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64: Paranormal Activity
James and Chelsea dive headfirst into the Paranormal Pool Party with the original Paranormal Activity. Thrills! Chills! Extremely dense boyfriends! Bead time!
53 min
63: Overlord
James and Chelsea review 2018’s Overlord, a deftly made WW2 horror flick featuring a bunch of Game of Thrones actors making use of their off season.
59 min
62: "Cursed" Horror Films
James and Chelsea talk about horror movies that are definitely absolutely CURSED by strange happenings from tiger attacks to really bad kidney stones.
69 min
61: The Perfection
James and Chelsea discuss the recent Netflix release, The Perfection, and all the craziness therein.
67 min
60: Which Horror Character Are You?
James and Chelsea find out which horror characters they are- and you can find out who you are too!
64 min
59: The Human Centipede (First Sequence)
James and Chelsea have a healthy, productive debate about the merits of The Human Centipede (First Sequence). Chelsea really likes this movie.
63 min
58: The Razzie Awards Game
James and Chelsea head to the Razzie Awards, and Chelsea quizzes James on horror movies “honored” at the ceremony throughout the years.
56 min
57: Dead Silence
James and Chelsea review the dummy thicc 2007 film Dead Silence.
63 min
56: Interview with Jonah Ray
James and Chelsea sit down with Jonah Ray (Mystery Science Theater 3000, Nerdist, The Meltdown) to discuss all things horror after a hell of a blunder derails our original plans.
65 min
55: Pet Sematary (2019)
James and Chelsea review 2019’s Pet Sematary, ah-yup.
64 min
54: Transgender Representation in Horror
James and Chelsea discuss transgender representation in horror with guest (and horror fan) Joan Ford.
61 min
53: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
James and Chelsea do a deep-dive analysis of Chelsea's favorite horror film to accompany the start of the TCM Kill Count series.
72 min
52: The Visit
James and Chelsea head to Nana and Pop Pop’s house for a relaxing vacation with The Visit.  
57 min
51: Murder March Madness
James and Chelsea wrap up the end of March with a bracket of some of our favorite killers fighting to the death.
70 min
Bonus Review: Us
69 min
50: Scooby Doo on Zombie Island
James and Chelsea rock out with SkyCycle and the Scooby Gang on Zombie Island.
61 min
49: Childhood Fears
James and Chelsea relive YOUR listener-submitted childhood nightmares.
77 min
48: Velvet Buzzsaw
James and Chelsea review the Netflix ensemble horror (??) movie Velvet Buzzsaw.
80 min
47: Ghost Ship
James and Chelsea climb on board 2002's GHOST SHIP to discuss maritime law and nautical haunts.
71 min
46: The Films of John Carpenter (ft. Chauncey K...
James and Chelsea (along with fellow horror fan Chauncey K. Robinson) attempt to discuss John Carpenter's ENTIRE FILMOGRAPHY.
83 min
45: Creature from the Black Lagoon
James and Chelsea celebrate Creature from the Black Lagoon on the 65th anniversary of its release.
66 min
44: Interview with Director Nicholas McCarthy
James and Chelsea interview director and mega horror fan Nicholas McCarthy.
60 min
43: Marry, F*ck, Get Killed By
James and Chelsea play Marry, F*ck, Get Killed By. James has a thing for trucks.
55 min
42: Red Eye
James and Chelsea talk about 2005's Red Eye, a really fun Wes Craven movie they feel gets overlooked.
54 min
41: Horror and Moral Panic
James and Chelsea talk about how horror is allegedly disintegrating the moral fabric of society.
74 min