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Welcome to Blue Collar Elk Hunting brought to you by ElkBros.com with your host Gilbert Ornelas and elk hunting coaches, Joe Giglia & Leroy Chavez and the ElkBros Venezuelan Mafia. You want to hunt elk….we live to hunt elk, and like you we work hard for our pay to do the things we love. So our goal is to share with you all of our tips, techniques, as well as tried and true strategies we have learned grinding it out on a budget for 40 seasons. So come on into camp and set a spell. Welcome to Elk Bros Blue Collar Elk Hunting!

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EP 182: Colorado Wolf Management with John Stal...
In this Special Edition, Colorado and Wolf Management that effects us all. Joe talks with John Stallone from Howl for Wildlife. An organization who’s goal is to promote the conservation & management of fisheries & wildlife through science based evidence and practices. As well as to unite outdoors men and women with one voice in a consolidated effort to protect threats against viable and proven management.
56 min
EP 181: Elk Hunting "What-Ifs?" (Part 1)
When it comes to being ready to act in a situation, a person falls to the level of their training or preparation. And when it comes to elk hunting, there are so many different situations, variables or "What-ifs" to prepare for. So y'all... let's get after it!
108 min
EP 180: Meet Carl Gammage - The One & Only
They say that as long as stories are shared about folks around the Campfire, Those folks, their lives and their stories live on through us. Well y’all, welcome again to our campfire and get ready for our stories about a man that was bigger than life.
111 min
EP 179: Elk Hunting Lessons, Nuggets, Mistakes ...
No matter who you are, there are lessons to be learned and gifts to be treasured elk hunting. And the 2022 season was no different for the ElkBros crew as they each share the good, the great and the hard. Their insights, mistakes, nuggets and greatest gains from the season.
107 min
EP 178: Crossing Over To Elk Hunting w/ Marc Ca...
As hunters, we all have knowledge and skills related to different game. However, we sometimes make false assumptions that this knowledge translates directly to other game such as elk. So what does and what doesn’t?
99 min
EP 177: Late Season Elk Hunting Tactics & Live ...
It's our LIVE YouTube Q&A Show with questions from both our live audience as well as our instagram followers and the crew covers late season elk hunting tactics. It's always a great time and plum full of fun and elk hunting nuggets. Enjoy the show!
105 min
EP 176: Life Altering Elk Hunting with Brison B...
Just what exactly is a Cold Calling Scenario? Can movement and noises make a scenario more realistic? How to decide when meat is a loss? Push forward or back out when racing shooting light? Does elk hunting have a life altering impact?
84 min
EP 175: Leaving Elk to Find Elk? - Listener's ...
Do early September strategies work in August? Is there a time that you should "leave elk to find elk"? Is calling as effective during the later rifle hunts as it is during the archery hunt? What do they do and how far do elk go after being bumped? How do you deal with losing a wounded bull and working through the missed opportunity?
80 min
EP 174: THE MOMENT - "40 Seconds" - Elk Story S...
Elk hunting coach, Joe Giglia, shares one of his past hunt stories or experiences during a hunt, to share realizations, lessons learned or a nugget or two in hopes of helping you to become more successful in the elk woods. Welcome to the 3rd Episode of the Blue Collar Elk Hunting's Special Story Series... "The Moment".
60 min
EP 173: ElkBros Adventures Elk Camp - Successes...
What happens when you take 4 hunters with several years of elk hunting, both guided and DIY, with very little to no success and put them through months of training and coach them on an actual elk hunt? Well, you can find out first hand as we talk to those very hunters about their experiences. The good, the bad, the scary... and find out from their perspectives the reality and those learning moments that will be with them and change their elk hunting journey forever.
137 min
EP 172: ElkBros Live From Elk Camp 2022 - One M...
It's day nine for the elk bros with one more day left and what a hunt! Pull up a chair and join the crew around the fire at the ElkBros 2022 Elk Camp. The fellas talk about the first nine days of ups, downs, dangers and encounters live from New Mexico. As always with the ElkBros, there will be the stories, plenty of laughs and lots of coaching nuggets.
126 min
EP 171: Elk Season only days out... what do I D...
Elk hunting as most hunting is a game of inches, meaning success is found in the details. Joe and I talk about the details you need to pay attention to in order to fortify your chances of tagging out on your elk this season. Joe Giglia and John Stallone go over some things you should be doing to maximize your elk hunting this fall.
78 min
EP 170: Cast Calling for Elk - All About Presen...
