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The mission of Spoken Gospel is to equip the church to speak the gospel out of every corner of scripture. Co-hosts and close friends, David Bowden and Seth Stewart, sit down every week to talk through a Bible passage and see how it points us to Jesus.

Religion & Spirituality
Zephaniah Overview: The Good News of Inevitable...
Zephaniah prophesied during the reforms of King Josiah. But Zephaniah knew, no matter how much God's people obeyed it would not stop the coming destruction of Babylon. Seth and David talk about the surprising good news of accepting inevitable judgement.
52 min
Malachi Overview: What's the Deal with John the...
Malachi ends by predicting that a "messenger" will come to prepare the way for God himself to arrive. That messenger is John the Baptist. Seth and David talk about why John the Baptist is so important and how John is the fulfillment of all the promises God made to the tribe of Levi.
43 min
Malachi Overview: God's Last Sermon for 400 Years
Malachi is the last book of many of our Bibles. And it's the last words God's people have from God until Jesus arrives. Seth and David talk about the good news of God's love and the good news that God is willing to argue with his people.
64 min
Matthew 2: Out of Egypt I Called Jesus
Just like God got Israel out of Egypt, God takes Jesus out of Israel. Seth and David continue to explore their hunch that Matthew is repeating Israel's history in Jesus' life.
51 min
Matthew 2: King Joseph, and Wise Kings from the...
Matthew seems to understand Joseph as a type of king, in the same vein as Joseph from the book of Genesis. The Magi too are types of kings who offer there treasures as proof that God's plan to bless the world is coming true. Seth and David continue to talk about how Matthew read his Old Testament and why it's good news that Jesus is the son of king like Joseph.
56 min
Matthew 1: Why a Virgin Birth?
Why is a virgin birth important? What's on the line if Jesus had a physical dad? And what does it mean for Jesus to be called Emmanuel, God with us? Seth and David continue their journey to read their Old Testament like Matthew does, and try to figure out why it's good news that Jesus was born of a virgin.
54 min
Matthew 1: Why Genealogies Are Awesome
Genealogies aren't lists of names, they are works of art. Matthew's genealogy is expertly designed. It catapults you into the past and prepares you for everything that Jesus does in Matthew's Gospel.
56 min
The Bible According to Matthew
The apostle Matthew wants you to understand that Jesus is reliving the history of Israel from Genesis to the book of Chronicles. Seth and David talk about why they love the book of Matthew and how the first Gospel helps us make sense of our entire Bibles.
39 min
Haggai: Jesus Will Shake the Earth
Haggai prophecies that the leadership of Joshua and Zerubbabel is a picture of how God intends to make all things right in the world. Seth and David talk about Jesus as a new Joshua and a new King who can right the world.
42 min
Haggai Overview: The Temple is Magic
The temple was a symbol of God's creative power and generosity but it was destroyed by Babylon. Too comfortable and afraid to rebuild God's people leave it in ruins until Haggai successfully encourages a group of returning refugees from Babylon to rebuild their temple. Seth and David talk about the "magic" of the temple and how God loves to release his creative power before his creation does anything to deserve it.
53 min
Zechariah Overview: A King on a Donkey
Zechariah ends with a vision of a King riding a donkey to challenge the corrupt leaders of God's people. David discovers a donkey is the steed of a King, and Seth talks about the way Jesus is not only a Messiah who saves but is saved by God.
63 min
Zechariah Overview: The Day of Small Things
Zechariah is an intense book of dreams and visions. But they all communicate one clear point: if God's people return to him, God will return to his Kingdom. Seth and David talk about four horses, a basket of women, and how Jesus returns to his true home in us.
71 min
James: You are Saved by Works, Not by Faith Alone
James makes one of the more controversial statements in Scripture. 'You are saved by works, not by faith alone." Seth and David talk about the book several church leaders have wanted to remove from the Bible and why it's good news that Jesus didn't save us by faith alone.
53 min
James Overview: Jesus, the Smartest King Who Ev...
