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163: Fresh
Chelsea and James talk the horrors of modern dating as depicted in 2022’s Fresh.
78 min
162: Survivor: Horror Edition
Chelsea and James pit 18 horror villains against each other on a desert island. Who will outwit, outplay, and outlast to become SOLE SURVIVOR?
94 min
161: Lightning Round Movie Reviews 2
Chelsea and James do a quick review of all the horror movies (and one movie that’s not horror but is a nightmare nonetheless) they’ve been watching lately.
81 min
160: Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022)
Chelsea and James discuss the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre and all of its characters, such as Dante’s Partner and Gubbins.
76 min
159: The Night House
Chelsea and James talk The Night House, a movie with plenty of scares and plenty of man ass.
63 min
158: Our Wedding, Scream, and More
Chelsea and James are married and they like to get scared together.
65 min
157: Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin
Chelsea and James hit the pool one more time to talk Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin.
65 min
156: Ravenous
Chelsea and James take a well-planned shortcut through the Sierra Nevada this week & discuss 1999’s Ravenous, an underrated flick with a lot of dudes covered in dirt.
62 min
155: Fun With The Nun (ft. Bonnie Aarons)
Chelsea and James are joined this week by Bonnie Aarons (@bonnieaarons1) to talk about *that* part of Mulholland Drive, Nun business, and the mental benefits of horror.
46 min
154: The Scream Franchise
Chelsea and James discuss all four Scream movies from the comfort of Stu Macher’s living room.
82 min
153: Halloween Kills
Chelsea and James review Halloween Kills, a divisive movie we have divided feelings about.
80 min
152: More Halloween Memories (ft. Johnny Bercht...
Chelsea and James are joined by their friend Johnny Berchtold to talk about home haunts, scare school, and controversial candy.
65 min
151: Predator Island
Chelsea introduces James to Predator Island, a movie she rented so often from Hollywood Video it maybe kept them solvent.
54 min
150: Squid Game
Chelsea and James talk about the global phenomenon that is Squid Game.
78 min
149: Wrestling & Horror
Chelsea and James are joined by Joey Clift to talk about the weird, magical intersection of wrestling and horror.
82 min
148: White Noise
Chelsea and James visit a movie that Chelsea had not seen until last week because the trailer for it scared her so much- White Noise!
61 min
147: Malignant
Chelsea and James review Malignant, [I re-wrote this episode description like ten times and cannot find the words to describe the indescribable -Chelsea]
70 min
146: Guess The Kill 2
Chelsea tortures James this week with the second part of our favorite but absolutely impossible game show- GUESS! THE! KILL!
88 min
145: Candyman (2021)
Chelsea and James discuss Nia DaCosta’s Candyman: its themes, its position in the canon, and how Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is extremely handsome.
111 min
144: The Green Knight
Chelsea and James discuss movie with a SPOOKY SKELETON IN IT, The Green Knight.
75 min
143: Ranking The Friday the 13th Side Characters
Chelsea and James are back with the impossible job of ranking all of our favorite Friday the 13th townies, cops, and people with dirt on them.
103 min
142: Who Am I?
Chelsea and James are joined by James Graessle to play a classic party game.
66 min
141: Interview with Joe Lynch
Chelsea and James have a VERY wideranging discussion about horror, film in general, and more with director of Mayhem and Wrong Turn 2 Joe Lynch!
113 min
140: Too Many Cooks (ft. Katie Adkins)
Chelsea and James fill their hearts with so much love as overnight Reddit front-pager & surreal final girl Katie Adkins joins us to discuss Too Many Cooks!
66 min
139: March Madness 2021 (PART TWO)
Chelsea and James are AGAIN joined by friend of the show/guy who lives above their garage James Graessle to make a bunch of horror characters who AREN'T VILLAINS fight each other, finally finding our true champion who can solve the Mary Shaw problem.
66 min