ElkBros Blue Collar Elk Hunting

Welcome to the ElkBros Blue Collar Elk Hunting Podcast brought to you by ElkBros.com with your host Gilbert Ornelas and elk hunting coaches, Joe Giglia & Leroy Chavez, RC Knox and the ElkBros Venezuelan Mafia. You want to hunt elk….we live to hunt elk, and like you we work hard for our pay to do the things we love. So our goal is to share with you all of our tips, techniques, as well as tried and true strategies we have learned grinding it out on a budget for over 40 seasons. So come on into camp and set a spell. Welcome to Elk Bros Blue Collar Elk Hunting!

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EP 96: Beating The Post Elk Season Blues
The adventure you experienced and lived for getting farther and farther away in your rear view mirror. For a lot of us, it's more than the missing of the daily experience. For many of us, it's just down right depressing!
99 min
EP 95: The ElkBros Playbook - How We Hunt Elk; ...
The crew are in the house and share the formula of their success. How they hunt. Their expectations of themselves as well as of each other.
90 min
EP 94: Success Tips for the Late Season Elk Hun...
The late season hunt is one of the best times to get that trophy bull or to put meat in the freezer.
107 min
EP 93: Part 2 - Being an Efficient Elk Hunter -...
Every hole in your game as an elk hunter decreases your ability to create opportunities.
102 min
EP 92: Part 1 - Being an Efficient Elk Hunter/C...
Did you struggle during your hunt this year?… Are you struggling now?
95 min
EP 91: When the blood trail ends. Causes, strat...
It’s about developing the skills to help locate your animal after the blood runs out.
109 min
EP 90: Finding, Calling & Hunting Elk In Octobe...
You can find the elk in one or a combination of three behavior phases in October; Rutting, Recovery or Winter Prep.
92 min
EP 89: Elk Stories, Scenarios and Discussions -...
Joe Giglia and Chad Ryker from The Backcountry Rookies Podcast. They bring up scenarios, mistakes, possible solutions and share some incredible stories.
124 min
EP 88: Archery Elk - Frustrations, Heroes and S...
Real people, real situations, all with either a lesson, perspective or inspiration. Each with a message meant to help us all with our journey as elk hunters.
97 min
EP 87: Part 2 - ElkBros Elk Camp 2020! - Two Mo...
The weather went from 90 degrees overnight to 23 degrees with snow on the ground and the bulls bugling!
92 min
EP 86: ElkBros Elk Camp 2020! - The Mafia Tags ...
Snow, sleet, collapsing tents and temperatures in the twenties, but the boys keep on GRINDING!
103 min
EP 85: Finding Elk, Calling and Hunt strategies...
Finding elk, calling philosophy and the strategies for success hunting public land.
101 min
EP 84: Using Decoys for Archery Elk - Listeners...
Elk decoys are extremely effective in the right situation. But what is the right situation?
93 min
EP 83: Elk down! Now What? Meat Care After the ...
If you plan on being successful on your elk hunt, then there is one more thing you had better be planning for... getting your meat off the mountain!
112 min
EP 82: Hunting Cow Elk ? You Should Be!
It doesn't matter if you have a spike, bull or cow elk tag in your pocket... If you want to be successful at hunting any of those critters, you had better be hunting the cows.
86 min
EP 81: Hunting Elk With Your Senses, Advanced S...
Using your senses, your eyes, ears and nose to hunt elk. Just what does that mean?
81 min
EP 80: You've Made It To The Elk Woods. Now Wha...
So you have made to the elk woods and you look around and say to yourself, WHAT NOW?
58 min
EP 79: BCEA Launches, Elk Movements & Listener'...
Our listener's questions keep rolling in and the conversations are full of nuggets, revelations and even some controversy.
87 min
EP 78: Hunting Elk Aimlessly - Defeat the Worry!
Are you worried about not being able to scout and then hunting aimlessly for days without seeing hide nor hair of an elk?
95 min
EP 77: Elk Set-Ups Demystified
The basic decision process of set-ups, solo or with a partner and a whole new approach to look and understand setups in a way never talked about before.
78 min
EP 76: The "WHY" of Calling Elk
Your elk hunting coaches are going to break down the "why" of calling into basic categories and talk about the calls used in each of them
72 min
EP 75: Part 2 - Your Top 3 Elk Hunting Concerns
Develop methods and confidence to take with you into the elk woods this year.
96 min
EP 74: Part 1 - Your Top 3 Elk Hunting Concerns
Rifle and Archery thought processes to find elk both before and after getting boots on the ground.
82 min
EP 73: Elk Hunting Lemons to Lemonade - Mishap...
The ElkBros talk about some of those mishaps and even share some deep personal feelings about some very hard knocks experienced along the way and the lessoned learned.
91 min
EP 72: Hunting Elk, But Finding More
Elk hunting should come with a warning, “What you are about to do may change your life...forever”.
88 min