The book of James is a mash-up of the book of Proverbs and Jesus' sermon on the mount. It's an exploration of the wisdom of King Jesus, the Messiah. Seth and David talk about what it means to be a model citizen in Jesus' Kingdom and how death and resurrection is the truest fact about our world.
49 min
Titus Overview: Jesus Just Appears
Crete was notorious for its immorality, but Paul, in his letter to Titus, says the greatest threat to Christians is religion. Seth and David talk about the good news of Jesus "appearing" and how getting into God's family by grace instead of circumcision is worth getting angry about.
55 min
1 Timothy 6:3-21: How to be Content
Paul ends his letter to Timothy talking about contentment. Seth and David discuss how contentment isn't saying "no" to things but begins with accepting God as a generous giver.
55 min
1 Timothy 5:1-6:2: How to Correct Your Family
Paul gives Timothy advice on how to address and correct three different groups of people who now live in God's house: widows, elders, and slaves. Seth and David talk about God's heart for widows and orphans and how to make sense of Paul's commands about slaves.
53 min
1 Timothy 4: How to Save Yourself
Paul tells Timothy that through his striving and toil, he can save both himself and his church. Seth and David talk about what it means to save yourself and how God's power to save is only enhanced when he chooses to use men and women like us.
41 min
1 Timothy 2-3: Men, Women, and Leadership in Go...
The apostle Paul calls the church God's House, the assembled of the Living God, and the bedrock of Truth in a world of lies. And every member of this house must live as if God is their Father, Master, and Truth. Seth and David talk more about the way men and women interact in leadership throughout the Bible and how godly leadership should look.
40 min
1 Timothy 2-3: Men, Women, and Leadership in Go...
The apostle Paul calls the church God's House, the assembled of the Living God, and the bedrock of Truth in a world of lies. And every member of this house must live as if God is their Father, Master, and Truth. Seth and David talk about the good news of being part of God's house.
58 min
1 Timothy 1: The Gospel of Patience
The apostle Paul says he is a living example of God's patience towards false teachers. Seth and David talk about God's patience as one of Paul's favorite ways to talk about the good news of Jesus.
55 min
1 & 2 Timothy Introduction
The apostle Paul has left a young Timothy in charge of a church filled with false teachers. Paul calls this church "God's House," and Timothy's role as a member of that house is to make sure it meets the standards and expectations of their heavenly Father. Seth and David talk about the broken leadership inside the Ephesians church and the hope a godly home brings to the world around it.
52 min
Philemon Is Not About Slaves
The book of Philemon is not about slaves, masters, or their freedom but about the power of Jesus to reconcile brothers at odds with one another. Seth and David talk about the only letter of Paul to have no mention of Jesus's death and resurrection but how Paul acts like Jesus to reconcile a slave and a master in conflict.
56 min
Daniel 11-12: Not a When, But a Who
The final visions of Daniel are some of the most interesting and leave us asking, with Daniel and the angels around him, "When will all this happen?" But instead of getting an answer to "when", we're told about "who." Seth and David talk about the good news of a God who knows history, even when we don't.
66 min
Daniel 10: A Shining Metal Man and the Prince o...
Daniel has a vision of a terrifying spiritual being and hears battle reports about a conflict with the "Prince of Persia." Seth and David talk about how God breaks the apocalyptic genre because he is the only international deity who rules over all the nations of the world.
45 min
Daniel 9: 70 Weeks and a Prayer for Mercy
Daniel has just read the book of Jeremiah, and Jeremiah prophesied that in 70 years, Israel's exile would end. Daniel asks God for forgiveness and mercy and wonders if the 70 years are finally up. An angel appears to give Daniel good and bad news. Seth and David talk about Jesus as the fulfillment of the 70 weeks and spend way too much time talking about covenants.
73 min
Daniel 8: Rams, Goats, and Abominations
Daniel dreams of a ram and a goat with one horn (a uni-goat). An angel tells Daniel that these beasts are images of two coming kingdoms that will lead to a great abomination. Seth and David tackle the abomination that causes desolation and the significance of the destruction of the temple.
