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169: Mad God
Chelsea and James go on a journey to one man’s version of puppet hell. It’s Phil Tippett’s 30-years-in-the-making stop motion masterpiece Mad God!
58 min
168: The Backrooms
Chelsea and James explain & explore The Backrooms, a forum post turned sprawling narrative that’s inescapable.
60 min
167: Tales From The SCP Foundation
Chelsea takes you all on a visit to the SCP Foundation this week while James rests and recovers.
63 min
166: The Out of Context Game
Chelsea and James realize how much of the podcast they don’t even remember recording when they play a game with out of context quotes from past episodes.
58 min
165: Stay Alive
Chelsea and James go back to teh 2000s & review da kewlest movie EVAR!!! Stay Alive!!!!! ^_^ w00t!!1!
68 min
164: X
Chelsea and James talk Ti West’s X, a deeply sad, deeply horny movie.
85 min
163: Fresh
Chelsea and James talk the horrors of modern dating as depicted in 2022’s Fresh.
78 min
162: Survivor: Horror Edition
Chelsea and James pit 18 horror villains against each other on a desert island. Who will outwit, outplay, and outlast to become SOLE SURVIVOR?
94 min
161: Lightning Round Movie Reviews 2
Chelsea and James do a quick review of all the horror movies (and one movie that’s not horror but is a nightmare nonetheless) they’ve been watching lately.
81 min
160: Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022)
Chelsea and James discuss the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre and all of its characters, such as Dante’s Partner and Gubbins.
76 min
159: The Night House
Chelsea and James talk The Night House, a movie with plenty of scares and plenty of man ass.
63 min
158: Our Wedding, Scream, and More
Chelsea and James are married and they like to get scared together.
65 min
157: Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin
Chelsea and James hit the pool one more time to talk Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin.
65 min
156: Ravenous
Chelsea and James take a well-planned shortcut through the Sierra Nevada this week & discuss 1999’s Ravenous, an underrated flick with a lot of dudes covered in dirt.
62 min
155: Fun With The Nun (ft. Bonnie Aarons)
Chelsea and James are joined this week by Bonnie Aarons (@bonnieaarons1) to talk about *that* part of Mulholland Drive, Nun business, and the mental benefits of horror.
46 min
154: The Scream Franchise
Chelsea and James discuss all four Scream movies from the comfort of Stu Macher’s living room.
82 min
153: Halloween Kills
Chelsea and James review Halloween Kills, a divisive movie we have divided feelings about.
80 min
152: More Halloween Memories (ft. Johnny Bercht...
Chelsea and James are joined by their friend Johnny Berchtold to talk about home haunts, scare school, and controversial candy.
65 min
151: Predator Island
Chelsea introduces James to Predator Island, a movie she rented so often from Hollywood Video it maybe kept them solvent.
54 min
150: Squid Game
Chelsea and James talk about the global phenomenon that is Squid Game.
78 min
149: Wrestling & Horror
Chelsea and James are joined by Joey Clift to talk about the weird, magical intersection of wrestling and horror.
82 min
148: White Noise
Chelsea and James visit a movie that Chelsea had not seen until last week because the trailer for it scared her so much- White Noise!
61 min
147: Malignant
Chelsea and James review Malignant, [I re-wrote this episode description like ten times and cannot find the words to describe the indescribable -Chelsea]
70 min
146: Guess The Kill 2
Chelsea tortures James this week with the second part of our favorite but absolutely impossible game show- GUESS! THE! KILL!
88 min
145: Candyman (2021)
Chelsea and James discuss Nia DaCosta’s Candyman: its themes, its position in the canon, and how Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is extremely handsome.
111 min