Spoken Gospel

The mission of Spoken Gospel is to equip the church to speak the gospel out of every corner of scripture. Co-hosts and close friends, David Bowden and Seth Stewart, sit down every week to talk through a Bible passage and see how it points us to Jesus.

Religion & Spirituality
Numbers 31: Holy War
Did God command the killing of women and children? Why did Israel's army wage war with other nations? Is God good and just even in texts that talk about holy war? How can we see the Gospel and the love of Jesus in these texts?
45 min
Numbers 28-30: Holy Time and Rash Vows
What are we to make of this long section of feasts, festivals, sacrifices, and vows? Why did God want Israel to orient themselves around a calendar of feasts and sacrifices? Why did women need their husband's approval in order to make a vow? David and Seth discuss all of these and how they point us to Jesus.
32 min
Numbers 25-27: The New Generation
What happens when the old generation passes away? What will a new priest for the new generation look like? And are there really crosses like Jesus' in this passage? David and Seth talk about Phinehas, Joshua, and the new generation in this edition of the Spoken Gospel Podcast.
36 min
Numbers 22-24: Balaam and His Donkey
What is the story of Balaam's donkey really about? God's plan has always been to bless his people, and he does that here through a pagan sorcerer. How does this point us to Jesus? Seth and David talk about how this is one of their favorite parts of the Torah and how it is all about Jesus in this special (live from Kansas City) episode of the podcast.
51 min
Sermon Special: David Preaches Exodus 32-34
David recently preached a sermon on Exodus 32-34 which captures the heart of why we want to see Jesus in all of Scripture. We hope you enjoy this short departure from our normal format and that you are encouraged to cleft open your Bible and see the glory of God in the face of Jesus.
41 min
Numbers 20-21: Moses' Disbelief
The center of Israel finally falls away. Moses and Aaron disobey. What happens when there is no one left to intercede? What does it look like when the young generation takes over for the old?
58 min
Numbers 16-19: The Priest's Disbelief
The disbelief of Israel comes to the priesthood. The people who are supposed to keep God's wrath away from the congregation, earn the wrath of God themselves. How do we know who can represent us before God? How do people of death stand with a God of life?
37 min
Numbers 13-15: The Spy's Disbelief
Israel has arrived at the border of the Promised Land, but they refuse to enter it because of their disbelief. What are the consequences for not taking God at his word? Does God change his mind when Moses intercedes? Why are there seemingly random laws given after disobedience?
55 min
Numbers 10-12: Power Struggle
Israel finally leaves Sinai and immediately starts to sin. The main concern and the main solution both revolve around leadership. What kind of leader did Israel need? Was Moses that leader? What is up with all the Spirit-filled, spontaneous prophecy in this passage? David and Seth discuss all this and more.
63 min
Numbers 7-9: Flashback to Exodus
Before Israel leaves Sinai we see a flashback to the book of Exodus. Sacrifices are made, the Levites are consecrated, and the Passover is celebrated. Why this flashback? Why repeat the Exodus story here? How does all of this point us to Jesus?
41 min
Numbers 4-6: God's Moving Company
Before they leave for Canaan, God wants to emphasize his presence with them and their need for purity. God is intimately involved in how they travel, how justice is carried out, and how vows are taken and kept. And, of course, all of it is about Jesus.
66 min
Numbers 1-3: The Census
While Numbers isn't about numbers, it does start with a lot of numbers. So what is the significance of the long census that opens this book? How does it fit into the larger story of the Torah? How do we resolve some of the historical problems the numbers bring up? How does all of this point us to Jesus?
49 min
Numbers Introduction
Numbers is not about numbers. It is about Israel's journey to the promised land and their time of discipline in the wilderness. In this introductory episode, David and Seth lay overall story of the book to help us get over the actual numbers in the book and get into the whole point of its grand story.
23 min
Psalm 103: Hymn Psalms
Taking a break between Leviticus and Numbers, Seth and David decide to reflect on one of the most beautiful Hymns in the Bible: Psalm 103. The guys talk about forgiveness of sins, God's steadfast love, speaking to your soul, and the kingdom of God. It was definitely uplifting for us; we hope it is for you.
64 min
Leviticus 24 and 26-27: The Death Penalty, Curs...
Why were people in Israel stoned to death for sinning? What is God communicating through the blessings and curses of Leviticus? What are vow offerings and why would people make them?
66 min
Leviticus 23 and 25: Sabbath, Festivals, and Ju...
What is the point of Sabbath rest? Moreover, why did Israel have feasts all year round that they celebrated? What was the year of Jubilee and how was it ultimately fulfilled in Jesus?
57 min
Leviticus 21-22: A Different Standard For Priests
Why were priests held to a higher standard than the rest of Israel? Why couldn't disabled people work as priests? What is the significance of the spotless sacrifices?
64 min
Leviticus 17-20: Blood, Sex, and Loving Your Ne...
Why does God command us not to drink blood? Why does Jesus tell his disciples the opposite? How should we think about the Bible’s sexual ethics? How can we love the law?
66 min
Should We Obey The Law Today?
What is the law? Should we observe the Sabbath? Why don't we celebrate Passover? Why do we still obey sexual laws, but not laws about farming? Seth and David explore these questions and more in an attempt to answer the question, "How do we apply the Old Testament law to Christians today?"
65 min
Leviticus 16: Day of Atonement
Why do we want to be in God's presence? What is the meaning of the scapegoat (goat for Azazel)? How does Leviticus help us know we're saved? Seth and David talk through the high point of the Torah in Leviticus 16.
59 min
Leviticus 11-15: Unclean Foods, Diseases, and E...
Why were pigs unclean, but sheep were clean? Do we still have to eat kosher today? Do the purity laws devalue women? Despite what you may think, this difficult section of text has a lot to show us about the Gospel of Jesus.
53 min
Leviticus 6-10: Priests
Why do we need priests? How do they bring us into God’s presence? Why did God kill Nadab and Abihu? And why is Jesus a better priest? This week, Seth and David unpack Leviticus 6-10 and the establishment of the priesthood at the tabernacle.
65 min
Leviticus 1-5: Offerings
Leviticus opens with a description of 5 different offerings: Burnt, Grain, Peace, Sin, and Guilt. What is the significance of these offerings? What did they look like? What differentiates them from one another? And how do they all point to Jesus?
67 min
Leviticus Introduction
Leviticus asks us to inhabit a world with which we are very unfamiliar. A world of animal sacrifice, purity, holiness, and temple worship. In this episode, David and Seth set up helpful categories for how to understand and walk through the book of Leviticus.
47 min
Q&A: How Do I Know I'm Saved?
There is a question that arises in our minds as Christians at one point in our walk with Christ: "How do I know I'm saved?" In this special Q&A episode, David and Seth answer this question and show through scripture how we can know if we are truly saved.
17 min