69 min
Daniel 7: A Cloud-Riding Son of Man
Daniel sees a vision of an enthroned white-haired man being approached by another man riding a cloud. What's odd is both the enthroned judge and the cloud-rider seem to be God... is God riding on a cloud... towards himself? Seth and David talk about how Jesus is the "Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven."
78 min
Daniel 6: The Lion's Den
Daniel is thrown into a "trial by lions." If the lions eat him, he's guilty. If they leave him alone he is innocent. Over and over Daniel is declared "innocent" in this story, and he is vindicated when he rises from his pit. Seth and David talk about Jesus in the context of lions, false tribunals, and a "trial of death".
43 min
Daniel 5: The Writing on the Wall
King Belshazzar has taken the throne, but Babylon falls under his leadership. Instead of learning humility from his father, Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar is a proud man, and God humbles him for it. Seth and David talk about the inevitable fall of proud leaders and the good news that Jesus is coming to number, weigh, and divide.
69 min
Daniel 4: Nebuchadnezzar Goes Insane
Nebuchadnezzar has a dream that predicts a coming period of insanity that will ultimately lead to his humility before the God of Heaven. Nebuchadnezzar disregards the warning and turns into a beast but is then raised back to his throne. Seth and David talk about the good news of humility and how even the proudest can be rescued.
53 min
Daniel 3: A Raging Furnace
Nebuchadnezzar builds a giant statue of himself. And Daniel's friends, Shadrack, Meshach, and Abednego, are offered a choice: to bow or to burn. Seth and David talk about the significance of Nebuchadnezzar's "image" and why Jesus as the "image" of God matters so much to the story of Daniel 3.
50 min
Daniel 2: A Statue of Four Kingdoms
Nebuchadnezzar has a vision he can't understand but refuses to tell. He threatens to kill all of his closest advisors unless they can both reveal what he dreamed and what his dream means. Only Daniel can do it and, in the process, shows us that God is the God who reveals impenetrable mysteries. Seth and David talk about the dream God has had since the beginning of time and how Jesus, like Daniel, reveals God's dream and blesses the world.
63 min
Daniel 1: A Test of Allegiance
God has sent Israel into exile in Babylon. Stolen from his home, Daniel is scrubbed of his Hebrew identity and promised prestige and power by King Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel is being tested. Will he bow before the king who offers the wealth of the empire, or will Daniel trust the God that sent him into Nebuchadnezzar's hand in the first place? Seth and David talk about exile, priesthood, the end of proud empires, and most importantly, how Daniel is all about Jesus.
53 min
Daniel Introduction
Daniel is a Jewish exile in Babylon. Stolen from his home and in the belly of a monstrous empire, Daniel has been a role for many in the church. But Daniel is more than someone to look up to. Seth and David talk about how Daniel is a picture of Jesus resurrected and ascended to a throne above all earthly powers; and how Jews in exile give us a picture of the hope of the world. As promised, here's our outline for the book of Daniel. Have fun reading this week. BOOK OF DANIEL OUTLINE 1 Exile Begins 2 Vision of 4 Kingdoms 3 Fiery Furnace . 4 Humbled to Exaltation 5 Humbled to Death 6 Lion’s Den 7 Vision of 4 Kingdoms 8-12 Exile Ends
41 min
Daniel Sermon: Only God is in Control
We're starting a new series in the book of Daniel! Here's a sermon of Seth's from a few years back introducing the book of Daniel, its main themes, and the hope that despite what it looks like, God is in control.
42 min
Habakkuk: The Righteous Live by Endurance
The book of Habakkuk asks how can God be good if he uses evil to judge evil. Seth and David talk about the cycle of oppressive nations devouring oppressive nations, how Jesus breaks the cycle, and how the people of God live by faith.
58 min
Halfway There
Spoken Gospel is halfway through its first project introducing 66 books of the Bible and talking about Jesus from 750 different passages of Scripture! Seth and David talk about how we got here and where Spoken Gospel is headed in the coming years.
23 min
So this is crazy...