On today's Blue Collar Elk Hunting Podcast, it's part 3 of our Cast Calling Series and we cover the techniques, emotions, visuals, calling directions, organic timing and volume levels needed to present your calls so that they motivate an elk to respond.
136 min
EP 169: Part 2 - Eliminating Holes In Your Elk ...
On this episode, we talk about the holes we see in our own hunter’s preparation. Glaring common problems, issues and failure points that lock up hunters or place them behind the eight ball from the git-go…. Knowing when to draw or overcoming the fear of drawing… Over dependence on a rangefinder… Practicing like you play…. Set-up keys & failures and the biggest issues we see with calling strategies.
131 min
EP 168: Eliminating Holes In Your Elk Hunting -...
Is there a possibility that there is a hole in your elk hunting game that could effect your chances at success this September? How would you even know if you did have a hole in your game? What if you had insight into some of the areas that most hunters, just like yourself, are struggling with thirty days out from hitting the elk woods?
124 min
EP 167: Elk Calls & Calling with Marc Carlton -...
The crew welcomes Marc Carlton to elk camp as we talk about the ins and outs of elk diaphragms as well as tap Marc's 40 years of elk hunting knowledge when it comes to calls and calling elk. Marc has probably forgotten more about elk hunting than most will learn in 3 lifetimes. This is a great discussion y'all with info, facts and as always, a few laughs. Hope you enjoy the episode!
113 min
EP 166: Cast Calling for Elk - Know your Bait
What elk sounds or calls should a person use and how do they know when to use them? In order to know what kind of calls to use, you need to know what sounds will motivate an elk to act in a certain way.
134 min
EP 165: Improved Elk Hunting Performance & Inju...
There is a direct correlation between hunting success and how we feel physically. For many, the number one failure point prior to hitting the mountains this season will be their bodies. Pre-hunt injuries or problems with a shoulder, knee, back or elbow can absolutely limit your effectiveness in the elk woods this fall. And limited effectiveness will mean limited success.
125 min
EP 164: HOWL for Wildlife's Conservation Corner...
What you are about to hear is the monthly edition of The Howl for Wildlife’s Conservation Corner with John Stallone, as he and his guests discuss current issues, bills and initiatives that directly impact scientific wildlife management, conservation and our hunting and fishing outdoor lifestyle.
44 min
EP 163: Corey Jacobson & Donnie Drake - What Ma...
On today's InSight's Edition of the Blue Collar Elk Hunting Podcast, Joe is joined by the dynamic duo themselves, Corey Jacobsen and Donnie Drake of Elk 101. Joe, Donnie and Corey give us an up close and personal view of their relationships as hunting partners. This is a very candid look at understanding what goes into a solid partnership that echos well beyond the elk woods and into other facets of life.
58 min
EP 162: Elk Hunt of a Lifetime with Hunt Warz's...
What if you won an archery elk hunt on a hunting competition TV show and you basically had no archery elk hunting experience or any elk calling experience? How do you think that would turn out? Additionally, you would be hunting public land in a state you've never been before? What would be your odds of punching a tag? Well y'all, it's time for you to meet TEAM IDAHO and HUNT WARZ!
69 min
EP 161: Cast Calling For Elk (Part 1) & ElkBros...
How do you know when or where to call elk? How do you know what call or sounds to use? Are some calls better than others at certain times of the year? How do you know what to do once you get a response? Well y'all, it's time to introduce you to what we refer to as "Cast Calling".
103 min
EP 160: Paul Medel - Don’t Get Stuck in a Rut H...
On today's show, the crew welcomes Paul Medel to elk camp as we talk about the current script for most elk hunters, solo or partnered and why it contributes to continued low success rates and what to do to get out of the elk hunting "rut". And if you know Paul, you know the episode will be plum full of calling tips and the Medel passion!
138 min
EP 159: Elk Calling & Season Strategies with Tr...
Ready for an Elk Calling Seminar? With draw results happening or just around the corner, you can already feel the season heat coming on! And what better way to fan the fire of excitement than a show on elk calling! And boy do we have a show for you!
128 min
EP 158: Elk and Turkey Hunting Similarities, Di...
How much is elk hunting like turkey hunting? Y'all, there are absolutely skills and strategies that a turkey hunter can take into the woods that will help them elk hunting. But there are also things that turkey hunters do… that could actually hurt them in the elk woods. And if you go a step further, there are things about elk hunting that are NOTHING like turkey hunting. And if you know and understand each of those similarities, differences and the uh-oh shell shockers, you will be able to take some skills to the game and prepare yourself for the unknowns in the process!
