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88: The Lighthouse
HAAAAAAARK! James and Chelsea review 2019's The Lighthouse.
74 min
87: In The Tall Grass
James and Chelsea are back and starting off the new decade with a Patty Dubs joint.
66 min
James has to guess what's in a box.
61 min
85: The Fanatic
D-E-A-D MEAT PODCAST IS HERE to review the film that's bringing Fred Durst an Oscar, babeeeyyy- 2019's THE FANATIC.
71 min
84: A Spooky Story by the Fire
James is out this week, so join Chelsea for an ASMR-friendly reading of "The Dead Smile" by F. Marion Crawford (complete with a crackling fireplace!).
59 min
83: Pilgrim
James and Chelsea get to SHUCKING in our review of Hulu's Pilgrim.
61 min
82: The Asylum Movie Title Game
James and Chelsea explore the world of The Asylum and their not-quite-right mockbuster films.
63 min
81: Slender Man ft. We Hate Movies
James and Chelsea are joined by the We Hate Movies crew to talk about Slender Man and his slender plans.
65 min
80: Midsommar
James and Chelsea battle autumn and the loss of daylight with the power of one of the sunniest horror movies ever made.
109 min
79: Rhett & Link on Horror and Writing
James and Chelsea are joined this week by Rhett & Link to talk about their new spoooOOooky book, The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek, cannibalism, and how much blood is in the human body.
77 min
78: Halloween Memories
James and Chelsea are coming to you straight from the extremely haunted Stanley Hotel this week to tell stories about bad Halloween costumes & discuss Chelsea's very bad taste in candy.
51 min
77: Creepy Kids (Part 2)
James and Chelsea head into the new millennium with a crew of creepy kids. This time, we're talking Spain and Japan's weird kiddos!
62 min
76: Creepy Kids (Part 1)
James and Chelsea do their first ever two-parter, and it's about CREEPY KIDS. Why do kids creep us out so much? How have scary kids in horror changed over time? What does this all say about adults? ALL THIS AND MORE!
65 min
75: The Little Shop of Horrors
James and Chelsea go downtown to Mushnik's Flower Shop to talk about 1960's The Little Shop of Horrors, along with the musical/1986 film adaptation!
53 min
74: The Weird Past of Halloween Horror Nights
James and Chelsea are joined by friend & haunt expert Patrick Dougall (@PatrickADougall) to talk about the wonderful, weird Halloween Horror Nights attractions you may never know existed.
69 min
73: Creepshow
Grab a cold one and join James, Chelsea, & America's drunk dad Tom Atkins for 1982's Creepshow!
73 min
BONUS REVIEW: It Chapter 2
James and Chelsea review It Chapter 2- the good, the bad, and the turtley.
111 min
72: Jump Scares
BOO! James and Chelsea talk the art of the jump scare.
58 min
71: Ready or Not
James and Chelsea review the excellent new release Ready or Not.
77 min
70: Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension
It's the last episode of our Paranormal Pool Party, and it's...a doozy.
69 min
69: Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones
James and Chelsea re-open the pool for Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones! Please someone come clean this pool! It is a public health threat!
58 min
68: Would You Rather (Again)?
James and Chelsea play Would You Rather a second time with YOUR listener-submitted scenarios!
50 min
67: Paranormal Activity 4
James and Chelsea do another lap around the pool at the Paranormal Pool Party with Paranormal Activity 4. Who invited Robbie? Whatever!
63 min
66: Paranormal Activity 3 (ft. Lizzy Jones)
James and Chelsea invite their good friend Lizzy Jones over to the Paranormal Pool Party, just in time for part 3! The demon is named Toby now!
60 min
65: Paranormal Activity 2 (ft. Clarke Wolfe)
James and Chelsea invite friend of the pod Clark Wolfe to the Paranormal Pool Party to discuss the first sequel in the series.
66 min