In four months, the Spoken Gospel podcast has grown as much as it did in the first three years. Because of you, we have just passed 1 MILLION downloads. THANK YOU. God is doing something we cannot take credit for. Thank you for joining us in our mission to see Jesus in all of Scripture. We're excited for what God does next.
6 min
Nahum Introduction: God Will Not Clear the Guilty
The book of Nahum is a prophecy against Ninevah, but it is a word of warning to all nations built on cruelty and injustice. God will not clear the guilty of their charges and will execute swift and perfect justice against them. Nahum hopes for an age where evil doesn't exist, and that age begins in Jesus. Seth and David talk about God's justice, jealousy, and vengeance and how we should see Jesus in a letter about the destruction of cities.
65 min
Beholding and Becoming Like Jesus
Recently, David was asked to preach a sermon for his church about "Beholding and Becoming" like Jesus. It's based on 2 Corinthians 3-4. Here it is!
41 min
Micah 6-7: Do Justice, Love Kindness, and Walk ...
The final chapters of Micah offer a final look into God's justice against Israel's evil leaders and a final glimpse at God's coming rescue of the innocent. Seth and David talk about what it means to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly. And how Jesus is the only hope for God's people.
62 min
Micah 3-5: Swords into Plows
Micah prophesies an end to Israel's corrupt leadership and the emergence of a new ruler. This ruler will replace Israel's evil rulers, lead Israel into victory over their enemies, and establish them as co-leaders in a remade world. Seth and David talk about how Jesus is all over Micah's prophecies and how he leads us to be a new nation that does justice in the world.
65 min
Micah 1-2: Hope After Judgement
Micah is split into three court cases. In the first, Micah calls all nations of the world to join Israel in the defendant's box because what happens in Israel will happen to the rest of the world. Seth and David talk about hints of hope in an oracle of doom and how Jesus breaks through blockades of injustice and death.
67 min
Micah Introduction
The book of Micah is about restoration on the other side of judgment. Micah cycles three times through a pattern of promised judgment against Israel's rulers and then promises of restoration. Seth and David talk about why the restoration of Israel, Jesus, and ourselves only comes after judgment.
57 min
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! It's been another great year of seeing Jesus in all of Scripture. We're going on a short break and will be back on January 13th!
6 min
What We Missed in Jonah
Seth and David talk about everything they missed in Jonah and why you should definitely preach the book of Jonah next Easter Sunday.
12 min
Jonah 4: Is God's Mercy Evil?
Jonah calls God's mercy evil. It's offensive that God would extend mercy to his persecutors, and God interrogates Jonah and his motives. Seth and David talk about the hypocrisy of our own hearts and the scandal of God's mercy shown in Jesus.
49 min
Jonah 3: God Repents of Evil
Reluctantly, Jonah finally delivers God's message to Ninevah, and both Ninevah and God repent of evil. It's offensive language to describe God's offensive mercy. Seth and David talk about the way God overturns not only Jonah's prophecy but our expectations about who God's mercy can be extended to.
42 min
Jonah 2: A Prayer from the Deep
Jonah has been swallowed by a fish, and he prays to God for salvation. It's a sincere prayer, but a self-righteous one too. Seth and David talk about Jonah as a representative of Israel praying to God from the depths of exile and inside the belly of Assyria.
39 min
Jonah 1: Jonah's not About a Fish
The book of Jonah is not about a fish. It is a story about God's offensive mercy. David and Seth talk about how the book of Jonah upsets many of our expectations and what Jesus meant when he gave the Pharisees "the sign of Jonah."
51 min
1/2 Million Downloads!
Thank you so much to YOU, our podcast community. We've passed a huge milestone. Our podcast has been downloaded 500,000 times. THANK YOU!
6 min
Jude: Who is a False Teacher?
Jude addresses a group of false teachers who are using God's grace to justify their greed and sensuality. Seth and David talk about all of Jude's weird references to the Old Testament and Jewish literature and how the good news of Jude is that Jesus keeps us for himself.
65 min
2 Peter 3: The Earth Will Dissolve
Peter ends his polemic against the false teachers and encourages his people with God's patience. Seth and David talk about the good news that God is patient and how his patience is an opportunity for all to be saved.
