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17: Horror Mad Libs
James and Chelsea ruin your favorite horror films with their dream comebacks of 90s comedy actors, and Nicolas Cage makes a speedy return to the podcast.
36 min
16: The Wicker Man
James and Chelsea endure 2006's The Wicker Man. Bees.
78 min
15: Final Girl
James and Chelsea talk Final Girls, Carol Clover, and chainsaw dicks.
79 min
14: The Toxic Avenger
James and Chelsea go to Tromaville with two friends, James Graessle and Joel Arnold, to review The Toxic Avenger.
79 min
Bonus Review: Hereditary
James and Chelsea review Hereditary over some relaxing cups of tea.
76 min
13: Makeup Artist Richard Schaefer (Interview)
James and Chelsea interview makeup artist Richard Schaefer about Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios and learn all kinds of secrets!
48 min
12: Wrong Turn
James and Chelsea review 2003's Wrong Turn, a movie with a cinematic universe! Sure!
56 min
11: Movies That Changed Horror
James and Chelsea talk about the movies that most influenced the genre, including the inferior reference film for 1998's Psycho.
76 min
10: Final Destination
James and Chelsea review Final Destination, a movie starring Devon Sawa AKA THE ORIGINAL STAN
65 min
9: Guess the Tagline!
Chelsea quizzes James on his horror tagline knowledge (and you can play too!).
54 min
8: Annabelle
James and Chelsea review Annabelle, a movie that doesn't answer our questions about Annabelle.
63 min
7: Real Life Saw Traps
James and Chelsea talk about torture throughout the ages and explore where Jigsaw maybe got some ideas from (including fashion inspiration!)
63 min
6: Maximum Overdrive
Ah, breaker one-nine, this here's the Rubber Duck, we've got a review of Maximum Overdrive today, over!
62 min
Bonus Review: A Quiet Place
James and Chelsea review A Quiet Place, yet another movie we'd get killed pretty quickly in.
63 min
5: "Would You Rather?" HORROR EDITION
James and Chelsea answer your most morally compromising "Would You Rather?" questions, including one from a very special fan!
55 min
4: Phantasm
James and Chelsea review 1979's Phantasm, BOYYYYYY.
59 min
3: Horror Movies Inspired By True Events
James and Chelsea discuss horror films that were inspired by real, scary stuff.
61 min
2: Wishmaster
James and Chelsea review 1997's Wishmaster and pronounce Andrew Divoff's name wrong the entire time. We unironically love this movie.
65 min
BONUS - The Strangers: Prey at Night Review
We're blown away by the reception to the first episode, so here's a special bonus episode for you where we review the new sequel to The Strangers.
75 min
1: Introductions
James and Chelsea talk about what to expect on the podcast! We also discuss our favorite scary movies, which ones have made us sleep with the lights on, and why we don't like to scare each other.
28 min