ElkBros Blue Collar Elk Hunting

Welcome to the ElkBros Blue Collar Elk Hunting Podcast brought to you by ElkBros.com with your host Gilbert Ornelas and elk hunting coaches, Joe Giglia & Leroy Chavez, RC Knox and the ElkBros Venezuelan Mafia. You want to hunt elkā€¦.we live to hunt elk, and like you we work hard for our pay to do the things we love. So our goal is to share with you all of our tips, techniques, as well as tried and true strategies we have learned grinding it out on a budget for over 40 seasons. So come on into camp and set a spell. Welcome to Elk Bros Blue Collar Elk Hunting!

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EP 127: THE MOMENT - "Burn Me Twice" - Elk Stor...
During every elk hunt, everyone of us will get schooled by the very animals we chase. But these are not failures, only learning moments.
81 min
EP 126: An Archery Hunter's Journey - Time Behi...
Archery can consume you from tech advances, to an impressive amount of options in gear, components and all the different methodologies.
160 min
EP 125: THE MOMENT - "Revelations" - Elk Story ...
Elk hunting coach, Joe Giglia, shares some of his past hunt stories or experiences during a hunt, to share realizations, lessons learned or a nugget or two in hopes of helping you to become more successful in the elk woods.
51 min
EPS 124: DIY Elk Hunting Keys with Bob "The Bil...
ailoring your calls to the time of year and mood. Setting up on a bull. Tips to prevent High Altitude Sickness. And an Elk Calling Scenario nugget that could be a key ingredient this coming fall! That and MUCH MORE!
91 min
EP 123: Top 10 Elk Hunting Failure Points (Part...
The ElkBros crew gets together for PART 2 of this SERIES to discuss each of their own Top Failure Points in hopes of helping you to learn from their mistakes.
109 min
EPS 122: Top 10 Elk Hunting Failure Points (Par...
Every elk hunting disappointment, each and every missed opportunity comes from some type of failure point. To find consistent elk hunting success, one of the keys is to find, identify and eliminate those failure points.
114 min
EP 121: Calling, Scent Wafers, ATV Security, Si...
The "Finding Elk From Day One of the Hunt" Series is a wrap! And we close out with a Live Q&A Session and letters from the ElkBros Mailbox.
107 min
EP 120: Finding Elk from Day One. (Part 3) Our ...
You want to know how the ElkBros find elk? Well here you go! This is straight out of the ElkBros Playbook on exactly what we do. When, where and how we do it.
125 min
EP 119: Finding Elk from Day One. (Part 2) Loca...
This is where the "Hunt" part of "Hunting" happens! We talk about where and how to locate elk with boots on the ground. What to look for. Where to look for it. And how to see, hear, smell and use the clues that elk leave behind to put yourself in a position for an encounter. Y'all, this is the skill set that separates the good hunters from the great ones.
113 min
EP 118: Hunt Opportunity of a Lifetime with Hun...
Meet Troy Goeckeritz and HUNT WARZ. The man behind a new hunting competition tv show LIKE NOTHING OUT THERE.
75 min
EP 117: Finding Elk from Day One. (Part 1) Ever...
1)Where to look. 2)Locating and Finding Strategies. 3)Steps to Take along with things you can remember and use no matter what elk you are looking for or where you are hunting.
96 min
EP 116: Finding A Great Elk Hunting Partner
An in-depth look at elk hunting partnerships along with the variables that each of us has to consider when it comes to what works for us as well
119 min
EP 115: Elk Hunting Rosies vs Rockies with Tony...
No stone unturned as we talk about Hunting Styles, Strategies, Calling, Terrain Differences, Weather Considerations, Gear, Equipment, Strategy Focuses, target animals and scenario goals at different times of the year.
122 min
EP 114: Avoiding Elk Hunting Hype & Defining Su...
Guy Duplantier joins the ElkBros Coaching Staff for some open and honest discussions. First off, they are off to the races with tips for those starting out in order to not get caught up in all the hype. Just who do you believe?
117 min
EP 113: Calling Elk, Scent Care, Moon Phase...O...
We answer a plethora of questions from all aspects of elk hunting as well as discussing some of the favorite and most difficult topics from the Preseason Series.
107 min
EP 112: Elk Hunting Gear & Setups - How We Roll...
Joe & Gilbert share a pack dump and talk about what and why they carry the gear that they do.
127 min
EP 111: Elk Scouting; Goals, Focuses & Realitie...
In this episode we break down scouting into 3 areas; Goals, Focuses and Realities.
112 min
EP 110: Elk Responses, Hunting Partners, Therma...
Our ElkBros Mailbox is overflowing and we all pitch in to answer some of the questions that you, our Grinders, are hoping to get a little help with.
106 min
EP 109: (Part 2)Learn to Paint With Your Elk Ca...
Your Call Palette, Your Set-Up Canvas and Call Scenarios in a way that only the ElkBros do.
111 min
EP 108: Learn to Paint With Your Elk Calling - ...
EVERY person HAS THE ABILITY to learn to call elk and create opportunities. YOU CAN ABSOLUTELY DO THIS!
106 min
EP107: New Mexico Elk Tag Strategies, Tips and ...
Draw Percentages, How the draw system works, Hunt Quality designations, Common mistakes, Tips for better odds, the Governors Tag, how to look for hidden unit gems, Early Application Incentives.
73 min
EP106: Key Mindset Components to Elk Hunting -...
8 Key Mindset Components and Expectations for a positive and successful elk hunting mindset.
105 min
EP105: Situational Prep & Scenario Training - P...
The variables encountered that create such low success rates and what you can do to change that number through situational prep and proper scenario training.
101 min
EP104: Fitness to Increase Opportunities - Pres...
If you are not getting yourself in the best shape possible in your current situation, then you are already creating a limitation to your future elk encounters and opportunities.
102 min
EP103: Best Weeks to Hunt Elk? - The ElkBros 20...
Your Coaches share season dates, Calendar graphics, application deadlines and some of their views on best day scenarios and how they may differ when it comes to various circumstances, experience levels and expectations.
101 min