40 min
2 Peter 1:16-2:22: Nephilim. Sodom. Flood.
Peter launches his attack against the false teachers, and he doesn't pull any punches. Seth and David talk about judgment, salvation, sex, donkeys, and angels and why all of it is good news.
52 min
2 Peter 1:1-15: Participating in the Divine
Peter is on his deathbed and today's passage is his final sermon. Peter encourages his churches to remain morally virtuous in a morally corrupt world by remembering they participate in God's divine nature. Seth and David talk about the good news of joining in God's power and nature and how moral progress is good news.
54 min
1 Peter 5: The Rise and Fall of Church Leaders
1 Peter 5 talks to church leaders in an era where all leaders seem to be evil and overpowering. And more pressingly, for most of us, is it possible to submit to leaders who so often prove themselves unworthy of following? Seth and David talk about why the Gospel is good news for leaders and how the church can be a new Eden where humility, leadership, and submission coexist.
35 min
1 Peter 3:8-4:19: Suffering for Righteousness Sake
Peter's churches are suffering, just as Jesus told them to expect. But Peter encourages them with the truth that resurrection is inevitable for those who suffer for the sake of righteousness. Seth and David talk about the good news that inevitable suffering leads to inevitable glory.
65 min
1 Peter 2:13-3:7: Submission as Citizens, Slave...
Peter has told us we are spiritual exiles by our relationship with Jesus. But that also means we are alienated from our physical countries, jobs, and wives. How are followers of Jesus supposed to act when their most central relationships treat them unjustly? Seth and David talk about resurrection hope for people who are powerless in their countries, jobs, and marriages.
63 min
1 Peter 2: Living, Breathing Stones
Peter says that both Jesus and his followers are living breathing stones. He also says we are chosen, royal priests and citizens of a new nation. Seth and David talk about all of Peter's metaphors and why it's good news that we are priests and temples to this world.
52 min
2 Peter Introduction: Certain Judgement and Cer...
2 Peter is a letter written from a deathbed. It represents some of Peter's final thoughts to a church both disappointed and under attack. Jesus said he would come "soon," but "soon" has lasted decades. Seth and David talk about the false teachers that were skeptical that Jesus would ever come, why it's certain, and why it's good news that God will come to judge and save.
53 min
1 Peter Introduction: None of Us Are Home
1 Peter is addressed to a group of Gentiles living across modern-day Turkey. He calls them "elect exiles." Peter spends the rest of his letter helping Gentiles see themselves as part of Israel's story of exile and return. He also encourages them to live like members of a different nation. Seth and David talk about Jesus' death as a type of exile and how he is building a new home for us.
57 min
Luke 24: What Happened on the Road to Emmaus?
Jesus has just been raised from the dead, but none of his disciples believe him. But on the road to Emmaus, Jesus reveals he has defeated death and that he really is God in the flesh. Seth and David talk about the verse that launched Spoken Gospel and why it is good news that Jesus opens our eyes.
53 min
3 John: Jesus, Our Host
3 John is addressed to Gaius and talks about the necessity of hospitality. Seth and David talk about Jesus as our generous host and how hospitality uniquely embodies the Gospel.
35 min
2 John: The Elect Lady
John's second letter is written to a specific church that he calls "the elect lady." John recaps what took five chapters to say in his first letter, in just one chapter. And it ends by warning his church to not let deceivers and antichrists preach or teach at their church. Seth and David talk about why it's OK to greet Jehovah's Witnesses at the door and why this letter to "the Elect Lady" gives us new ways to celebrate Jesus and his good news.
41 min
1 John 5:6-21: The Sin that Leads to Death
John ends his first letter to a community struggling with the lies of several antichrists. It's his final case about the certainty of Jesus's identity to a community unsure of it. Seth and David talk about how to pray, what it means to be confident, and what the "sin that leads to death" is.