119 min
EP 157: Elk Hunting - Is the Elk Game Always th...
On today's show, special guests Leigh Hauck and Mark Meredyk of Tooth of the Arrow Broadheads are live with the crew all the way from Alberta Canada. And this show is full of information! We talk broadheads! We talk Early Season Tactics! We talk Camo! We compare our Northern brothers strategies, tactics, calling styles, elk behaviors, terrain and the modes of the animals at certain times of the year. We also talk about what it takes to hunt in Canada and the incredible offerings. Is the elk hunting game the same where-ever you hunt? You be the judge!
126 min
EP 156: Elk Hunt 2022 - Best Hunt Days Scenarios
When are the best 7 days to hunt elk this year? What if I can only hunt weekends? Are there better days than others? Would the best days be different for a newbie verses a veteran elk hunter? What about late season? What about the moon phase? Can these strategies apply to each State and their seasons?
114 min
EP 155: Elk, Hogs, Lessons, Adventures & Listen...
How long does it take for spooked elk to come back to an area? What can you do once a bull walks past you?How do cattle change the elk hunting situation? Are there any tips for learning Big Country? There is even a hog question for the crew live from our 2022 ElkBros Hog Hunt Camp!
109 min
EP 154: Elk Hunting Scenarios - Viewer Q&A
Can you call elk off private land?. What is "glunking" and when do you use it? Growling bulls... what is that all about? What are some calls to use for early season bulls? At what point do you call it quits on an area and move on? What do I do if I am close to a bulls cows with him on the other side?
107 min
EP 153: Finding Elk Through E-Scouting with Mar...
E-Scouting is an invaluable tool if you want to be an efficient and effective elk hunter. But what good is a tool if you don't know how to use it or know what in the heck you're looking for? Where do you even begin? Well y'all, today's show is SO FULL of elk e-scouting information, expert nuggets, techniques, tools and How-To's, that you absolutely need to listen!
154 min
EP 152: Elk Hunting Gear - All About Heavy Arro...
We talk about the Pros, Cons, Setups and Misinformation of "Heavy Arrows" as well as ways for those Blue Collar folks to be able to have a great arrow setup without breaking the bank.
146 min
EP 151: Mountain Lion, Bobcat Hunting In Arizon...
Science based wildlife management is under attack in Arizona. It will effect all of us.
61 min
EP 150: Deciding Where to Hunt Elk.
Garrett Weaver Podcast, joins the ElkBros crew to help our listeners with the decision dilemma that elk hunters go through when it comes to where to hunt.
120 min
EP 149: Hunting Stories From 2021 Elk Camps - "...
On today's 4th Edition of this Series, the crew welcomes Grinder Bryan Collins from Pound, Wisconsin as he shares a story about brothers, elk hunting dreams, a borrowed bow and a special honor.
126 min
EP 148: Hunting Stories From 2021 Elk Camps - "...
On today's 3rd Edition of this Series, the crew welcomes Grinder Craig Klein from Farming, Minnesota as he shares a 3 year journey of archery hunting elk from Montana to Colorado. His story is plum full of insights, lessons and some intense moments. Plenty of nuggets in this one!
148 min
EP 147: Hunting Stories From 2021 Elk Camps - "...
Elk hunting, as in life, is all about choices. The choices we make in preparation prior to a hunt, on where we hunt and all decisions and choices made during the hunt. Each of those choices, a culmination of events that influence, alter or set us on a path that will result in a punched tag, or another year of scratching our head.
132 min
EP 146: Hunting Stories From 2021 Elk Camps - "...
Grinder John Lane from Florida (via Virginia) for an incredible story about going for it. John talks about his crew and the adventure of a lifetime that they permitted... and then committed themselves. You'll hear all the decisions and the ups, downs and outcomes of their 2021 Western DIY, OTC, Colorado elk hunt.
134 min
EP 145: Elk Hunting & Aggressiveness - Levels ...
The ElkBros levels and progression of aggressive elk hunting. What it is and what it isn't.
107 min
EP 144: Rifle Elk Hunting in Late October & Nov...
We talk about knowing an elks current mode, focus and needs. Strategies for finding elk. The effects of the rut, weather, moon and pressure. As well as other ElkBros tips and thoughts.
119 min
EP 143: Archery Elk Hunting Game Changers & Rea...
