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Welcome to the ElkBros Blue Collar Elk Hunting Podcast brought to you by ElkBros.com with your host Gilbert Ornelas and elk hunting coaches, Joe Giglia & Leroy Chavez, RC Knox and the ElkBros Venezuelan Mafia. You want to hunt elk….we live to hunt elk, and like you we work hard for our pay to do the things we love. So our goal is to share with you all of our tips, techniques, as well as tried and true strategies we have learned grinding it out on a budget for over 40 seasons. So come on into camp and set a spell. Welcome to Elk Bros Blue Collar Elk Hunting!

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EP 220: Seeing Through a Master Elk Hunter’s ey...
Dirk Durham talks about those things that an experienced elk hunter’s eyes sees, takes in , deciphers or connects to with the goal of helping others to “see” differently both before and during the season or even just anytime they are in the woods.
105 min
EP 219: ElkBros Jam Session: Listener Exclusive...
What if you could join the ElkBros around the campfire and ask any elk hunting question that comes to mind. An elk hunting Jam Session if you will!
125 min
EP 218: Hunting with Elk Decoys - In Depth with...
One of the best tools in your elk hunting toolbox is a decoy. Combine a decoy with your calling and you have just satisfied the two out of the three senses that an elk depends on to make a decision. Many times, just what you need to convince a wary bull or turn a hung bull into a shot opportunity and punched tag.
124 min
EP 217: Going from Rifle to Archery - Elk Camp ...
Joe & Scott Schwab dig into the differences, biggest changes and thought processing it took for Scott to go from a successful rifle elk hunter to tagging his first archery elk. Such a great perspective full of information. Enjoy!
87 min
EP 216: Living Elk Hunting in Idaho with Slayer...
Joe & Gilbert talk calls, Idaho elk hunting tradition, techniques and tactics with Slayer CEO Bill Ayer and product innovation and development guru, Joe McCarthy. Folks, between Bill's 34 years of elk hunting experience and Joe's four generations of Idaho history chasing elk with family, friends and some of the top names in the industry, this is an episode you don't want to miss!
105 min
EP 215: Live from the NM Outdoor Adventure Show...
Host Jesse Duebel of the "Ahi Va" podcast sits down with ElkBros Coach Joe Giglia to talk elk and ElkBros at the 2024 NM Outdoor Adventure Show in Albuquerque. Enjoy the episode!
62 min
EP 214: Decisions & Realities of Elk Hunting Se...
We break down all the questions that go through the head when it comes to setups. Main categories of concern or hesitation and some tips to overcome them. Scenarios and real life answers. And we get a surprise visit from Season 17 Naked & Afraid Star, our brother Cole Wilks. Don't miss this episode!
117 min
EP 213: Elk Camp Conversation with Kyl May
This is the show where everyday elk hunters from all over the country are our stars! On today's episode of "Elk Camp Conversations", Joe received an email from Mr. Kyl May and gives him a call to talk about his 2023 elk hunt. Hear the story with all the highs, the lows, the lessons learned, practiced and what worked and what didn't.
87 min
EP 212: Goto Gear, Challenges and Elk Hunting K...
Armando Martinez and Joe Giglia talk about the tried and true gear that has become his goto’s while hunting elk and other species. They also talk about the biggest challenges Armando has seen for elk hunters during his years as a guide, his own personal challenges and some of the key things that now make the difference for him in the elk woods.
85 min
EP 211: Talking Elk Hunting & Calling with Tom ...
The Diesing family definitley knows elk calling with multiple Champion titles and top 5 places. But as the Patriarch and with 35 elk under his belt, Tom Diesing Sr. absolutely knows how to call the critters with the best of them!
61 min
EP 210: Elk Hunting 2024! Draw Dates, States, C...
It's 2024 and time to get ready! The crew starts digging into this year's draw dates and States, as well as some of the changes they see on the elk hunting landscape and some changes in gear they are using this season.
126 min
EP 209: Elk Camp Conversation with Thomas McKenna
This is the show where everyday elk hunters from all over the country are our stars! On today's episode of "Elk Camp Conversations", Joe received an email from Mr. Thomas McKenna of Low Point, Illinois and gives Thomas a call to talk about his 2023 elk hunt. The highs, the lows, the lessons learned, practiced and what worked and what didn't.