62 min
1 John 4:7-5:5: God Is Love
"God is love" is one of the easiest to misunderstand sentences in Scripture. It's deep, and it was written by the man who called himself "the disciple Jesus loved." Seth and David talk about the deep and good news that "God is love." Here's the song we kept talking about! Chris Renzema: God is Love https://open.spotify.com/track/5WeJ2gDd1P4jjZYlzJkcXv?si=ca620016abec4999
57 min
1 John 2:28-3:24: Are You a Son of the Devil?
There is an ancient battle between children of God and children of Satan that stretches back to the garden of Eden. And John uses this ancient battle to encourage a community under threat. Seth and David talk about what it means to be a child of God and why being righteous and loving one another is good news for people afraid, persecuted, and unsure if they belong to God.
61 min
1 John 2:18-27; 4:1-6: Who Is the Antichrist?
John says that his audience is expecting an Antichrist, but what's more important to them is that "many antichrists have already come." Seth and David talk about who the antichrists are, why they are significant to John's community, but more importantly, how antichrists better help us see Jesus as the true Christ who has defeated our enemies.
63 min
1 John 1:10-2:17: How to Stop Sinning
John continues to comfort his community. Facing both antichrists and persistent doubts about their salvation, John reminds them of their total forgiveness in Jesus and the role loving one another plays in assuring them of their salvation. Seth and David talk about how Christianity is the only religion that offers assurance of our life with God and why loving our neighbor gives us confidence in our salvation.
65 min
1 John 1:1-9: How Do I Know I'm Saved?
The Apostle John is talking to a group of believers plagued by the question "Do I still have fellowship with God in light of all my sin?" False teachers comforted these doubters by telling them that they didn't need to worry about their sin. But John comforts them a different way. Seth and David talk about how we can know we are saved even when our sin seems extremely dark.
61 min
John's Letters: Introductions and Antichrists
John's three letters are short and dense. He's a pastor encouraging a congregation under attack by a group of false teachers, he calls antichrists. In this intro episode, Seth and David talk about the good news that Jesus has come in the flesh and why a simple gospel is the best antidote to the complexity and confusion around us. ALSO We need to buy new podcast equipment to replace the borrowed equipment we've been using! If you're a regular listener and want to help others see Jesus in all of Scripture, please click the link below and donate! https://www.spokengospel.com/?form=donate-podcast&fundraiser=NERVQKCB
53 min
You saved our podcast. In one month you guys raised over $4500. THANK YOU. We love you guys and can't wait to see what God does in the future. Next week we start a new series in 1 John!
3 min
We need to buy new podcast equipment to replace the borrowed equipment we've been using! If you're a regular listener and want to help others see Jesus in all of Scripture, please click the link below and donate! https://www.spokengospel.com/?form=donate-podcast&fundraiser=NERVQKCB
6 min
Amos 7-9: So Many Dead Bodies
Amos ends with the most intense of his prophecies against Israel's idolatry and her neglect of the poor. It seems like God will undo the covenant he began with Israel when he brought them out of Egypt, even un-create the world he gave them. But in mercy, God promises to resurrect a son of David and restore everything Israel lost. Seth and David talk about Jesus as the son of David Amos prophesied, the final prophet with better news, and the king who will bring God's people back into covenant and back into his Garden.
46 min
Amos 3-6: Let Justice Roll
In a series of four speeches, Amos pronounces God's judgment on Israel's injustice. With each speech, Amos' warnings intensify leading up to God's call for justice to roll like a river and righteousness like an overflowing stream.
64 min
Amos 1-2: A Social Gospel?
Uniquely among the minor prophets, Amos zeros in on Israel's injustice towards the poor. He indicts them for their failure to be generous as God had been generous to them. Seth and David talk about Amos' unique emphasis among the prophetic books and how Jesus' generosity transforms us into people that love justice.
65 min
Obadiah: Jesus, our Big Brother
Cain and Abel, Jacob and Esau, Edom and Israel. The biblical story is full of sibling rivalry. Seth and David talk about how the story of Jesus resolves the sibling animosity we see not just in the Bible, but in our own families.