A GAME CHANGER... That's the one thing that changes your elk hunting life forever! It's not always a skill, technique or strategy. But more of a realization or an "Ah-Ha" moment.
146 min
EP 142: Elk Hunting Calls, Guides, Hunt Units, ...
The questions have been rolling into the ElkBros Mailbox from our listeners and viewers. So we have dedicated this entire episode to answer a whole bunch of topics from our listeners!
117 min
EP 141: Archery Elk Hunting Colorado OTC - What...
For the first time ever, the ElkBros headed to Colorado to hunt archery Elk OTC. Want to know what they learned? Well then, here you go!
132 min
EP 140: Elk Hunt Scouting, Scenarios & Strategi...
David Brooks from the "Don't be Mediocre" podcast and Joe talks elk and elk hunting: Scouting for elk, comparing e-scouting vs boots on the ground. I also talk about what Joe looks for when scouting and finding focus areas and how he's not focused on finding bulls while scouting.
76 min
EP 139: ElkBros Elk Camp 2021! - Part 2, Two Bu...
Part 2 live from the ElkBros Elk Camp. It’s the final part of our “live from the ElkBros 2021 ElkCamp!” Find out for yourselves all the adventures, the laughs and the low points that we dealt with.
70 min
EP 138: ElkBros Elk Camp 2021! - Colorado OTC R...
Part 1 live from the ElkBros Elk Camp. For the first time ever, the ElkBros take the show on the road to take on the challenge of hunting OTC in Colorado. Will it be a bust or will their New Mexico tactics and strategies serve them in Colorado?
79 min
EP 137: Elk Hunting, Conservation and Protectin...
An incredible conversation that every hunter should hear! Chris Dorsey has spent his life experiencing everything outdoors on 5 different continents .
60 min
EP 136: Archery Elk Hunting after the SetUp to ...
The goal of this episode is to help you fill in some of those gaps and we begin by talking about things that happen from before you see the elk, to “there he is”.
124 min
EP 135: Archery Elk Hunting from SetUp to Relea...
The goal of this episode is to help you fill in some of those gaps and we begin by talking about things that happen between creating a set-up and an elk coming into range.
132 min
EP 134: Archery Elk Hunting from Response to Re...
The goal of this episode is to help you fill in some of those gaps and we begin by talking about things that happen between getting a response and creating a set-up.
88 min
EP 133: Rifle Hunting Elk During the Rut
Dedicated to the rifle hunter chasing elk during the rut. We talk about strategies and how they change or at least how the goals can be both similar and different. Then, possible failure points, safety aspects unique to the rifle hunter as well as several tips you can take into the woods.
103 min
EP 132: Elk calling - The learning process, tip...
Being able to call elk is the total game changer. Problem is, Where do you start? Most of us that do call elk begin to take a lot of things for granted that can become frustrating and a confusing myriad of questions for someone new to elk hunting.
101 min
EP 131: Archery Elk Hunting Strategies - Herd B...
The pros and cons of hunting herd bulls. Those herd bull behaviors that make it so frustrating as well as those behaviors that you can exploit to create an opportunity.
100 min
EP 130: Top 10 Elk Hunting Failure Points (Conc...
The ElkBros crew gets together for PART 3 of this SERIES to discuss each of their own Top Failure Points in hopes of helping you to learn from their mistakes.
104 min
EP 129: Archery Elk Hunting Perspectives - Joe ...
The ElkBros entry into podcast world and then takes off into topics from gear, elk hunting knowledge, the importance of actual days in the field and hunting on a budget. What does it really take to hunt successfully? Mindset? Expensive gear? Great Camo?
82 min
EP 128: Elk Hunting & Controlling The Uncontrol...
Elk hunting opportunities are blown by those things, behaviors and events that are out of our control. Or are they? From how an elk reacts or behaves in a given situation or set-up, to other hunters, the weather, the conditions, moon phase or other reasons. But what if we told you that those things are not as uncontrollable as most people think?
111 min
EP 127: THE MOMENT - "Burn Me Twice" - Elk Stor...
During every elk hunt, everyone of us will get schooled by the very animals we chase. But these are not failures, only learning moments.
81 min
EP 126: An Archery Hunter's Journey - Time Behi...
Archery can consume you from tech advances, to an impressive amount of options in gear, components and all the different methodologies.
160 min
EP 125: THE MOMENT - "Revelations" - Elk Story ...
Elk hunting coach, Joe Giglia, shares some of his past hunt stories or experiences during a hunt, to share realizations, lessons learned or a nugget or two in hopes of helping you to become more successful in the elk woods.
