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138: Interview with Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine...
Chelsea and James interview Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills & talk metal subgenres, favorite horror movies, and getting banned by Disney.
58 min
137: March Madness 2021 (PART ONE)
Chelsea and James are joined by friend of the show/guy who lives above their garage James Graessle to make a bunch of horror villains fight each other, ranging from “oh yeah I’ve heard of that guy I think” to “you’re just making this movie up”.
66 min
136: Interview With Brea Grant
Chelsea and James interview Brea Grant about her newly released film Lucky & talk all things 12 Hour Shift.
58 min
135: Psycho Goreman
Chelsea and James discuss Psycho Goreman & his legion of gleep glops.
75 min
134: His House (The Actual Movie)
Chelsea and James finally analyze the film His House this week after last week’s history lesson (highly recommended to listen to that first!)
65 min
133: His House (Part One: The History)
Chelsea and James bring you up to speed with the history of South Sudan, which is crucial for enjoying this week (and next week’s!) film, His House.
76 min
132: Christian Movie Reviews
Chelsea and James spread the Good Word & learn which horror movie villain has the potential to heal the left/right political divide.
57 min
131: Lake Mungo
Chelsea and James journey to Lake Mungo, promptly poop their pants, and meet Bob Smeet.
59 min
130: Horror or Not?
No gods this week but chaos. Chelsea and James debate whether a slew of movies are even horror in the first place.
81 min
129: I'm Thinking of Ending Things
Chelsea and James wonder how you can know a field is sad if there isn’t a sad person in it.
92 min
128: Mini Mysteries
Chelsea and James are okay-ish detectives in this week’s thrilling episode!
62 min
127: Hunter Hunter
Chelsea and James return from their holiday break to discuss a cautionary tale about rugged dads- Hunter Hunter.
62 min
126: Possessor (UNCUT)
James and Chelsea review a movie that made them both scream. Head trauma! Tooth trauma! Taint! It's Possessor!
76 min
125: Freaky
James and Chelsea get freaky with Freaky, Chelsea's second favorite horror movie featuring Vince Vaughn.
69 min
124: The Wicker Man (1973)
James and Chelsea finally keep their appointment with the ORIGINAL Wicker Man.
61 min
123: Mastermind
James and Chelsea assume the roles of Codebreaker and Codemaster in a thrilling, experimental, horror version of the classic board game Mastermind.
57 min
122: Godzilla (ft. D Man1954)
James and Chelsea finally tackle Godzilla's 1954 screen debut (& more) with the help of special guest D Man1954.
70 min
121: Unhinged
"It's like Jaws but a car. 3 and 1/2 stars."
49 min
120: Lightning Round Movie Reviews
James and Chelsea cram 20 movie reviews into one episode as we catch you up on our October horror screenings.
74 min
119: Mailbag (Part 2)
James and Chelsea answer more of your lovely letters.
52 min
118: Mailbag (Part 1)
James and Chelsea answer your letters in part ONE of a mailbag two-parter!
56 min
117: Horror Real Estate
James and Chelsea test their real estate appraisal skills & shop around for haunted houses.
46 min
116: Deep Rising
James and Chelsea say goodbye to their apartment and send it off with a kind of mediocre but still enjoyable monster flick, Deep Rising. Total spooky town.
62 min
115: The Bees
James and Chelsea talk about 1970s BEE HYSTERIA & why “killer bees” aren’t really real!
51 min
114: Snakes on a Plane
James and Chelsea are talking snakes, and talking planes, and talking SNAKES ON PLANES
60 min