43 min
Obadiah: Sibling Rivalry
Obadiah prophesies against the nation of Edom. The Edomites were the descendants of Esau, and the Israelites were the descendants of Esau's brother, Jacob. Since the womb, they had been fighting, and in the centuries that followed Edom sold their brother-nation into slavery. Obadiah prophesies doom for Edom's treachery against their brother. Seth and David talk about the way that Jesus solves sibling rivalry and ends the pride of Edom and those like him.
61 min
Joel 2:18-3:14: Your Daughters Will Prophesy
In response to Israel's repentance, Joel predicts a coming day of the Lord's mercy. Not only will he restore what was lost to the locusts, but God promises an even greater day of God's mercy when he will pour out his Spirit. Seth and David talk about why Jesus doesn't just come once and why the promise of the Holy Spirit is such good news.
43 min
Joel 1:1-2:17: The Day of the Lord (Is COVID Go...
The prophet Joel explains to Israel why a plague of locusts has descended on Israel. He tells them that it is a "day of the Lord." God is judging Israel, and this is only the first wave. Seth and David talk about judgment and the way that natural disasters should cause to repent and hope for God's deliverance.
47 min
Hosea 11:12-14:9: Relentless Judgement and Free...
Hosea's last oracles of doom are some of his darkest. But his prophecies of mercy are also some of his most explicit. Seth and David talk about God's most brutal punishments and how they reveal God's even deeper commitment to his love in Jesus.
72 min
Hosea 5:8-11:11: Politics and Religion
The oracles of doom continue. Hosea rebukes Israel's priests for the way they have enmeshed their worship of God with political power. Israel has taken advantage of her relationship with God. She assumed splitting her allegiance between God and the powers of Egypt and Assyria was harmless. Seth and David talk about the temptation to blend faith and power and how Jesus' Kingdom is not of this world.
62 min
Hosea 4:1-5:7: Oracles of Doom
Most of Hosea's book are pronouncements of judgment against Israel for breaking her covenant with God. In a lot of ways, Hosea reads like a legal document citing offenses and doling out punishments. Seth and David reflect on both God's justice towards Israel, but also the surprising fact that while God's judgment needs a reason, his love does not.
51 min
Hosea 1-3: A Whore Bride
One of Hosea's central metaphors for Israel's political and spiritual idolatry is adultery. And Hosea lives out this message personally. He marries a prostitute and remains married to her, even when she's unfaithful to him. David and Seth talk about why Hosea uses sexual metaphors to describe Israel's sin and the surprisingly (almost uncomfortably) intimate way Jesus comes near his people.
62 min
Hosea Introduction
Hosea is about God's love towards his unfaithful people. Hosea even marries a whore to prove the point. It's one of the most shocking books in the Bible and the way Hosea uses the metaphor of adultery to describe idolatry is scandalous. Seth and David talk about the unique way Hosea highlights God's, husbandly love and the way Jesus demonstrates it in his life and death.
60 min
Genesis Replay: Joseph
We are at the end of our Genesis replay! Today, we find ourselves still waiting for the promise that God made to Abraham. Looking closer at chapters 37-50, David and Seth reflect on the life of Joseph, and how God reveals the hidden wisdom of the Spirit to Joseph, through his faithfulness in the worst of circumstances. We become rich in wisdom when we place faith in Jesus Christ himself and the cross that brings us back into the fold of God.