51 min
EPS 124: DIY Elk Hunting Keys with Bob "The Bil...
ailoring your calls to the time of year and mood. Setting up on a bull. Tips to prevent High Altitude Sickness. And an Elk Calling Scenario nugget that could be a key ingredient this coming fall! That and MUCH MORE!
91 min
EP 123: Top 10 Elk Hunting Failure Points (Part...
The ElkBros crew gets together for PART 2 of this SERIES to discuss each of their own Top Failure Points in hopes of helping you to learn from their mistakes.
109 min
EPS 122: Top 10 Elk Hunting Failure Points (Par...
Every elk hunting disappointment, each and every missed opportunity comes from some type of failure point. To find consistent elk hunting success, one of the keys is to find, identify and eliminate those failure points.
114 min
EP 121: Calling, Scent Wafers, ATV Security, Si...
The "Finding Elk From Day One of the Hunt" Series is a wrap! And we close out with a Live Q&A Session and letters from the ElkBros Mailbox.
107 min
EP 120: Finding Elk from Day One. (Part 3) Our ...
You want to know how the ElkBros find elk? Well here you go! This is straight out of the ElkBros Playbook on exactly what we do. When, where and how we do it.
125 min
EP 119: Finding Elk from Day One. (Part 2) Loca...
This is where the "Hunt" part of "Hunting" happens! We talk about where and how to locate elk with boots on the ground. What to look for. Where to look for it. And how to see, hear, smell and use the clues that elk leave behind to put yourself in a position for an encounter. Y'all, this is the skill set that separates the good hunters from the great ones.
113 min
EP 118: Hunt Opportunity of a Lifetime with Hun...
Meet Troy Goeckeritz and HUNT WARZ. The man behind a new hunting competition tv show LIKE NOTHING OUT THERE.
75 min
EP 117: Finding Elk from Day One. (Part 1) Ever...
1)Where to look. 2)Locating and Finding Strategies. 3)Steps to Take along with things you can remember and use no matter what elk you are looking for or where you are hunting.
96 min
EP 116: Finding A Great Elk Hunting Partner
An in-depth look at elk hunting partnerships along with the variables that each of us has to consider when it comes to what works for us as well
119 min
EP 115: Elk Hunting Rosies vs Rockies with Tony...
No stone unturned as we talk about Hunting Styles, Strategies, Calling, Terrain Differences, Weather Considerations, Gear, Equipment, Strategy Focuses, target animals and scenario goals at different times of the year.
122 min
EP 114: Avoiding Elk Hunting Hype & Defining Su...
Guy Duplantier joins the ElkBros Coaching Staff for some open and honest discussions. First off, they are off to the races with tips for those starting out in order to not get caught up in all the hype. Just who do you believe?
117 min
EP 113: Calling Elk, Scent Care, Moon Phase...O...
We answer a plethora of questions from all aspects of elk hunting as well as discussing some of the favorite and most difficult topics from the Preseason Series.
107 min
EP 112: Elk Hunting Gear & Setups - How We Roll...
Joe & Gilbert share a pack dump and talk about what and why they carry the gear that they do.
127 min
EP 111: Elk Scouting; Goals, Focuses & Realitie...
In this episode we break down scouting into 3 areas; Goals, Focuses and Realities.
112 min
EP 110: Elk Responses, Hunting Partners, Therma...
Our ElkBros Mailbox is overflowing and we all pitch in to answer some of the questions that you, our Grinders, are hoping to get a little help with.
106 min
EP 109: (Part 2)Learn to Paint With Your Elk Ca...
Your Call Palette, Your Set-Up Canvas and Call Scenarios in a way that only the ElkBros do.
111 min
EP 108: Learn to Paint With Your Elk Calling - ...
EVERY person HAS THE ABILITY to learn to call elk and create opportunities. YOU CAN ABSOLUTELY DO THIS!
106 min
EP107: New Mexico Elk Tag Strategies, Tips and ...
Draw Percentages, How the draw system works, Hunt Quality designations, Common mistakes, Tips for better odds, the Governors Tag, how to look for hidden unit gems, Early Application Incentives.
73 min
EP106: Key Mindset Components to Elk Hunting -...
8 Key Mindset Components and Expectations for a positive and successful elk hunting mindset.
105 min
EP105: Situational Prep & Scenario Training - P...
The variables encountered that create such low success rates and what you can do to change that number through situational prep and proper scenario training.
