Debate (BONUS)
We're joined by Dr. Matt Delmont who literally wrote the book on busing. We talk about the centering of white feelings that happened in the north, as the terms for debating desegregation were set.
42 min
ICYMI: Seeing White (BONUS)
In 2017, Scene On Radio released a series called Seeing White. We're thrilled to bring you some highlights, and some thoughts about how the idea of Whiteness impacts discussions of school integration.
58 min
ICYMI: The Miseducation Podcast (BONUS)
We're thrilled to bring you an episode of The Miseducation Podcast - a student driven podcast from New York City.
28 min
Ep 23 - Grappling with Brown v. Board (BvB@65)
We talk with Anna about what we learned from our BvB@65 series. What is the difference between desegregation and integration, and why does it matter.
50 min
Ep 22 - I Hope They Hear It In Our Voices (BvB@65)
Greg and Carol, two Black parents from different parts of the county, share their experiences in mostly White schools. Through them, we can see how far we have to go to created truly integrated schools.
51 min
Ep 21 - Beyond Black and White with David Hinoj...
Part 4 of our Brown v Board at 65 series pushes back on the narrative that desegregation is solely about Black and White kids. David Hinojosa helps us better understand Latinx perspectives on integration from before Brown through today.
49 min
Ep20 - Amanda Lewis on Desegregation Without In...
Amanda Lewis joins us to discuss the legacy of Brown v Board, and how the stories we tell about it, allow even our most desegregated schools to continue to impact kids in very racialized ways.
48 min
Ep 19 - Segrenomics, Black Teachers, and Noliwe...
Part two of Brown v. Board at 65: The Stories We Tell Ourselves features Dr. Noliwe Rooks helping us tell the full story of Brown v Board, particularly as it relates to black teachers and black schools.
47 min
Ep 18 - Rucker Johnson and the Grandchildren of...
Brown v Board at Sixty-Five - The Stories We Tell Ourselves. In this first episode of our mini-series commemorating the 65th anniversary of Brown v Board, we're joined by Dr. Rucker Johnson, author of Children of the Dream: Why Integration Works.
45 min