Spoken Gospel

The mission of Spoken Gospel is to equip the church to speak the gospel out of every corner of scripture. Co-hosts and close friends, David Bowden and Seth Stewart, sit down every week to talk through a Bible passage and see how it points us to Jesus.

Religion & Spirituality
Hosea 11:12-14:9: Relentless Judgement and Free...
Hosea's last oracles of doom are some of his darkest. But his prophecies of mercy are also some of his most explicit. Seth and David talk about God's most brutal punishments and how they reveal God's even deeper commitment to his love in Jesus.
72 min
Hosea 5:8-11:11: Politics and Religion
The oracles of doom continue. Hosea rebukes Israel's priests for the way they have enmeshed their worship of God with political power. Israel has taken advantage of her relationship with God. She assumed splitting her allegiance between God and the powers of Egypt and Assyria was harmless. Seth and David talk about the temptation to blend faith and power and how Jesus' Kingdom is not of this world.
62 min
Hosea 4:1-5:7: Oracles of Doom
Most of Hosea's book are pronouncements of judgment against Israel for breaking her covenant with God. In a lot of ways, Hosea reads like a legal document citing offenses and doling out punishments. Seth and David reflect on both God's justice towards Israel, but also the surprising fact that while God's judgment needs a reason, his love does not.
51 min
Hosea 1-3: A Whore Bride
One of Hosea's central metaphors for Israel's political and spiritual idolatry is adultery. And Hosea lives out this message personally. He marries a prostitute and remains married to her, even when she's unfaithful to him. David and Seth talk about why Hosea uses sexual metaphors to describe Israel's sin and the surprisingly (almost uncomfortably) intimate way Jesus comes near his people.
62 min
Hosea Introduction
Hosea is about God's love towards his unfaithful people. Hosea even marries a whore to prove the point. It's one of the most shocking books in the Bible and the way Hosea uses the metaphor of adultery to describe idolatry is scandalous. Seth and David talk about the unique way Hosea highlights God's, husbandly love and the way Jesus demonstrates it in his life and death.
60 min
Genesis Replay: Joseph
We are at the end of our Genesis replay! Today, we find ourselves still waiting for the promise that God made to Abraham. Looking closer at chapters 37-50, David and Seth reflect on the life of Joseph, and how God reveals the hidden wisdom of the Spirit to Joseph, through his faithfulness in the worst of circumstances. We become rich in wisdom when we place faith in Jesus Christ himself and the cross that brings us back into the fold of God.
45 min
Genesis Replay: Jacob
In this rebroadcast, Seth and David talk about Jacob's story arc. From the womb, Jacob was one that had an appetite for deceit and trickery. How does God bring about the promise, even though Jacob's nature that often thrived in trickery? In this episode, David and Seth talk about why God chose Jacob to carry on his promise to his people, showing that God will follow through on his promise, turning what man had tended for evil into good. Even through the crucifixion of Jesus, God continues to bring goodness and mercy for mankind. For more information about Spoken Gospel visit: http://www.spokengospel.com
48 min
Genesis Replay: Isaac
In this rebroadcast, Isaac, the son who made Abraham and Sarah laugh, carries on the blessing of God. How will the promise be brought about in the life of Isaac, and show us how Jesus is the new Isaac? In this episode, David and Seth dive into the story of Isaac's life, and how God spared his life on the mountain, in contrast to God not sparing his own son. He did not spare his son because he wants to show the world how indefinite, limitless his love is for man, declaring the promise of eternal life. For more information about Spoken Gospel visit: http://www.spokengospel.com
52 min
Genesis Replay: Abraham
In this replay, we take a look at Abraham's life. Abraham is chosen by God to be the father of a nation that will bless the world. How does this family lineage lead us to Jesus? In this episode, David and Seth examine the relationship between God and Abraham and how even amidst the brokenness, God makes good on his promises, through the fulfillment of Jesus nailed to the cross. For more information about Spoken Gospel visit: http://www.spokengospel.com
60 min
Genesis Replay: The Flood
In this rebroadcast, we take a look at the flood. The flood is a difficult story for many. It’s a story of both judgment and salvation. For us, it may be hard to see Jesus in the midst of this story. But the New Testament authors, they couldn’t help but see him. David and Seth discuss how the world spiraled out of control, what God did about it, and how Jesus provides the solution for it all.
54 min
Genesis Replay: The Fall
In this rebroadcast, we take a look at the story of humanity's fall. How does the Fall narrative foreshadow the cycle of death, within the genealogy of Jesus, throughout the Bible? Why is Jesus the only one who can defeat the curse of death? In this episode, David and Seth discuss how God offers hope and promise through Jesus, who is the embodiment of hope that breaks the curse through his death, burial, and resurrection. *Side-Note Correction: 55:31-55:42- Janet Leigh is the lead actress in the Alfred Hitchcock film, "Psycho".
