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22: Cry_Wolf
James and Chelsea return to the Jeff Wadlowverse to review 2005's Cry_Wolf.This episode is sponsored by! Free trial offer code: DEADMEAT
63 min
21: Zombies & America's Nightmares
James and Chelsea get to the bottom of why America's sometimes completely obsessed with the undead.
63 min
20: Truth or Dare
James and Chelsea brave 2018's Truth or Dare so you don't have to (even though you should).
92 min
19: Roger Ebert & Horror
James and Chelsea discuss the late, great Roger Ebert's complicated relationship with horror, and play a game with some of his reviews!
57 min
18: The Ring
James and Chelsea invite their friend Anna Brisbin aka Brizzy Voices to talk about 2002's The Ring.
83 min
Bonus Review: The First Purge
James and Chelsea review The First Purge, the fourth Purge.
88 min
17: Horror Mad Libs
James and Chelsea ruin your favorite horror films with their dream comebacks of 90s comedy actors, and Nicolas Cage makes a speedy return to the podcast.
36 min
16: The Wicker Man
James and Chelsea endure 2006's The Wicker Man. Bees.
78 min
15: Final Girl
James and Chelsea talk Final Girls, Carol Clover, and chainsaw dicks.
79 min
14: The Toxic Avenger
James and Chelsea go to Tromaville with two friends, James Graessle and Joel Arnold, to review The Toxic Avenger.
79 min
Bonus Review: Hereditary
James and Chelsea review Hereditary over some relaxing cups of tea.
76 min
13: Makeup Artist Richard Schaefer (Interview)
James and Chelsea interview makeup artist Richard Schaefer about Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios and learn all kinds of secrets!
48 min
12: Wrong Turn
James and Chelsea review 2003's Wrong Turn, a movie with a cinematic universe! Sure!
56 min
11: Movies That Changed Horror
James and Chelsea talk about the movies that most influenced the genre, including the inferior reference film for 1998's Psycho.
76 min
10: Final Destination
James and Chelsea review Final Destination, a movie starring Devon Sawa AKA THE ORIGINAL STAN
65 min
9: Guess the Tagline!
Chelsea quizzes James on his horror tagline knowledge (and you can play too!).
54 min
8: Annabelle
James and Chelsea review Annabelle, a movie that doesn't answer our questions about Annabelle.
63 min
7: Real Life Saw Traps
James and Chelsea talk about torture throughout the ages and explore where Jigsaw maybe got some ideas from (including fashion inspiration!)
63 min
6: Maximum Overdrive
Ah, breaker one-nine, this here's the Rubber Duck, we've got a review of Maximum Overdrive today, over!
62 min
Bonus Review: A Quiet Place
James and Chelsea review A Quiet Place, yet another movie we'd get killed pretty quickly in.
63 min
5: "Would You Rather?" HORROR EDITION
James and Chelsea answer your most morally compromising "Would You Rather?" questions, including one from a very special fan!
55 min
4: Phantasm
James and Chelsea review 1979's Phantasm, BOYYYYYY.
59 min
3: Horror Movies Inspired By True Events
James and Chelsea discuss horror films that were inspired by real, scary stuff.
61 min
2: Wishmaster
James and Chelsea review 1997's Wishmaster and pronounce Andrew Divoff's name wrong the entire time. We unironically love this movie.
65 min
BONUS - The Strangers: Prey at Night Review
We're blown away by the reception to the first episode, so here's a special bonus episode for you where we review the new sequel to The Strangers.
75 min