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Welcome to the ElkBros Blue Collar Elk Hunting Podcast brought to you by ElkBros.com with your host Gilbert Ornelas and elk hunting coaches, Joe Giglia & Leroy Chavez, RC Knox and the ElkBros Venezuelan Mafia. You want to hunt elk….we live to hunt elk, and like you we work hard for our pay to do the things we love. So our goal is to share with you all of our tips, techniques, as well as tried and true strategies we have learned grinding it out on a budget for over 40 seasons. So come on into camp and set a spell. Welcome to Elk Bros Blue Collar Elk Hunting!

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EP 23: Going From Deer to Hunting Elk...Where d...
Gilbert, Chav & Joe help you to utilize your current skill sets as a deer hunter with those needed as an elk hunter.
68 min
EP 22: I've Drawn My Elk Tag....But...What Now?
In this episode, our listeners guide the topics through their own questions that cover a wide array of areas and topics for the upcoming hunt.
66 min
EP 21: "InSights" Edition with Elk Calling Acad...
Joe Giglia from ElkBros and Michael Batease from Elk Calling Academy provides elk calling information concerning vocalizations, meanings and situations.
79 min
EP 20: Finding Elk Hunting Partners - Plus List...
Finding someone to "Ride the River With". Finding a solid and reliable elk hunting partner can be crucial to an enjoyable, memorable and successful elk hunt.
64 min
EP 19: "InSights" Edition with Born & Raised Tr...
Joe Giglia from ElkBros and Trent Fisher from Born and Raised Outdoors talk about those gifts..thought processes, traditions, ethics, skill sets that have been handed down from our families that make us the elk hunters that we are today.
49 min
EP 18: Success off the Beaten Path - The Gutsy ...
In this episode the ElkBros talk about how you can eliminate that fear, putting yourself in more and better positions to kill an elk.
49 min
EP 17: Elk Hunting Confidence (Final) The Wrap ...
Today, we wrap up our Confidence Series with final thoughts and answers to our viewers questions and comments.
48 min
EP 16: Elk Hunting Confidence (Part 7) The Unwr...
When it comes to elk hunting we all have access to the laws and guidelines that govern each state, but what about the unwritten rules?
67 min
EP 15: Elk Hunting Confidence (Part 6) Hunt Str...
Joe, Chav & Gilbert cover the three seasonal phases around the rut available to rifle hunters. The benefits and difficulties of those phases and thoughts and strategies for hunting them.
69 min
EP 14: Elk Hunting Confidence (Part 5) Hunt Str...
The ElkBros start with the bowhunters out there and give easy to understand guidelines and strategies to take into the elk woods this fall.
58 min
EP 13: "InSights" episode 1 with Lance Bernal
The "InSights" edition, episode 1 with Lance Bernal, game biologist and guide for the Vermejo Ranch in northern New Mexico.
62 min
EP 12: Elk Hunting Confidence (Part 4) Gear/Equ...
Being confident in your hunting gear and equipment is crucial to your overall success as a hunter.
58 min
EP 11: Elk Hunting Confidence (Part 3) Calling
Being able to call takes your elk hunting to a whole other level. Having result driven confidence in your calling ability is crucial for you to be consistently successful.
66 min
EP 10: The Reunion. ElkBros, Hog Hunting & Elk ...
t's a true ElkBros reunion on an archery hog hunt in South Texas. For the first time ever, Joe & Chav travel to hunt out of New Mexico and join ElkBros partners Gilbert Ornelas, Manano Grateron & Luis Gonzales
70 min
EP 9: Elk Hunting Confidence (Part 2) Shooting ...
In part 2 of this series on building hunting confidence, the ElkBros discuss the importance of our frame of mind while working towards our ability step goals in the quest for overall confidence.
63 min
EP 8: Elk Hunting Confidence (Part 1)
How much does your mindset, your attitude effect your performance as a hunter? Do you TRULY believe each and every time you walk into the woods that you can kill an Elk?
54 min
EP 7: Successful Elk Hunting - All About Scent
The ElkBros explain thermals and the use of wind as well as give you all their thoughts, ideas and tips on dealing with scent control.
55 min
EP 6: Hunt Breakdown Series 2018 - Part 2 - The...
Elk hunting coach Joe Giglia and hunting partner Leroy Chavez, founders of ElkBros, share their 2018 elk hunt with you in a way unique only to the Blue Collar Elk Academy.
41 min
EP 5: The ElkBros Story & Why We Hunt
Get a personal view of the ElkBros and hear all the reasons, the passion, the life lessons and impact hunting has had on their lives.
49 min
EP 4: Hunt Breakdown Series 2018 - Part 1 - The...
Elk hunting coach Joe Giglia and hunting partner Leroy Chavez, founders of ElkBros, share their 2018 elk hunt with you in a way unique only to the Blue Collar Elk Academy.
41 min
EP 3: 2019 New Mexico Draw Time!
Gilbert, Joe & Chav field some questions from viewers and then cover this weeks episode on the 2019 New Mexico Elk Draw.
54 min
EP 2: It's All About Camo
Gilbert and Joe field some questions from Episode 1 and then cover this weeks episode on Camouflage. Their philosophies, what they look for, as well as what they use and why.
59 min
EP 1: Keys to Successful Elk Hunting
Have you ever wondered why it seems like some guys tag out every year. Just what the heck is their secret? Well that’s exactly what we’re going to find out on this week’s show. Your not going to want to miss this one!
59 min