Spoken Gospel

The mission of Spoken Gospel is to equip the church to speak the gospel out of every corner of scripture. Co-hosts and close friends, David Bowden and Seth Stewart, sit down every week to talk through a Bible passage and see how it points us to Jesus.

Religion & Spirituality
Romans Overview: Jesus is King
In this episode, Seth and David talk through who Paul was and what was going on in Rome that led to the letter we call "Romans."
47 min
Lamentations Overview: Mercy Every Morning
In this episode, Seth and David walk through the story weaved throughout Lamentations' five poems and talk about the surprising good news of God's silence in the middle of suffering.
59 min
Lamentations Overview: What is a Lament?
In this episode, Seth and David talk about the artistic genius of Lamentations, the theological and therapeutic value of laments, and why we shouldn't sanitize our prayers.
54 min
Ezekiel Overview: A City of Rest and Freedom
In this episode, Seth and David talk about the shocking mercy of God, architectural Sabbaths, and why a vision of God's temple shows up at the end of Ezekiel.
65 min
Ezekiel Overview: Prophecies of Shock and Awe
In this episode, Seth and David walk through some of Ezekiel's most shocking prophecies and talk about how even passages of judgment prove the goodness of God.
49 min
Ezekiel Overview: God Shows Up in Babylon
In this episode, Seth and David walk through one of the most intense depictions of God in the Old Testament and show how it all connects to Jesus getting baptized.
46 min
Ezekiel Overview: Counting Down to New Creation
In this episode, Seth and David talk about Ezekiel's prophecies and the good news that in Jesus Ezekiel's prophecies begin to come true.
36 min
Good News in A Bad News World
In this special podcast episode, Seth and David talk about the origins of the term "Gospel" and how Jesus brings good news into a world full of bad news.
15 min
Jeremiah Overview: Jesus, the new Jeremiah
There are just SO MANY parallels between Jesus and Jeremiah. Seth and David walk through dozens of examples where Jesus completes the narrative arc begun in Jeremiah and brings the hopes of Jeremiah's ministry to completion.
42 min
Jeremiah Overview: Prophecies to an Unfaithful ...
One of Jeremiah's most used metaphors to describe Judah is as an adulterous bride. Seth and David unpack this sometimes unsettling image and discuss how Jesus is the Groom who stops at nothing to rescue and marry his bride.
42 min
Jeremiah Overview: A Prophet Like Moses
In this episode, Seth and David discuss Jeremiah as Moses' prophetic successor and how Jesus walks on the scene as the prophet of Israel's recreation.
37 min
Jeremiah Overview: A Prophet of Inevitable Death
In this episode, Seth and David unpack Jeremiah's unique prophetic ministry and how a prophet of such gloomy news helps us encounter Jesus.
48 min
Who on earth is the "Man of Lawlessness"?
In this episode, Seth and David wade through one option for understanding the Day of the Lord and who the Man of Lawlessness might be.
55 min
2 Thessalonians Overview: Jesus Hasn't Come Bac...
In this episode, Seth and David talk about misconceptions about Jesus' return and why our suffering can be both good news and proof that we haven't been left behind.
35 min
1 Thessalonians Overview: Caught Up in the Air
What does it mean when Paul says we are "caught up in the air"?
42 min
1 Thessalonians Overview: A Church with Only Th...
In this episode, Seth and David talk about the fledgling church at Thessalonica and the good news that knowing Jesus equips us to handle whatever is thrown at us.
55 min
Chronicles Overview: A "Perfect" Solomon and Th...
2 Chronicles opens by describing Solomon as an ideal leader. He is who all Israelite kings should try to live up to. But the rest of 2 Chronicles charts how none of Israel's kings ever reach his glory. Seth and David talk through the Chroniclers' "perfect" description of Solomon and why it's good news that priesthoods determine the course of nations.
56 min
Chronicles Overview: David's Rise To Power
1 Chronicles centers around David's rise to power, his skill as a nation-builder, and his preparation to construct God's temple. Seth and David talk about the eternal dynasty promised to David and the surprising good news of priestly bureaucracy.
54 min
Chronicles Overview: The Forgotten Musical in o...
Chronicles records the history of God's people from Adam all the way to their return from exile. It's also a book full of music, instruments, singing, and songs. Seth and David compare Chronicles to Hamilton and talk about how the story of Israel's founding father, David, gives a new generation of leaders a rubric to rebuild their nation.
52 min
Revelation Overview: Revelation in 60 Minutes
The book of Revelation is a unified story of hope for Christians who are suffering and being persecuted. David and Seth unpack the story of Revelation and how all its complex images tell a beautiful story that ends in a wedding.
66 min
Revelation Overview: Jesus' Wedding Day
At the beginning of Revelation, there is a king seated on a throne, and throughout Revelation, a bride prepares herself to marry this king, and at the very end, there is a wedding. Seth and David talk about the themes of "King" and "Bride" in the book of Revelation and how Jesus can't wait to marry his people.
52 min
Revelation Overview: We Conquer Through Death
Like Jesus, humanity is meant to rule the world and to spill their blood for the good of others. Seth and David talk about one of the most counter-intuitive teachings in Revelation–that Christians conquer when they suffer and die.
42 min
Revelation Overview: What's the Deal with 666?
The book of Revelation is full of complex symbols, strange beasts, and mysterious numbers. In this episode, Seth and David talk about how to approach all the complexities of Revelation and how to read it as a story of hope for persecuted and suffering Christians.
70 min
Hebrews Overview: Stiff Warnings and a Hall of ...
Hebrews includes some of the scariest warnings in all of Scripture right next to dozens of examples of the most impressive people in the Bible. Many of us have read these passages and wondered how we'll ever measure up, and if God might just decide to be done with us. Seth and David talk about what Hebrews the warning passages of Hebrews mean and what it means to have faith.
43 min
Hebrews Overview: Why Should I Care About Melch...
The author of Hebrews continues to challenge his Jewish audience to follow Jesus despite persecution. Because Jesus is a better priest and offers a better sacrifices he is worth their perseverance. Seth and David talk about the lesser-known character of Melchizedek and why it's good news that Jesus has been sworn into his priestly order.
60 min