45 min
Genesis Replay: Jacob
In this rebroadcast, Seth and David talk about Jacob's story arc. From the womb, Jacob was one that had an appetite for deceit and trickery. How does God bring about the promise, even though Jacob's nature that often thrived in trickery? In this episode, David and Seth talk about why God chose Jacob to carry on his promise to his people, showing that God will follow through on his promise, turning what man had tended for evil into good. Even through the crucifixion of Jesus, God continues to bring goodness and mercy for mankind. For more information about Spoken Gospel visit: http://www.spokengospel.com
48 min
Genesis Replay: Isaac
In this rebroadcast, Isaac, the son who made Abraham and Sarah laugh, carries on the blessing of God. How will the promise be brought about in the life of Isaac, and show us how Jesus is the new Isaac? In this episode, David and Seth dive into the story of Isaac's life, and how God spared his life on the mountain, in contrast to God not sparing his own son. He did not spare his son because he wants to show the world how indefinite, limitless his love is for man, declaring the promise of eternal life. For more information about Spoken Gospel visit: http://www.spokengospel.com
52 min
Genesis Replay: Abraham
In this replay, we take a look at Abraham's life. Abraham is chosen by God to be the father of a nation that will bless the world. How does this family lineage lead us to Jesus? In this episode, David and Seth examine the relationship between God and Abraham and how even amidst the brokenness, God makes good on his promises, through the fulfillment of Jesus nailed to the cross. For more information about Spoken Gospel visit: http://www.spokengospel.com
60 min
Genesis Replay: The Flood
In this rebroadcast, we take a look at the flood. The flood is a difficult story for many. It’s a story of both judgment and salvation. For us, it may be hard to see Jesus in the midst of this story. But the New Testament authors, they couldn’t help but see him. David and Seth discuss how the world spiraled out of control, what God did about it, and how Jesus provides the solution for it all.
54 min
Genesis Replay: The Fall
In this rebroadcast, we take a look at the story of humanity's fall. How does the Fall narrative foreshadow the cycle of death, within the genealogy of Jesus, throughout the Bible? Why is Jesus the only one who can defeat the curse of death? In this episode, David and Seth discuss how God offers hope and promise through Jesus, who is the embodiment of hope that breaks the curse through his death, burial, and resurrection. *Side-Note Correction: 55:31-55:42- Janet Leigh is the lead actress in the Alfred Hitchcock film, "Psycho".
56 min
Genesis Replay: Creation
In this rebroadcast of our walkthrough Genesis, we take a look at the creation account in the opening chapters of the Bible. We look at how ancient and modern cultures have read this important story and how to see Jesus in creation? In this episode, David and Seth open the book of Genesis, and talk about how through the creation, Jesus reveals himself as the only one who can make us new.
47 min
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
7 min
Philippians Introduction
Philippians is a letter about joy in the middle of suffering. When the Church at Philippi is "in Christ" in their suffering they will also join Christ's resurrection. David and Seth talk about how Jesus' joy on the cross is the reason we are saved; the reason we can rejoice in our suffering; and the motivation for our humility towards one another.
48 min
Ephesians Introduction
Paul's letter to the Ephesians is sometimes called the "Queen" of his letters. Written from prison he encourages his readers to remember that Jesus is bringing all things together in him. Seth and David talk about the story of the Bible and of the Gospel as "rupture" and "reconciliation" and how Jesus' unity and unifying must change us.
59 min
Colossians Introduction
Colossians tells us that Jesus is the center of reality. The church at Colossae kept believing that their truest self was found in certain religious, physical, or spiritual practices. If they just fasted, if they just experienced God in a particular way, or if they celebrated a particular festival, then they would be whole. Seth and David talk about how Jesus is enough. In Christ, the fullness of God, wholeness, and spiritual lives. Whatever we want in this reality, can be found in Jesus.
74 min
Ezra-Nehemiah Introduction
Ezra and Nehemiah come right at the end of Israel's history. And Nehemiah is one of Israel's last leaders before a long historical silence and the book of Matthew! Ezra and Nehemiah also document the partial fulfillment of Jeremiah, Haggai, and Zechariah's prophecies. Seth and David talk about how the only one who can complete the projects Ezra and Nehemiah start, and fulfill the hopes of the prophets is Jesus.
76 min
Kings Introduction
The book of Kings gives us an overview of Israel's monarchy. But it's less about Israel's kingly history and more about God's prophetic message to save Israel. The message of the prophets is clear: "Israel must die, for it to live again." Seth and David talk about the book of Kings as prophetic literature designed to help us see that there can only be one King–Jesus.
66 min
Samuel Introduction
The books of Samuel introduce and develop the ideas of kingship and kingdom. The king Samuel describes is supposed to humbly listen to God's voice, which is primarily heard through the prophets. Seth and David talk about how Jesus is not just our humble King but as the one who coronates us to rule and reign with him.
64 min