101 min
EP104: Fitness to Increase Opportunities - Pres...
If you are not getting yourself in the best shape possible in your current situation, then you are already creating a limitation to your future elk encounters and opportunities.
102 min
EP103: Best Weeks to Hunt Elk? - The ElkBros 20...
Your Coaches share season dates, Calendar graphics, application deadlines and some of their views on best day scenarios and how they may differ when it comes to various circumstances, experience levels and expectations.
101 min
EP102: (Part 2)ElkBros Preseason Elk Hunting Gu...
Preseason tips and areas of focus that will most improve your elk hunting opportunities to be successful.
83 min
EP 101: ElkBros Preseason Elk Hunting Guide - I...
In it to Win it! The goal of this multi-part series is to give you our tips (our perspectives ...how we do it) to get things rolling in the right direction. Then to help you have a plan... the what, when, where, why and how to hunt elk this year.
98 min
EP 100: Elk Hunting Advice? 100th Episode & Sea...
Paul Medel, Michael Waddell, Dirk Durham, Michael Batease, Chris Roe, The Nada Grande Boys, Trevon Stoltzfus, Trent Fisher from Born and Raised Outdoors, Guy Duplantier of Western Contours, Chad Ryker from BackCountry Rookies and Jim Huntsman from the Western Huntsman and EVERY ONE of the ElkBros ARE ALL IN THE HOUSE!
136 min
EP 99: Elk Hunting Moments
Your elk hunting coaches each talk about "Ah-Ha" moments, special personal elk hunting moments and some of their plain ol' good times.
113 min
EP 98: Want to Fill Your Elk Tag? - Then Refuse...
The keys to a winning attitude, a strong will and just what it means to be relentless. Not only in your hunting, but in preparing for ALL aspects of an elk hunt as well.
92 min
EP 97: Guided Elk Hunt or DIY? Pros & Cons
Not all guided or "do it yourself" hunts look alike and the variables that can bring the two closer in some ways as well as put them on the opposite ends of the scale in others.
96 min
EP 96: Beating The Post Elk Season Blues
The adventure you experienced and lived for getting farther and farther away in your rear view mirror. For a lot of us, it's more than the missing of the daily experience. For many of us, it's just down right depressing!
99 min
EP 95: The ElkBros Playbook - How We Hunt Elk; ...
The crew are in the house and share the formula of their success. How they hunt. Their expectations of themselves as well as of each other.
90 min
EP 94: Success Tips for the Late Season Elk Hun...
The late season hunt is one of the best times to get that trophy bull or to put meat in the freezer.
107 min
EP 93: Part 2 - Being an Efficient Elk Hunter -...
Every hole in your game as an elk hunter decreases your ability to create opportunities.
102 min
EP 92: Part 1 - Being an Efficient Elk Hunter/C...
Did you struggle during your hunt this year?… Are you struggling now?
95 min
EP 91: When the blood trail ends. Causes, strat...
It’s about developing the skills to help locate your animal after the blood runs out.
109 min
EP 90: Finding, Calling & Hunting Elk In Octobe...
You can find the elk in one or a combination of three behavior phases in October; Rutting, Recovery or Winter Prep.
92 min
EP 89: Elk Stories, Scenarios and Discussions -...
Joe Giglia and Chad Ryker from The Backcountry Rookies Podcast. They bring up scenarios, mistakes, possible solutions and share some incredible stories.
124 min
EP 88: Archery Elk - Frustrations, Heroes and S...
Real people, real situations, all with either a lesson, perspective or inspiration. Each with a message meant to help us all with our journey as elk hunters.
97 min
EP 87: Part 2 - ElkBros Elk Camp 2020! - Two Mo...
The weather went from 90 degrees overnight to 23 degrees with snow on the ground and the bulls bugling!
92 min
EP 86: ElkBros Elk Camp 2020! - The Mafia Tags ...
Snow, sleet, collapsing tents and temperatures in the twenties, but the boys keep on GRINDING!
103 min
EP 85: Finding Elk, Calling and Hunt strategies...
Finding elk, calling philosophy and the strategies for success hunting public land.
101 min
EP 84: Using Decoys for Archery Elk - Listeners...
Elk decoys are extremely effective in the right situation. But what is the right situation?
93 min
EP 83: Elk down! Now What? Meat Care After the ...
If you plan on being successful on your elk hunt, then there is one more thing you had better be planning for... getting your meat off the mountain!
112 min