56 min
Genesis Replay: Creation
In this rebroadcast of our walkthrough Genesis, we take a look at the creation account in the opening chapters of the Bible. We look at how ancient and modern cultures have read this important story and how to see Jesus in creation? In this episode, David and Seth open the book of Genesis, and talk about how through the creation, Jesus reveals himself as the only one who can make us new.
47 min
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
7 min
Philippians Introduction
Philippians is a letter about joy in the middle of suffering. When the Church at Philippi is "in Christ" in their suffering they will also join Christ's resurrection. David and Seth talk about how Jesus' joy on the cross is the reason we are saved; the reason we can rejoice in our suffering; and the motivation for our humility towards one another.
48 min
Ephesians Introduction
Paul's letter to the Ephesians is sometimes called the "Queen" of his letters. Written from prison he encourages his readers to remember that Jesus is bringing all things together in him. Seth and David talk about the story of the Bible and of the Gospel as "rupture" and "reconciliation" and how Jesus' unity and unifying must change us.
59 min
Colossians Introduction
Colossians tells us that Jesus is the center of reality. The church at Colossae kept believing that their truest self was found in certain religious, physical, or spiritual practices. If they just fasted, if they just experienced God in a particular way, or if they celebrated a particular festival, then they would be whole. Seth and David talk about how Jesus is enough. In Christ, the fullness of God, wholeness, and spiritual lives. Whatever we want in this reality, can be found in Jesus.
74 min
Ezra-Nehemiah Introduction
Ezra and Nehemiah come right at the end of Israel's history. And Nehemiah is one of Israel's last leaders before a long historical silence and the book of Matthew! Ezra and Nehemiah also document the partial fulfillment of Jeremiah, Haggai, and Zechariah's prophecies. Seth and David talk about how the only one who can complete the projects Ezra and Nehemiah start, and fulfill the hopes of the prophets is Jesus.
76 min
Kings Introduction
The book of Kings gives us an overview of Israel's monarchy. But it's less about Israel's kingly history and more about God's prophetic message to save Israel. The message of the prophets is clear: "Israel must die, for it to live again." Seth and David talk about the book of Kings as prophetic literature designed to help us see that there can only be one King–Jesus.
66 min
Samuel Introduction
The books of Samuel introduce and develop the ideas of kingship and kingdom. The king Samuel describes is supposed to humbly listen to God's voice, which is primarily heard through the prophets. Seth and David talk about how Jesus is not just our humble King but as the one who coronates us to rule and reign with him.
64 min
Psalm 2: Royal Psalms and Election Day
The 2020 American election happened two days ago. While we often see elections as a time to secure for ourselves some new degree of power or freedom God sits in heaven and laughs. Seth and David talk about how both David's and Jesus' kingship shapes our understanding of world rulers and their political terms.
57 min
Judges Introduction
The Book of Judges narrates Israel's slow decay. Rather than driving out God's enemies, Israel becomes just like God's enemies. And Judges ends, not with God's leadership of Israel, but the people's whims and desires leading them to destruction. David and Seth talk about how the light of God's mercy shines brightest as the darkness of Judges increases and how Jesus is the only Judge and King who can free us from our downward spiral into destruction.
56 min
Some Exciting News!
There are changes coming, let us tell you about them!
17 min
Joshua 22-24: Joshua Dies
Before Joshua dies there is a misunderstanding between the tribes on either side of the Jordan. It reveals that spiritual pride and insecurity are features of life in Israel under Joshua's leadership. This leads Joshua to say that it will be impossible for Israel to fully obey God. Israel should expect judgment. Seth and David talk about the end of Joshua's life and how spiritual pride, insecurity, and promises of judgment are all overturned by Jesus' superior leadership.
62 min
Joshua 20-21: The Cities of Refuge
After the Lord had given the land to Israel, Israel was supposed to turn around and give some of their lands back to God. The Levites were the recipients of that land. Seth and David talk about the unique way the Levite's land allotments point us to Jesus as the one who protects us from death and provides freedom through his blood.
39 min
Joshua 13-19: Land Allotments are Good News Too
After winning major decisive victories, Joshua gives control over the land of Canaan to the tribal leaders of Israel. With the enemy routed, these leaders still need to clean up any pockets of resistance they find. Seth and David explain how Joshua's decisive victory over the land foreshadows Jesus' decisive victory over sin and death. And why, even though the war has been won, we can be strong and courageous as we fight our remaining battles.
58 min