90 min
EP 208: Calling, Gear and Strategy Pitfalls & Tips
Guests Travis O'Shea and ElkBros Coach Guy Duplantier join the crew and finish up the series dropping nuggets that you won't want to miss. The biggest failure points with elk calling, hunting gear and those elk hunting strategies that are destined for tag soup, as well as tried and true tips to help you in each of those areas.
123 min
EP 207: Elk Hunting Pitfalls & Solutions with T...
Men's Elk Calling Champion Tony Gilbertson joins the ElkBros on a mission to identify the critical mistakes they or others make during the season that they feel play a huge roll in hunter heartbreak and then provide solutions or advice on how to avoid or overcome them.
124 min
EP 206: Mistakes and Mishaps from the elk seaso...
What if you could go back in time and fix the things that kept you from being successful in the elk woods this last season? Well, we might not be able to go back in time, but we can absolutely help you from repeating our and others mistakes this coming season!
121 min
EP 205: Elk Hunting Mentality, Mistakes & Mento...
On this episode, it's part TWO of our Mentality, Mistakes and Mentor Series! Last time we talked about the problems that we believe cost folks success when it comes to Elk Hunting Mentality. This week we give possible solutions and some of our cues to help you overcome those problems. Enjoy the episode!
125 min
EP 204: Elk Hunting Mentality, Mistakes & Mento...
Special guest Aaron Ambur from Tuo Gear (tuogear.com) joins the ElkBros crew and coaches to talk in-depth about one of the most critical aspects of any hunt... the mental game. This episode is chock full of information from an incredibly successful and diverse group with decades if elk hunting under the belt. Y’all… this is a real as it gets!
124 min
EP 203: Lessons from Elk Adventure Camp 2023
Talk about a learning experience! Here is a chance to hear from new elk hunters that spent a week learning from a combined 150 plus years of elk hunting knowledge!
86 min
EP 202: ElkBros Live from Canada!
THE ELKBROS IN CANADA! On this week’s episode of Blue Collar Elk Hunting it’s a live podcast from elk hunting camp in Alberta Canada as the ElkBros crew, along with the Wapiti Rive Outdoors crew talk about the highs, the lows, the difference in strategies, the trial, tribulations and joys encountered on an epic trip and incredible experience!
131 min
EP 201: Solo Elk Hunting - with Joe Giglia & Jo...
This Collaborative Episode with John Stallone and the Days In The Wild Podcast, Joe talks Solo elk hunting. His playbook, tactics, strategies as well as the similarities/differences & benefits/costs of solo hunting vs hunting with a partner.
97 min
EP 200: The ElkBros 200th Episode Celebration.....
It's the 200th Episode Milestone for the ElkBros Blue Collar Elk Hunting Podcast! And what better way to celebrate the journey than to have all the cast and characters on LIVE with their YouTube audience!
153 min
EP 199: Elk Response Mistakes and Misreads, Wha...
On today's episode, the boys cover scenarios, mistakes and misreads that all of us have or will experience at one point in our elk hunting career when it comes to understanding and reacting to a bull’s response. Hopefully what we have learned from our own mistakes will help you have solutions to keep you in the game on your future hunts!
121 min
EP 198: ElkBros Calling "Geminar" #4 with Coach...
On today's episode, it's the leader and founder of ElkBros, Joe Giglia! Joe takes us down a whole different path of practice that focuses beyond the calls to bring in a bull to now integrating and practicing those things that are so critical to success and closing the deal! This is the juice y'all. This separates the callers from the killers! Enjoy the show!
121 min
EP 197: ElkBros Calling "Geminar" #3 with Travi...
On today's episode, we have Wapiti River calling master himself, Travis O'Shea! When it comes to nuggets and gems, Travis is a master jeweler! Travis takes us on a whole different approach on low audible calls, steps to build on your calling while learning to let the call do most of the work and tons of instruction that could totally change your game. Travis is a seminar favorite and solid gold on this one! Enjoy the show!
125 min
EP 196: Elk Scenario "REVAMP" with Sam Reitz
When it comes to elk hunting, it’s a constant learning process and as hunters most of those lessons come in hindsight. Our understanding comes AFTER a blown situation or scenario. The goal of this show is to break down everyday elk hunter’s scenarios, hunter’s just like yourself and relook, or REVAMP the scenarios with other possible strategies and techniques that could possibly be just the ticket to bring success on your next hunt.
53 min