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The mission of Spoken Gospel is to equip the church to speak the gospel out of every corner of scripture. Co-hosts and close friends, David Bowden and Seth Stewart, sit down every week to talk through a Bible passage and see how it points us to Jesus.

Religion & Spirituality
Psalms Introduction (w/ Jeff Vanderstelt)
How can we see Jesus worshipped and praised in the Psalms? In this episode, David and Seth are introducing the Psalms and are joined by pastor Jeff Vanderstelt to examine how the Psalms reflect the gospel. Jeff is a pastor, speaker, author, and founder and visionary leader of Saturate and the Soma Family of Churches. He serves as a teaching pastor and Director of Missional Communities at Doxa Church in Bellevue, WA. Additionally, Jeff supports church planting globally through training and as a member of the Advisory Board of C2C Network. He and Jayne, his wife of twenty-five years, have three children; Haylee, Caleb, and Maggie. Connect with Jeff at his website www.jeffvanderstelt.com or on twitter @JeffVanderstelt.Check out Jeff Vanderstelt's books, "Gospel Basics for Kids" and "Gospel Fluency Handbook"."Gospel Basics for Kids": https://www.amazon.com/Gospel-Basics-Kids-Heidi-Wygle/dp/1732491305"Gospel Fluency Handbook": https://www.amazon.com/Gospel-Fluency-Handbook-Practical-Speaking-ebook/dp/B075N847CYFor more information, visit https://saturatetheworld.com
45 min
Christmas Special: Seth's Exodus 3 Sermon
In this special Christmas episode, Seth walks through Exodus 3 and shares how the interaction between God and Moses is a timeless narrative that is relevant to every walk of life, every calling. Why does Moses see himself as incapable to free the Israelites from Egypt? How does God respond to Moses' claim? How is Jesus Christ himself the center of redemption?
38 min
Exodus 35-40: Building the Tabernacle
In this last episode in the book of Exodus, David and Seth talk about why the most meticulous section of the book is getting repeated almost word for word. What made the people obey where they formerly disobeyed? What made them generous where they formerly grumbled? And does Exodus end with Moses unable to enter the tabernacle?
46 min
Exodus 33-34: Cleft of the Rock
How will God react to the Golden Calf? Why does he say he won't accompany Israel into the promise land? What does it mean to say that God passed all his glory by Moses in the cleft of the rock? And how is all of this about Jesus? David and Seth lean into Paul's exposition of this text in 2 Corinthians 3-4 as they unpack one of their favorite passages in the Bible.
54 min
Exodus 32: The Golden Calf (w/ Andrew Wilson)
How do we see the Gospel in the Golden Calf? In this episode, David and Seth are joined by author Andrew Wilson to examine the makers of the idol, how God responds, and how Jesus fulfills it all.
37 min
Exodus 31: Spirit of God
The instructions for the building of the tabernacle is finished, so where do the people go from here? Bezalel and Oholiab are two people who are given the Spirit of God to accomplish the building of the tabernacle and its finest details. How do we see Jesus in these two men? In this episode, David and Seth discuss the how the Spirit of God helps us obey the Spirit's commandments.
34 min
Exodus 28-29: Priestly Garments
What we uncover in this episode is that we are clothed with Christ, wear God's glory, and create beauty as we function as priests to the world.
47 min
Exodus 24-27, 30: Tabernacle Plans (w/ Kristen ...
The tabernacle is full of details that we often want to read over, but all of it is important. Moreover, all of it points to Jesus. In this episode, David and Seth are joined by author Kristen Hatton to help us see Jesus in the tabernacle.
49 min
Exodus 21-23: Social Justice
What can laws about slaves, farm animals, and moneylending teach us about the Gospel? Seth and David get into the nitty-gritty of Exodus' social laws to see how Jesus reveals himself in powerful ways.
56 min
Exodus 20 (Part 2): Ten Commandments
In part 2 of the Ten Commandment conversation, Seth and David look at the “horizontal laws” about how we are to treat one another. How do these commands show us the character of God, find their fulfillment in Jesus, and show us a path to greater joy in obedience? All this and more is discussed on this episode on one of the most famous passages in the Bible.
47 min
Exodus 20 (Part 1): Ten Commandments
The Ten Commandments is arguably one of the most famous stories in the Bible. As we come to the Law, though, how are we to see Jesus? In this first of two episodes on the Ten Commandments, Seth and David discuss how commands reveal God's character and how Jesus perfectly fulfills who God is and what God commands.
42 min
Exodus 19: Mount Sinai
God comes down on Mt. Sinai, establishes his covenant, and calls his people chosen. This is such an integral part of the Bible’s story. David and Seth talk about how the covenant is conditional and unconditional, how law and love go hand in hand, and what it means to be God’s chosen people.
42 min
Exodus 18: Jethro's Advice
Is Exodus 18 just about how to set up an organizational structure or what godly leadership roles look like? No! It’s about so much more. Join David and Seth as they discuss how Jesus is the fulfillment of Jethro and the mediation set up by Moses.
26 min
Exodus 16-17: Manna
Jesus repurposed the story of manna in the wilderness by saying he is the bread of life. This one insight alone shows us massive amounts about who Jesus is and how we can treasure him. Join us on this episode to see how Jesus is the better bread, the better water, and the better intercessor whose arms never fail or need to be propped up.
47 min
Exodus 14-15: Parting the Red Sea
The crossing of the Red Sea is one of the most famous events of the whole Bible. How do we see Jesus and his Gospel in it? What do we learn from the destruction of Pharaoh and his army? What is up with the heightened violent language in Moses' song?
43 min
Exodus 11-13: Passover
David and Seth discuss Passover and the death of the firstborn sons of Egypt. How are we to understand this gruesome plague? Why did God give all these specific rules about the Passover meal? What does this tell us about Jesus?
48 min
Exodus Special Episode: Hard Hearts
What does it mean that Pharaoh's heart was hardened? Who hardened whose heart? On this special episode of The Spoken Gospel Podcast, David and Seth address Pharaoh's hardened heart and how that fits into the Biblical narrative.
14 min
Exodus 5-10: The Plagues
What can plagues teach us about Jesus? Why did God send so much devastation on Egypt, but spared Israel? How does the story of the plagues fit in with the rest of the Bible? What kind of plagues happen today and what should our response be? David and Seth attempt to answer these questions and more as they discuss Exodus 5-10.
47 min
Exodus 3-4: The Call of Moses
What did does God's name "I Am" mean? What does it reveal to us about Jesus? How are we to understand Moses' objections to God's calling? Why did Moses' feet have to be dabbed with his son's foreskin? See how all these questions and more are answered in Jesus in this episode of The Spoken Gospel Podcast.
41 min
Exodus 1-2: Oppressed in Egypt
How can we see the gospel in the beginning of Exodus? What does Israel's slavery in Egypt, Moses' basket in the Nile, and Pharaoh's infanticide have to do with Jesus? In this first episode of the Spoken Gospel Podcast, David and Seth unpack the biblical background and gospel connections of Exodus chapters 1 and 2.
41 min
It's the vision of Spoken Gospel to speak the gospel out of every corner of scripture. In this short introduction, we meet Seth and David, close friends from Oklahoma City who love to see the gospel story throughout the Bible. They also lay a bit of the groundwork for what you can expect from the show and why we should see Jesus as the centerpiece of the whole Bible.
4 min