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46: The Films of John Carpenter (ft. Chauncey K...
James and Chelsea (along with fellow horror fan Chauncey K. Robinson) attempt to discuss John Carpenter's ENTIRE FILMOGRAPHY.
83 min
45: Creature from the Black Lagoon
James and Chelsea celebrate Creature from the Black Lagoon on the 65th anniversary of its release.
66 min
44: Interview with Director Nicholas McCarthy
James and Chelsea interview director and mega horror fan Nicholas McCarthy.
60 min
43: Marry, F*ck, Get Killed By
James and Chelsea play Marry, F*ck, Get Killed By. James has a thing for trucks.
55 min
42: Red Eye
James and Chelsea talk about 2005's Red Eye, a really fun Wes Craven movie they feel gets overlooked.
54 min
41: Horror and Moral Panic
James and Chelsea talk about how horror is allegedly disintegrating the moral fabric of society.
74 min
40: Bandersnatch
James and Chelsea review Bandersnatch, and discuss which one of us is jumping.
52 min
39: House
James and Chelsea review 1977's House, an indescribable movie about...a house.
54 min
38: Guess The Kill
James and Chelsea present Guess The Kill, an infuriatingly difficult game show that could never air on television!
67 min
37: Cam
James and Chelsea review 2017's Cam, a Netflix exclusive horror about sex workers (written by a former sex worker!).
83 min
36: Indian Burial Grounds ft. Joey Clift
James and Chelsea invite Joey Clift, friend, comedian, and member of the Cowlitz tribe, to discuss the trope of Indian Burial Grounds in horror.
63 min
35: House of Wax
James and Chelsea review a remake of a remake- 2005's House of Wax.
69 min
34: The Blob
James and Chelsea review 1988's The Blob, a much-requested flick. It gets blobwild.
59 min
33: Creepypasta
James and Chelsea read Creepypasta to wrap up this very spooky month.
44 min
32: The Monster Squad
James and Chelsea review 1987's The Monster Squad, an 80s movie for kids (ish) that we actually enjoyed.
64 min
Bonus Review: Halloween (2018)
James and Chelsea review the new Halloween sequel. We really liked it.
99 min
31: Horror Movie Gimmicks
James and Chelsea reminisce about the best movies have ever been- when there were skeletons flying around the theater and perfumes being pumped through the A/C.
65 min
30: Basket Case
James and Chelsea review 1982's Basket Case. Nudity! Gore! Hot dogs for breakfast!
59 min
29: The Monster M.A.S.H. ft. Horny 4 Horror
James and Chelsea invite Mano Agapion, Betsy Sodaro, and Adam McCabe from HORNY 4 HORROR over to play a classic slumber party game with a spooky twist.
79 min
28: The Invisible Man
James and Chelsea review 1933's The Invisible Man and work on their best Claude Rains voices.
58 min
27: Haunted Houses With Director John Schnitzer
James and Chelsea talk with Haunters: The Art of the Scare director Jon Schnitzer all about haunts, from the traditional to the extreme.
85 min
26: Terrifier
James and Chelsea review the much-requested Terrifier.**Chelsea here! I want to address our conversation really quickly about the transphobic elements in Terrifier. I feel I did a poor job explaining why those tropes in horror (and film) are so ins...
73 min
25: The Scariest Movie Moments
James and Chelsea go over the top 20 scariest movie moments as decided by Bravo.
67 min
24: The Stuff
James and Chelsea review 1985's The Stuff. "Everybody has to eat shaving cream once in a while." -Chelsea Rebecca, Class of 2018
57 min
23: Horror Music With Composer John Massari
James and Chelsea hang out with composer John Massari (Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Retro Puppet Master) and have him analyze some of your requested horror film scores.
47 min