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186: Skinamarink
Chelsea and James get SKINAMARINKED
59 min
185: Scream 6 ft. Radio Silence
Chelsea and James are joined by friends of the show Radio Silence to discuss Scream 6, Scream 5, and Screams Yet To Pass.
63 min
184: Gremlins, Gore, and More with Howie Mandel
Chelsea and James head over to Howie Mandel's studio at Howie Mandel Does Stuff to talk about movie makeup, Gizmo in other languages, keeping sane online, and more.
65 min
183: Pearl
Chelsea and James are back with a long-awaited review of horror’s most precious jewel- Pearl.
65 min
182: The Yellow Wallpaper
Chelsea reads the creepy classic short story “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Best enjoyed with headphones!
37 min
181: Breaking James With Horror Trivia
Chelsea tortures James with a horror-themed version of the very difficult, very British game show, Only Connect.
77 min
180: The Menu
Chelsea and James are joined by James Graessle to sample the offerings of The Menu.
122 min
179: Halloween Ends
Chelsea and James tackle the divisive Halloween Ends (Season of the Corey).
86 min
178: Smile
Chelsea and James review Smile 😊
79 min
177: Survivor: Horror Edition 2
Chelsea and James go back to Fiji this week for Horror Survivor season two. Island romance! Betrayal! A contestant quits! Who will be sole Survivor?
122 min
176: Games for Hallowe'en
Chelsea and James are joined by Heather Langenkamp (@langenkampH) & David LeRoy Anderson (@afxstudio) for a seasonal, bizarre trip through a book published in 1912 about Halloween party ideas.
69 min
175: Barbarian
Chelsea and James review the much-requested Barbarian, after having to mute it on Twitter due to the sheer volume of listeners requesting it.
98 min
174: Bodies Bodies Bodies
Chelsea and James cover the much requested Bodies Bodies Bodies TWICE this week after a lost partial recording session, because podcasting takes a LOT OF WORK, OKAY? YOU HAVE TO ORGANIZE THE GUESTS, YOU HAVE TO DO A GOOGLE CALENDAR, AND YOU BUILD A FOLLOWING- IT TAKES A LOT OF TIME AND I’VE BEEN WORKING ON IT FOR A WHILE.
82 min
173: Orphan: First Kill
Chelsea and James FINALLY talk about the sequel to everyone’s favorite movie starring everyone’s favorite orphan.
68 min
172: Prey
Chelsea and James are joined by friend of the show Joey Clift to talk the newest installment in the Predator franchise, Prey!
68 min
171: Nope
Chelsea and James dig into Jordan Peele’s newest nightmare, Nope! Thumbs up.
101 min
170: Men
Chelsea and James discuss Alex Garland’s Men, or: Oops, All Rory Kinnear!
68 min
169: Mad God
Chelsea and James go on a journey to one man’s version of puppet hell. It’s Phil Tippett’s 30-years-in-the-making stop motion masterpiece Mad God!
58 min
168: The Backrooms
Chelsea and James explain & explore The Backrooms, a forum post turned sprawling narrative that’s inescapable.
60 min
167: Tales From The SCP Foundation
Chelsea takes you all on a visit to the SCP Foundation this week while James rests and recovers.
63 min
166: The Out of Context Game
Chelsea and James realize how much of the podcast they don’t even remember recording when they play a game with out of context quotes from past episodes.
58 min
165: Stay Alive
Chelsea and James go back to teh 2000s & review da kewlest movie EVAR!!! Stay Alive!!!!! ^_^ w00t!!1!
68 min
164: X
Chelsea and James talk Ti West’s X, a deeply sad, deeply horny movie.
85 min
163: Fresh
Chelsea and James talk the horrors of modern dating as depicted in 2022’s Fresh.
78 min
162: Survivor: Horror Edition
Chelsea and James pit 18 horror villains against each other on a desert island. Who will outwit, outplay, and outlast to become SOLE SURVIVOR?
94 min